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In honor of Valentine’s day, love, and all that sentimental stuff, we want to hear about your first kiss: the good, the bad, the ugly … and the funny. Tell us how your lips learned their first lesson in love by commenting on this post in the next 24 hours, and you’ll be entered to win our popular ANTI-AGE Lip Renewing Serum, ESSENTIALS Lip Shield SPF 25, ENHANCEMENTS Lip Micro-Dermabrasion and a limited-edition Rodan + Fields® Cosmetic Bag.

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  1. Congratulations to Jean Crawford Griffin for being our lucky winner this month! Jean will receive our popular ANTI-AGE Lip Renewing Serum, ESSENTIALS Lip Shield SPF 25, and ENHANCEMENTS Lip Micro-Dermabrasion, all with a limited-edition Rodan + Fields cosmetic bag.

    Thanks to everyone for sharing your stories!

    Your Derm RF Team

  2. I was 3 my little boy-friend was 4, we would crawl in the bottom of the hall closet and slide down his mother’s laundry shoot into the basement…kiss and clap our hands…run upstairs and do it again!!!

  3. My first kiss was awful! It was more like mouth-to-mouth resuscitation than a kiss. I was so disturbed by it that I didn’t kiss another boy again for two years!

  4. Oh boy… First kiss was just a wreck lol. It was that first middle school boyfriend that lasted all of a couple weeks maybe… I’m pretty sure we missed lips and I got his chin lol. It was aweful and embarrassing. He went around telling everyone for a week! Thinking back I don’t think I even liked the guy. :/ Luckily, I’ve come so far:) had my first V Day with my hubbie and it was the best one yet:)

    Happy Valentine’s Day Ladies!
    What a great contest!

  5. We pulled up to the house, before I hopped out my dad said “not too much kissie-face”. My heart thumped and I thought ” he knows”! I entered the basement and saw him and knew what I had to do…my first kiss. It was a dare, on the top stair of my best friends home. My heart racing, my neck cocked to the side and my lips puckered tight. The tick of the stop watch echoed sluggishly my breathing quickened. I held still,
    Squeezed my lips and shut my eyes. After what felt like an eternity I began to tremble and My sweet innocent lips lost sensation. And then as quickly as it started it was over . We won! First kiss, numb lips, and 34.2 seconds Later i was transformed from little girl to popular teen.

  6. I love the ENHANCEMENTS Lip Micro-Dermabrasion. It gives me such smooth lips and at almost 64, I have not lines around my mouth. I started using the new ANTI-AGE Lip Renewing Serum. It feels just like honey and in the morning, it has made my lips so silky smooth. No more chapped winter lips. I also love the new ESSENTIALS Lip Shield SPF 25. Keeps the sun off my lips to make them even softer. I am telling all my customers about them.

  7. My first kiss that I remember was when I was in 6th Grade.
    I had prepaired with my Tinker Bell Lip Stick and I knew it
    was going to be special as the boy was in the 8th Grade.
    But no amount of sparkle could have prepaired me for the
    surpise I got, a mouth full of Double Mint.
    I still smile everytime I eat a stick of Wrigleys.

  8. I was 5, Scott was 6-he ran up to me after school and kissed me. I cried and cried! We are still friends after all of these years and laugh about it to this day! I will never forget it!

  9. My first kiss was when I was 15 and CRAZY about a neighborhood boy. We were friends first and would go for long walks around our area. There was a storm drain that we’d often sit on to rest and talk, so I wasn’t surprised when we ended up there. The surprise came soon after we sat down and he said he liked me then leaned in for the kiss. I really don’t remember it being a mindblowing kiss, but I do remember the butterflies in my stomach and feeling forever changed. Oh eighth grade love…how big it seemed at the time.

  10. My first kiss (not peck on the cheek, forehead, etc) was in elementary school, maybe 3rd grade. It was during lunch in the cafeteria and the boy beckoned me to behind the stage area (our cafeteria doubled as an auditorium). When I got there, he kissed me. A teacher caught us and we got in trouble! We had to stay after school to clean blackboards that day.

  11. It was in a room full of 7th graders on a dare. Everyone sat and watched. We were sitting on a couch with kids all around us, they dared us and we did it. It was horrible and embarrasing. He is a great guy though, I still see him often.

  12. All I remember is the anxiety of waiting for my first kiss! My stomach was full of butterflies and it was the most UNNATURAL thing I had ever experienced! He had had knee surgery and was on crutches, I was trying to hold him up, we were both unsure how this was supposed to happen, but knew we should probably get the first kiss over with – ugh – AKWARD!!! I’m glad the kisses in life got better after that one, or I would have stayed away from boys forever!!

  13. Our 8th grade hayride happened on one of those evenings when the expected cold front arrived early. Too early, the teachers said, but we kids loved it! Snuggled down in the hay we could see the stars, and each other, but I didn’t see him coming. He kissed me, and it was wonderfully, tenderly warm.

    Wow… I hadn’t thought about this in over forty years… or him. Wesley, oh Wesley… where are you?

    Oh, you’re married now, aren’t you? To someone else… And, oops, so am I!

  14. My 1st kiss…wow that takes me back a few years!! I was 15,crazy about this boy named Shane….my parents were very strict, but let me go on a date with him, but my Grandfather was our chaperon//and driver. We were on our way to take Shane home, and we were in the back seat of my Grandfather’s car, it was dark, Shane put his arm around me and whispered in my ear ..I was a little scared, this guy was so cool,and cute!! But he then kissed me! While the whole time watching to make sure my Grandfather was keeping his eye on the road…I was a quick kiss goodnight, but I would dream about it for many nights later!! I think my Grandfather saw it, but never said a word….

  15. I do not even remember my first kiss but I remember the kiss that changed my life. He was tall,dark and handsome and one week after that kiss I new that this would be my husband. Forty two years later he is still a great kisser and I still have smooth lips thanks to the lip renewing serum!

  16. My first kiss
    well I think it was in the 4th grade some where my mom has the pixs
    But my real first kiss now that i rember,I was 14 not aloud to date, !
    HA HA ,we met at a friends house and he kiss me I still can rember that and 17 years later! The kissing has gotten alot better!!!!!!!!!!

  17. My first kiss was behind the school gym in Duck Hill, MS. We we’re at recess. I was 10 years old and the boy’s name was Roger. He was so cute and boy was I in love. Ha ha. He was so very sweet and I will never forget it. That was 43 tears ago and I can see it like it was yesterday. Geez was I an earlier starter now that I think about it.

  18. My first kiss was when I was 14…on my parents porch to a gangly, equally-awkward 15 year old. It was his 1st kiss also. Almost 20 years later, I just kissed him goodnight a few minutes ago! While there were many kisses with others after that first one, we both always compared them all to our 1st kiss with each other. And, nothings ever compared!

  19. I have no memory of my first kiss. It must not have been something I want to remember. I do remember the first time I kissed my husband! That first kiss is what did it for me! I was hooked after that. Twenty five years later, I remember that kiss like it was yesterday!

  20. My first kiss was from a boy in my 5th grade class who caught me under the mistletoe when I came into the classroom. He was cute and it made my day. He was also kissing every other girl he could catch under the mistletoe too!

  21. My first kiss was in the fifth grade. I was in ” love”. My man had a red mohawk long before they were popular. I’m talking 1959. His mom was a hair dresser and a little crazy. He took me in to the cloak room at school and gave me the most beautiful pink and purple costume ring and the ” big kiss”. That’s it and we were engaged. So much fun being young!

  22. my first kiss was at a beach party in sixth grade with Clark Caldwell. He slobbered all over me… YUCK! I still shuddering thinking about wiping the saliva out of my ears!

  23. It was one of those 6th grade spin the bottle games at a group party probably nothing special. Going steady and trading disc’s all a part of growing up in Texas in the 50’s. I am dating myself!

  24. My first kiss was with a boy I had been crushing on for a year. When he finally kissed me – I thought I went to heaven and back! We still keep in touch. I remember it like it was yesterday.

    Carrie Ann Myers

  25. My first kiss to my hubby was magical!! Although, I remember that I made the first move. We were sitting on my back porch chatting and I leaned in for the kill!! We’ve been married for 10+ wonderful years since!!

  26. I was in the 5th grade and a neighbor was swinging on a my tire swing in my backyard. I wanted to swing and he wouldn’t relinquish his spot until I let him kiss me. I must have really wanted to swing because he was not that cute to me at the time. I let him kiss me on the cheek just so I could have my swing back. Not a love story for sure but I’ve never forgotten it 🙂

  27. I was just starting my sophomore year in high school and had gone to a church gathering with several friends including a 6’4″ red head who was madly in love with me. I am 5’5″. He walked me to my door that night and swooped down and bent in half to kiss me. It was awful and his lips were cold!

  28. 6th grade…continuous reply of Rod Stewart’s “Tonight’s the Night,” which we had no idea how risque the song actually was. I remember he had on a yellow oxford button-down and we had to coordinate opposing head tilts. And I decided I was going to marry him. Alas, no.

  29. WOW! Havent thought of this in a LONG time. My first kiss was with a boy nick-named Bull and he was probably the only jr high boy shorter than me (I’m 5’1″). It was on the top bleacher at the high school football game and was cold. I don’t remember the condition of my lips but I do know I learned that night that I was supposed to close my eyes. The best things in life can not be seen, that’s why we close our eyes when we kiss, laugh, and dream.

  30. My fist kiss was at a birthday party when I was 10 years old. We played spin the bottle while the parents were in the other room. I wanted mine to land on this really cute/popular guy and my bottle spin landed on my friends brother who was 8. I did not want to do it so I closed my eyes and lips……Well, he left his mouth wide open….It was extremely wet and gross. I never kissed again until the 9th grade and then the tongue was introduced.

  31. I was four years old -playing the “queen” in a nursery school play, which was to be presented before an audience of our proud parents. Charlie Maylor -yes, I remember his name -was playing the role of “king.” He had a blushing little crush on me and I had one for him. At almost 50, I have never forgotten the fast and furious little peck on the lips. Little Charlie found his confidence in his role as KING -LOLOLOL!

  32. My first kiss was with Danny and we were only 12 years old… We each had a possey of our own – mine all girls and his all boys. We were all going to go to the movies for an afternoon matinee. One of his closest friends in the group couldn’t contain himself and found me the day before and spilled the beans! lol He told me that a plan was in place and that Danny was going to kiss me there. When we arrived at the movies, we were greeted and seated by the boys. Danny and I in one row – and all the rest in the row directly behind us. We kissed finally during the middle of the movie and amidst nervous, unstoppable chatter that followed one more time. Sweet and innocent. I’ll repeat…sweeeeet. 🙂

  33. Tommy G., summer 1977. We had moved to Texas the year before and I’d gone back over summer vacation after 6th grade to Virginia to visit my old friends. Tommy was at the pool club during those summer days, and he liked me. My first kiss was with him that summer, and I’ll never forget his blond hair and his soft 7th grade lips. Turned out we were both decent kissers. Never saw him after that summer but did remember the lessons.

  34. My first kiss was in 8th grade at a birthday party. We played spin the botlle. When the boy I liked spun the bottle and it landed on me, I got butterflies! It was a really sweet first kiss, but it was in front of all our friends.

  35. My hubby of 35 years (boyfriend back then) had never dated a Christian girl. He didn’t think that Christian girls kissed! After 5 dates and me wondering what was wrong with me, crying on my roommates shoulders trying to figure out why he hadn’t kissed me yet…..that little peck finally came right outside my dormitory. We’ve been smooching ever since!!!

  36. Living in Colorado, my lips get hit with dry air, strong sun, and cold temps. This used to equal white, crusty, scary looking lips!! NOT anymore!! I love my R+F lip goodies and swear by them. My lips have been smooth, soft, plump, moisturized, and never chapped. It really is amazing how R+F can take care of not only your skin but our complicated lips as well :). Thank you!!

  37. It was in the fifth grade, in the front row of the movie theater. It was a little peck on the lips, but I knew it was going to happen that night, and I was so nervous. My hands were so sweaty that I could barely hold his hand. It wasn’t my most memorable kiss, but it was my first! The funny thing is, I was even more nervous around him after that kiss! I think we had about two more kisses in our 3 weeks of being a “couple.”

  38. 1st kiss ……….. the boy next door , age 12 , he told me how pretty I looked, I told him I had on cherry flavored lip stick……he stole a quick kiss !

  39. First kiss was on the forehead at the Sadie Hawkins leap year dance in 1968. Next kiss was under the mistletoe in 1970 with a friend who said I kissed like a pro…fooled him!

  40. My first kiss was kind of pathetic…I was in 8th grade and so nervous that I shut my eyes and was not sure if I even hit his lips. There is a really good chance my first kiss was on my boyfriend’s chin:)

  41. my first kiss was in 7th grade with all my classmates standing around a pool table, playing spin the bottle with an empty clorox bottle. when it was my turn everybody was screaming “kiss her kiss her” so i finally took the plunge with a classmate who had a mouth full of metal. so we kissed and all of a sudden a rubber band flew out of his mouth and hit me right in the tongue! of course everybody laughed and i sat the next round out!

  42. I was an 8th grader and my friends made sooo much fun of me because I was too shy to kiss a boy. One of my good friends pulled me outside during a basketball game and said…”Here I have a surprise for you” And of course to my surprise around the corner was a boy ready with lips puckered up. We weren’t really friends, which made it a little less awkward afterwords. Honestly don’t remember how good of a kisser he was, but will never forget that moment 🙂

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