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Monday, January 17, 2011
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Amp It Up

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. If I did, the list of all the things I want to accomplish or change about myself would be too long and feel overwhelming.  Instead, I  come up with a catchphrase  that serves the purpose of shaping my attitude toward events for the upcoming year. It reflects the world around me, helps put my daily life into perspective, and motivates me to think differently. For example, “I’m stoked” (a common Southern California surfer’s idiom) seemed fitting for the riding high prosperity and sense of abundance in 2007. It reminded me to appreciate all of my blessings and recognize that life is full of dynamic cycles. Neither good times nor bad ones (fortunately) last forever, something we all tend to forget. It also set me on a path to give back. So, when, 2008 arrived and the economy crashed,  the theme “It’s good for you” helped me to recognize the lifelong lessons I  would learn from facing that year’s challenges and disappointments.

This year, I’m thinking “Amp it up” is apropos. Aside from the homage to our Rodan + Fields product launch, I am excited to amp up my life in all realms. Because I am already pretty busy, I am not looking to do more. Instead, my intent is to turn up the dial on daily activities that can enhance my life. Here are a couple of examples:

Starting a conversation with a complete stranger, an attribute that once came naturally to me, has somewhat diminished with age.  As I tell my kids, by being outgoing, friendly, and open,  you never know who you’ll meet or what you will learn. Chit-chatting with a couple at an adjoining table in a restaurant or getting to know a little bit about the hotel concierge or my taxi driver while traveling the country, sometimes requires me to step outside my comfort zone. My dad has always been gifted in this area. At 87, he can still work a room like nobody’s business. So imagining him in a particular situation and asking myself, “what would my dad Harry do if he were here” helps get me going.  “Channeling” a person in my life who embodies a desired quality both inspires and motivates me.

Amping up my efforts to attack my ever growing “to-do” list on a daily basis will give me a huge sense of accomplishment. I have learned, procrastination leads to guilt and guilt takes away the satisfaction of eventually getting the job done.  Amnon is the master task-master. By the day’s end, his desk is always clean and his inbox always empty. The little bit of focused extra effort he gives toward completing a job makes all the difference. So this year I will strive to be a little more “Amnonian” in my approach to work.

So while sitting in the airport on January 2nd, I am taking the first step toward an amped up 2011. I just met Brenda, a writer of alternative medicine books and I am completing Elana’s assignment to write a blog entry for DermRF.  It’s working!

Wishing you all a year of excellent health and great achievements!


Katie Rodan


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