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What do you recommend for stretch marks on the belly left behind from pregnancy?

Dr. Kathy Fields: Stretch marks, or striae, appear as skin is increasingly stretched during pregnancy, resulting in rips, or microscars, in the dermal layer of your skin. They may initially surface as pink or red streaks running down your abdomen, breasts, hips, thighs and even arms, then gradually fade to a lighter color.

Some evidence suggests that susceptibility to stretch marks is hereditary. Almost 75% to 90% of pregnant women will experience them.

Unfortunately, you can’t prevent stretch marks. No amount of cocoa butter, vitamin E or alpha hydroxy acid will stop them. They can appear at any time during pregnancy—even on the day of delivery.

However, topical treatments such as retinoids may help diminish their appearance. Some laser treatments are also helpful as permanent stretch mark remedies.

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  1. I’ve been using Redefine and the roller for about 10 days and have now started to break out. Is the mask drawing out impurities or is something else in the regimen causing a break out? Is there anything I need to delete or add?

  2. I would like to know if Anna used any R&F cream after she used the Amp roller on her stretch mark? I have a customer looking for something to use on a couple of stretch marks.
    Pansy Ladner

  3. I have moderate rosadea. My skin is sensitive as well. My skin appears to need a deep cleanse but I can’t use products that will irritate my skin. Suggestions?

  4. Thankfully I only had 1 stretch mark after childbirth, it is nearly invisible now. I used the Amp MD Roller System! Nothing else I used before that did anything at all. Thanks

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