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Is the REVERSE Regimen safe to use on summer days at the beach or while boating as long as we reapply REVERSE Sunscreen often? I’m also wondering if retinol can actually intensify sun damage even if I’m wearing an SPF 50.

 Dr. Kathy Fields: First, remember that harmful rays are present 365 days a year, so lifestyle is actually a more important consideration than the time of year. Anyone serious about addressing their dull skin and dark marks can layer on the sunscreen, seek shade and wear protective clothing all year long—but it makes no sense to begin a spot-fading regimen if you’re spending time outdoors without strict sun protection.

Ultimately, any kind of tanning, whether in natural sunlight or in a tanning bed, will negate what REVERSE Regimen does for brown spots or dull skin. It’s like going up the down escalator. If you wish to have a sunny glow, seek a safe alternative, like our ESSENTIALS Foaming Sunless Tan or ENHANCEMENTS Mineral Peptides in Bronze.

Another thing to keep in mind: Pure Vitamin A, also known as Retinoic Acid or Retin-A, as well as its many common derivatives used in skincare products (Retinol, Retinaldehyde and Retinyl Palmitate) can be mildly sun sensitizing.

The ingredient choices, and concentrations of such ingredients, in any Rodan + Fields skincare product are each very carefully selected to help minimize sun sensitivity. In addition, we always recommend the use of one of our advanced daily sunscreen protection products, like REVERSE Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Sunscreen. All are specifically designed to protect skin from various types of sun damage and to protect sun-sensitive skin.

The safest solution will always be to avoid the sun, wear sunscreen and seek shade.

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  1. Hi.
    Myself and a potential consultant are wondering what we can do to do to get rid of varicose viens on our face. I have a few lines that are showing up now as does she. Do any of our lines help with them?

  2. Hi, I purchased the Reverse program to treat my melasma and other discolorations on my face. I then purchased the Unblemish program to treat my acne. My question is, how do I combine each of these treatments for optimum results? Both require to be used twice daily but I’ve been using Reverse in the morning and Unblemish at night. My skin is starting to get a bit irritated and dry. I’ve also noticed I’ve developed small white heads overnight and tiny bumps under my skin that show under my makeup and it drives me nuts! Please help!

  3. I currently use Reverse, and have been doing so for about a month, but I don’t think it is the right Regimen for me.
    Should I continue to use it until the 60 days are over?

    In addition to that, I did not pick the Acne product, because I don’t really have acne, I do sometimes slightly break out on some parts of the face, probably due to hormones. Would this fall under the Acne category?

    Thank you.

  4. I have been using the Redefine regimen for about 2 years now. Within the last year, I have developed brown patches on each side of my face continuing down onto my neck. They are fairly large in size. Would the Reverse regimen help with these brown patches?

  5. I am currently using unblemished and seeing great results. However, while my pimples are gone my face is still red, I’m sure because of rosacea . I’m interested in using Soothe but not sure how often to use Unblemished and how often to use Soothe.

  6. I have a friend that would like to use the microdermabrasion paste or the macro exfoliator to get rid of the syringomas around his eyes. The bumps are under his eyebrows and under the eyes. Is it safe to use either the paste or exfoliator for this situation? If yes, what regimen would work best?

    1. Hi Lyne, Our Soothe regimen can be used to calm eczema on adults as well as children. This month in September when you order as a preferred customer not only can you save 10% and free shipping on purchases but you can also qualify for a discount on the enrollment fee. For more info please email me at

  7. I have roscea and my skin is oily and blemish prone. I have not had much success with a variety of products – do you have a line of products that would clean my face and clear my skin without causing irritation and breakouts to my already sensitive skin.
    looking forward to your response. thks

  8. I have white spots on my cheeks/jaw line. Seems loss of pigment. Could the amp md roller help get pigment back? I am using reverse right now. Any ideas?

  9. I have a PC who has melasma and is using the Reverse regimen with the Amp Roller and the macro exfoliator. The questions is, she also has two small patches of rosacea on both of her cheeks and a few red scars from acne. What would you recommend to address all of her concerns?

  10. I’m interested on this production I have dark spots from acne scars age there a Web site I can order from?

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