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Ecard shot of Sunscreen

The sun never quits and neither should your sunscreen habits. While skin-burning UVB rays are strongest from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., aging UVA rays are as strong at lunchtime on the beach as they are at cocktail hour by the pool and require your skin to have protection from sun up to sun down. Regardless of where your plans take you this month, don’t forget to pour yourself something “tall and strong” … an ounce of broad-spectrum sunscreen, or one full shot glass, is the goal. That should be enough to cover your entire body—and also add in a teaspoon to cover your entire face. When it comes to sunscreen, less is not more. So don’t shy away from overdoing it. This is one time when too many shots will not give you a hangover. “LIKE” if you’re letting your skin drink up shots of sunscreen this summer and comment below with another skin protection tip that helps you enjoy your fun in the sun and stay safe and healthy.




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