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Acne: An Ageless Issue

A pimple on picture day? A sudden acne breakout the morning of that big interview? The connection between blemishes and big days is no coincidence … multiple studies, including one conducted by Stanford University, have proven the relationship between stress and breakouts.

As summer ends, back-to-school stress is mounting for parents and kids alike which means acne is flaring. And while you want to share in the excitement for the new school year with your kids, you probably weren’t counting on sharing acne medicine with them. But, regardless of age, the hormones that spike when stress is present are the same ones that kick start the acne cycle in all of us. That means if you’re preparing to hit the books, or just preparing to get your kids ready to hit the books, now is the time to amp up your acne skincare routine to prevent blemishes.

Whether you’re starting your search for that perfect school backpack, navigating the emotional minefield of back-to-school shopping or planning a Labor Day Party, Derm RF is here to help keep your acne and your stress under control.  Tune in this month for advice from Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields on keeping acne at bay, to read about our top acne mythbusters and for a chance to win a free UNBLEMISH Regimen.


Your Derm RF Team

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  1. I can agree with the stress factor. Classes begin at the end of the month, but with august upon each and every individual in the University Systems, high school, middle school, and of course the parents are running full throttle with hormones tagging along for the ride. But, with UNBLEMISH I am keeping my outbreaks at bay and enjoying the skin I’m in!

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