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Dimethicone Beads

These tiny beads deliver huge results when it comes to exfoliation. Unlike larger or irregularly shaped particles, these smooth operators produce an effective and even removal of dulling dead cell buildup, while depositing the active ingredient dimethicone— recognized by the FDA as a skin protectant. Find dimethicone beads in Rodan + Fields® ANTI-AGE Daily Cleansing Mask.


Kaolin clay

Known for its pore-refining benefits and ability to draw oil and dirt from the skin, kaolin clay is also a natural exfoliant. Dulling dead skin cells adhere to this mineral-rich clay and are then washed away – just like a piece of tape lifts lint off a black shirt. You can find pore-refining kaolin clay in Rodan + Fields ANTI-AGE Daily Cleansing Mask.

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  1. Are dimethicone beads considered safe for the environment? i.e. What happens to them once they are introduced to waterways and lake/ocean life?

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