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DermRF_Categories_WinImagine cookies without milk, a wink without a smile, blogs without comments, Rodan without Fields. While each is great alone, in partnership, they’re even better. When it comes to your skin, what power product have you joined forces with to get great results? Comment below with details on your power pairing in the next 24 hours for a chance to win our new and improved REVERSE Regimen, which combines power partners vitamin C and retinol to restore a brighter-looking complexion.

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  1. Dashing into a local store to pick up some groceries to prepare lunch for my husband’s family, I bumped into a couple & their grandchildren that I had not seen in a while. In my weekend blue jeans and comfy flannel shirt, I was not feeling all that presentable! Was I ever on cloud nine after being told how great I looked! Thanks to my regimen of weekly Macro E, Unblemish in the morning and Redefine at night….people are noticing and I LOVE IT!

  2. Without a doubt, the macro-exfoliator paired with the lip serum, have changed my skin and lips from the first very usage. Also they made such a believer out of me I became a consultant once I heard about the business model six weeks later! Loved the product. Love the biz, not only for me but everyone who has the good fortune to hear my story! 😉

  3. I LOVE the results I’ve gotten from the REDEFINE regimen + Microdermabrasion paste + REDEFINE AMP MD roller + MACRO Exfoliator….the result? healthy, glowing skin w/no fine lines/wrinkles!

  4. The microdermabrasion paste is a must for me combined with the unblemish regimen. It helps combine gentle exfoliation throughout the week until it’s time to MACRO!! 🙂

  5. I have combined the Redefine Regimen with the Macro Exfoliator, AMP MD Roller, Night Renewing Serum, Multifunction Eye Cream, Lip Micro-Dermabrasion and the Lip Renewing Serum.
    My results are fantastic! Love my R+F! Thank You!

  6. Kabam! Power pairing – A 1-2 punch for me is The Macro E once a week and the roller the other 6 days with the serum. I start out with either Redefine or New Reverse and my skin is the winner!

  7. I love the new Reverse Regimen coupled with my AMP MD roller. My skin is now brighter, smoother, my pores are smaller and fine lines are MIA (missing in action). They are GONE! Love it, love it, love it!!!!!

  8. My MacroE! It removes my dead skin cells once a week and provides SO MUCH clarity to my skin by allowing my products to penetrate my best skin for maximum results. I LOVE my MacroE!

  9. After having cystic acne since I was a teenager (I am 53 now) ,and having the scars to prove it, I am THRILLED with the results I’ve gotten by using the AMP MD Roller, combined with the Night Renewing Serum and the Macro Exfoliator! My scars are not as deep or visible as they have been for many years.

  10. I love using the REDEFINE Eye Cloths to remove my eye makeup and then putting on the REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream. The combination of the peptides and the wonderful eye cream have removed so many of my fine lines, even my 13 year old son noticed a difference. It’s the best combinations since Peanut Butter and Jelly!

  11. I am currently using the Reverse product with the Vitamin C and Retinol, I am loving the fact I can also use my AMp MD with the products for maximum results of 33% more efficacy!

  12. My R + F product power partners are the UNBLEMISH & REVERSE regimens. UNBLEMISH keeps my acne under control, while REVERSE balances out my skin tone and gives me that healthy glow.

  13. The two products for me that go hand in hand, are the Unblemish Regimen and the Mineral Peptide Powder. I have quite a few clients using the Unblemish regimen, many are teenage girls. When I talk to them about what the Multi-med therapy will do for their skin, I explain that it only makes good healthy sense to place on top of that healing skin, a good, clean, healthy and healing foundation powder, that will not continue the cycle of blocking pores. Why pay for an acne regimen, if they are just going to place a liquid foundation or everyday powder foundation on top of the products that are trying to heal their skin? Especially a foundation that does not have the benefits of the peptides and SPF on their skin like ours does. My clients either buy the Mineral Peptide Powder along with the regimen, or add it on their next order. Since I am such a strong believer in these products, and see my 3 teenage daughters using them faithfully and getting amazing results, I want to share the secret to their success with others. I am witnessing it first hand with my family. I want to help my customers to be successful with Rodan and Fields, to love our products as much as I do, to give them all the product knowledge I am learning along the way, so they can also get clear, beautiful skin, that others will stop and notice. I personally use Redefine, and I also use the Mineral Peptide Powder. Our powder is a power player, and it can be added to every regimen we have, only enhancing the glow on our skin. I am constantly receiving compliments on my skin these days, and it feels great! Thank you Rodan and Fields, love love our company! <3

  14. I power pair Rodan + Fields’ Microdermabrasion Paste alongside my Unblemish Regimen for most effective results! It’s all about cell turnover and exfoliating helps clear the way for that unwanted acne.

  15. A great Rodan + Fields consultant paired with the reverse regimen is brightening my complexion, evening my skin tone, and that is just in the first week! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for my skin using Rodan +Fields.

  16. I think my favorite duo and the one that has caused change in my skin is the Redefine AMP MD Roller coupled with the Night Renewing Serum…it is a double whammy to the appearance of my fine lines and wrinkles…it has taken away the crepe like skin on my neck…My marionette lines have lessened as have my furrow lines. For the first time in 60+ years I love my skin and I remain make-up free!!

  17. My AMP MD Roller and Night Renewing Serum is my Go-To power couple… I have seen such amazing firming and lifting on my chin and neck… I’m going to be 50 in 34 days and feel so much better about this upcoming birthday thanks to this dynamic duo!

  18. I use the Reverse regiment. Just started the new Reverse Feb 1st. I use the Microdermabrasion paste at least 3x/week in the mornings after I work out instead of the Reverse wash. This combination besides making my skin feel wonderful has improved my skin tone and texture. My face feels as if it is “glowing”. I love this combination of products!!!

  19. I think one of the best pairings is the Redefine Eye Clothes & Redefine Multi-function Eye Cream! Age shows up in your eyes – puffiness, bags, lines – these two power-houses can take off years – immediately!

  20. I absolutely love pairing the lip microdermabrasion and lip renewing serum. In the shower I use the lip microdermbrasion to get rid of any flakiness on my lips and before I go to bed I use the lip renewing serum. In the morning my lips are plump and soft instead dry and cracked!

  21. I love the dynamic duo. Vitamin C is the key to maintaining healthy, youthful skin. It’s a powerful antioxidant that slows the rate of free-radical damage, which causes skin’s dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles. It helps combat and even reverse time’s effect on your skin, because it produces collagen – a protein which makes skin appear plump and firm. Retinol is vitamin A, which unclog pores, boosts collagen to reduce fine lines and speed cell turnover. Blend the two power houses on the back of your hand (pea sized amount) spread over neck and face, avoid eye area. Smooth over your hands for help there, too. You will expect to see smoother, brighter, younger looking skin.

  22. At age 60 my lips are thinner and looked PALE. I had received a Lip Micro-Dermabrasion stick in my booster kit and with dry heat this winter and the onset of dry flakey lips, decided to open up the stick and try out. That night I followed my lip dermabrasion with a lip renewing serum and the next morning was amazed at the COLOR in my lips. After one use I was addicted. I now use the lip dermabrasion two or three nights a week and follow with a lip serum peptide capsule. With this duo everyone can consider their lips as one of their best features. EASY PEASEY!!!

  23. At age 65, my 10x magnifying mirror tells me my skin is getting better!! I’m in for the full routine. My Macro E every Sunday night paired with the Amp MD roller and Redefind Age Assult Regimen! That’s a partnership that keeps on giving every day!

  24. I use the new Reverse, which I love, and use the Amp Roller after step #2, then after step# 3, I use a serum capsule, followed by Redfine night cream if needed due to winter weather.

  25. My Power pairing is Reverse in the evenings with the awesome amp Md roller. In the mornings I use Unblemish to help with any lingering acne! The result is a great, even toned, unblemished face!

  26. I use the REVERSE with the AMP MD and have dramatically improved the dullness, brightness, dark spots and texture of my skin! I receive compliments almost daily on the look of my skin now! Thank you, Drs. Rodan and Fields!

  27. I love using the Redefine regimen with the Amp MD roller but my favorite
    Right now is pairing this rediculous cold winter weather with my new best friend lip serum.

  28. First let me THANK YOU for these amazing products and how they have saved me from taking a low dose antibiotic everyday, which I think is potentially lifesaving in this day and age of drug resistant bacterial infections. I LOVE SOOTHE! I use REDEFINE w/ AMP MD roller regularly, but when I see some redness come through or if the cleansing mask seems a little too much for me on some mornings I substitute REGIMENS, using SOOTHE for the morning and return to REDEFINE for PM. The results are, awesome! My skin has not felt this smooth, silky and soft to the touch, since my twenties. My laugh lines have shrunken to half in under 2 months of use! LOVE these multi med therapies and what they do for me. Thank you!!!

  29. I use Reverse regimen with night-renewing serum and MACROexfoliator once weekly to prevent acne breakouts! I used to have awful acne and with using Reverse and night-renewing serum still had a couple breakouts now and then but since adding the MACROexfoliator my breakouts are pretty much non-existent! I don’t know what I would do without Rodan + Fields Reverse!!

  30. I’ve been thrilled with the combo of the newly formulated Reverse Regimen along with the Redefine Multi-funtion eye cream! I’ve been on Reverse for 3.5 weeks now and my skin is literally glowing! The eye cream has me concealer free so between the two I just feel like a teenager again! haha. Love my R+F!

  31. I’ve been blown away by the newly formulated REVERSE regimen along with my Redefine Multi-function eye cream. My face has never glowed as much as it has with this regimen and the eye cream has gotten me concealer free and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. I’ve been on the REVERSE regimen for 3 weeks now, previously Redefine and couldn’t be more thrilled with the results I’ve seen already!

  32. I love the new Reverse REGIMEN with the Vitamin C and Retinols. It leaves my skin super soft. I also like to pair it with my am and pm cream and eye cream!!!!

  33. I powered my Redefine regimen with the new Reverse Regimen.
    I’m just 4 weeks in & I’m thrilled with the results I’ve achieved so far.
    Thought my skin looked looked good before but now I’ve been told I’m glowing!

  34. I am crazy about the REVERSE Exfoliating Scrub! My face feels smoother and brighter after each use! I also can’t wait for my Macro E date each week. I love getting rid of all of those dead skin cells!

  35. I never go a night without using the amazing AMP MD roller and the night renewing serum. I love knowing that I am using such high quality, clinical grade products on my face AT HOME. I get to spoil my face everyday!

  36. My Power Duo pair is the AMP MD roller and R+F Night Renewing Serum!! Using this dynamic duo, I have gotten rid of fine lines, lessened sagging on my jawline and neck and greatly decreased the furrows on each side of my nose and mouth. Those tell-tale signs of aging have been given the 1-2 punch of retinol in the Night Renewing Serum coupled with the ability of the AMP MD to allow that retinol to penetrate into the deeper layers of skin thus making the anti-aging products much more effective!! I don’t ever want to be without my Power Duo!!!

  37. My power pair has been the macro e and Unblemish regimen. I am so happy with my soft skin! I am ready to switch to the new and improved reverse regimen and work on old acne scars and uneven tone next.

  38. We just did a BBL yesterday. I recreated the apple video. I did it live waited the 10 min and presto the apple was fresh and beautiful! The most amazing part was after the party was over, 2 hrs. + later, I was cleaning up and saw that the apple was still perfectly fresh! Amazing!!!!

  39. Redefine & Reverse are my gruesome twosome!!! Reverse to clear the canvas and Redefine to get it wrinkle free! Love those two regimens which are the perfect pair for age prevention and reversal!

  40. I use redefine at night and soothe in the morning to combat my dry skin with a minor breakout here and there. I can’t go a day without my multi-function eye cream! Love this stuff!

  41. You really need to include the application onto the chest. I have brown spots that are fading on my chest because I include this area (as well as my hands) every time I use the reverse products.

  42. I love the AMP MD System with the roller and Night Renewing Serum power partnership. My crow’s feet and forehead lines have disappeared after just a couple months of use! Now I’ve started using it on my neck too!

  43. While I love aged cheese I was not loving my aging skin! Thank goodness I found Rodan and Fields so I could pair the incredible Macro E with my Redefine Regimen to get rid of the fines lines and wrinkles in my face and neck! Now the only thing aging is the cheddar!


  45. Twice yearly I made a Dermatologist appointment to have laser treatment due to Sebaceous Hyperplasias (oil pockets) but after using the Macro Exfoliator for three weeks, most all the oil pockets are gone! I can’t imagine ME without the MACRO!

  46. More for your money? How about 2 regimens wrapped in one? The New, Re-formulated Reverse. An exfoliating wash, a toner to brighten and a powerful combination 2 dynamic duos clinically proven to lighten, brighten and then fight the effects of aging, all wrapped up in one. Again- literally 2 regimens for the price of one. For more advanced treatments, I have added my macro E and AMP roller for the best results of my life. Compliments on my skin just never happened for me. For the first time ever, people notice my complexion enough to ask what I am using and enough to get happy new PC’s who are also starting their journey to the best skin of their life. In addition to all this, for some reason, no more acne. I no longer hide behind hair or fear close up shots. I love reverse for more than it is- I love reverse b/c it’s changed my life.

  47. My Macro with my Redefine! Love the Macro with just about everything. I used the Macro on my feet then paired it w the Essentials body lotion, awesome! I love the dual action of the Reverse, so exciting!

  48. I’ve partnered the macro-exfoliator for my hands with the Redefine Hand Brightening Treatment for Ah-mazing results. The result? These 50+ year old hands are clean and clear, no age spots and are incredibly soft and smooth. Loving the results!

  49. The power product in my cabinet is the Amp MD and NEW Reverse! Both amazing on their own but together, highly effective!

  50. I use the Redefine several times a week and the Reverse the others. I like what they both do for me. Of course, I also use the Essentials lotion, the Body Bar in the shower and on my face twice a week. My skin feels so good!

  51. That has definitely changed over the months, but I started with Unblemish to battle the 40+ years of acne and post acne scars I was always dealing with! I hated my skin!! After clearing up my acne, I switched to Reverse which incredible took away all of my post acne scars. But between the two, they made me LOVE my skin! That is something I could never say before! Now that I use Redefine products, my skin just glows!!!!! Thank you doctors Rodan and Fields!! You gave me my self-esteem back!

  52. My FIRST R+F product purchase had me at “Hello Honey”! It was the Macro-e. And I was blown away! After that? Wow- a toss up. But I adore rolling with the Amp MD since the beginning of October.

    Together with my regular regimen usage, eye cream, and lip serum I am transformed – in a very good way. Thank you!

  53. I join forces of the AMP MD roller with the new reverse regimen and add the Redefine overnight restorative cream for extra moisturizing at night. A great combo!!

  54. My favorite pairing is the micro-dermabrasion paste then our Redefine Overnight Restorative cream. The paste makes my skin feel like glass and the moisturizer keeps it so soft!! I absolutely love how my skin feels int he morning when I use these!

  55. I love the macro exfoliator, and the daily cleansing mask. I’m new to the product. I’m going to use the reverse regimen next to get rid of some pesky brown spots.

  56. I love love love my REDEFINE regimen and can’t wait to try the new REVERSE regimen. I’ve had some amazing results with my current regimen but can’t wait to use REVERSE to erase my sun damage to go foundation free this summer!

  57. The best power partner is the Macro Exfoliator and any regimen!! The Macro E, is my favorite!!! I just love the way my skin feels and the glowing skin after I use the macro Exfoliator. I always seem to get many compliments after I use it. I always recommend the Macro E with any regimen, the original power partner.

  58. I couldn’t live without my REDEFINE Eye Clothes and Multi-Function Eye Cream. Whether I’m traveling or just rolling outta bed to get the kids to school, I’ve always got time to remove any stubborn eye make-up, cleanse my face with the eye clothes and apply some eye cream for a bright eyed clean and rested look.

  59. The new reverse regimen has done for me in 3.5 weeks what my dermatologist has not been able to do in 5 years!! Most of the brown spots on my face due to sun damage have vanished! I am totally amazed at how awesome these products are!!

  60. My skin is loving that I can now roll with my new REVERSE!!! And to add the night renewing serum to the nightly routine and overnight restorative cream in the morning under my Broad Spectrum SPF….it’s the BEST of both (regimen) worlds! I ❤ my “ReDeverse”

  61. My power partners in skincare are the Macro Exfoliator and the AMP MD micro exfloliating roller combined with my Redefine regimen. My skin has never looked or felt better. I am 40…redefined!

  62. I use the new Reverse regimen and love it!! Another power couple I love is the multi-function eye cream & redefine eye cloths!! 🙂

  63. My power partners in skincare are the Macro Exfoliator and the micro exfoliating roller along with my Redefine regimen! My skin has never looked or felt better. I am 40…Redefined!

  64. I can’t imagine life without my skincare roller and night renewing serum. This combo has helped get rid of old acne marks around my chin as well as fine lines on my forehead. I know that, with continued use, my skin will look even BETTER! It’s a habit that I’m not willing to break. I’m addicted to these 2 products 🙂

  65. Having tried the Original Reverse Regimen is what made me become a Consultant in order to spread the word about this phenomenal product. I just received the new Reverse formula in the mail and am so excited that it will help combat not only the dark spots, but also lines and wrinkles. What could be better!!

  66. Although I am a Reverse-aholic, I do suffer from oily skin. My power partner is steps 1-3 of Reverse paired with step 4 of Unblemish! This helps give my skin a really matte finish and almost works as a primer for my peptide powder. Brilliant!!!

  67. I’ve had great success combining the firmness and texture improving REDEFINE Night Renewing Serum with the smoothing and brightening effects of the ENHANCEMENTS Micro Dermabrasion Paste. Add in the REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream, and I’ve cut out almost all daily makeup!

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