The Dr. Is In … Tanorexic

By Dr. Katie Rodan

I confess I am a reformed tanorexic.  Growing up in Los Angeles, summer meant soaking up the rays on Topanga Beach. I delighted in seeing my bathing suit tan lines evolve day by day. The greater the contrast in my tanned vs. untanned skin color, the happier I was. I loved the slimming effect of my darkened skin courtesy of amped up melanocytes. My inflamed acne-prone complexion visually improved when camouflaged by a tan. And, the warmth of the sun quashed any remnants of the winter blues, known today as Seasonal Affective Disorder. Even today, a coconut fragrance evokes my favorite tan enhancing lotion and happy memories associated with using it.

My road to recovery began during my dermatology residency at Stanford. For the sake of my skin and my professional credibility (who would trust a tan dermatologist?) repentance was required. On occasion, I admit I relapsed.  During a Caribbean vacation, I paid the ultimate price for my setback by sustaining a sunburn– in front of my children no less!

To set an example beyond reproach, I gradually learned how to replace my bad habits with good ones. Today, I use sunscreen 365 days a year, rain or shine, reapplying every two hours when outdoors. Poolside, I sit under an umbrella, sporting a large brimmed hat and big Jackie O type sunglasses. I even commissioned our company to design a gigantic visor (helps avoid “hat hair”) with a Rodan + Fields logo, hoping Glamour magazine would use it as a “Do” in their iconic fashion “Do’s and Don’ts” section. If an overcast day gives me the “blah’s,” 15 minutes spent in front of a non-UV emitting light box lifts my spirits. And, drum-roll please, I co-created the ultimate sunless tanning foam. It looks natural, dries quickly, smells great, goes on streak-free and lasts for days. It puts all the other ones I’ve ever used to shame.

I’m writing this while traveling en route to Hawaii for our Road to RFX Maui Incentive Trip. As I admire my faux tan, I can promise you that recovery never looked so good!

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  1. Kevin and I enjoyed every fabulous minute in Maui, Katie! Thank you SO much for the chance to be a part of all the great things you and Kathy are doing for skin and for sun education! My 11-year-old daughter sported her first “faux glow” to her 5th grade promotion this morning, and diligently applies sunscreen EVERY day (no matter the activity) as well. Thanks for helping me help her grow up with different skin care habits than I had and with a vastly different perspective about women in business. XO!!

  2. I love you Katie and am so grateful God brought you and this amazing opportunity into mine and my sons’ life. Us Southerners have baked our skin in the sun with baby oil and even aluminium foil!!!! Maui was amazing! Mom and I did protect our skin by staying under one of those awesome cabana s at the fabulous Four Seasons! I’m now using our new sunless tanning foam and loving my golden brown skin:) Thanks a million!!!

  3. LOVE this post, Dr. Rodan! I could have written the first paragraph myself and now, thanks to you, I am starting my own recovery. I am transferring my addictive behavior to the Sunless Tanning Foam, I love it!

    1. I was the same way, thanks to the Reverse Regimen I don’t need to cover up my sun damage, I go out with my mineral peptides. My friend laugh at me now when I show up at the beach for long sleeve water shirt and my big hat!!!!

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