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Is it necessary to let one skin product dry before applying the next one? How long should I wait before layering another product?

Dr. Katie Rodan: If you follow the directions and use the recommended amounts, your R+F products should absorb quickly, leaving little wait time between layers However, humidity can affect product “dry-down,” in which case you may want to wait a full minute or two before applying the next product. In cases of extreme humidity, you may also want to cut back on the amount of moisturizer you’re using. Your skin should feel moist but not sticky to the touch before applying the next layer.

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  1. I need a quick fix for age spots. Should it be the kit of Reverse, should it be the Reverse Skin toner with Treatment or should it be both at the same time or something totally different?

  2. I started using Redefine 7days ago and now have pimples breaking out! Is this normal? or what should I do about it?
    Thank you.

  3. Im using the redefine line and was wondering if it’s supposed to stay sticky and moist on the face at night. It doesnt absorb in my skin. My hair sticks to my face and product rubs off on my pillow. Is that normal? Also I notice Im getting break outs as well. Thanks

  4. I’m using the Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream for a few months. I have white circles under my eyes. Am I using it wrong? Please advise so I may educate my customers. Thank you very much.

  5. I have been using the Reverse regimen about a month now and I am starting to get pimples on my chin and some of them are leaving marks, what should I do?
    Thanks for the help you can give me

  6. If someone already has had Skin Cancer removed from their face, will using any of the products actually reverse the damage enough for new cancerous spots not to occur? I want to save my Father from losing more of his face and ears.

  7. When I use the soothe sunscreen during the day and wash my face in the evening with the Redefine cleansing mask it is hard to rinse off. Why?

  8. Does the Reverse regimen actually reverse sun damage to the skin and/or prevent/delay actinic keratosis from developing into cancer? I know it lightens the sun spots but clinically speaking is it “reversing damage” to the skin that may develop skin cancer?

    1. I used the Reverse line quite a few years ago. It worked up to a point but did not entirely get rid of the sun damage I had and still have. Do you think I should start back on the Reverse line again since it has been years since I used it before moving on to the Re-Define for aging skin. I am 62 and the sun damage is more of an issue to me than the wrinkles. What is your professional opinion? Thanks so much for your time. Sincerely, Janet Marceau

  9. I have a question for two of my new customers. One has had microdermabrasion surgery and the other has had laser hair removal. Are there any Rodan and Fields products or tools that they should avoid using or can both of those people use the regimens as prescribed for the average person? Thank you!

  10. I apply the mineral peptides to my face after my skincare routine in am … kind of seals it all in place for me.

  11. I’m using the Reverse products, my third time. I have an extremely oily forehead. While the rest of my face is dry. My dermatologist unplugged an oil gland on my forehead recently. What, if anything, can I do to decrease oil production on my forehead? Now that it’s hot and humid in NYC, I think I sweat off most of the sunscreen. I have to take two or more showers a day, depending on how often I go out. Do I need to reapply Steps 2 & 3 each time?

    I’m asking a lot of questions! Thank you.

    Nina Leto

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