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By Nurse Mary Radford
Director of the RF Connection

Necks can age in various ways. Over time, skin can appear loose and wrinkly or even full and soft, but neither is very attractive … which is why it seems there’s almost a gravitational pull between women and scarves/collared clothing.

Well, you won’t hear Jack Nicholson use his classic line on me from Something’s Got to Give: “It’s the middle of summer—what’s with the turtlenecks?” Although I’m a “turtleneck kind of girl,” I only burrow into one prior to hitting the slopes on a winter’s day.

And I have Rodan + Fields ANTI-AGE Regimen and Night Renewing Serum to thank for that. I started using the products in 2005, and today, my neck is tighter with less visible lines than before. Better yet, I can still confidently sport my V-necks in summer months.

So if you see me glamming it up with a trendy scarf, know that it is only my inner “fashionista” taking center stage, not camouflage!

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  1. I’ll be 73 in January and that’s the one part in aging I hate. People are shocked that I’m this old (almost 3/4 of a century – LOL), and I share with them it’s due mostly by my using R and F for two years. My face is more taut as well and it feels like a baby’s butt! Thanks to the doctors for their wonderful products. That’s why I am a consultant – wanting to share with everyone. Tomorrow I’m having a 1 on 1 with two people – hope they bring up my weak month. God bless.
    Wilma Brown

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