What’s the Skinpact? By Dr. Katie Rodan
Monday, September 22, 2014
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As you’re swapping swimsuits for sweaters to prepare for the cooler, crisper days of autumn, it’s also a great time to rethink your skincare habits and make a few seasonal tweaks to your skincare routine.

To get you started, I am sharing three tips to help give your skin a fresh start for fall.

Tip #1: Refresh from summertime sun damage and continue to protect with the right skincare regimen.

Even with the best SPF protection and planning over the summer, bike rides, hikes and outdoor lunches can still add up to some telltale changes in your skin’s tone and texture. The good news is that most of these changes are reversible with an effective, full-face solution that tackles dullness, uneven skin tone, dark marks and other signs of sun damage. Look for a daily skincare regimen with ingredients like vitamin C and retinol, which work together to achieve visible results. Incorporating a micro-exfoliating roller as part of your daily routine will help enhance the benefits.

Most important, keep up your daily sunscreen routine. Just because the sun isn’t shining doesn’t mean aging UVA rays aren’t around. In fact, UVA rays are just as strong during the fall equinox as they are in the heat of summer. So continue to slather on sunscreen every morning, whether the forecast is for clouds, sunshine or rain.

Tip #2: Keep skin radiant and glowing with once-weekly macro-exfoliation.

One of my favorite activities in autumn is driving through Northern California, soaking up the sights of fall foliage. Just as trees will eventually shed these beautiful leaves as they die off, we humans shed excess dead skin cells.

The difference is our skin cells shed year-round. In a young person, this process of skin cell renewal takes 28 to 30 days. This means the epidermis completely renews itself every month and it’s why young skin looks fresh and rosy. Unfortunately, this process slows with age, so that by the time you’re 40, it could take 50 days or more for skin to rejuvenate. When dead cells don’t fall off as rapidly, your outer layer of skin gets thicker, giving a stale, dull appearance and making pores look larger.

Exfoliation keeps this process moving by assisting the natural shedding process and revealing the newer, fresher skin cells below. This is especially important as temperatures begin to drop, causing skin to become drier and dead skin cells to accumulate faster. By incorporating once-weekly macro-exfoliation with a handheld exfoliation tool, you can sweep away five million dead skin cells in just five minutes to help get and keep a rosy, youthful glow.

Tip #3: Don’t fall for an unhealthy diet.

Skin is more than just “window dressing” for the rest of your body. It’s a living organ that needs a constant supply of nutrients to function properly.

As we move into a new season, do some fall cleaning of your kitchen cupboards, clearing out the high-fat, high-sugar and overly processed foods that accelerate aging. With harvest season on the horizon, try as much as possible to eat locally and seasonally. Your local farmers’ markets should have a bounty of fresh fall produce that is rich in antioxidants, including pears, carrots, broccoli and pomegranates. These fruits and veggies, along with high-fiber foods and lean proteins, will not only keep you healthy, but also help protect you from the visible signs of aging.

By incorporating this advice into your daily routine, you can fall into great skin in no time.

Are you making autumn amends for your summer skin sins? Comment below on how you are cleaning the slate so you can start the new season with fresh, youthful-looking skin.  



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