1. My family LOVES Rodan + Fields. We all use the Soothe #4 sunscreen daily. We live on the lake and this product is vital for our skin. My girls have a high sensitivity to OTC products so Soothe has been a lifesaver!

  2. I’ve been using moisturizer with sunscreen every single day for the past 15 years. We live in Florida on the water so we are outside most of the year. I’m very fair skinned with lots of freckles. Every summer, despite my moisturizer with sunscreen and hat, my freckles basically decide to join forces and become one. It’s so frustrating! I’m always so embarrassed by my skin in the summer. This May I decided to give the R&F Reverse line a try. I’ve thrown out all my other moisturizers and now only use the Reverse sunscreen. It feels so good I don’t even need a moisturizer anymore. I am so happy to say that my freckles have not doubled as they always have before in the summer. Ive actually gone out in public without makeup on several times. Something I’ve never done before. My next order includes more sunscreen and the Reverse accelerator pack. I’m so excited about this sunscreen.

  3. I am a kiteboard we and boater. I use R+F essentials body sunscreen and reverse sunscreen in my face. I wear sunglasses, a hat, and rash guard for added protection. I re-apply often. I love the smell and easy application. Anyone taking part of water sports should seriously use this product!

  4. I love the Rodan and Fields body sunscreen! I love that it is NOT sticky or greasy! My husband likes it better than any other sunscreen we have ever tried which says a lot!! He hated applying sunscreen almost as bad as a child and wouldn’t use it at all due to the stickiness/greasiness but not any more! This is a huge relief for me! I also use the reverse step 4 spf for my face and neck. I also am sure to reapply every 2 hours to prevent sunburn or sun damage! I love my new beautiful skin!

  5. I use Essentials sunscreen for all over body protection. It’s an Essential staple that I carry with me always. Goes on smooth, not sticky and smells great.

  6. I use the Rodan and Fields sunscreen when I dragon boat race! I am in the sun and heat all day long and I have definitely put this to the test! What I really like about this product is that it isn’t sticky or greasy. (One thing that really discourages me from using sunscreen)
    It’s the BOMB!


  7. Using my Rodan + Fields Foaming Sunless Tanner and following up with Essentials Sunscreen for my body snd the Reverse SOF 50 in my face, chest and neck! Also, remembering to reapply when in the sun for long periods!

  8. I just started with Reverse and for the first time actually enjoy using my sunscreen. It moisturizers and protects with no smell, and it smooths right into my skin!!

  9. Love REVERSE sunscreen for my face neck and hands and the body sunscreen is awesome for all exposed skin. And the best part it’s not greasy at all! Oh and reapply every 2-3 hours using the mineral peptides and REVERSE. Pale is the new tan and I love it and so does my skin!

  10. I wear sunscreen and always wear a hat! Keep Reverse #4 in my car and in my purse! Reapply throughout the day! 🙂

  11. Since moving to Florida two months ago, I don’t go out of the house with out my Essentials Broad Spectrum SPF 30 with me. So no matter what my day turns out to be, lunch on the bay side or afternoon on the beach to watch the sun go down,I always have it with me. #RFSummer

  12. I use Redefine triple defense with SPF on my face every morning. I also use the Essentials sunscreen on my body. My kids use the Essentials sunscreen as well.

  13. I am staying sun safe this summer with Rodan + Fields ESSENTIALS sun screen for my legs, arms, and chest. I also stay in the shade with my sunglasses. Rodan + Fields REVERSE sunscreen and peptides powder on my face.

  14. I am staying sun safe this summer by applying R + F Essentials body sunscreen and Reverse #4, which I reapply every 2-3 hours. I also protect my hands with Redefine 1 Brightening hand treatment and 2 Age Shield hand balm with broad spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen!

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