A Chance to Win


Are you planning a summer vacation or in 4 weeks or more? Are you using REDEFINE ACUTE CARE™ to get smoother-looking skin as part of your pre-vacation prep? Share how you’re using ACUTE CARE Skincare for Expression Lines to get skin ready for the big vacay. Comment below within the next 24 hours, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a box of ACUTE CARE to keep your results going well into fall.

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  1. I am using the Acute Care Patches on my upper and lower lip lines and my 11’s between my eyes. I want to be a “product of the product” so I can share with customers the efficacy of this new innovative product!

  2. I am using The Acute Care system for my two expression line on my forehead. I have been impressed with the results I have achieved and really enjoy the entire Redefine system.

  3. I’m just getting started at this and I’m going to be honest… I’ve had Botox before! Yikes!! It looked great, but I had to put up with bruising and looking like a pincushion. Then this product, ACUTE CARE, came along and I have to admit, I was a little skeptical. I love the other R&F REDEFINE products I use, but strips? I was blown away!!! This is amazing! I hope to never step foot in a derm’s office again for any aesthetic procedure. I need more! What’s the latest, greatest, from this innovative company? Can’t wait to try it!

  4. I am using acute care for my crows feet and lines around my eyes. I am also using the multi-function eye cream and eye cloths in conjunction. I am a teacher and am hoping the difference in my eye areas will give a strong testimony when I return to work in the fall!

  5. I have been using the redefine amp with the acute care expression lines since May 2015. Someone that I hadn’t seen in over 5 yrs said, “it was amazing, how I haven’t aged”. I was honest & told her it was my skin care line. Her comment was, my partner isn’t using it? I had to say, no he isn’t.

  6. I am using the Unblemish regimen and slowly working in the Redefine regimen at night. But I have my mother on Redefine and I’d so much love to try the Acute Care on for for her deep lines…I want to give her the best results possible and I also think it will help my biz as I am a newbie. Thank you 🙂

  7. I have been using my Acute Care, on my forehead. I am going to Vegas, with a large group of friends, at the end of the month. I want to be ready to market my skin, in order to gain new customers and/or business partners. Bye bye lines!

  8. I am trying to turn back the clock with Redefine and Acute Care I’m planning to shock my a few friend when I go visit… Hopefully they will become PC’s…

  9. I used my last box of Acute Care along with my Macro E and AMP MD Roller to extend the benefits derived from this great product on my laugh lines, 11’s and around my eyes for my son’s wedding last week! It felt great to show friends, family and doubters the great results from my Reverse & Redefine regimens and tools- all done in my home and with no painful injections!
    Thanks for providing us with such great products we can use and share with confidence and ease!

  10. Heading to Mackinac Island in August…currently using Redefine in the PM, Reverse in the am, Macro E once a week and AMP MD 2 to 3 times a week! Have used one box of AC and loved my results…would love to win another for mother-in law!

  11. I am following Nurse Mary’s advice using Redefine with the Amp Roller and Night Renewing Serum so that I can extend the benefits of the Acute Care on my “focus, focus” lines between my eye brows! Going to blow family away at our reunion next month!

  12. I am using our UNBLEMISH line to clear up my adult acne and ACUTE CARE to get that added perk of youth. With my acne as sensitive as it is to products, ACUTE CARE is safe, effective and causes NO side effects on my skin. I am beach ready when I hit North Carolina, Dance ready when I hit Las Vegas, and Ready to soak up the Alaskan atmosphere on my trip to salmon fish!

  13. I love to use the Acute Care on the lines around my mouth. I’ve never smoked but love to use straws and was told that was probably the cause of these terrible little lines! Please help me rid my otherwise young-looking face of these bothersome lines!

  14. Would love to win these so I can do a drawing for them to increase my business in my area. They have amazing results, and I want more people to be able to use them!

  15. I Absolutely Love my Acute Care Strips!!! You know you do when “you want to use them” but “you want to save them”!!!! I considered Botox for years and even had a DR tell me my results wouldn’t be that good as my lines were too deep! I am Happy to say I am not hiding behind my BANGS anymore. I have upcoming trips to Temecula, Dana Point, Newport Beach and Huntington Beach! I will be bringing my R+F sunscreen & hat of course. I am EXCITED to share my journey with everyone!!!

  16. My cousin is getting married in Vegas soon and I want to look GREAT.
    I’ve started using REDEFINE ACUTE CARE to give me long lasting results for smoother-looking youthful skin so that my expression lines won’t show as much if I win some BIG $$ What happens when I use my Rodan+Fields Acute Care in my home, Goes to Vegas! Crazy, but I’m excited about losing my expression lines at home and losing my money in Vegas!

  17. My 11th wedding anniversary is coming up & we are renewing our wedding vows on the beach in California with the wedding we never had so I am using ACUTE CARE Skincare for Expression Lines to help me be prepared for my big day & honeymoon/vacation.

  18. Loving the Acute Care strips! Headed to Southern California soon and would love some Acute Care to keep working on my 11 lines! I LOVE the Unblemish regimen and would be so happy and confident if I could fill these wrinkles! Thank you!!

  19. I use Acute Care for my forehead lines. I am about to go with my family to Alaska and I’d like to look my best! I also use Redefine, Amp MD, and my Micro E! Would LOVE to win a box of Acute Care to continue working on these lines!!

  20. I will be using Acute Care on my problem areas for expression lines ( my lips and 11’s) starting mid-July as it will be my husband’s 50th class reunion! I hope to keep that “10 year younger look” and also talk to everyone that has skin:):)

  21. I am headed to Europe for the month of August. I started my Acute Care last night to address lines around my mouth. I want to be at my best when I board the plane. Of course, I will continue with the AMP MD, Macro Exfoliator, and Redefine Regimen to maximize my results.

  22. We are planning a trip at the end of July to Hershey, PA and I’m using Acute Care to address my expression lines so I can feel free to scream and laugh on all the thrill rides with my kids!

  23. I’m using Acute Care under the eyes to decrease the “hollows”. We have already taken our vacation, and we are about to move to NC for my husband to take a Brigade Command July 24th. I want look as youthful as possible for his Change of Command Ceremony. ATTENTION!! ACUTE CARE!! Hooah!

  24. I have some lines on my forehead that I’m using Acute Care on! They need to be gone! Haha don’t know where I would be without my Redefine, Amp MD Roller, and Acute Care!

  25. I’m using REVERSE in the am, and REDEFINE in the pm, as well as macro, and the roller! My skin looks so amazing! I have used the acute care once too, fill a wrinkle while you sleep! Love it!!

  26. I have been using the REDEFINE, the AMP MD roller and my Acute Care to get ready for my trip to the Bahamas in July and to my 36 year high school class reunion the first week of August!

  27. If I was lucky enough to win the Acute Care, I’d use it with the Reverse regimen, with Redefine Ete Cream, that I’m currently on. And of course….Sunscreen!

  28. Keep up with your regular regimen but be sure to add Unblemish and pack those miraculous eyewipes..vacations involve good, rich food, sun, wind, water, later hours (since you are having so much fun)….and above all…the sunscreen!!!!

  29. I absolutely LOVE Acute Care! I used a box my daughter got me at convention last year but haven’t been able to buy more. I would LOVE another box. It’s nice hearing at 57, people asking if I’ve had work done. 😉

  30. I’ve started using Acute Care along with my AMP roller and reverse regemin to get rid of those pesky forehead wrinkles for my summer vacations.. Headed to visit family and friends, and I want to put my best face forward to promote R&F!

  31. We are going on our first official vacation in August and I have been hoarding the last package of my Acute Care to use right before the trip! I have been using Redefine, the Macro-E and the AMP-MD Roller/Night Renewing Serum combo with great success since January; however, since I work on a computer for 6-9 hours a day, I have a couple forehead wrinkles that just won’t seem to go away! Love love LOVE R+F!!

  32. I pay close attention to the results people post online and on social media. It is undeniable how much all the R+F products can change lives for the better.

  33. We have our first official family vacation planned in August, so I am hoarding the packet of Acute Care that I have left to use before we leave! I have been using Redefine, the MacroE and the AMP-MD Roller/Night Renewing Serum combo with great success since January; however, I still have a couple forehead wrinkles that are quite stubborn (probably because I am on the computer for 7-9 hours a day). Love love LOVE Rodan+Fields!

  34. I’m using them on my forehead wrinkles. I just turned 30 this year…I don’t want to look it!! I also use them on my eye area. I have always had dark circles and even using the eye cream they are still stubborn. The acute care gives them a boost!

  35. I am using Acute Care to get ready for my step-daughter’s wedding in August. I know that I will look my very best because Rodan & Field’s products are amazing!

  36. I am the oldest with 5 younger sisters, but with the Redefine, Amp Roller and a box of Acute Care, I don’t have to LOOK oldest!
    Fill a wrinkle while you sleep~ No needles required!

  37. ACUTE CARE for Expression Lines is filling my smile lines just in time for a vacation back home to central Pennsylvania. I love seeing friends from high school (gasp) 20 years ago and hearing that I haven’t aged a bit. Thanks Rodan+Fields!

  38. I would love to use the Acute care this summer to keep my skin looking smooth and young! 😉 I would love to add this to my daily routine this summer!! 🙂

  39. I am using Acute Care on my forehead lines along with my Redefine and Reverse regimen! Love the results! Getting results within hours and all while I’m dreaming away!!

  40. I am a newbie of R+F, coming from a bar soap and water regimen on my face. After seeing my friend’s results from 1 month of using the Redefine regimen with Acute Care Strips, I knew I had to try the products. We are taking a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean in August, so I became a customer and have been using the products religiously.
    I couldn’t be happier! I am so impressed with my the look and feel of my face, not to mention I walk around so much more confident. I have NEVER FELT BETTER. I can’t wait to go on my cruise with my Redefine Regimen and Acute Care strips! Don’t forget the R+F sunscreen for the whole family!

  41. I am using my ACUTE CARE on the deep line between my eyes…not an 11 but a big old #1…haha!
    I want to prove to my sisters, (yes I have three but none of them have ordered the ACUTE CARE yet) that it works great and I will be seeing ALL of them the third week of July when we get together with our kids at my parents house for a week!
    Can’t wait to show my results by then!!!

  42. I’m using Acute Care + the REDINE regime+ the MACRO Exfoliator + the AMP MD to prepare for our trip to the Dominican Republic in July! No Botox for this girl- I’m experiencing amazing results in just a short time!

  43. I have just started using the Redefine and the amp roller . Just used my 1st round of ACUTE CARE on my smile lines and LOVE my results! A 50th anniversary/reunion coming up the end of next month, want to look my best!

  44. Would love to win acute care. Always was tempted to try your products but didn’t want to invest in something that I wasn’t sure would work. Thanks for the opportunity !

  45. We make lots of visits to our local beaches here in Naples, FL, with friends and family who are visiting us. All those years of squinting in the sun have “left their mark” in the appearance of the “11’s” between my eyebrows. I look forward to getting my next round of ACUTE CARE to wipe those away! These patches are a great addition to my Unblemish and Redefine regimens; and of course I will share this amazing technology with my guests!

  46. I use the Reverse Regimen as well as the Acute eye cream. This stuff is helping me keep my skin healthy/protected thru the summer and have it looking it’s best in time for my 10 day vacation back ‘home’ for my best friends wedding this September. I have the honor of being her maid of honor and look forward to my skin looking pristine for her big day and all the memorable pictures to be taken. Thank you R&F!

  47. I’m traveling to Washington in about 4 weeks for a family reunion. Just started my first week of Acute Care and looking forward to amazing results.

  48. I am looking forward to my wedding celebration-family reception in Albuquerque on August 15th. Many weren’t able to make it to my wedding in May, but everyone saw the pictures… I didn’t know about Acute Care before my wedding (what a shame!!). But I do now and I’m currently using it on my “1” (instead of 11’s I have a “1” which is deep). I would love for my “1” to be a zero before the Reception pictures! If I won the box of Acute Care- I could get to work on my crows feet next! Still sad I didn’t know about this gem before my wedding but this will be the next best thing… Thank you for such great technology at a price I can afford!

  49. I’m a new customer and have just started using some of the products from the Redefine line. I’m loving it! I haven’t had a chance to try Acute care yet but hopefully will in the future. As for vacation plans, sitting by the pool with my Essentials sunscreen!

  50. Loving my Reverse regimen in the morning and my Redefine regimen at night!! Used Acute care patches for crows feet in the Spring… AMAZING results!! Am due for round 2 of Acute care in the Fall!! Hoping to win!! Woohoo!!

  51. Hi, I am using Acute Care for our Vacation to my hometown in Duluth, Mn . We are leaving the third week in July. I have been using these wonderful products for 17 months now and I am amazed at my progress! My top lip is my problem area, from smoking in my early years and then sipping drinks through straws has taken a toll on my lip. That area is were I am concentrating my Acute Care. I want to blow them away with my NON wrinkles! Several of my “old” friends have become my PC’s and I can’t wait for them to see my results, as it just keeps getting better. I am also doing a BBL while up there and will be getting more people plugged into this incredible opportunity and products. That is such a positive part of this business, connecting with my old friends. When I say “old” friends…….yes literally……I am 65 and I look Fabulous! Thanks R+F
    Shelly Bleier

  52. I’m using REDEFINE Acute Care along with the REDEFINE regimen to get my skin looking its best for my upcoming birthday in August as well as some weddings I’m attending in the upcoming months! I am loving my results!

  53. I love my acute care patches! I’ve had this awful line between my eyes since age 18 that has always bothered me. I was so anxious to try the acute care and I’m glad I did! I was too afraid to try botox. My results are awesome and paired with my daily use of the redefine regimen my face looks so much better.

  54. My fiance lives on the West coast and I live on the East. We only get to see each other every 3-4 months. I always start preparing my visit with Acute Care around my eyes and lips to keep looking the best I can! I have him started on Reverse. Now we need to wear out Acute Care Patches together!

  55. Can’t wait to leap into the land of Rodan + Fields. These would be an amazing way to start my journey!!! Vacay?? I could use one ASAP!

  56. I am using acute care to prepare for our first family vacation with my sisters family and I really want to not have to worry about wearing make up. I’m using the acute care on my forehead!! Loving what I’m seeing so far

  57. My forehead thanks me for Acute Care! I have had some small reactions from it in the past and am using Soothe to build my lipid barrier and hopefully be able to tolerate it better next time!

  58. I just started using acute care and I’m in LOVE! I pair it with my redefine regimen and my mineral peptides the next morning for flawless skin! I love these products so much I’m on my way to becoming a consultant! Skin really is a beautiful thing and I love to share it with everyone around me!

  59. I am using Acute care on my forehead lines. They were very deep lines. I only have one set left. Would love to work on my crowd feet next! Gotta be ready for the beach vacation coming up!!!

  60. My 45th High School reunion is August 1. I have my box of Acute Care on hand. I plan to start filling my wrinkles while I sleep mid July to be ready for my reunion!

  61. I have used Acute Care on my forehead lines and they pretty much went away completely! the Roller and Redefine regimen have kept them at bay!

  62. I started using the eye cream and wipes several months ago. Love the results. I am on week 4 of the Reverse Regimen. I am already noticing results! Just ordered my 2nd box of Acute Care. Several trips planned to CA and a BIG Corporate meeting in AZ. I want to look my best!

  63. I would love to try Acute care for my upcoming summer trip to Snoqualmie with my two young boys. I had children in my 30’s, love R&F for making me look younger than my real age 🙂

  64. I use our soothe regimen in the am an redefine in the pm an Macro E once a week. I was recently on 3 month maternity leave from work an I am so thrilled my co-worker have all noticed the improvement in my skin!!! I am traveling soon for a wedding that I am a bridesmaid in, so pleased with my skin!!!

  65. I’m going to the beach with family in September and will for sure be taking a ton of pics because we rarely all get together! I just started using the night renewing serum with the roller as I just stopped breastfeeding and would love to add in some acute care!

  66. I have not started using Acute Care yet, but the results I’m seeing are amazing! I just happy that I will be able to target specific areas WITHOUT a needle. I’m a big scaredy cat!!!

  67. I am a newbie of R+F, coming from a bar soap and water regimen on my face. After seeing my friend’s results from 1 month of using the Redefine regimen with Acute Care Strips, I knew I had to try the products. We are taking a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean in August, so I became a customer and have been using the products religiously
    I couldn’t be happier! I am so impressed with my the look and feel of my face, not to mention I walk around so much more confident. I have NEVER FELT BETTER.

  68. I use the Redefine regimen, eye cream, Macro E, eye cloths, and, as supplement, I also use the Enhancements micro-dermabrasion paste & Soothe moisture replenishing cream. I would love to use Acute Care to smoothen my under eye area and be absolutely flawless!

  69. Going on a cruise to Bermuda in August. I’m using Acute Care on my upper lip. It was very wrinkled due to electrolysis many years ago. It is working magic!!

  70. Heading to CA in August and using Acute Care under my eyes and rolling every night with my AMP MD. Looking forward to filling in those wrinkles over the next few weeks~

  71. I’m returning to Portland for an extended visit shortly; I can’t wait to show how my 60-year old skin fairly glows owing to my dedication to Redefine and enhancing the regimen with the AMP MD roller and Acute Care. There’s no better way to demonstrate the efficacy of Rodan + Fields products – and the business model itself – than wearing my skin well!

  72. I love Acute Care! I’m a religious unblemish and redefine user. I have really loved my results using AC and the AMP MD on my 11s and smile lines. What white difference it makes!

  73. I’m going to Cabo San Lucas with my family. In preparation I use Acute Care for my smile lines and the parentheses around my nose and mouth, I also use the Reverse Regimen twice a day with the Amp MD roller at night. I use the Macro E once a week. My skin feels soft and looks bright. The wrinkles are fading too! So glad I started taking care of my skin!

  74. Instead of vacationing in August, we are throwing a wedding celebration for our youngest daughter. One month before her big day, I’m going to start using the Acute Care strips along with my regular regimen of Rodan + Fields REDEFINE. I’m planning to use them around my eyes, but I’d use this box, if I won, between my eyes on my one big wrinkle there. 🙂

  75. I’ve been using R + F about 14 months. It has made a huge difference in the texture of my skin. I began using Redefine and the eye serum, along with the MD roller. My wrinkles began to disappear and my pours seemed smaller. Another consultant told me about using Redefine in the morning and Reverse at night. I did and continued to see improvement adding the Macro Exfoliator. I had sever acne leaving deep scares, using one round of Acute Care I saw a difference and would like to use a second round to see it improve even more. I am 55 years old and wish I had known of these anti-aging skin care products years ago. Thank you Rodan + Fields for continuing your work in skin care.

  76. I’ve been using Acute Care under my eyes and around my mouth and am absolutely thrilled with the results! Now only wishing it came in a full face mask to tackle everything at once! LOL!

  77. I’m using my acute care and not traveling until August 9th. I’m graduating grad school August 8th so trying to wrap up! Would love a FREE BOX as a GRADUATION GIFT! Hint hint! LOVE MY ACUTE CARE! Forehead, smile lines!

  78. I’m on my 2nd replenishment of the Reverse regimen. I use the Amp Me roller and have been utterly faithful to using my R&F skincare. I often do staycations since NYC is a wonderful city to explore. A subway ride takes you to the most beautiful beaches! I’m very lucky to live here. My R&F sunscreen is my constant companion. Even in NYC the sun is strong! Thank you for a wonderful regimen.

  79. I’ll be traveling to Santa Barbara for a mini vacation with my family. I’m using Reverse in the AM and Redefine in the PM. I use the Multi Function Eye Cream twice a day. On MWF I exfoliate in the AM with MD Paste. I roll 4 times a week and I use the Macro E once a week. I would love the Acute Care for my 11’s. Love the amazing results I’m achieving!!

  80. I’m headed “back home” to see old frienda from high school and few from college! I’ve been using my acute care to get rid of my “frown lines” (my most hated facial feature). I want to look fresh and younger when I see them all! Using my roller, macro E and reverse is giving me the glow that I’ve lacked for so many years! I’ll be 44-redefined while I’m there celebrating.

  81. I’ve used Acute Care since last fall. Now that I have weddings and family pictures coming up I decided to start early before the expression lines showed up in full force…My trouble spots are 11s and fine lines around my lips. Fill a wrinkle while you sleep no needles required – Hooray!

  82. I have “ocean waves” going across my forehead that are now down to little ripples. A couple more weeks and they should be gone! Waiting anxiously to hit the beach with my family!

  83. using Redefine for lines and wrinkles now. Been on program for 4 weeks. Lines getting softer. Off to Cape Cod and the beach. Love to start Acute Care next

  84. I have been using Redefine Acute Care ALL OVER my face!! I’m a thinker, so I have the infamous “11’s” above my nose. This also pops up when squinting from at the sun, when driving, if I have misplaced my sunglasses. Then I have the beautiful ‘crows feet’ showing up a little around my eyes from smiling and laughing. And finally, I have noticed some laugh lines around my mouth! So some nights, I go to sleep wearing six Acute Care patches!! I love them!!

  85. When I was 39, I was introduced to a plastic surgeon at a cocktail party. He kept staring at my forehead and finally said, “Isn’t it interesting how so many women get those expression lines in the space just above their noses?” I was humiliated. And I’ve lived with that expression line in my forehead for the past 25 years! But now that ACUTE CARE is here, I have a solution that is easy, non-invasive and affordable! I wish I could find that guy in about 2 weeks and tell him, “Look at my face NOW!”

  86. I want to be as beautiful and glowing as everyone else at convention in September, so I’m all in with my Acute Care, Redefine, AmpMD and Macro E. It’s wonderful being a part of such a beautiful, inside and out, group of great people!!

  87. I leave for vacation in 2 weeks and so ready for it!! I have been using Redefine and Reverse with both tools. I use Acute Care on my crows feet area and on my chin where I have lines from sun damage from getting blisters during my teen years. I have my Essentials Sunscreen and hat and ready to go but know I will still get some sun. I will need to be sure to continue my routine. It would be awesome to win a box of Acute Care to use after vacation!! 😉

  88. This is my first summer of feeling well in a few years. I feel great. And my skin now reflects how well I feel! I use the redefine regimen and use the sunscreen faithfully as I am working in my garden daily. Feels so great to be able to work on the garden, my vacation is at home this summer! Can’t wait to try the amp roller as well! Happy gardening everybody!

  89. I smile a lot! Now that summer is here, I’ve been taking the kiddos to the pool more frequently, which means more sun. Even applying and re-applying doesn’t keep all the sun away and I have noticed my smile lines getting deeper. To help get ready for all our mini vacations I’ve been using Reverse with the Amp roller and adding in Acute Care to help battle those smile lines. I don’t want them entirely gone, but I don’t want the trench lines either. 🙂

  90. I have three young daughters. We are visiting the waterpark alot this summer. I am loving my reverse regimen, macro e, eye cream, and the sunscreen. I cannot wait to use the acute care. These eleven’s have got to go;)

  91. we are taking my girls to see their great great grandmother in less than 3 weeks and then on to the beach. I am using reverse accelerator pack, redefine acute care on my forehead expression lines, and the redefine multifunction eye cream to prep my face for vacay. I am using the microdermabrasion paste and essentials sunless Tanner to prep my body! Love RF!!!

  92. Planning a trip to Virginia Beach in September to visit our grandson who is in the Navy⚓️⚓️. I’m using my REDEFINE regimen and REDEFINE ACUTE CARE to surprise him with a younger looking Nana

  93. I am planning a 50th birthday party for my husband! Then we are planning a mini vacation around the state, fun thinks to do with the family! I need those acute care strips to keep my forehead wrinkles from coming back! I love how I get noticed on how great my skin looks! We need to keep those compliments coming!!

  94. I haven’t had the $ to buy the acute care yet however I love my Redefine Regimen and the roller. I also love the eye cream. I would love to win the acute care!

  95. Instead of taking a big summer vacation this year we are moving! I need my R+F products to help hide the bags and dark circles under my eyes and all the extra wrinkles I will gain after late nights of packing and unpacking. Also, need to keep my skin healthy and in check for meeting my new neighbors too.

  96. I have been using REDEFINE Regimen and tools for 7 months now. The only thing I am lacking is the Acute Care, and my forehead is begging for help. Building my business with plans to purchase at my next available chance. Would LOVE to get a jump start with this “chance to win”. Happy vacationing everyone!

  97. I’m loving acute care for my forehead lines! Going to Michigan to de some family and friends and want to look younger than ever. I’m on my way!!

  98. I love Acute Care for a couple of pesky lines just above my top lip!! It takes care of those lines in just one use, and with continued use, keeps them away!

  99. I use ACUTE CARE in addition to the REVERSE Power Pack, Multi-Function Eye Cream, and Eye Cloths. With all these fabulous products, ACUTE CARE is like icing on the cake! I LOVE how it is visibly eliminating my 11s! I can’t wait to show my results to my mom who will be vacationing with us for the 4th of July!! We will be having a blast together…and the only time my Mom will see my expression lines, is when we are laughing together!

  100. Currently using Redefine and Acute Care to battle my crow’s feet, fine lines and smile lines. My skin keeps getting better and better (thanks RF) which I can show off at summer barbecues and reunions.

  101. I am using Redefine, AMP MD Roller, Macro Exfoliator and Acute Care on my crows feet! My skin has never looked better and I look forward to celebrating my 10 year anniversary in Bermuda with my husband knowing that my skin looks better now than when we got married! Love R+F!

  102. I used Acute Care and AMP MD roller and serum on my “1”. It doesn’t go to “11” 🙂 Definitely smoothed it out!

  103. I love Acute Care and am looking forward to showing off my great skin on my upcoming vacation. My skin is sensitive so I use the SOOTHE regimen, but have had no problems with AC. I use it for my “11’s,” crows feet and smile lines.

  104. I’m loving it for my “elevens”!!! I’m also working on adding a salon owner to my team that could benefit by adding acute care to her facials as a take away!!

  105. Just got back from vacation with family. As the oldest sibling, I have the youngest looking skin, a testament to the continued use of an excellent skin care program which includes REDEFINE, Acute Care, Amp MD, the serums, and lots of Essentials Body Sun Screen. I brought extra Acute Care strips for them all to try out. Wonderful to see the immediate and amazing results from this product!

    My next trip is to a 40th class reunion in August, because of this past trip, I am totally motivated to continue my Rodan and Fields product regimen, supplemented and boosted by Acute Care. Several of these people I have not seen in many, many years and my goal is to have the youngest skin and a group of converts to these fabulous products!

    It is so nice to be complimented on gorgeous skin on a regular basis. Thank you Doctors!

  106. I’m lucky to be my best friend’s Maid of Honor coming up in 3 months that’s out of state. I’m taking extra time before it to relax with her. However, there’s also the Bridal shower I’m getting ready for. So I’m using Reverse with the Accelerator Pack and Macro E to get rid of my stubborn sun spots and even out my complexion and texture, and in a week I’m switching to Redefine at night with my Acute Care for my smile lines (I call them jowls now) and my AMP MD Roller and Macro E. Looking forward to being picture ready! I know that in a month I’ll be jowl free for the shower and in a few months I’ll have an even healthier glow without the expression lines to overshadow it my glow and have great pictures!

  107. Getting ready for Vegas and seeing friends and families from years past – need to make a great impression! I’m using the Redefine regimen, the AMP MD roller, and am currently using acute care around my eyes. Can’t wait to hear how young I look! 🙂

  108. I am using the Reverse regimen, AMP MD roller and Acute Care. I love these products and the business! I can’t wait to go on vacation at the end of the summer.

  109. From the young age of 15 I have been non stop on pursuit of better glowing skin and learning along the way about ingredients in products that have changed me for the better and some that set me back, but not one skincare line alone has had it all…Until NOW! I was burned with a 3rd degree burn from an esthetician close to 3 years ago and plastic surgeons from here to Philly have not been able to give me back collagen and color that I have lost . In the last 4 weeks alone by using Rodan + Fields products, I am finally rebuilding collagen and gaining back even skin tone and color. This is only the beginning for me! I am released from the doctor and do not need future treatment now. I wish I had know Rodan and Fields 3 years ago. I am now in the last 4 weeks 80% gone . Feeling blessed. The accute strips will help enhance what I want to be happy Finally! !!!!

  110. Woo Hoo!
    My forehead no longer appears as if someone has taken a chisel to it and carved long crooked lines across the front! Now– my forhead is smooth sailing!


  111. I am using my macroexfoliator weekly, the Redefine Regimen, Soothe regimen as needed and the amp roller however I am using Acute Care in my dreams thus far; it’s a purchase I’ve been dreaming about. Would love, love, love to win a box.

  112. Getting ready for a cruise with my hubby and using Redefine Acute Care to chase my crows feet away!!! Would love another box to get me Bahamas Ready!! #wrinklewarrior

  113. I am using my Acute Care with Redefine and my AMP MD roller so my skin is soft, smooth and wrinkle free for a week long trip to visit family and attend a wedding in Montana in July! Not only will I be dressed to impress, so will my skin!

  114. I’m using my REVERSE with my Macro-E to get rid of those pesky brown patches along with my ACUTE CARE strips to melt away that deep expression line in my forehead. Then I will look flawless in Florida!

  115. I am using Acute Care to help fill in my straw lines on the top of my lip. In approximately 4 weeks I will be traveling to NY for my annual family reunion and hosting a couple of R+F get togethers. Acute Care is being used in conjunction with Reverse in the AM + Eye Cream and Redefine with AMP Roller & NRS + Eye Cream at night. I also incorporate the Macro-E and MD Paste into my routine as directed during the week. I don’t know where my skin would be if it was not for Rodan + Fields Skincare. So blessed to have these products in my life.

  116. My reason for using the REDEFINE ACUTE CARE along with my REDEFINE, my AMP MD ROLLER and REDEFINE MACRO Exfoliator is even better than a vacation. My oldest son is getting married on August 15th and want to look my absolute best for his wedding!

  117. I can’t wait to use Acute Care to get ready for my next big trip this July. I can’t wait to impress my friends with how young and youthful my skin looks since using R+F products!

  118. I have tried Dysport for the lines on my forehead and always ended up with my eyes feeling heavy. I tried Acute Care (along with my Reverse and AMP MD) was blown away after only 1 week (3 applications) by the results. No more needles for me! I love this product for my business! It’s truly a game changer!

  119. I loved my Acute Care results! I placed them under my eyes kind of like a football player does with the black stuff. It has worked beautifully to reduce my under eye wrinkles and my first results lasted nearly six months! I have just now begun to use the strips again. Love the way my eyes look without all those wrinkles!

  120. With a Class Reunion fast approaching in seven weeks, you can bet I am using the full arsenal of Rodan + Fields products to look my best! REDEFINE, AMP MD roller, MACRO Exfoliator and of course (my favorite) the ACUTE CARE strips to minimize my expression lines above my eyebrows and around my eyes!

  121. I am using my REDEFINE, my AMP MD roller and my Acute Care to be certain my skin looks its radiant best for my upcoming travels home to visit friends, family, and to present my Rodan+Fields business and products!

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