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We’ve experienced the 1+1=3 phenomenon first-hand. As business partners and best friends for more than 25 years, we know we’re changing skin and changing lives at a pace and in a way that neither of us could achieve without the other. We also see the phenomenon with many of the products we create.

Take our REVERSE Dual Active Brightening Complex. It features the combination of powerhouse ingredients vitamin C and retinol to enhance the brightening of skin while diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, in a way that neither ingredient could do on its own. Because of this amazing synergy, the results from this high-performance partnership are unmatched.

While a mathematician would argue that there is no real proof that 1+1=3, we’ll argue right back that the proof is in our new REVERSE Dual Active Brightening Complex … and in our own story, too. How have power partnerships enhanced your life? Let us know by commenting below.

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  1. I have been in a group that is sideways to my team and this leader has generously opened her training calls up to all and I am able to pass it on. Now that’s a Power Partnership!

  2. I will be sappy and say, My power partner is my husband! He is an amazing supporter, my biggest fan, and always believes in whatever wild, unchartered idea I go after! That’s why when I told him I was joing R+F 6 months ago while already working 4 other part time jobs and raising 5 very active children ages 2-17, He didn’t hesitate one moment, he listened, he nodded, and said “go get ’em baby!” Believing in yourself is a wonderful feeling, but knowing your bestfriend and partner believe in you just the same and even more at times gives true happiness and success! I’m leading the way!!!

  3. My life has been enhanced in so many incredible ways due to Partnering with leader, Allison Sotelo, that is both supportive and patient. The awesome partnering of in home use tools with multi med therapy regimens, created by our doctors. As consultants, We are enriched daily through the “corporate care” we get from newsletters , FB posts and RF connections. All this leads us to our goal to help others, better our own situation and achieve personal growth.
    One + won = FREEdom!

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