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For many of us, fall means one thing—football. While aggression on the football field can be a champion-maker, when it comes to your face, rough play is best left on the field.

According to our two favorite complexion coaches, the most common mistake people make when it comes to overzealous skincare is treating exfoliation like a competitive sport. They think “the harder, the better,” but in reality, slow and steady wins over time.

When skin is over-exfoliated, it reacts to the assault with some defensive strategies of its own, leading to a condition called Cosmetic Intolerance Syndrome, where skin becomes hypersensitive and less tolerant to other skincare products.

Research shows that best results are achieved by exfoliating gently and regularly. So play nice with your skin and your complexion will score compliments from friends and strangers alike.

Are you playing nice with your skin? Share your exfoliation routine and the results you are seeing by commenting below.

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  1. I use Soothe in the morning and Redefine at night. 3 times a weeks, I replace the redefine mask with the MD Paste and on Sunday nights, I have a date with my Macro E ! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rodan + Fields. Soothe was the first ever skin care line I was able to use in its entirety for more than 5 days consecutively and for the record I am in my forties! After 6 months, I was able to add in Redefine at night!

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