What’s the Skinpact? By Dr. Katie Rodan

What's the Skinpact? By Dr. Katie Rodan
When it comes to health and skin, my mom, Bern, has always been ahead of her time. Today, at age 86 she still works full-time, takes no medication, runs daily on her treadmill and doesn’t even need reading glasses! Plus, she’s a knockout and one confident lady.

Bern’s energy, good looks and excellent health come from a lifelong commitment to caring for herself both mentally and physically. Long before Dr. Fields and I published our “Top 10 List of Healthy Habits” in Write Your Skin a Prescription for Change, my mom was practicing hers. With her permission, I’m sharing four of her favorite “forever young” tips:

Sensible Sun Protection. Before sunscreen was invented, California-girl Bern channeled her inner Southern Belle and wore beautiful, large-brimmed hats when she went outdoors. Once SPF was available, Bern was at the front of the line to purchase it. Today, she takes the best of both worlds—sporting fabulous hats, bold movie star sunglasses and applying generous amounts of sunscreen.

Beauty Zzzzs. When it comes to getting restful sleep, Bern has always made sure to get plenty. By sleeping on her back, she has avoided those unflattering “sleep creases” that can deepen and persist over time. To prevent an unintended “face plant” into the pillow, she uses a contoured one that gives good neck support.

Enjoyable Exercise. Even as a kid growing up in Southern California, I can remember Bern taking long, vigorous hikes and dance classes for exercise. She credits daily exercise for helping her maintain her healthy-looking complexion and svelte figure. As she’s aged, she’s also made a point of stretching to preserve balance and avoid injury.

Savvy Diet. Bern has always been a “health nut”, and her well-balanced diet is another reason her skin has stayed looking great. She enjoys plenty of fresh fruits and veggies that are rich in antioxidants along with nuts and fish that are sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

Whether you’re 18 or 86 the desire to be desirable never goes away. By adopting my mom Bern’s healthy behaviors and the right skincare choices, your skin, like hers, can literally improve with age.

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  1. I think she epitomizes growing older greatfully….When I am 86 I want to be just like her, so that means “continuing to do what it takes, now”. It’s a commitment and a mindset. Thank you, Bern for being a wonderful role model for all of us!

  2. I am 67. I am using redefine, helps me with seborric dermatitis. Last year I was diagnoised with breast cancer. Blessed I am, a year later, after surgery, chemo, I am cancer free. I continued using the products during my treatment. Today, my skin looks beautiful. I have had many complements
    . Im exercising, eating healthy. I am ready to tell the world, continue going this path and move forward with R&F. Thank you Dr. RODAN & DR FIELDS. I WOULD LOVE TO MEET BERN ONE OF THESE DAYS. YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION!!!! GOD BLESS. . JOAN KLEIN

  3. What a beautiful role model for us all! Thanks, Katie, for sharing your mama with us. Here’s to many more years of great health and full out living for her!

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