What’s the Skinpact? By Dr. Katie Rodan

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The correlation between how we feel about our appearance and our confidence level is well documented. The fact that 80% of us feel dissatisfied with the reflection facing us in the mirror is simply unacceptable.

I have seen first-hand the difference that intelligent skincare and great skin can make in a person’s life, and I know that over-the-counter medicines can create visible change—and even transform skin.  That’s why, in this month that celebrates our independence as a country, I am encouraging you to take a note from our forefathers and liberate yourself from your “skinsecurities”, declare your Skindependence and become your own dermatologist of sorts.

To help empower you on this journey, Dr. Fields and I have taken our combined 50-plus years of experience as practicing dermatologists and created the exclusive Rodan + Fields® Solution Tool, a comprehensive instrument that delivers customized skincare recommendations in minutes, based on your unique skin concerns. By visiting our online Solution Tool or downloading our Solution Tool app on the iTunes store, you can get your customized recommendation … no appointment necessary.

Because many factors contribute to the onset of problems like acne or sun damage, no single ingredient or product can effectively address a complex skin concern. To see real changes in your skin’s appearance, you need to use the right concentration of clinically active ingredients in the right formulations and in the right order. All of the products Dr. Fields and I develop are based on this Multi-Med® Therapy philosophy.

By finding the right skincare regimen and sticking with it, you can let freedom ring when it comes to feeling comfortable in your skin. Remember—it’s never too late, or too early, to change your skin’s destiny.

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