By the Book: Classic Skincare

Products with clinically proven results that will keep skin looking young and healthy for a lifetime.

With every change of season comes new fashion, and we’ve all succumbed to that “look of the moment” skirt or dress … only to toss it into fashion purgatory after it is replaced by a new trend. Meanwhile, the tried-and-true classics in our closet, like the little black dress, remain the wardrobe staples we can always count on to help us look our best.

What most people don’t realize is, the same can be said about skincare. When it comes to creating lasting, natural-looking, real results, the best solutions often come, not from the latest skincare fad, but from clinically proven, time-tested ingredients with scientific discoveries that truly deliver. Think of ingredients, such as retinol, alpha-hydroxy acid, peptides, antioxidants and sunscreens, as the little black dress for your skin.

When shopping for skincare, look for classic products with clinically-proven results and success stories in the form of real-world “before and after” examples. While the “look of the moment” is here today, your best fashion accessory—your skin—needs to last for a lifetime.

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