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You moisturize daily anyway. Why not go beyond mere hydration to actually managing your skin’s cell proliferation? When skin cell renewal becomes too fast or too slow, your skin looks and feels unhealthy and your moisture barrier is unable to function as it should.

RF-Dcell is an RF exclusive ingredient that helps to regulate and normalize skin cell turnover, allowing only healthy mature cells to reach the surface when they’re fully ready to do their job.

Take your daily moisturizing to the maximum with the following products featuring RF-Dcell: ESSENTIALS Daily Body Moisturizer and Foaming Sunless Tan.



There’s really no such thing as fragrance-free. Even products without added fragrances still carry an odor. And while it’s true that some fragrances can be irritating, the right fragrance at the right level is one of the most powerful ways to influence a positive mood, create a good experience and increase product usage compliance.

To create the best possible product experience, we’ve made selecting fragrances for our products a science and an art, including safe, gentle low-level fragrances that experientially enhance your regimen and keep you looking and feeling great.

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