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Lip Service

If you’re ignoring your most communicative feature when it comes to your skincare, you’re just paying lip service to your anti-aging efforts. Lips may be the last thing on your anti-aging list, but they’re often the first thing that people notice about your face, even before you ever open your mouth.

From the puffy pouts of Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez to the elegantly modest mouth of Kate Middleton, despite cultural differences and changing social trends, lips take the lead when it comes to your face.

Why? Because their primary purpose is pretty darn important: to provide you with the nutrition you need to survive. They are the focus of your face and even when they’re silent, they are telling a story about your health, your mood and your age.

Regardless of differences in size or shape, young lips are often characterized by a firm and full structure, a soft and smooth surface, a crisp vermillion border (the defined line between the edge of the lip and the rest of the facial skin) and a naturally moisturized appearance.

Over time, aging and environmental exposure diminishes these attributes. To make up the difference, we turn to lipstick for definition, balms for moisture and even invasive injections for fullness and firmness.

But it doesn’t have to be this way … there are options for getting the lips of your youth back that don’t involve a visit to your dermatologist or breaking the bank. Tune in to Derm RF this month for the full scoop on getting a perfect pout.


Your Derm RF Team

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