Myth Busters: Dull Skin Is a Normal Part of Aging


Dull skin is not your destiny; it’s actually an effect of sun damage and can be reversed with the right regimen. We recommend products that not only gently exfoliate but also include hydroquinone to lighten and brighten skin. Combine that with consistent use of sunscreen all year long, and smooth skin will be an ageless quality.

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  1. I recently started using the Reverse skin care system. Does this have hydroquinone in it? Also since it is summer does using the Reverse system make me more prone to getting sun damage even if I am using sunblock and trying to wear hats and not tan my face? Thank you

    1. For best results, consistency with any regimen is key. Nurse Mary Radford from the RF Connection will be in touch with you shortly to follow-up on your individual skin concerns.

      Your Derm RF Team

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