Your Best Fashion Accessory


Just like fashion, skin is forever changing. As your body’s largest organ, skin is constantly reacting to environmental factors and biologic changes, such as climate, lifestyle and age. But while fashions may fade, your skin needs to last a lifetime.

With every passing year, your skin functions a little bit differently. For example, in a young person, the epidermis completely renews itself every month. That’s why young skin always looks so fresh and rosy. But over time, skin cell turnover slows—so much so, that by the time you’re 40, it could take 50 days or more for skin to rejuvenate. You can compensate for this change by incorporating regular exfoliation into your routine, along with once-weekly macro-exfoliation, to assist the natural shedding process and reveal newer, fresher skin cells.

While aging is inevitable, it’s your daily behaviors that influence 80% of how you look at each birthday. Everything from sun exposure, smoking and alcohol to diet, stress and sleep plays a critical role in shaping the future of your skin. That’s why it’s important to complement your skincare routine with healthy habits like daily sun protection, sleeping on your back and wearing sunglasses.

In addition to your habits, external forces, such as temperature, wind, humidity and even altitude also can affect your skin and impact the efficacy of your skincare products. To look your best, you need to make sure you are constantly evaluating your environment and adapting your skincare routine accordingly.

Tune into Derm RF all month long for tips on how to take care of your best accessory—your skin—and make the perfect fashion statement … skin that looks young, healthy and luminous this season and every season to come. While your skin is always changing, the need for it to look great never goes out of style.




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