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By Victoria Bausman
Brand Manager
Rodan + Fields Dermatologists

I don’t know how I pulled the sensitive skin card, but the deck was definitely not in my favor. Unfortunately, I passed that trait along to my son. From day one the poor kid suffered from eczema and other irritating skin issues. Hydrocortisone was our best friend until I joined Rodan + Fields® and learned about SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment and its amazing comforting effects.

As a parent, you worry about what kind of product or chemicals you’re putting on your child, but with SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment, I don’t worry because it’s a quality product meant for the face. Last week he had a dry, flaky eczema patch on this leg. I rubbed on the cream and the next day, the patch was gone!  Last weekend I had a weird sensitive patch of skin on my elbow. I rubbed on the cream and the next day, it too was gone! Also, a little added bonus is the smell. It smells so good and fresh. When it comes to battling skin issues, SOOTHE is my go-to solution.

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  1. I think you need to check out Rodan + Fields Dermatologists, via
    http://www.wilma.myrandf.com Look at Soothe and/or Anti Aging. In fact, go to that website and complete the “customize your collection”, send a copy to yourself (I will get too). The docs have programmed all the possible questions and their answers. It will advise you what will work best for you.
    Thank you. Hope I cam help you in some way. Feel free to send me your problems and I’ll help you come up with the solution.
    That’s why I got into the biz – to save skin and lives!

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