Did You Know … When it comes to moles, knowing your ABCs could save your life?

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Moles have graced some of the prettiest and most famous faces of pop culture, from Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor to Cindy Crawford and Blake Lively. In the eighteenth century, moles were so highly regarded and coveted that many people often embellished their appearance by cosmetically applying them.

While moles can be considered a mark of beauty, they also can turn cancerous from exposure to UV rays. The good news is that if caught early, melanoma is nearly 100% treatable.  Catch cancerous spots before it’s too late by mapping your moles. At least once a year, take time to thoroughly check all spots on your body for the ABCDE’s of melanoma, looking for:

A—Asymmetry: the spot isn’t symmetrical and may have an odd shape
B—Border: look for a border that isn’t sharp or defined
C—Color: the color is not uniform and may have different shades of red, brown or black
D—Diameter: the spot is the size of a pencil eraser or larger
E—Evolution: the spot is changing in size and/or shape

Just like with breast cancer, most melanoma cases are self-diagnosed. If you see anything suspicious, make an appointment with your dermatologist.Whether you consider your moles marks of beauty or not, knowing what those bumps and spots are will help you gain more control over your appearance and your health.

How do you feel about the moles on your body? Share whether you consider them marks of distinction or imperfections by commenting below.

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  1. So true! Checking my moles saved my life…..level 4 melanoma survivor! I don’t fit any of the “typical” characteristics (I’m not fair skin, don’t burn easily, etc) but watched a mole on my thigh change colors.
    I’m just grateful that R+F was in my life! It made me more “skin aware”!

  2. If I could have my moles removed without pain and scarring, I would. It’s not so much that they are imperfections, but I view them as a possible future source of skin cancer.

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