What’s the Skinpact? By Dr. Katie Rodan


No matter the season or whether the latest fashion trend is layering, lace or wide-legged pants, great skin is always your best accessory.

Skincare is very specific when it comes to your face. From wrinkles to sun damage, you need a specialized regimen to achieve results. But when it comes to perfecting the skin below your chin, you may often need different products.

In this article, I highlight the Skinpact of some of the most common “beyond the face” concerns and what you can do to achieve great skin, from head to toe.

The Chin is Not the Limit
If your fashion choices tend toward plunging v-necks or sweeping scoops, that’s one more reason why the chin is not the limit when it comes to your skincare routine. While your neck and chest may not stare back at you from your bathroom mirror, the rest of the world often notices the total package, especially when guessing your age. As you head to the bathroom tomorrow, remember your décolletage deserves the same care and consistency as your face. Always extend your skincare down past your face to your neck and chest daily. A good rule of thumb is that if the sun sees it, your skincare regimen should, too.

Hands Need Protecting, Too
Your manicure might look like it was painted by Da Vinci, but if the tone and texture of your hands are as rugged and revealing as a topographical map, chances are your “map hands” are what will be drawing all the attention. Hands can be a dead giveaway of your age, but if you’re like most people, you probably ignore them until the day you look down and notice brown spots, crepiness, prominent vessels and thin skin. Just like for reversing the discolorations on your face, the key to successfully improving brown spots on your hands is a combination of exfoliation to lift off dead skin cells, brightening ingredients and diligent sun protection.

Remember that like maintaining the most youthful appearance for your face, a little preventative care and protection goes a long way on the backs of your hands. So when you’re slathering on the hand cream, look for one that contains sunscreen for daytime use along with brightening and firming ingredients to help keep your hands looking like they’re part of the same person as your face.

A Little Black Dress-Ready Body
If you’re like many of my patients, just when you’re ready to celebrate the season with a new swimsuit, a backless halter or the perfect sleeveless little black dress, a pimple derails your plans. Body acne, particularly on the back, chest and arms, is surprisingly prevalent. In fact, many facial acne sufferers also experience acne on other body parts. Or in some cases you may even suffer from body acne without ever having experienced blemishes on your face. Although body skin is thicker and denser than facial skin, the process that causes acne is the same. If you’re prone to body acne, treat the entire area daily to heal what’s there and prevent new acne from appearing. Spot treatments won’t do the job. You also can help prevent acne before it appears by avoiding occlusive, nylon or spandex clothing, which often traps the heat and exacerbates breakouts.

Getting a Leg Up on Your Appearance
As temperatures rise so do our hemlines, so it’s not surprising that during spring, I suddenly see a lot of patients eager to make their varicose veins vanish instantly. Unfortunately, treatment options are few and far between—not to mention costly. In my office, I treat spider veins with special injections designed to make veins collapse and disappear. These can be quite effective over time, but it takes multiple visits to achieve results. While there’s no current at-home therapy available, you can camouflage the appearance of your varicose veins with a sunless tanner. Sunless tanners do wonders for hiding veins, bruises and even cellulite … and nothing says hello to warmer weather like a healthy, faux glow.

A Vibrant Glow from Head to Toe
Whether you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt or your favorite sundress, kicking out the old, dead outermost cells is the quickest and easiest way to make skin look immediately fresh, smoother, younger and more vibrant from head to toe. But just like shoes and clothes, when it comes to exfoliation one size does not fit all. What works to exfoliate the thick skin on your heels and elbows is most likely too aggressive for your face, neck and décolletage. For best results, be particular about particle size and use the right product for the job. If you are looking for deeper exfoliation than cleansers on your neck and chest, try macro-exfoliation, with an at-home macro-exfoliation tool equipped with a diamond-encrusted tip.

With these tips, you can keep the skin below your neck looking and feeling its best. After all, healthy, younger-looking skin from head to toe is the perfect fashion accessory no matter what you’re wearing.

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