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What shifts are you making in your skincare routine as we transition from summer to autumn? Share how you are falling into great skin by commenting below within the next 24 hours and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a Rodan + Fields® regimen of your choice.

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  1. I have gone on a totally clean diet in the last two weeks that consists of lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and hormone and antibiotic free roaming chicken, turkey, grass fed beef and wild caught fish. I am drinking half of my weight in filtered water everyday and walking and riding my bike. I’m so excited with the addition of the Acute Care to work with my REDEFINE and REVERSE Regimens that I use every morning to protect myself from the Autumn sun damage and at night to clean my skin from environmental dirt and any makeup and dead skin even if I’m exhausted! I’m still trying to advance myself to 8 hours of sleep a night.

  2. Since the EXCITING launch of our new REDEFINE ACUTE CARE, I am adding the strips to my autumn regimen! Tucson, Az summers aren’t too kind to our skin and even when we wear sunglasses, it’s difficult NOT to squint! Redefine Acute Care came out just in time to correct the fine lines that appeared over the summer and bring my youth back OVER NIGHT!! I am so happy to be one of the first to share my results with the world!!

  3. Fall means keeping any sun damage from the past few months in check with REVERSE. It will brighten and even out my skin and I can still use the AMP MD with serum. I love the mineral peptide powder bronzer and the foaming sunless tanner to keep a summer glow going even when the leaves are gone and the temps have cooled.

  4. I am attacking the expression lines with Acute Care…Totally amazing!!! I continue to use Redefine along with the AMP MD and Macro Exfoliator. My skin is looking better every day!!! Thanks so much for your amazing products and the opportunity to help others change their skin and change their lives!!

  5. I am excited to be given the chance to not only try these amazing products, but to be able to reach to other people (family, friends, etc.)
    So to answer this question – I am truly excited to start my fall schedule immediately – once I receive my Kit!!! YAY!!! Have an awesome day everyone!!!

  6. In the summer, my skin stayed moist due to the extra humidity outside and the constant sunscreen applied. During the Fall, this humidity and extra sunscreen lessens somewhat. Every new routine should start off with a thorough exfoliation – thank you Macro!! In addition, I will be using the night serum and lip serum every night to improve moisture and protect my skin when the heat turns on in the house. When I’m outdoors going to the football game the eye cream and lip balm will be a must!

  7. Within a year ago, we moved from N.California to Massachusetts. Needless to say, my skin changed and therefore my regimen, too, changed. As we start the fall (allergy) season, I’m switching up my morning regimen. Every other day, I’ll use the redefine regimen, therefore adding deeper care for the upcoming cold while continuing to Reverse The effects of the sun the other days. I think that’ll make a great difference in hydrating (and hiding) my wrinkles for the winter.

  8. Well, I haven’t been in my open shoes, so my pedicures are far less often. I tried the micro paste and body microdermabrasion stick on my feet and heals. Follow by body lotion and they feel great.

  9. How am I changing my skin care from summer to fall/winter? Easy I am a new user of R&F Redefine :-). To be honest I have never followed much of a skin care program but now that I am in my 50’s I can see that it is time. Thankful for this new company and products I can trust.

  10. As the season changes and weather gets colder, my skin tends to get very dry. I have found that using the soothe regimen in the morning and picking up with my redefine regimen in the evening provides extra moisture and a chance for my skin to be “soothed.”

  11. I’m drinking more water as soon as I wake up and I’m alternating between UNBLEMISH & REVERSE. Alternating those two regimens plus the benefits of the Macro E & the AMP MD tools are making my skin “glow” (according to my coworkers).

  12. I am ‘falling in love’ with my blended skin care regimen for Fall! By adding the REDEFINE Clay Mask & PM Cream to my REVERSE regimen at night, I’m ensuring proper hydration during the climate shift and keeping my healthy glow. Happy Fall Y’all!

  13. I definitely need more moisture when the weather starts to get cool. I will switch it up from Unblemish to more Redefine to compensate, especially when it comes to moisturizer!

  14. I’m making sure I still use SPF daily and prepping to buy the lip derm and hand cream to keep my lips and hands in great shape as the cold weather hits.

  15. I have used Redefine all summer. I am using Reverse at night to help repair the damage I did this summer. I can already feel the difference.

  16. As summer gives way to fall, bringing in shorter days and cooler nights, I look to my ESSENTIALS Foaming Sunless Tan to put a twinkle in my diminishing wrinkles while bask in the glow of summer’s fading light.

  17. My Autumn skincare routine will include all the products I have come to love and depend on, including Reverse, Redefine, the AMP MD, Macro E, eye cloths, eye cream, moisturizer, sunscreen, lip and overnight serums, and my new personal favorite, ACUTE CARE! My husband and I actually have a fun new hobby that we are both wild about…taking care of our skin with these terrific products! Time? Bring it on!

  18. I will be transitioning to the Reverse regimen in the morning – to remove the dull, pigmented skin that sun exposure has added. But, I will continue with my Redefine regimen + AMP MD system at night, especially because these will help extend the results of the amazing new Acute Care ™! I’m so excited to see the results!

  19. I am gracefully transitioning into fall with my REDFINE routine. I am faithfully using my Night and Lip Renewing system so that my lips and skin are prepared for the harsh winds, and dry, cold air. I will continue to use my Foaming Sunless Tanner to retain a little “warmth” to my glow for a few more months.

  20. In the summer, my main concerns were with my oily skin and breakouts, so I used my Unblemish faithfully. Now that autumn is upon us, the cooler air and my terrible allergies cause my skin to be more dry and itchy, so I have transitioned to using Soothe during the day, and still using Unblemish at night. Plus, I am always sure to keep Soothe Step 2 handy at all times for quick, soothing relief from redness and irritation.

  21. After spending the summer in the sun and protecting myself from the harmful rays, I still want to get my skin “back to normal” with the Reverse regimen. It evens out my skintone and “reverses” what the sun has done to my skin over the past few months!

  22. I find in the fall my skin seems more dry. I moisturize more frequently with Redefine Triple Defense Treatment – AM. If my skin is irritated and dry, I use Soothe Moisture Replenishing Cream three times a day.

  23. Since I am on bio-identical hormones I have noticed increased activity with regard to occasional acne. I use the UNBLEMISH in the morning and REDEFINE + Amp MD (not on my breakouts :)) and my Macroexfoliator once a week. I use the Multi-function eye cream daily and now I get to incorporate the ACUTE CARE. I’m an RF gal and I love how my skin continues to improve. I’m 55 REDEFINED!

  24. I’ll be continuing to use my Reverse for any lingering effects ts from the summer sun in the am and Redefine with my AMP MD Roller at night then sleeping away my wrinkles with ACUTE CARE to get ready for all those Thanksgiving and Christmas parties!

  25. When summer is coming to an end, I go back to using Reverse regimen for 60 days. It lightens my brown spots and clarifies my skin. I also use Soothe #3 every few days to help dryness due to the colder air and dry indoor heat.

  26. Since I live in Texas, I need to continue as I have. Redefine at night, Roll every night, remove those pesty dry cells once a week, use Acute Care every three days and of course use the hand treatment. In the morning use Reverse and plenty of sun screen on hands and arms, since I am in the car so much!

  27. As we leave summer, I am SO excited about using the new Acute Care to clean up the expression lines I have been accumulating. I am using the sunless tanner to keep that healthy look into the shorter days of Fall and Winter.

  28. Hello my name is Kimberly Malega new from Canada .I was living in Central America and Florida for the last 12 years . I came back to the cold last year . No more tan just dry and ashy .I cant wait to try Rodan and Fields anti-aging for my dry skin with the roller to get rid of my ashes. Excited to be on the team.

  29. L am loving using the entire REDEFEINE regimen and all the at home tools including ACUTE CARE to get the youngest skin that I have seen in years!!!

  30. Excited for fall, but not the dry skin!! When my reverse is done I’m going to start the Accelorator pack since I will be in the sun less! Adding Overnight Restorative cream back into my routine to keep firm hydrated and moisturized! I get so itchy from dry skin all over in the cooler months so I will be utilizing my micro paste and body micro to destroy that issue! And who could forget thei lip renewing serum?!? Best product EVER for dry, cracked or chapped lips!! Winters (and my) BFF!

  31. To get rid of the dullness that Summer brings to my skin, I am adding the REVERSE Regimen to lighten and brighten my skin…. and I am also filling those wrinkles with Acute Care! 🙂 #wrinklewarrior

  32. My spring/summer routine-UnBlemish regimen, Macro and eye cream. My fall/winter routine-Redefine regimen, Roller, Macro and eye cream. My skin is oily in the warmer months (making breakouts more likely) and dryer in the colder months. My skin can tolerate the Redefine regimen during that time. I don’t have ANY wrinkles and I want to keep it that way! Believe me, I looked especially with our new Acute Care for expression lines! I’m soooo excited because now, it’s a definite resource for keeping those pesky wrinkles at bay!! Woohoo!

  33. I LOVE my Unblemish regimen, but as the fall Michigan air gets drier and drier, my skin needs some added moisture. I just add Soothe Moisture Replenishing Cream, and my skin feels amazing again, all winter long!!! And that’s a long time here in the north!

  34. I am falling into a better routine with regular bedtime hours, (more sleep for my peeps) and consistent bedtime routines for my skincare. I love waking up rested and ready for my toner. Bring on the day!

  35. I live in Florida and it is very humid and sunny. I have been using the redefine for the summer because I read it may dry your skin somewhat but with so much humidity it has been fine. I will start using the “reverse’ this week and can’t wait to see what the results will be.

  36. With the fall weather and dryer air, I am transitioning from using the Unblemish Oil Control SPF to the more moisturizing Redefine Day Cream.

  37. I’m adding the Acute Care and eye clothes to my fall routine. I’m already a loyal user of the Redefine Regimen, Redefine eye cream, night serum, and the AMP MD roller. Can’t wait to see my results over the next month.
    Sherry Holland Madaffri

  38. While that cool, crisp lead into fall is in the air I am making the change in my skincare routine. A sunny summer has led to bringing back my Reverse Regimen! I am switching from my Redefine to take care of those few brown spots I see from summer activities. Two months of the Reverse will peel off that summer fun and bring me back to Redefine! I love R+F and the many great things it does for our skin, whatever the season!!

  39. My skincare routine doesn’t change too much this time of year. I do find that exfoliating is extra important as the air gets a little drier! My macroexfoliater is always put to good use!!

  40. I am FALLing into great skin with Acute Care! I also am back in a routine of using the Macro E once a week after not using it for several months. My skin feels like a baby’s bottom and I’m filling wrinkles…while I sleep…NO NEEDLE REQUIRED!

  41. I have started using the Reverse Regimen in the morning and follow it with the Unblemish Regimen (my current regimen) in the evening in order to reverse the sun spots from the summer. In addition, using the Soothe Regimen lotion helps to soothe a lot of the summer damage and prepares my skin for colder weather during the autumn and winter. I continue the Macro E once a week and Amp D three times a week.

  42. We spend a lot of time at the beach during the Summer. And although I wear sunscreen ALL the time, apply it every 2 hours, wear a hat, and barely spend time in the water, my skin takes a toll from the sun. So I use REVERSE to treat my dark marks and semi-dull skin once we make it back from the Summer vacations. September & October for me = REVERSE.

  43. As the temperature begins to drop here in Chicago and the heat goes on, I am fighting dry skin by adding the sensitive skin treatment from the Soothe line to my Unblemish line once a day. Seems to be doing the trick!

  44. Through September the San Francisco Bay Area continues to be cool in the mornings and warm in the afternoons. Keeping my skin in tip top condition with the ever changing climate means a daily regime of Redefine along with the added befits from the AMP MD and MACRO Exfoliator treatments. My skin is ready for whatever temperatures Mother Nature has in store!

  45. As we transition from summer into fall, I will be starting the Reverse regimen with the Accelerator Pack to help fade all the freckles that come out all summer long – even with sunscreen and a hat! I’ll also be adding in Vit D since our days are starting to get much shorter here in Ohio and I’ll be outside a lot less. Super excited to start Acute Care and look fabulous for the holidays as well!

  46. I am adjusting my routine to more Soothe, depending upon the indoor pool’s chlorine levels. On my swim workout days, I am finding the indoor pool uses more chlorine than the outdoor pool so I need to pamper my face more.

  47. I have been using the Unblemish regimen for 2 months, and am slowly working in the Redefine in the evenings. This fall, I have the best skin of my life, and I am ready for all the photos that will be taken of me and my family at the Auburn University football games. No more hiding behind the camera while I enjoy tailgating with friends and cheering on my Tigers. War Eagle!

  48. I am now changing to Reverse, to try to help “reverse” a couple of sun spots that snuck in during the summer, while I was on vacation, working in the yard, or just the HOT Alabama summer! !I love R&F and the great skin I have now!

  49. Although I faithfully use sunscreen I plan to move from ANTI AGE to REVERSE to help with any damage from the summer abuse. In addition to REVERSE, I use my AMP MD roller every other evening and Macro E once a week.

  50. I have gone back to one two month supply of Reverse with the Accelerator Pack just to lighten any dark spots I may have developed during the summer months. This will give my skin a beautiful glow for the Holidays when I return to the Redefine Regimine.

  51. As a new consultant I am loving the REVERSE products as I start out slowly – with Fall coming on it will be a bit easier to be out of the sun. BUT at least I have the REVERSE Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Sunscreen! Looking forward to pairing it up with the AMP MD System and Redfine as I get further into the treatment program. Loving it all thus far and looking forward to putting ACUTE CARE into the program on September 23rd!!

  52. As a new consultant I am loving the REVERSE products as I start out slowly – with Fall coming on it will be a bit easier to be out of the sun. BUT at least I have the REVERSE Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Sunscreen! Looking forward to pairing it up with the AMP MD System and Redfine as I get further into the treatment program. Loving it all thus far and looking forward to putting ACUTE CARE into the program on September 23rd!!

  53. As the summer sun is dying down, I am focusing on the sun spots that have appeared. I plan to exfoliate the dead summer skin and start using Reverse as well as the multi function eye cream.

  54. I plan on continuing to use all my Rodan and Fields products and tools…..with one new addition…..the new product for filling wrinkles……jake all my friends jealous when they see my beautiful skin, even at 52.

  55. I am a REVERSE girl and use it along with my AMP MD and Macto E and now I’ve added the biggest thing in skincare Acute Care! I will have picture perfect foundation free skin for the holiday season!

  56. Moisturizer. Moisturizer. Moisturizer! I love Fall – my skin however does not. It’s about this time of year when the temperature drops and my skin begins to dry up. This year will be different though! Now using both the soothe and redefine regimens, I will be able to take a proactive stance against the weather!

  57. As we turn the heat on I am switching the Body Sunscreen for Body Lotion and Body Microdermabrasion Stick to keep the itchy dry skin away. The REDEFINE Overnight cream is also a life saver during this transition!

  58. When transitioning from summer to fall the best ingredient that I add is a weekly dose of Vitamin D. With fewer sunny days, more cloudy skies, my body needs better nutritional fuel. To jump start my day, first I add a multi vitamin, while using my Redefine Cleansing Mask, Redefine toner, and Triple Defense day cream with SPF 30 to give me broad spectrum protection. At my age, half century plus, I add calcium to my daily vitamin dosage. My skin may get dry on arms and legs so Essentials Moisturizer is my friend in autumn and winter months… Now I look forward to my new Acute Care patches on facial expression lines to melt away wrinkles while I sleep… Awesome!

  59. I am using the microdermabrasion body bar with the sunless less tanner and the body lotion daily to keep that summer glow!

  60. I have decided after using reverse a good part of the summer to battle my sun spots is to transition to redefine and exfoliate with microdermabrasion paste and use my roller and night serum with retinol to get my skin in tip too shape and ready to add on redefine acute care for my expression lines and crows feet! I can’t wait to see my results! No more needles, #wrinklewarrior

  61. I am a 57 year old woman. I have been using the Reverse Regimen all summer along with the Macro E every five days and Trentinoin (prescription from dermatologist) morning and evening. I am gradually switching back to Redefine and using the Macro E once a week and Trentinoin at night as my skin starts getting dryer. I also use the eye cream and take a Vitamin D supplement weekly. My face is smooth and glowing. I get compliments on my skin all the time!

  62. Living here in Phoenix, AZ I’m looking forward to the cooler weather.
    I have now changed my skin care regimen from R + F Redefine to
    R + F Reverse. I love the Reverse Deep Exfoliating Wash. 🙂 I have started using my Micro Exfoliator on more of a weekly basis. And continue to use R + F redefine Age Shield Hand Balm to help moisturize my hands.

  63. During summertime, I use Reverse Regimen exclusively. To transition into fall, I replace Reverse with Redefine in the evenings for the additional moisture and I don’t miss a single weekly appointment with my Macro E to help remove some of those summer damaged skin cells.

  64. Using my Reverse regimen regularly to erase the sun damage and dark spots thanks to the summer sun. I’m also amping up my results with the Macro Exfoliator and AMP MD roller. PLUS I started Acute Care for the first time tonight and I can’t wait to see my results in the morning! 🙂

  65. I am a a Redefine gal so as autumn approaches I stock up on my R+F body body lotion, microdermabrasion body bar and lip microdermabrasion. I love getting a head start on dry flaky skin that’s quickly approaching by keeping it at bay. I know this year I will still have soft moisturized skin all year round!!

  66. Cooler weather means dry, chapped skin!! 🙁
    I am making sure to have plenty of moisturizer and lip balm on hand! Don’t forget the sunscreen too!
    And…planning on REVERSING all of my sun damage!
    New season and new skin care routine!

  67. Acute Care is definitely my transition vehicle from summer to autumn & could be for everyone! What? Fill a wrinkle… while I sleep…No needles required! Who could ask for more?? I am sold! Welcome Autumn!!!

  68. I’m falling into great skin by cleaning the slate! I’m using the Reverse Accelerator Pack to get rid of sun damage from the summer months! I’m so thankful for these amazing products. Ready for the weather transition and for my skin transformation!

  69. In the fall, I turn add some “aqua”! After cleansing my face, I spritz on a light layer of purified water on my face before I seal it with lotion. I do this to my whole body and I turn down my bath and shower temps 5 degrees! It keeps things hydrated.

  70. I plan to switch to using my accelerated reverse in the am and redefine in the pm. I will continue to use the new acute care 3 times a week for 4 weeks. I will continue using my macro e once a week and will roll in the pm. Love #DermRF

  71. Some changes I will be making to my regular regimen is adding the step 3 pm from redefine to combat my dry skin; I will also use the lip renewing serum daily rather than every other day because my lips get extra chapped in autumn.

  72. I’m adding the micro derm paste into my every other day routine and alternating mornings with REVERSE and evenings with UNBLEMISH; riding my skin of any sun damage from those beach days, and exfoliating that dry summer skin while controlling my pesky breakouts all at the same time. A clean face slate, thanks to Rodan + Fields, to start the fall off right!

  73. I’m going to be diligent about using sunscreen even though it isn’t summer anymore! 😉 Also, starting eye cream to get rid of these bags!

  74. I am loving my R+F Reverse, but I’ve added the moisturizer from Soothe system to help with my skin as the weather changes.

  75. I usually use the REDEFINE line but I am definitely trying to use the REVERSE line for a while now to get rid of “summer” spots. I also feel like my arms get bumpier in the fall so I will use micro dermabrasion paste on my upper arms and follow with SOOTHE lotion. I think every season becomes better with R+F products:)

  76. As soon as I can get my Acute Care, I’m adding that to my summer to fall regimen.
    As well as once a a week, microdermabrasion paste in place of my Redefine cleanser.
    Also gradually switching to the Redefine AM Triple Defense Treatment cream all over face as the air get dryer.

  77. I became a consultant 3 months ago. Since that time I have followed the Doctor’s recommendation from the Solution Tool! ( which by the way I find amazing). My recommendation was Soothe both morning and evening and in the evening followed by the Redefine Overnight Cream. I have had wonderful results. While my rosacea is not gone it is certainly less visible. I am a Soothe girl!

  78. I am using the R-F Reverse … continuing to use a sunscreen…plus
    I take a daily dose of Vitamin A and D… keep hydrated ..

  79. I am a new consultant to the Rodan and Fields Family and I am loving my “new skin!” In watching Nurse Mary on Youtube and reading the blogs I am going to start taking the Vitamin D supplement and monitor my skin for that “dreaded dry winter skin.” Stocking up on lip balm, lotion and sunscreen to keep dewey looking skin!!!

  80. I’m continuing to use the Reverse regimen as I still have some work to do with my mylasma. I’m going to incorporate the redefine at night and of course start the marvelous Acute Care! Can’t wait to try it!

  81. I always use Unblemish, but lately I’ve started to feel a little dry. I have been adding Soothe steps 2&3 in the morning to get some more moisture and Redefine Overnight Restorative Cream at night. Love how soft my face feels! I also never forget my weekly date with my Macro E!

  82. As summer ends and fall and winter set in, we are not in the sun as much so daily Vit D is a must for me. Also, don’t forget to moisturize that dry skin with Essentials Body Moisutre Lotion.

  83. My fall skincare routine includes a shift from the Reverse #4 sunscreen to the Soothe #4 mineral sunscreen … lighter coverage for cooler days where I spend more time indoors than out. =) I never give up my Essentials Lip Shield though! <3

  84. I’m adding Soothe Sensitive Skin treatment #2 and Soothe lotion #3 to my morning regimen. I love the #2! It is the best to smooth over rough, dry skin! I love putting it on my hands, elbows and bottoms of my feet after using the Micro-dermabrasion paste!!!

  85. As we are shifting into Fall, the air gets drier where I live, so I find I have to add more moisturizer into my routine. If I’m going to be indoors, sometimes I use the Redefine PM cream during the day for more moisture. If I’m going to be outdoors, I like the Reverse SPF 50+ because it seems to keep my skin more hydrated than the Redefine AM cream. I use my lip serum morning and night – it keeps chapped lips at bay. Lastly, I try and drink even more water to keep my skin and the rest of my body hydrated!!

  86. I usually do not have to make any shifts in my care routine, except perhaps a little more moisturizing in the fall and winter.

  87. is this a trick question??!!! Since using R+F Redefine, I don’t want to change a thing….except maybe adding acute care when I can get it!!

  88. I am going to be using Soothe more frequently mixed in with my Redefine! 🙂 I tend to get dry during the cooler months! Excited to see the results this combo allows me to enjoy this fall and winter! 🙂

  89. I will increase the amount of AM and PM moisturizer I use in the fall and winter due to the drying effect of the colder air. I will also be taking increased doses of Vitamin D since I will not be getting any sun so my body will be making less Vitamin D on it’s own. My Vitamin D tends to run low so I need to take a supplement all year long but in the fall and winter, it is more crucial. Finally, I will use R+F Lip Moisturizer to keep my lips from getting chapped in the fall and winter.

  90. As we turn to Fall, with dryer air in WI, always, always hydrate from within, then be sure to keep skin hydrated with daily regimen moisturizer and sun protection! Though using Redefine, I always keep Soothe 2 handy, as well as the Soothe sunscreen for those bright Fall days! If in doubt? The Solution Tool!

  91. Just because the calendar says Fall doesn’t mean you should forget the sunscreen. Sun exposure, including the harmful rays, doesn’t end when the temperature drops. Your hands continue to show sun damage and need protection all year round. I ‘m turning back the clock and repairing summer’s damage with the Rodan+ Fields Hand Treatment Regimen to brighten and even out skin tone, as well as moisturize and protect from future environmental damage.

  92. Switching from redefine to reverse to get rid of those pesky summer brown spots. Then adding the acute care for gorgeous wrinkle free eyes and frown line

  93. I love to switch up my routine when the weather changes. I prefer to use Reverse in the fall with the Amp MD Roller and the Macro E weekly. Now with the new Acute Care I will be adding that in as well.

  94. I am beginning with the REVERSE Skin Lightening Accelerator Pack to rid myself of the spots I accumulated by sitting through hundreds of baseball games this summer…literally. With 4 boys playing ball and me in a hat and wearing my R+F spf 50, I still like to lighten at the end of the summer. Thanks R+F!

  95. I have switched from using reverse in the am and Unblemish at night to reverse in the am and Redefine and Night renewing Serum in the pm!! My skin looks and feels so amazing!!

  96. I was on Reverse full time, but now I do Reverse in the morning and Redefine at night. I use the micro-dermabrasion paste more often during the week on both my face and legs, as the dryer weather is already upon us. I am so delighted with the results that Rodan + Fields brings to my life!

  97. I am transitioning my skincare form Summer to Fall by simply using the reverse for my morning regimen and the using the redefine with the roller in the evening. As we get more into the fall and don’t see the sun for days I will only use the Redefine regimen. That way i will feel that I am moisturizing my skin more. The furnace seems to really dry my skin out. On to better skin…….

  98. I am falling into great skin by putting ME first. We are all so busy with our jobs, families, kids, and other responsibilities, we often forget about doing things for ourselves. I made the decision to focus on my skin. I have shifted from using soap and water on my face to starting my first R&F regimen, Redefine. I feel so refreshed! I had no idea my skin could be so healthy! Thanks Rodan & Fields for making this possible and I look forward to using other products!!

  99. As summer turns to fall, I start using the redefine moisturizer instead of the unblemish oil control moisturizer because my skin will need a little more moisture. This works great for my skin! 🙂

  100. I’ve just switched to a course of Reverse from my usual Redefine to clean up a few dark areas that surfaced over the summer. I continue to roll.

  101. As l head into fall, l plan to continue using my products daily and add the Acute Care to my routine. I receive compliments on my skin all the time. While at convention, I also received compliments on my skin from other consultants, which is a great compliment to me. I love my products, how they make my skin feel and would not give them up

  102. Since I’ve cleaned the slate for the past 8 months using the new REVERSE, I’m transitioning back into using the REDEFINE regimen along with the new REDEFINE ACUTE CARE and my amazing tools, the MACRO E and AMP MD! I’m ecstatic about the new Acute Care after one use for 7 hours overnight! I can’t wait to tell all my PC’s, consultants as well as the friends that were watching from afar!

  103. I’m incorporating Acute Care into my routine as well as will be switching from Oil Control lotion to the Redefine Day Cream w SPF as soon as Humidity dies down. 🙂

  104. To keep up with the dryer fall weather I am using the microderm paste 2x a week in addition to once a week Macro. Plus I’m using the paste on my heels because they need it!!! I’m also making sure my skin and body stay hydrated. Redefine Overnight Restorative cream in p.m., and lots of water during the day.

  105. Continuing with my sunscreen is key, even though it will get cooler. I will also start to use my Soothe Step 3 Moisturizing Cream as my skin tends to get more dry during the fall and plan to just keep it in my purse so I will always have easy access to it during the day!

  106. I am in LOVE with the Macro Exfoliator and what it has done to improve my complexion. I currently use the Unblemish Regimen and the Microderm Paste. My skin is finally breakout free and I am looking forward to trying the Reverse Regimen or the Accelerator Pack to help improve a few areas where I have some sun damage. The biggest bonus from Rodan + Fields is that I no longer have to cover my face with makeup. A little dab of mascara and I am good to go!

  107. I have been using the unblemish for three weeks, and I’m feeling good about not getting any breakouts. Can’t wait for the next step and the new products to use?

  108. Bumping up on exfoliating and moisturizing!! I plan on keeping my summer glow with the R+F Vitamin D supplements, and keeping my lips smooth with the Lip microdermabrasion….The cooler dryer air usually causes my lips to stay dry and flaky, so thanks to R+F, I will be set for the months to come!

  109. Funny you should ask! Just this morning I began Reverse with the accelerator pack! Even with daily sunscreen this summer, my outdoor activities left a few brown spots that must go…so 2 months on Reverse and then back to Redefine! I want to look my absolute best as I promote our new product 😉

  110. I plan to use absolutely everything in my arsenal as I have just celebrated 54 years on this planet and 38 of those in Texas!
    I use the redefine regimen a.m. and p.m., the amp, and Macro E, and now I can add the awesome acute care to turn back the clock even more!!


  111. Summer skin care focuses on minimizing sun damage and maximum sun protection so Reverse is my dominant regimen. However, for Fall I switch it up to Redefine to keep my skin moisturizer, youthful and still protected!

  112. I’m falling into new skin by amping it up with amp md and redefine at night. Then, to reverse any sun damage, I’m using reverse in the am.

  113. Go easy on your cleanser
    Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize
    Don’t forget your hand and body lotion and cuticles
    Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate (1x or 2x a week if you have dry skin)
    Don’t forget the SPF
    Add a mask to your regimen
    Use a night time repairing cream
    Include serums and oils into your routine


  114. I am falling into great skin with the new Acute Care product. Sooooo excited and am armed and ready to fight my stubborn wrinkles with Redefine, AMP MD and now Acute Care. Don’t mess with this Wrinkle Warrior!!!

  115. For transition into fall, I am going to pay more attention to never miss a morning or evening regimen in taking care of my skin..

  116. I am beginning to alternate the REDEFINE regimen with my REVERSE products, I am ramping up my use of the AMP MD roller, and I am greatly looking forward to trying our new REDEFINE Acute Care ground-breaking product!

  117. Even with wearing 50 spf this summer I have noticed some brown spots and dullness on my face and chest. I’ve been ramping up my Reverse to 2 x daily as well as using the amp. roller and Macro E. I have noticed fading in less than a week. Not brain surgery but just basic common sense works like a charm.

  118. When the Fall and Winter months arrive, I start to lick my lips due to dryness but, this just causes them to get dryer. So, I use my RF Enhancements Lip Microdermabrasion stick and my RF Essentials Lip Shield. Combining these two products makes my lips stay moist and soft! Old Man Winter hasn’t got a chance!

  119. I’m exfoliating away the dead skin by incorporating the Macro E into my routine once per week and the microdermabrasion paste twice weekly. I love how soft my skin feels!

  120. I’m no longer trying to get a tan. I also begin exfoliating on a more regular basis and using the Macro E weekly. This align with using Redefine regimen is already making a BIG difference in my skin!

  121. With the change in weather from humid summer to dry fall and winter, I’ll be adding the Redefine Overnight Cream back into my routine in addition to using the complete Unblemish regimen. I can’t let dry, tight skin ruin my glow!

  122. To get ready for the summer to fall transition, I’ve been treating my skin with the microdermabrasion body stick and using my macro E diligently every week. I’ve been using REDEFINE in the AM and REVERSE at night to correct my summer sun damage. I LOVE what these products do for my skin. And, I’ve stocked up on ESSENTIALS lip shield & sunscreen and REVERSE # 4 to keep the family protected through the seasons.

  123. As the heat comes on in the house, I notice it pulling a lot of the moisture out of the air. I up my moisturizing and start turning on a humidifier. Use my REDEFINE Regimen day and night…it has great moisturizing ingredients!

  124. As we shift out of summer, I start adding in the Reverse wash to my Redefine regimen. In addition, I use our chapstick to ensure my lips don’t chap. I also anticipate using more moisturizing overnight restorative cream at night to help with the cooler air that hits my face daily. I will make sure I remember to amp it up too with the roller and serum!

  125. I am using the Redefine Line. I am carrying my eye cream with me to use during the day also as the weather cools. I also carry the Essentials Body Lotion in my car or bag to use more than once a day. And, I am applying the Lip Shield. I love R + F!

  126. I used to not take the time to take care of my skin before. But, Since I turned 50 this year, I am making sure to use moisturizers daily, and making sure to apply sunscreen, if I am going to be in the sun at all.

  127. I am falling into autumn by addressing my dry skin! My skin tends to get dry as the air changes. I am using microdermabrasion paste 3 times a week in replace of my step 1 unblemish. I am also using the lip microdermabrasion to add moisture back to my lips! For a weekly treat, I use a night renewing serum and a lip renewing serum! I feel great and I am ready for autumn with beautiful, and moisturizer skin!

  128. I am using the Macro E app to remind me to use it weekly to help remove the dead skin layer to reveal fresh, luminous skin and using more moisturizer and always sunscreen

  129. September has come, I have started my Reverse Acceleration Pack this week. I’m already seeing a brighter, smoother complexion coming out! I’m excited to have some new “afters” before the holidays!

  130. With the launch of Acute Care, I am adding it into my skincare schedule. MACRO E on Sunday, Redefine and AMP MD every day except Sunday and Acute Care every 3rd day. I can’t wait to see amazing results!

  131. For the transition from summer to fall I am switching back to the Reverse Regimen. I want to get the full effects of reversing the sun damage to my skin. Combined with the Amp MD and Microdermabrasion, I plan to have fresher skin by my birthday in October.

  132. I just started our Reverse regimen to clean the slate from all of the fun in the sun this summer! The Fall is a great time to tackle sun damage and get an even, glowing complexion just in time for the holidays!

  133. My skin is more dry in the Fall/Winter so I am adding in the Redefine PM Overnight Restorative Cream to my Unblemish regimen! I love the texture and my skin feels great in the morning.

  134. I am FALLING into flawless skin this Fall! First targeting sun damage from any exposure over the summer while working on the natural glow. Looking forward to tackling this season’s goals with the Reverse Regimen and the Macro-Exfoliator. Cannot wait for the results!

  135. I’ve added the Foaming Sunless Tanner to my weekly regimen so I can keep my summer glow! Along with that I use the Body Mocrodremabrasion stick! To fight drying skin on my lips I use the Lip Microdermabrasion stick together with the REDEFINE Lip Renewing Serum. And finally, no matter what season it is, you can count on the fact that I’ll be using our new REDEFINE Acute Care patches on my crows feet and smile lines! What an amazing invention!!!!!! WOW!!!!

  136. I started using our REDEFINE Brightening Hand Treatment. My hands often become dry and cracked during fall and winter so I like to start moisturizing now to ensure soft, supple hands all winter long : )

  137. Now that summer is over I’m moving on to use the REVERSE Regimen next. I’m a new consultant & started out with Unblemish; that’s under control now & I need to tackle my sun damage so that I then can move on to the REDEFINE!!! I loooooove this stuff!

  138. I’m making sure to take my Vitamin D and ordered more moisturizer, as I’m in the sun less now days and keeping skin happy as it’s so dry now!

  139. Fall means my skin will start to dry my skin. I will add a moisturizer macro paste a few times a week! I used to need SOOTHE but now I am on REDFINE and loving it! I will pamper my skin with Soothe # 2, 3 for a month in the mornings as I transition into cooler temperatures.

  140. I’ve shifted into Reverse just to make sure I am cleaning the slate of Summer! My plan is to go into Fall with a great, clear canvas and switch to Redefine for the late Fall/Winter! Excited to incorporate Acute Care with my Redefine and ready for my Before and After’s to show my customers, prospects and share with my team! Loving RF products and business!!!!

  141. As the nights get cooler I’ll continue to add the Daily Body moisturizer but increase the body exfoliating and add some cotton socks to my feet. To extend that summer glow I will continue with the sunless tanner on my face! Love that stuff.

  142. I’ve switched to Reverse full time to help with sun spots that showed up from being outside in the sun! I love being able to roll with the new Reverse too!

  143. As Alaska’s autumn flies by, it’s time to increase the moisturizing. Snow is coming in the next 6 weeks, and with it, extremely dry air. I’m excited to use R+F products this fall to see the difference it makes for me.

  144. I am using the Redefine regimen both morning and evening. I was using the Reverse in the morning, but I don’t feel like I need the excoriating wash when I am not perspiring as much. I do use the eye cream in the morning now.

  145. I am transitioning from the Reverse regimen into the Redefine regimen. I targeted my sun damage throughout the summer and now want to focus on lines and firmness. I will need the moisture that Redefine gives me throughout the winter.

  146. I am working in the redefined regimen. I currently use unblemish in the AM and working in the redefined in the PM. Worth the change in rather do does the air, chilly and dryer. The moisture in the redefine works as a good balance to my skins change worth the weather!

  147. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! This is key when the temperatures drop! I also make sure that I am still applying my sunscreen. So important year around. Even though the temperatures change, I don’t need to worry about chapped lips either. Lip balm in my purse, car and my nightstand make the best protector against the cracked, dry lips that come with Fall.

  148. Not only am I using REVERSE to help with sun damage, I am upping my water intake to hydrate my skin! Super important, especially living in the dry state of Utah.

  149. My skin tends to be much more oily in the summer, so I often skip moisturizer and go straight to sunscreen. Now that we’re moving into autumn, I make sure to moisturizer morning and night.

  150. During the Autumn and Winter months, I add the #1, #3 Soothe into my routine to moisturize. It gives me the boost I need. I will use a little less of the self tanner since I show less skin and not as many people are tan during the colder months.

  151. I was strictly unblemish, but as the weather gets crisper and dry, I am working in redefine in the PM while still maintaining my unblemish in the AM. Macro-E once a week and Amp MD three days a week.

  152. I’m increasing my use of the Redefine moisturizers and making sure to get back in the routine of using my Macro-e on a weekly basis! I also have the Soothe moisturizer on hand for any excess dryness.

  153. In the summer my skin tends to be more oily so I don’t use moisturizer as often, and just use sunscreen. Now that we’re moving into autumn, I make sure to moisturize morning and night!

  154. I have been using the Soothe Regimen with some of the Redefine products. As we enter into fall I am starting Reverse to undo sun damage and start reversing my skin to a healthy glow. I am also super excited to add in Acute Care! Last but not least I am going to start the Vitamin D tabs! Looking forward to “fall” in love with my skin!

  155. I am using the Redefine Regimen and in one month my skin has transformed to look better than it has in several years!!! I am so excited! People are noticing and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

  156. I’m using the Reverse Regimen to erase the signs of summer so I can start with a clean slate on the Redefine Regimen soon. Love that I can now incorporate R+F Acute Care into that routine! So long wrinkles!

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