Did You Know … Daily doses of Vitamin D gets you an “A” in anti-aging 101?

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From improving bone density to preventing chronic diseases, the benefits of vitamin D have been validated by numerous clinical studies. But the buzz isn’t just about internal wellness and longevity.

Multiple studies show vitamin D is also critical to maintaining healthy skin and hair and provides critical protection from inflammation. Recent research reported in The Journal of Immunology showed that levels of vitamin D considered adequate or above helped to inhibit the inflammatory cascade—a leading cause of external and internal signs of aging.

Unfortunately, nearly half of Americans are vitamin “D-ficient.” While the sun is considered a primary source of vitamin D, trading the benefits of sun protection for the benefits of vitamin D is bad math. You don’t have to damage your skin and increase your risk of skin cancer to get your daily requirement.

Your safest bet is to take an oral supplement. It’s available in all forms, but the most efficacious form is an extended release supplement. Taken once weekly, an extended release supplement will dole out the appropriate dose of vitamin D each day, giving you all the benefits and protection of this key anti-aging vitamin, without the hassle of adding yet another step to your daily routine.

By taking a weekly dose of vitamin D, you’ll get a high score in anti-aging and overall health. Are you taking a vitamin D supplement regularly? Let us know by commenting below.

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  1. I had no idea so many were Vitamin D deficient! What a surprise in this day and age! I am going to start taking my Rodan + Fields Supplements!

  2. I am increasing my dose of Vitamin D now that summer is winding down & I am starting Reverse for the first time to get rid of my dark spots & “over freckled face!” Sooo excited to get started!!!!

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