The Smile Sticks, the Lines Don’t — Jessica Sitomer, Consultant

This month, Rodan + Fields Consultant Jessica Sitomer shares the stories behind her expression lines and her solution for losing the wrinkles.

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Jessica Sitomer can trace the story behind her expression lines all the way back to childhood: “My mom told me I came into this world smiling and I’ve never stopped. In the past when people mentioned ‘crow’s feet’ I’d correct them and say, ‘They are my smile lines, and I’ve earned them from a happy life.’ That said, with age, the smile lines seemed to stick around even when I wasn’t smiling.”

When Jessica learned about REDEFINE ACUTE CARE™ Skincare for Expression Lines, she jumped at the chance to try this breakthrough product, which has made a “dramatic difference” after just 4 weeks, she says.

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Today she uses the full REDEFINE Regimen, AMP MD™ System and the MACRO Exfoliator™ in addition to ACUTE CARE and says, “I haven’t been wearing makeup because I am so proud of my results, I show them off. I can’t believe how much healthier and radiant my skin looks now than it was in my 30s when I was totally ignoring my skin.”

The comments on her youthful appearance continue to pour in. Jessica says, “Daily, I hear, ‘you have such beautiful skin,’ and I am excited to share why. What I love about ACUTE CARE is I can still crinkle my eyes when I smile, but when I stop, the lines disappear.”

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Jessica’s life continues to give her plenty of reasons to smile and now her skincare routine does, too. She offers this advice to other women who are concerned about their aging appearance: “Taking control of your aging process using R+F Regimens is so empowering. Imagine giving yourself those 5 minutes to luxuriate while improving your skin and the appearance of aging. It’s a great feeling!”

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  1. Can I buy the Acute Care without buying the other things? My only skin problem is wrinkles around mouth and under eyebrows where my to lids are fallin?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Camille, you can purchase the Acute Care patches as a stand alone product. For best results, like the ones I have above, Acute Care is used with a regimen. The choice is ultimately yours.

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