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I’ve been using a Rodan + Fields Regimen and getting great results, but should I continue to use that Regimen forever? 

Dr. Kathy Fields: Customers who are on the REDEFINE Regimen and do not suffer from blemishes, sensitive skin or sun damage can remain on REDEFINE indefinitely. Remember to continue using AMP MD™ Micro-Exfoliating Roller, Macro Exfoliator™ and ACUTE CARE™ Skincare for Expression Lines.

Oftentimes, people transition to a different Regimen once the products correct or bring their primary concern under control, and they want to get an added benefit.

Because acne is a chronic disease, UNBLEMISH users need to use the Regimen at least once a day when the condition is under control and then use REVERSE at the opposite end of the day to diminish the brown marks left from blemishes or sun damage.

Likewise, an UNBLEMISH user might also complement her daily routine once daily with the REDEFINE Regimen to address fine lines, pores and loss of firmness in the skin.

If someone suffers from sensitive skin but needs the benefits from REDEFINE for fine lines or REVERSE for discoloration, they can patch-test the products to make sure their skin tolerates them. If there are no issues, the alternative Regimen can be followed three times a week with increased use as tolerated.

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  1. I have been using the redefine regimen, amp md system and the macro exfoliator for about 4 weeks and I am very happy with the results so far. Now I need to work on my dark spots so I wanted to know if it would be safe for me to use the reverse regimen in the morning and the redefine regimen and amp md system at night everyday as my daily routine?

  2. My husband tried the Reverse. Because of his sensitive skin, he broke out in red bumps on face and head. He has stopped, 4 days ago, but itching an redness continues. Suggestions?

  3. According to the solution tool, I would need to use the Unblemish regimen; however, I see the Dual Intensive Acne Treatment contains Benzoyl Peroxide, which I found out 10 years ago I’m allergic to (I had used ProActiv for 5 years, and then all of a sudden my eyes started to swell and my face would itch anytime I came into contact with the Benzoyl Peroxide products. Horrible!)

    If I use the Unblemish regimen without the Acne Treatment, will I still have successful results? Is there something else I can use or do?

  4. Should the amp roller be used morning and night? Also when using Acute Care, should the skin be free of serum and any cremes?

    1. Good Evening Nina,

      You should use the AMP MD roller at night only. Do not use the roller more than once per day.

      The Acute Care should be applied after you have washed and toned your face. Apply Acute Care before you use any serums or creams. After you apply Acute Care you can then apply your serum and creams BUT avoid the area where you have the Acute Care on.

  5. Can someone who uses proactiv . Use it once a day and also use redefine. Sh they switch to Unblemish .

  6. Is the Reverse regimen safe to use on summer days at the beach or while boating as long as we reapply #4 often? Wondering if retinol can actually intensify sun damage even with 50 SPF … We can’t always stay in the shade 🙂

  7. Yes!! Thank you . . I will continue w/ macro roller & Exfoliator & triple Defense & night serum . . & lip serum till I Die!!

  8. YES!! I will continue to use the Triple defense & the micro roller & the Exfoliator & lip & night serum till I die!!THANK YOU!

  9. What if I’ve been using the reverse regimen? I’ve been on it for almost 2 years, should I switch to redefine?

  10. I have a new PC who has been on Redefine for 4 months and has little bumps on her cheeks since she started using the regimen.
    I gave her Soothe to try which she does once a day and Redefine once a day also. She has tried the Soothe for 2 weeks now
    and still has the bumps. What should we do?
    Thank You for answering

  11. Thanks for all this great info for us!! I love being a part of this company! My skins looks and more importantly feels so much better! I am so thankful for you two amazing doctors!!

  12. Because I cannot afford the “package/kit” at this time, can you tell me if there was one product that would be a “must have” that would help with both firming/uneven skin tone/dark spots?

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