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Just because your feet are the farthest from your face doesn’t mean they don’t need just as much attention and protection from the sun. Skin cancer on the feet is one of the most deadly places because it’s hard to spot and often goes unnoticed, so give your feet the same broad spectrum protection you give your other exposed parts.

Make it easy to remember by keeping ANTI-AGE Age Shield Hand Balm SPF 30 next to your shoes at home so you can give your feet a few swipes before putting on sandals or flip-flops. It contains SHIELDrf—Rodan + Fields®’ exclusive platform sunscreen technology—for effective and stabilized broad spectrum protection. And as an added bonus, the anhydrous (without water) formulation creates a nice barrier on your feet to minimize rubbing from new sandals and flip-flops.

Find SHIELDrf in Rodan + Fields ANTI-AGE Age Shield Hand Balm SPF 30 and other Rodan + Fields sun protection products.

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  1. My mother died of Malignant Melanoma -that went undiagnosed for at least three years –it was under the toenail of her big toe. It first appeared as a redline under the nail. It didn’t bother her –it was just there. Then after a while –she asked her doctor “what it could be”. For three years she saw multiple doctors, podiatrists, etc. they removed the nail, scrapped the bone, prescribed various anti-biotics –but, NOT ONE OF THEM EVER CHECKED FOR CANCER. Finally a doctor recommended an Orthopedic Surgeon – who recommended amputating the toe at the first knuckle as the only way to eliminate the problem. Three days after surgery – he called to tell her that the reason her toe had a problem – was because she had Malignant Melanoma –and they didn’t have a “clean margin”. Three weeks later they removed the rest of the toe and advised – with or without treatment –her life expectancy was 5 years. She died exactly one year later on Christmas Day. She was never a person to lay in the sun or stay out in the sun –she never liked the feeling. She had one sunburn her whole life and that was on a cloudy day when she was 20 years old. SO yes –it is extremely important to use sunscreen and protect yourself as much as possible and check ALL areas of your body. This is the reason I wanted to be a part of Rodan + Fields Dermatologists –it’s all about the sunscreen!

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