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What Were We Thinking?

What do parachute pants, shoulder pads, the Macarena, the cabbage soup diet, big bangs and blue eye shadow all have in common? They came, they went and we were left to wonder why we ever did that! Comment on this post in the next 24 hours with the worst fad you ever fell for and we’ll give you a clinically-proven, tried and true regimen of your choice. And to get the ball rolling, here are confessions from Rodan + Fields founders, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields.


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  1. This reminds me of the favorite times! The 80’s, using baby oil trying to get the deepest tan. biggest curly hair. scrunchies in the hair and socks. lots of bangs and bad curling irons.

  2. Remember back in the late 80’s when you’d wear several different color “scrunchies” on your ponytail at the same time? Not to mention we would coordinate the color scrunchie with the sweat socks we’d layer on and pull up oyr calves! Gave new meaning to the word, “cankles!”

  3. Tanning was my worst fad. The damage it did. I have already had a small cancer on my nose and my arm. But it was the thing to put baby oil all over and lay in the sun for hours. We had to see who could get the darkest tan…stupid, stupid. Wish I had known then what we know now. Thanks to Rodan and Fields some of my damage is getting better.

  4. Probably the “body wave” home perm and I’m sure there was a pair of acid wash jeans somewhere in my life. Oh, and the T-shirt Romper with a big belt…that has got to be the worst…essentially was an adult Belted one-sey….not a good look at all!

  5. I think I’ve got to win with the picture of my then current husband and myself in the late 60’s. Need I mention both of our hair styles ? Me with a redheaded afro and he with those horrible side burns. Oh boy. I couldn’t figure out how to post it to this site so please go to cwade.randf.com and see if you agree.

  6. Geesh, so so many to choose from!!
    The absolute worst would have to be shoulder pads up to the ears, bangs up to the sky, with some neon gigantic earrings that hit your cheeks every time you move. May be uncomfortable, but dang it I look good!!!!!

  7. OMG! I remember when hot pants and bra-less was in! Believe me, the tops of my thighs should not be paraded in public! And bra-less never makes you look sexier, it just “numbs” the sensitive areas – and what fun is that?

  8. Here is a fun way to WIN a free regimen! What’s the worst ‘fad’ you have ever participated in ? Answer that question in the comment section of this latest blog post by the doctors and you are entered to win !

  9. Congratulations to Margaret Downs for being our lucky winner this month! As a prize, Margaret will receive a Rodan + Fields regimen of her choice.

    Thanks to everyone for playing!

    Your Derm RF Team

  10. I had permed hair with spiral curls teased high & sprayed. I had on lots of makeup. I wore big, oversized, sweaters & jackets with cropped pants. Think Boy George.

  11. I use to sneak Sun In from my mom’s bathroom cabinet to lighten my crimped hair. She forbade me to use the tanning bed so I would slather baby oil all over myself and lay out when she wasn’t around. Now I want to return the favor and give my wise mama the opportunity to REVERSE her sun damage. 🙂

  12. Trying to look like Olivia Newton John in Grease wearing black straight leg shiny black pants high heels lots of red lipstick and looking for a John Travolta look a like.

  13. Platform shoes that I could barely walk in my hair parted down he middle with two thin strands put back behind my ears and blue mascara with hot pink lip stick! Fabulous darling!

  14. I just had someone post an old photo… Big hair , rolled jeans, banana clips, leg warmers, but the worst were the huge eyebrows! Why didn’t someone tell me I had two catepillars sleeping on my face!

  15. Mine has to be the huge – I mean yards of fabric – in the legs of my bell bottoms, but very little in the waist. The hip-hugging, wide leg jeans! You had to wear the body-suit, with the snaps in the crouch, so your crack wouldn’t show! Then the snaps might get hot and burn your you-know-what! And of course at the bottom I had cork-bottom sandals that were 2-3 inches from the ground! Oh my gosh! Cindy Baxter Smith

  16. I would have to say my stonewashed, tight-rolled “Guess” jeans!! That was bad enough, but I had to add to it a mesh top, stiff hair sprayed bangs in the shape of a flower, and permed hair. TERRIBLE!!


  18. Oh so many come to mind! My favorite from most of high school & after ~ blond hair with a spiral perm, baby oil or cooking oil with iodine for that intense Florida tan, the Madonna makeup & jewelry, always ripped jeans & of course tucked into very cool boots back!

    Oh dear take away the hair & the oil~ 30 years later I just described my 13 year old!

  19. It would have to be my very tight poodle perm with my 3-4 inch bangs, my eyebrows with the 2 inch gap between them and my mc hammer pants! I have some very scary photos!!lol Let me know if y’all do a best make over contest…I got that one in the bag!lol

  20. Oh my! Glitter socks. I thought I was so cool because that was Michael Jackson’s thing and if Michael could rock them so could I.

  21. I was an 80s nightmare, with stirrups, shoulder pads, a Flock of Seagulls short haircut and ENORMOUS Lunch at the Ritz earrings from Fred Segal. And the more neon all the colors, the better. Egad!!

  22. Loved all of my neon colored and shirts waaaaay oversized and then tied in a knot on the side. Of course the pants were rolled tight and then mix match socks rolled down in a ridiculous bun type thing around my ankles. Top it all off with a side ponytail and big bangs and I was looking like a rock star. We even rolled our softball pants and chose neon green jerseys!! Loved the 80’s!!!

  23. I’d have to say my high school mullet. If pushed I could probably come up with a photo. There I was, high school prom, sport coat, jeans, boots, scarf (yes sadly true), and the mullet. Worst part, the mullet was permed (again, sadly true). But I think I came as close to pulling off that look as humanly possible.

  24. Gunslinger pants…they had big bell bottoms and ties that tied all the way down the outside of each leg! I thought they were so cool!!! Also hot pants!!!

  25. Pants they called gunslingers…they had strings that tied all the way down the side….I thought they were so cool though! And of course hot pants!!!

  26. Rolled and ‘pegged’ pants along with neon, thick shoelaces tied in a bow in my hair- worst fad EVER!!!!

  27. UGGGHH. The eightie’s bangs–up, up, up, higher up then over. WHO started that ridiculous fad? And how much hair spray did I use daily to make my LONG bangs stand up that high?

    Allison Toups

  28. ONe fad that I enjoyed back in the 80’s was the painter pants (mine were white) with one buckle hanging undone. They were very tight and I thought I looked HOT!!! And of course, the BIG hair!!!

  29. For me, there were 2 “what was I thinking?” moments… Tanning blanket+baby oil and iodine! Really?! And then there were the Jane Fonda workout videos including the outfit complete with leotards and leg warmers! I must say though, those are memorable times for me and my daughter, then age 4!

  30. How about the FLASHDANCE torn sweatshirts and big thick bright colored leg warmers! Only a size 6 could look good in that stuff! Oh and the large plastic (make at home melted plastice earings) bright colored earning … I think I still have some of them…yuck!

  31. At one point my bedroom walls, comforter, some of my clothes, my walk-man, my sunglasses and my shoes were ALL in the very fashionable and fun… SPLATTER PAINT!!!!

  32. Oh, that’s funny! I was scrolling through the comments looking for the doctors’ confessions. I get it now. The pic IS the confession. I didn’t immediately recognize that because I thought they looked so stinkin’ cute. I’m hopeful that my family doesn’t have pics of me in my poofy sleeved dresses that were drowned in lace and polka dots and accented with a bright bow in my hair…..that was a foot bigger than my head!!! Oh dear……

  33. My childhood took place for the majority of the 80’s…so I experienced it all. I am also a Jersey girl, so I lived through the mega-bang stage of life. The taller the bang, the cooler you were! Aqua-net hairspray and teased, curled, or crimped hair was a necessity. So was the daily uniform of pegged jeans, laceless keds sneakers, wigwam socks, z-cavaricci pants, and my hot pink and neon green shirt that screamed “AWESOME”. Yes, I survived the 80’s!

  34. I would have to say; shoulder pads….stirrup pants….Flashdance off the shoulder sweat shirts and those WHITE FLAT Ked tennis shoes!!!!

  35. I embarrased to admit, but I used to take my moon blanket, the thin reflective shiny beach towel, to the pool and lay on it slathered in baby oil mixed with iodine! Aaahhh!! Thank goodness for the wisdom that comes with age and the great R+F sunscreens — I now will NEVER go to the pool without a good sunscreen on!

  36. Leotard, tights and scrunchy socks for aerobics. EEK!! Oh, topped of with a scrunchy hair thing in the side ponytail. Oh sweet Jesus, what was I thinking?

  37. I loved wearing stirup pants and big shirts and sweaters!!! Also the big permed hair and lots of hairspray! Those were the days! Now I embarrass my teenagers by the way I dress !!

  38. The haircut where you had one side cut above your ear and feathered back and the other side long. The half mullett I call it now and it was absolutely hideous!!! What was I thinking:)

  39. The worst fad that I ever followed was the “Big Bang” theory. You see, the taller you could get your bangs to stand up, the better. So, needless to say, I walked around with a skyscraper on my head for most of a year. And the hairspray that I had to use… I don’t know why my parents didn’t by stock in a hairspray company. We never had to worry about mosquitoes during that time, however, because the amount of hairspray that I used also acted as a peaty bug deterrent.

  40. The rat tail. I actually had a long rat tail with shorter feathered hair on top. It was like a mullet with a tail! So bad. And to make the picture that much worse I had these horrible buck teeth before I got braces.

  41. I wore lycra biker shorts with pumps (See photos in back of fashion magazine….GLAMOUR Don’t) My hair was BIG, you know the saying “the higher the hair, the closer to God”? Birds could have nested in it. Big hoop earrings accessorized my look, so big that small circus dogs could have jumped through them. My ears have not been the same since. Sad thing is, I just KNEW I looked good!.

  42. OMYgosh…. this is one I will never understand… we would roll our jeans at the angle and then….. tie a BANDANA around ONE leg! Oh yeah.. and we The bandana could be any color but it was wrapped around that one leg at the ankle just like a bad western movie! LOL And don’t get me started on how tight our jeans had to be…. can you say lay on bed and pull zipper up with a coat hanger… of course fresh out of the dryer right before heading to the roller rink!…. LOL… ok now I miss the 80’s!

  43. “let’s get physical, physical…!” I am a singer and when Olivia Newton John went “physical,” I joined her!! I had the short hairdo and wore the headband like she did as I sang her song! I was cool!!! 🙂

  44. I used to wear stirrup pants with scrunched socks and a big baggy sweat shirt. My bands were huge too!! You know split in half horizontally and curl when section up and one section down and them tease tease tease!!! The 80s and 90s weren’t good for anyone 🙂

  45. A perm! I’m a natural redhead,but everyone was wearing big curly hair…mine ended up looking like big curly red fuzz,Awful..never ever did that again!!

  46. It has definitely got to be “professional shorts” in the late 90’s. I had several vest and long short sets to wear to work and after seeing pictures … all I can say is “:What were you thinking????”.

  47. Can’t believe we wore things like t-shirts tucked into the parachute pants. Converse shoes with no laces and a boom box on our shoulder. Oh yes, can’t forget the big hair held in place with aqua net. LOL!

  48. It may have been the whole Aaliyah fad, but I definitely wore my dad’s polo shirts, baggy painters jeans or baggy overalls with one strap undone and hanging everywhere I walked! Looking back, 1) not sure why my dad let me go in his closet and 2) how looking like a man was ever cute!

  49. Ok…have to admit to being a “Valley Girl”… The clothes, the hair, and of course the vernacular… Like oh my God! What was I thinking??

  50. During the 80’s…while in college- the ‘Flashdance’ phenomena was all the rage: sweatpants, sweatshirts & the bandana around the head…worn to class!! Yikes, scary! Phew! The past!

  51. saddle oxfords with bobbye sox, and a real dog collar (complete with bell) around one; with Alice Lon petticoats that had yards and yards of satin ribbon sewn around the bottom. No. You don’t remember. It was in the 50’s. Yes, I am older than dirt. (But thanks to R & F, I don’t look like it! =)

  52. I can’t believe that photos actually exist to prove that I really looked as bad as I remember in the early 1990’s! The worst part is , I wasn’t alone in this fashion debacle, my entire Bunco Group looked like me! lol Picture this: Over processed permed hair with hair drawn over the top and to one side, OVER-SIZED and tinted prescription glasses that covered half of my face… and that was topping off over-sized T-Shirts with matching pants in seasonal themed, puff-paint and iron on metallic embellishments – purchased at Nordy’s. No outfit was complete unless you wore earrings that were HUGE and also themed to a holiday or season. Oompa-Loompa’s REVENGE! What WERE the buyers for Nordstrom thinking and why were we buying it!? And for beauty treatments to tighten skin – I’m afraid to even say…LOL… I bought a mask that was being marketed by Linda Evans from TV’s “Dynasty” that delivered electric shocks to pressure points on the face… yup, that hurt.

  53. I can’t believe that photos actually exist to prove that I really looked as bad as I remember! The worst part is , I wasn’t alone in this fashion debacle, my entire Bunco Group looked like me! lol Picture this: Over processed permed hair with hair drawn over the top and to one side, OVER-SIZED and tinted prescription glasses… and that was topping off over-sized T-Shirts with matching pants in seasonal themed, puff-paint and iron on metallic embellishments – purchased at Nordy’s. No outfit was complete unless you wore earrings that were HUGE and also themed to a holiday or season. Oompa-Loompa’s REVENGE! What WERE the buyers for Nordstrom thinking and why were we buying it!? And for beauty treatments to tighten skin – I’m afraid to even say…LOL… I bought a mask that was being marketed by Linda Evans from TV’s “Dynasty” that delivered electric shocks to pressure points on the face… yup, that hurt.

  54. In the 80s … “fuschia” pencil skirt and coordinating fuschia, purple and orange fifty-cent piece sized POLKA DOT pumps!!! Hot stuff – Lol!!!

  55. I thought I looked great sporting my Toni home perm while wearing my buckle-back San Francisco Riding Gear jeans alternating with my Carpenter pants so I could carry my big comb.

  56. Like I totally loved my Guess jeans, Reebok high tops, pink frosted lipstick, teal eye shadow, big hair, unruly eyebrows, and my swatch watch…Sun-In was my hair’s best friend until my roots started to show. I used Buf Pufs and Bonne Bell’s Ten-O-Six “lotion” that felt like a fireball hit my 15 year old face, grody to the max!

    But my most regrettable 80’s habit, convincing myself that baby oil was actually sunscreen…like, no duh, what was I thinking?!?

  57. Deciding that a 30something caucasian mom of 2 would look great with an afro. I should mention that I have been told numerous times by several hairdressers that I have the straightest hair they’ve ever worked on! Obviously getting my hair permed to the point of afro status was extremely drying…and I continued to think this was a great idea for about a year and a half. Yikes!!!

  58. Wow there are so many…. Blue eyeliner, the “wave”, and the “wings”, tight rolled jeans, two different colored pairs of socks (white then pink on the right and white then pink on the left)

  59. Peanut jeans! Wow!! What were we thinking! And….we wore them so tight we had to lay on the bed and pull the zipper up with a wrench!! Don’t laugh, you know you did it, too! LOL! Glad those days are over!!

  60. Not only did I wear the stirrup leggings with tunic tops and oversized sweaters (complete with the Joan Collins shoulder pads), but I had the asymmetrical bob haircut – and thought I looked pretty great!

  61. I must be older than all of you! Platform shoes with mini skirts that were shorter than fingertip length when your arms were down at your sides; lllooonnnggg straight hair parted down the middle; bell bottom pants with bells so big you could make a sleeping bag out of them; disco dancing, neru jackets (think Beetles). Groovy, cool, peace dude, way out man…think I have a few decades under my belt…

  62. I am old enough to remember the ORIGINAL Tie Dye craze!! I had a purplish tie dyed cape that I wore over bell bottoms and knee high purple leather quilted high heel boots!! WOW….I bet I scared a few folks!!!

  63. I am old enough to remember the original Tie Dye craze…I had a BEAUTIFUL..hehe… tie dyed purplish cape that I wore over bell bottoms and a pair of high heeled purple quilted knee high boots –WOW… I bet I scared a few folks!!

  64. Big Bangs!! Oh yeah…you know what I’m talking about. The multi tiered bangs artfully plastered to on one side of your forehead. Achieved by a hot curling iron, carefully separating it into at least 3 layers and than shellacking the heck out of it with tons of AquaNet. I moved from Thousand Oaks, CA to a little rural community in Pine Creek, MT in ’87. I was proud to have brought this Southern California fabulous fad to a two room Normal Rockwell like country schoolhouse. The other girls were sporting this look by the end of the week. Thankfully, I am bang free and tan free now! 🙂

  65. My worse fad was when I wanted to look like Madonna so badly in 1983 that I wore everything I could that looked like her. The big teased out hair-bra’s as clothing-plastic bracelets up to my elbows-ripped hose-the list goes on and on….. so embarrassing to look back at those days.

  66. Remember the neon colors fad? I had lime green parachute pants that were so bright you really needed sunglasses to be in the same room with me. As if that wasn’t enough, I had a HUGE sloppy white button-down shirt that had hot pink, electric orange, lemon yellow, and the same lime green paint spatters all over it. Cinch it in at the hip with a hot pink studded belt that wrapped around me at least 4 times and please don’t forget the equally neon jelly shoes. Ugh.

  67. I remember wearing rolled up bangs, light blue frost eyeshadow (over the whole eyelid) with tons of lip gloss and braces w/headgear attached. To top it off, I’m a medium toned African American woman. LOL

  68. Nice photo of you two! .. I like the background.. *** Tight stirrup pants just crack me up now.. Remember the seam sewn down the front of the knee?.. They were always so short on my crotch because I am tall. I rarely found a LONG pair.. I am glad those days are gone. LOL

  69. It’s a tossup… Bodyglove clothing (clothing that changed with body heat) that let you walk around donning others “handprints” or living in AZ showing off your warmer body parts (envision pit color change and more!)…what was I thinking! Other fads… Huge bangs, hairspray, baby oil tan (ie- 2nd degree burn!), furbys… Ok, I may have had a fad addiction.

  70. Nice picture gals ! .. What is the background ? Love your outfits too ! *** Remember the tight stirrups with the stitched seam in the front.. the crotch hung low on me because I am tall and would rarely get lucky to find a LONG pair. The baggy sweaters were frightful, but I wore them anyway.. I felt like I was hiding something… but then again.. it was the style !

  71. Butterfly tattoo on the hip!!! Multiple ear piercings in the ear lobe. Perms (and I am Asian – the whole curly hair thing didn’t really look natural to say the least! I cannot believe my mom okay’ed that one!).

  72. I rolled my long hair in orange juice cans every night for years! Amazingly, my head is still attached to my body!

  73. NOW I’m sad to say this, but back in the 80’s I thought it was fun:
    Picture an oversized cable sweater with giant shoulder pads from Nordstrom in vibrant teal over black leggings WITH teal ankle warmers (thank you “FAME” ). Pair that with a lovely long (ankle length) white duster style collared “coat” with more shoulder pads, giant DOTS the size of softballs in teal, fuschia pink, green, black and purple randomly spaced on it. To finish it off, I had ginormous permed blonde hair teased up with a wide headband in fuschia (LOVED my big bangs), fuschia fingernail polish and lots and lots of bracelets up my arms. Here’s the kicker, I still have that coat………..I use it as a costume. Oh my goodness, I have got to go find out if there is any photographic evidence of this before my children do and put it on Facebook! =D I.was.NOT.Thinking.

  74. Worst fad is a tie between the eye shadow (brushed on extra thick) that matched the color of my outfits and the scrunchies that matched every outfit, sometimes worn in multiple- in the hair and on the wrist. Makes me cringe now!

  75. The WORST fad that I took part in had to be the dark tanning days of the 70’s.. the baby oil & iodine and baking for hours in the sun all through college is what I am paying for now, by way of brown splotchy skin on my arms & legs.

  76. In Junior High, we shaved one side of our head. Not completly bald, more like buzzed. We looked as if we had a mullet on one side, but normal on the other! Totally off my rocker!!! And my mom nearly had a heart attack!

  77. The worst fad I ever fell for was wearing multiple black bracelets and homemade fishing hook bracelets and lots of black….had to be just like the material girl herself. I even had the permed bob to match!

  78. I was definitely a victim of the stir-up pants, but I was obsessed with “Sam and Libby” shoes. I had to have a pair in every color to match my sweaters. Big sweaters, big earrings, and big hair were the rage. Accessorize with 10 plastics bracelets and the outfit was complete!

  79. Hypercolor clothes!! Seriously, when you were going through a time of wanting to make only good impressions, you were wearing clothes that highlighted sweaty armpits! Or wrinkles in your backfat!!

  80. I think the worst fad I fell for was getting a perm! I would get one every couple of months, starting when I was just a kid! I remember my head stinging and the strong chemicals that damaged my hair lol. So glad that they are out! I will never get a perm again lol even if they come back in style.
    ps love the pic!

  81. Well, I have been a victim of many bad fads! It started when I was old enough to wear makeup. Boy, did I love purple! For my birthday, my mother took me to the Clinique counter to let the beauty consultant tell me (and keep peace at home) that purple eye shadow, purple eyeliner and purple mascara might be too much! Then, in high school, I thought tight-rolling blue jeans was so cool, paired with colored flats and twist-a-beads. Finally, I went off to college in a bubble suit (remember those?) and white Keds tennis shoes. Eeewwww! There are certainly things I miss about my past, but the above mentioned…not so much:)

  82. My favorite outfit was a bat wing shirt with huge shoulder pads paired with MC Hammer pants (can’t touch this!)and fringed-out boots. Of course my long permed hair was so huge that in most pictures it blocked out anyone standing in back of me. Good times!!!

  83. I was a 90’s kid so its really hard to choose the worst haha! I’d have to say beanie babies, baggie clothes, tomagotchis, Goosebumps books, overalls, and the macarena are some of the worst ones I fell for 🙂

  84. I was always a little chunky and could never get my hair to grow out long because it was very fine so it was usually about shoulder length. To help volumize my hair I used to get a lot of perms. So there were times when I had puffy hair, a puffy face and oh yes…lots of polyester. scary!!!

  85. I remember wearing VERY LOW hip hugger pants with VERY WIDE bell bottom legs in the seventies! They were horrible! I don’t care how thin you were…everything fell out the back when you sat down. Thank heavens we also wore long baby doll tops!

  86. Shoulder pads, leg Warner’s, stirrup pants! The 80’s were my years! Love looking at those old pictures.

  87. For me it had to be the “bi-level” haircut, aka, the Mullet! It was truly awful and I even have pictures to commemorate the awfulness!

  88. I think the fad that I fell for that tops my chart is slathering myself in baby oil and laying on aluminum foil to get a great tan. And then if that was not enough, to enhance my great new tan I would iron my long dark hair and damage it along with my skin. I love my REVERSE!

  89. The body wrap..guaranteed to take 5 inches and 10 pounds. My sister and I found ourselves in a “spa” tightly wrapped in ace bandages that had been soaked with “cleansing herbs”. Once we were mummified we were escorted to exercise bikes where we pedaled away our fat to Brittany Spears and Madonna songs. Our post measurements lasted until we drank our first glass of water…

  90. Well…to be cool like everyone else, I got a perm and looked just like a poodle…and not a cute one at that! I’d put a hat on whenever I went out hoping not to see anyone that remotely knew me.

  91. Wasn’t it always about the hair?! I don’t know if I regret the perm in 6th grade(way before spiral perms), the split bangs(parted with half curled up and half curled down) in 8th grade, or the super long spiral-permed hair(finally, I thought) in high school. My daughter(13 now) jokes I couldn’t see past it while driving a car- and that’s why I never got one when I was 16! Too funny!

  92. I wore stirrup leggings and I also loved my toghtly rolled jeans with a t-shirt tucked in and HUGE bows in my hair which was pulled in a pony tail right on top of my head. I topped off every look with large earrings (usually plastic animals of some sort) and THE ABSOLUTE WORST LOOK: 2 pair of different colored socks – stacked opposite on each leg. Whoa, I was a sight!!

  93. Where to begin…..big permed hair, Jordache jeans that fit so poorly I couldn’t wear a shirt tucked in, leg warmers. I know there are more but that is all I can remember right now.

  94. Big hair, perms, banana clips and multiple headbands ruled! I also loved stirup pants and yes, I had parachute pants. I LOVED THE 80’s!!

  95. There’s a pic of me in one of my mom and dad’s photo albums wearing one of my favorite outfits at the time……pink pleated baggy pants with a yellow sweatshirt that had some cartoon character on it, tucked into the pants, accessorized with pink and yellow print suspenders, ridiculous boots and a big bushy poodle hairdo. What.Was.I.Thinking? That I looked awesome!

  96. I used to love the comfort of denim overalls! Come on, remember Elton John and Kiki Dee? A red and white checked shirt with short overalls, high-top Converse shoes, and of course a red ribbon tied Madonna style in my hair. You would have thought I lived on a farm and milked cows, hilarious!

  97. Mall bangs- those giant bangs that swooped up about 4 inches off the top of your head, the taller the better…need I say more?!

  98. In the early 90’s when BIG clip earrings where in style (along with big shoulder pads, and the other big accessories) I donned my clips earrings with pride.

    In hindsight (and old photographs) I now realize, as a petite woman, that my earrings were bigger than my head. Not one of my best looks!

  99. I loved the loud colors…bright pink, brilliant blues…I wore all the bold loud colors with pride along with the big bangs and yes leg warmers! So happy to see these colors coming back!

  100. I used to wear about 50 plastic “Madonna” bracelets up my arm and twisted around my middle finger and wrist in very “creative” ways!

  101. The worst fad for me was spiked bangs, thats where you cut bangs and then take the top layer, tease it with a comb and spray like crazy and of course all that wearing palazzo pants shoulder pads!!

  102. well, in thinking back to the big eighties, I’d have to say the worst fad I ever fell for was wearing excercise clothes including the pull up leggings, not the comfy ones we have now, but those ugly crazy colored striped ones tight fitting exercise attire all the while listening to Olivia Newton John croon, “let’s get physical, physical,……” Man, is that ever embarrassing thinking back on being seen looking like that complete with headband!

  103. The butt and thigh toner…that silly machine with the huge strap that you place around your bottom….it wiggles an vibrates for a magically thinner and celulite free behind. NOT!

    1. Oh, I remember that. My mother and I used to go to Jack Lalanne several times a week and use that machine (among other non-effective machines). I would say “what a waste of time,” but it was some good mom/daughter time that I would like to have back now!

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