The Doctors Are In…

Let’s be honest—all the spin classes in the world can’t replace a bike ride in the great outdoors. While we realize the grave importance of practicing safe sun, we’re also not willing to spend our days hibernating in a cave … and we don’t expect you to, either.

The reality is that, as with anything else, balance is the healthiest option. That’s why we’ve devised a method called “sun points” to help sensibly ration sun exposure and make skin-healthy choices.

We break the day into sun parts with peak hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. being worth two (2) “sun points” and other daylight hours equaling one (1) sun point. We suggest limiting sun exposure to three (3) sun points per day, spending peak sun points very sparingly. So, if we spend lunch outside with friends, or watch an afternoon baseball game, accounting for 3 sun points, then we hit the treadmill inside the gym instead of hiking or biking in the midday sun.

Whether life takes us to the golf course, the office or the car, we never leave home without our sunscreen armor. Whenever possible, we throw on a broad-brimmed hat and sunglasses for additional protection.

It is possible to enjoy your fun in the sun and stay safe and healthy. The key is balance. As we like to say, “You can have it all—just not all at once.”


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