Kari Hayden Pendoley, Rodan + Fields Brand/Marketing


Growing up, Kari Hayden Pendoley ran cross-country and worked as a lifeguard over the summers. Because her fair skin burned rather easily, it was a job hazard that she was careful to avoid by following the example set by her father and applying a SPF 50 sunscreen every two hours.

Later in life, Kari traded the lifeguard stand for a job near the Equator. There, she suffered a burn so bad, it left a permanent scar. “When I see that scar today, it reminds me to apply my sunscreen.”

Today, Kari wears sunscreen almost every day, and adds a hat when she’s in or near water. “People don’t think about how strong the reflection of the sun is off water, like in a pool or in the ocean, but it can amplify the sun’s UV strength,” she notes.

Her favorite product is SOOTHE Mineral Sunscreen, a broad spectrum SPF 30 with mineral-based sunscreen ingredients. She likes the lightweight feel and fragrance-free aspect of the formula and that it helps minimize the appearance of facial redness.

Working at Rodan + Fields, where she has access to expert advice on proper sun care habits, has made her more sun savvy. She now makes all of her family members wear sunscreen and regularly supplies them with Rodan + Fields SPF products.


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