1. I have an 11 year old daughter who is on the Autism Spectrum. She is very functional, but has the typical Autistic struggles with social connections and the need for following a routine. She has recently gotten pretty bad acne and blackheads, and asked me about it. Since I already had been using SOOTHE, I asked my consultant if there was a product to help my daughter. She directed me to the information on UNBLEMISH, and soon after, my daughter and I were doing our daily regimines together. She can do most of it herself, I only have to make sure she rinses off step 1 completely. She has been using it for about a month, and we both can notice a big difference in her skin. Her acne isn’t gone by any means, but her skin is smoother, less oily, and the blackheads are becoming less prominent. I am so proud of her for keeping up with the steps of UNBLEMISH, because she never ever used to wash her face. Now she cares enough to follow through! Thank you for changing her life!

  2. I started using UNBLEMISH in replacement of Proactiv+ which always worked great, but now that my skin is more mature, it needs a different type of gentler regimen that also considered aging skin. UNBLEMISH works great for me because it brings out a natural and even tone to my skin while keeping it blemish-free.

  3. I started my career with Unblemish and it has cleared up my cystic monthly acne. I use it daily with Redefine to keep those blemishes away! I am completely dedicated to Umblemish for what it has done for my skin and confidence.

  4. I am being intentional with my exfoliation. I am dedicated to my Macro-E once a week and MD paste 3 times a week in order to address all the evidence of my summer fun! Despite regular SPF, I still have accumulated some new sun damage. I’m going for radiant skin this fall!

  5. I am new to Rodan & Fields using their products and seeing results that I did not think were attainable. I am 43 years old and felt good about my skin health. This summer, I was in a lighting that showed a lot of dark spots from aging and the sun. Because of this, I realized that I may need to give my skin more attention than I have previously. I live in Hawaii and am exposed to sun a lot. After using reverse, I am thrilled with my results and now when I look in the mirror, I confidently see a younger me.

  6. I currently only use the Redefine Multi function eye cream / eye cloths in addition to washing my face at night. Would love to try this regimen.

  7. My secret is to add in our Microdermabrasion paste 2-3 times a week with my UNBLEMISH regimen! It helps to speed up any breakouts and always leaves me skin feeling smooth and vibrant for the new school year!

  8. My whole family began different regimens 3 weeks ago. I began the REVERSE Regimen for melasma and fine lines. My husband began using SOOTHE for his rosacea and psoriasis. My 14 year old daughter began using UNBLEMISH for mild acne. We have all fallen in love with each of our regimens! I don’t think any of us will ever use any other products again! Thank you Rodan + Fields!

  9. This was the first summer in 55 years that I did NOT opt to bake in the sun. I now realize how all those years of tanning was damaging my skin. I have faithfully used the REDEFINE REGIMEN and the MD Roller as well as the MACRO EXFOLIATOR since November 2014. Cannot get over the difference in my skin. Love these products, and this business!

  10. I’m in the very early stages of winning my healthy skin back! For 2 weeks, I have been using Redefine Amp It Up twice a day and my skin feels magically soft. I want my outside to reflect how I feel inside, and I know I am on my way there. Now that my skin is starting to tone up, I can see the sun damage more clearly, so I want to incorporate the Reverse Regimen into my routine next somehow.

  11. I am a faithful Unblemish user. I used Proactiv for 11 years prior to switching to Unblemish. Proactiv was a great product however, Unblemish has done so much more for my skin. My complexion has even changed for the better. I use the entire UB line and add in the microdermabrasion paste 2-3 week. It is the perfect combo for my skin. Thank you R+F!

  12. I have been using Redefine Amp it up since May. Using the macro exfoliator once a week. Eye cream twice a day. I am so happy with the results. Now that we are into the fall season I have started incorporating the Reverse Regime into my morning routine. Time to sweep away the sun damage.

  13. My 8th grade daughters are just now starting to get pimples a little dab of the Dual Intensive Acne Treatment and the blemish vanishes so fast the hardly remember it was there in the first place! I shared an UNBLEMISH Regimen loaner kit with my coworker – a teacher who shares her acne challenges with her teenage daughter – they are using it this Labor Day weekend and one day into their trial they are RAVING about it! I can’t wait to see their skin when we come back to school on Tuesday!

  14. I recently signed up as a consultant with Rodan + Fields and have been using the Unblemish regimen for almost two weeks.
    I’m in love with the products and the company. I suffer badly from hormonal breakouts that hurt a lot. Of course I realize this takes longer than a week to work but I just went through a hormonal breakout and the relief I felt from doing my daily routine was amazing. I can’t wait to get the skin I deserve and to help others get the skin they deserve.

  15. I began using Soothe 3 weeks ago and love it! Never before was I able to use anything with out it breaking out or stinging. I thought it would be hard to remember to do but it quickly became part of my morning and nightly routine! Thank you! Love the product!

  16. The best way to keep your skin from breaking out is not overtreating it. Just because you can buy a product with more of an active ingredient does not mean that you should use it. The UNBLEMISH regimen provides the right amount of active ingredients to treat your skin without stripping your skin.

  17. Currently using REDEFINE but use UNBLEMISH during girly week. My best beauty advice was from my mother years ago and that was to always wear SPF. I’m so thankful she knew what was best for my skin even when I didn’t!

  18. I use Redefine twice a day incorporating microdermabrasion paste 2 times a week in place of the wash. I roll with the AMP MD 4 times a week and once a week exfoliate using the macro e.

  19. I am currently using Unblemish to get rid of my stress induced acne and it has been awesome. So my advice, consistency and take time for yourself!!!! Nothing should stress you out so much you get zits πŸ™‚

  20. I use the Microdermabrasion Paste at least once a week for gentle exfoliation before using the Unblemish Regimen. In addition, I apply the Night Renewing Serum to my nighttime routine after applying the Dual Intensive Acne Treatment. Last but not least, I re-apply sunscreen every two hours and wear SPF protective hat when I’m out and about.

  21. Consistency is key! I have always been a firm believer in consistent sunscreen application. Since becoming an avid R+F user (and consultant), I realize that consistent use of your regimen and tools is the key to achieving great results!

    1. You would love it Hun, with the 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee it’s a completely risk free way to start changing your life.
      While learning all the great things about r+f I read a little tidbit that said ‘spot treating acne is like brushing your teeth and only focusing on the one cavity’. To achieve great results a full regimen can help you get the skin you deserve.
      Good luck hope get a chance to win πŸ™‚

  22. We invest money on a monthly basis for our hair, our nails, our body, and our entertainment! But yet we question if investing in our skincare is “worth it”! It’s your face that you wear everyday. It’s the first thing people see and the one thing that they will never forget. So wear it well! I know I’d like to purchase all the regimens for everyone that I love if I could. So winning an Unblemish regimen would give me and my face “LIFE”! Shine on everyone.

  23. Sunscreen without fail! Just because the weather is getting cooler up here in Canada doesnt mean the sun’s UVA/B rays are slacking off! I’m an R+F Executive Consultant and the mom of two grade-school age boys and I deserve to look my best too for this busy time of year – Reverse regimen with AMP Roller and Night Serum with Unblemish Sulphur Wash morning and night on my acne prone T-zone. Redefine Multi function eye cream too and Microdermabrasion Paste 2 x / week! BEST skin of my life at 44!

  24. I’m prepping my skin for back to school by keeping lotion and Chapstick in my purse at all times! I continue to use my regimen every night as well!

  25. I’m new to RandF & love the products!! Currently, I’m using the Redefine line which is great, but I have occasional breakouts & would love to try this during those times

  26. I use my soothe step 1 to clean my face in the morning. It helps me feel refreshed and awake! I then use my unblemish regimen to ward off acne and oily skin! Before I leave, I dab Redefine Multifunction Eye cream on to give me fresh look!

  27. I am taking steps to better care for my skin by signing up for R&F and being consistent with the regimen! Previously I used lots of different products so this will help to streamline my skincare routine and I cant wait to see the results!

  28. I started using Rodan+Fields 3 months ago. It has absolutely changed my life and skin ! I started off with Redfine, and now use Unblemish at night ! I love my new routine and the way Unblemish has helped me with my oily T zone !

  29. I still feel like a R & F newbie! I am currently just making sure to use my redefine regimen morning and night! It is interesting reading everyones tips and ideas!

  30. Being a R+F Consultant has been one of the greatest joys of my life since I partnered in April 2015. Not only am I reaping the “rewards”
    Of being in the best skin “I” have EVER been in, I am helping the people that I LOVE so dearly enjoy the same benefits of awesome skin with their respective regimens!!! Case in point… My 12-year old daughter has been using the UNBLEMISH regimen since May 2015. I am beyond thrilled and proud that she has used her regimen day & night, with the clarifying toner – without fail. I know it is simply because of the FACT that she is seeing, feeling and loving the RESULTS this regimen is providing her. My daughter is very active with Judo and playing basketball on a travel Club team and was always prone to “major” acne breakouts. Since she has been on the UNBLEMISH regimen, I have seen my daughters confidence soar. At such an impressionable age that she is at right now, the timing just couldn’t be more PERFECT and I am so very GRATEFUL to R+F for making us realize that we truly are “CHANGING SKIN… And CHANGING LIVES”!!! Because of the UNBLEMISH regimen, we can confidentially say that, “YES. We ARE “BACK-TO-SCHOOL READY” because we are absolutely loving the skin we are in!!!!l” CONSISTENCY IS KEYπŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  31. I’m very consistent with wearing a hat and I exfoliate weekly. I’m sure fall will bring lots of cracked heels so I’m preparing now by using cream on my feet daily now.

  32. I started using Rodan + Fields of course!! I started using the Redefine regimen with the night renewing serum in July and love how it makes my skin feel! Sunscreen has also been a must all summer.

  33. Throughout the summer, I washed my face 3 times a day and drank lots of water. The most important thing is keeping my skin hydrated and clean at all times, being sure to not touch my face as much in between washes.

  34. I use Reverse morning and night. I macro once a week and roll maybe two to three times a week. I also substitute the microdermabrasion paste for my wash 1x per week.

  35. I prep my skin for back the back to school season by being more dedicated more of taking care of my skin. Living in Florida we have a lot of hot humid temperatures which last well into October so you constantly need to take care of your skin. Using Microdermabrasion paste along with my Unblemish regimen is key. The night renewing serum is now a part of my weekly regimen also I love the way my skin feels the next morning and it does not make my face greasy. I love Rodan and Fields.

  36. I wash my face two times a day, without fail. I have a soft brush that really seems to give me a face that is squeaky clean. I could always tell when I felt lazy and skipped a wash, so I’ve made washing a requirement! I have also started changing my pillowcase every other day. I think it has really helped get rid of my breakouts that popped out along my jawline.

  37. I love Reverse and the AMP MD roller!! However, right now the weather has been extremely humid, so I am considering adding in the Unblemish regimen!

  38. I just switched regimens from Soothe to Redefine. I am loving all of the moisture it gives. I use Unblemish Wash 2xs a week to keep perioral dermatitis at bay and have a date night with my Micro E every Sunday night. I use it on my arms for KP too.

  39. I use the Unblemish Regimen with Clarifying Toner every morning and evening and couldn’t be happier with the results! My skin has never looked better. I also use the Microdermabrasion Paste once or twice a week, and the Macro E (my favorite!) once a week. Love my Rodan + Fields!!!

  40. Unblemish saved my skin, so my favorite tip is to use the Unblemish Sulfur Wash as a mask. I do it twice a week for 10-15 minutes and then continue with the rest of the regimen as usual. It’s very calming and keeps breakouts at bay!

  41. I use the Unblemish regimen every day and consistency with R&F products is the key to having flawless, beautiful skin!! My skin is clear and glowing because I use my regimen morning and night!

  42. Skin care takes on new meaning when you also deal with Rosacea. I am hoping that I can replace a couple of expensive prescriptions soon by utilizing the Soothe and Unblemish regimens. I would love to win a Unblemish set! Thanks for the chance.

  43. It’s very tempting if you’ve struggled with acne, but don’t pick your face! Let the products do their work! I’ve found that even as my face clears up that I start looking for anything to pick, even the tiniest blackhead (out of 20 yrs of habit!). Don’t pick! Be patient and you will see results! Sticking to the routine is super important and will get you the results you are hoping for! Also if you notice that you get blackheads after using the Spot Fading Toner, incorporate the microdermabrasion paste and use the wash as a mask. Love your skin!!!

  44. I am currently using all 4 steps of the Unblemish Regimen and would like to start using the micro-derm paste a couple times a week.

  45. I use Reverse Regimen in the a.m. And Redefine in the p.m. along with my favorite, the AmpMd! I also love the eye cream. I would love for my daughter to try the Unblemish. My skin has never looked better!

  46. I love the way my skin feels after using either the unblemish or redefine skincare routine. Following the steps of each routine make my skin feel fresh and clean and I have noticed quite the difference in the texture, color and firmness of my skin!

  47. I have been using Reverse and Reverse Accelerator Pack for the past 5 months and this is the first summer I have purposely not gotten a tan. I have the Age Assault Pack coming tomorrow – which I can’t wait to try out. I always include the backs of my hands, my neck and decolletage.

  48. Rodan + Fields has changed my skincare routines. I am now more consistent than before in taking off my makeup before bed and washing my face two times per day with REVERSE. Its like being on a weight loss program when you see weight loss you keep doing it when you don’t you stop. With R + F you see results so you are more consistent in washing bc you can wait to see it!

  49. Exfoliation is key. I started adding a Monday exfoliation with the microdermabrasion paste after I apply step 1 as a mask. It gets my skin clean and sloughs off the dead skin and dirt that’s clogging my pores.

  50. UNBLEMISH gave me my confidence back! After trying everything out there for acne, nothing worked on my post-baby acne. Finally, I found something that does! After a year of consistent use, and incorporating REDEFINE, I truly have the best skin of my adult life. Using both tools to combatant fine lines and leftover acne marks and ALWAYS finishing my morning routine with SPF has left me with hardly any freckles to show at the end of this summer! I incorporate UNBLEMISH step 3 into my REDEFINE nights when I know I’m facing a week of stress and hormones, and it helps keep those cyclical breakouts at bay while still fighting the fine lines and wrinkles creeping up on me. It is so nice to be able to take a makeup-free picture with my kids and not be self-conscious about how my skin looks anymore. Thank you, R+F and UNBLEMISH!

  51. No matter how tired I am, I use the REDEFINE Eye Cloths to remove my morning peptides and any dust and grime that lands on my face throughout the day. I use REVERSE currently so even if I can’t complete my whole regimen at night because it’s late, I’m exhausted, I know my face is prepped with the eye cloth cleansing.

  52. To help keep my acne at bay I have been using the Unblemish regimen with the clarifying toner. I recently started to add the Reverse regimen into my nightly routine to help minimize post acne marks. I make sure to remove all makeup before washing my face. I also frequently wash my pillow case, wash cloths, and make up brushes.

  53. I have only been using Rodan + Fields products for about a week now – i am starting to see a difference and i am liking it. But just need to try different products for my acne – trial and error but so far – loving the products and how my face feels after using them.

  54. I am loving the Reverse products and the Micro-exfoliator paste!! They make me look fresh and relaxed, even when I am absolutely not!!!!

  55. I use my Unblemish in the morning and use Soothe at night. Unblemish is AmAzInG… It help diminish post acne scars from 20 years ago..would love to win to get my son and husband using it!!

  56. I have combo skin so cystic acne, hormonal acne and rosacia. The unblemish can target where needed and still allow me to use Soothe where it is needed.. the combo balance makes all the difference.

  57. Never sleep in your makeup!! ALWAYS remove your makeup. The oil, dirt, & wear of the day only makes skin more prone to breakouts & irritation. This will help your pores – no one wants enlarged pores from all that yuckiness! #RodanANDFields #RF #SkinCareTip #DermRF

  58. My skin care tip is sunscreen 😎 and really making the effort to apply it every two hours πŸ•‘. I find if I don’t be diligent, I have little brown “freckle like” spots around my forehead and sides of my face 😑. It’s worth the effort to keep up with the re-applying part. I also drink LOTS of waterπŸ’§. I notice if I don’t you can see it in my skin and it is not as vibrant looking πŸ˜‡.

    I was amazed by the photos in R+F Consultant Jasmine Trotter 8/26 post. Wow! Thank you for sharing your story!

    I am 55 years old. I was blessed with good genes (no wrinkles yet) and an endless supply of oil. I break out the same as I did in high school. I would love a chance to try R+F UnBlemish and send photos that look as improved as Jasmine’s!

  59. This is the first summer since I was in high school (I’m 40 now) that I haven’t ONCE gotten a sunburn on my face! SOOTHE MINERAL SUNSCREEN has been a lifesaver to me. πŸ™‚ My skin feels and looks 100% better since I started using the Soothe regimen.
    Now that fall is coming I have stepped up my exfoliation to twice a week, and I apply the Soothe moisturizer in a thicker layer, like a mask, and let it sit for 10 minutes once a week.

  60. I use my Unblemish regimen religiously! I also use the MD paste every 3rd day, the night renewing serum every night, and the Macro Exfoliator whenever I have no active breakouts! Best skin I’ve ever had!

  61. I have been using Unblemish Step 1 with the Micro-Dermabrasion Paste 3 times a week to help with blackheads and unclog pores. I love my skin since starting R+F!

  62. I LOVE the unblemish regime. I use it consistently both morning and night and depending if my skin is feeling dry I with add the soothe #2 or #3 in the mix. I never forget to apply the sunscreen as well! Two times a week I will use the paste and apply the cleanser at a mask for 10 min. This works wonders! Lastly, I like to incorporate the night serum into my schedule as well as the Acute Care– my all time favorite product!!

  63. Over the years I’ve sun bathed too often and without enough sunscreen so the REVERSE paired with the AMP roller has done wonders for my dark spots! Couldn’t be happier with the results after 60+ days!!

  64. I am obsessively consistent in using my entire Unblemish regimen, plus the Redefine night serum, and BOTH tools! My skin has never looked and felt better!

  65. Love my Unblemish regimen! I’ve incorporated the MD paste every other day and use the wash as a mask 3 times a week. It’s done wonders for my pesky adult acne!

  66. I’ve been adding in more microderm paste sessions to keep dry, flaky skin at bay. I’m also being much more consistent about removing makeup at night – if I’m too tired, the eye cloths are a lifesaver!

  67. I had a lot of sun damage from not taking care of my skin in my younger years. Now I love my Redefine and Reverse regimens! My skin has never looked better. I love it people guess that I’m ten years younger than I actually am!

    1. I also have the same history of sun damage. I have found the Soothe sunscreen to be wonderful solution. It feels light and non-greasy, yet protects perfectly. Not 1 sunburn this summer – and I am super sensitive to the sun thanks to prescribed medications.

  68. With the onset of fall I have been prepping my skin by increasing the use of my amp roller to the recommended three nights a week to make sure my skin stays hydrated and conditioned through fall and into the winter months.

  69. I love what Unblemish has done for my skin. To add additional healthy glow to my complexion, I started really focusing on eating clean as well as drinking plenty of water and green tea towards the end of the summer. That combined with my R+F Regimen makes all the difference in the world and I LOVE IT !!!

  70. My step-daughter is the focus right now. She has stepped from having childhood sensitive skin that Soothe has helped to hormonal middle schooler in these quick summer months. Unblemish is going to be the winning ticket for her school time routine. A free regimen to gift to her would be awesome!!

  71. Fortunately I have never had acne, so I prep my skin with everything Redefine and Reverse! I love how these products and tools have truly transformed my almost 62 years old skin! I get compliments daily! Thank you Rodan + Fields!

  72. i have been diligent about applying sunscreen every 2 hours and then have been sure to exfoliate twice per week and also ensure I use my moisturizer. This has worked wonders to keep my skin clear. I also try to wear a hat if I will be directly in the sun for a prolonged period of time.

  73. I am so thankful for my Unblemish regimen! My regimen consists of using step 1,2 and 3 and I leave out step 4. I use Unblemish to correct post acne marks so step 4 can leave me dryer than Id like. After I use step 3 i then put on my eye cream and either the AM or PM lotion from the Redefine regimen to finish it off! πŸ™‚

  74. I use Soothe Regimen twice daily. In the morning I use Unblemish Oil Control Sunscreen. After years of extreme oiliness from sunscreen, finally an answer that works! Unblemish is magic!

  75. I use reverse in the morning and redefine at night with weekly use of Macro E and 3x per week use of Amp Roller! The unblemish regimen he’s kept my hormonal acne away!!!

  76. The summer sun caused some melasma to show up on my forehead. I normally use only Unblemish, but I’m going to start using Reverse at night to see if I can get rid of the dark spots.

  77. I am using the Redefine Regimen morning and night, and just started mixing in the Microdermabrasion paste to scrub off the dead skin cells (my face can get pretty dry!). I also use the Macro Exfoliator once a week, and I am ready for the weather change!! πŸ™‚


  78. With all the added stress of school, test, homework, extra curricular activities; I’m staying ahead of the wrinkles that are produced by stress with my REDEFINE regimen and Acute Care!! My daughter went to school this year confident in her skin thanks to Unblemish!!!

  79. Living in FL, there are several elements working against me. To help with the sun, I love how the gentle Soothe SPF formula protects my skin and the bottle can fit in my purse partnered with the Mineral Peptides to give me a matte look- and then top everything off with a cute hat to boot. To combat sweat which leaves skin feeling yuck, the Microdermabrasion Paste partnered with my REDFINE regimen helps my skin leaving soft & refreshed. Infused water and healthy foods are a must, since skin depends also on what we put IN our bodies. Being consistent with everything is a vital step- and my skin shows it! One last thing- to reflect inside how my skin looks on outside, I look at myself in the mirror and say, “You glow girl!”

  80. I started Rodan + Fields a few months ago and use the soothe regimen and the unblemished toner. My skin has such a change! I use the Macro E once a week as well and my skin looks so clear and smooth. Keeping my skin hydrated is important for me as I have very dry skin.

  81. I personally use REDEFINE 2x a day! AMP MD Roller & Night Renewing Serum every night :). 2-3 times a week I exfoliate with Micro-Dermabrasion Paste! I add UNBLEMISH to helps treat those unwanted hormonal monthly acne. Love the skin I’m in!

  82. I started the Reverse regimen in May. I reapplied step 4 several times a day when at the lake… hat + sunscreen really helped get the sun spots under control. I incorporated the AMP MD roller + the Reverse Accelerator pack and just 3 months later I’m foundation free! I I need some shine control I use the mineral peptides…. also have incorporated the Redfine eye cream, which is amazing. Oh, and trying to use the Macro-Exfoliator 1x a week as well. Love the skin I’m in!

  83. My skin is extremely oily, so the summer months are especially problematic for me. But using the Unblemish regimen has totally solved the problem!!! Even when I was in my early adulthood and beyond, dermatologists would always tell me what terrible skin I had and that I would just have to live with it. Well, no more!!! I have never used anything like this before, and would recommend it to anyone who has had issues with acne and post acne concerns. It truly has been a life changing experience using these wonderful products!!

  84. I have learned that I absolutely HAVE to make washing my face and pampering my skin part of my morning and nighttime rituals. I have suffered from acne almost my entire life, but since I started using Unblemish as part of my morning routine and my nighttime ritual, my skin has cleared up in just 2 weeks!! I have made my skin a priority and it is showing- even my kids keep telling me how pretty my skin looks. πŸ™‚

  85. I am in my 2nd month of Unblemish and I am seeing some healing. Hopefully, after one or two more months, I will be ready to move on to another regimen. I also use the microdermabrasion paste and drink lots of water and exercise to help with my skin!!!!

  86. After a summer of eating on the go and snacking by the pool, I’m excited to get a healthy meal plan in place. Eating well, drinking water, and using Unblemished every morning has my skin looking clear and well moisturized. I’m so thankful I said goodbye to breakouts and chronically dry skin two years ago when I was introduced to Rodan+Fields! Unblemish is amazing for those suffering from acne and dry skin!

  87. In addition to using the Unblemish Regimen twice a day use Redefine Eye Cloths to freshen up and get rid of sweat on face and back and avoid breakouts after exercising. Reapply Unblemish Oil-Control Sunscreen .

  88. When I turned 30, acne became prevalent and it was extremely embarrassing. To make matters worse, the acne began to scar leaving dark marks behind. 10 years later I am controlling my acne and almost all of my post-acne marks are gone. My biggest tip is to use the clarifying toner more often than the spot fading toner if you have current breakouts. This toner will control acne more effectively giving you less of a chance of leaving a post acne mark!

  89. Both my girls are loving the results they have gotten with unblemished! Clearer skin, smoother skin and reduced scaring. They look gorgeous!

  90. My boys’ skin looks great since using the Unblemish Regimen. I am thrilled it includes an oil-free sunscreen since they are baseball players and need that protection. Thanks R+F!

  91. I have been using the Unblemish regimen for almost 3 months now and my skin has never looked better! I started introducing the Redefine regimen at night and use the eye cream twice daily! I never leave the house without putting on my Unblemish Oil Free SPF moisturizer! Make sure to drink plenty of water daily to keep your skin hydrated !

  92. My son has regular breakouts and large pores. After months of knowing about the product, he has just ask me, “hey mom, where is that stuff you said I could use?” Yep, he needs unblemish and will be stunned at the difference it makes in his skin. Mom will look like a rock star.

  93. The KEY to great skincare is consistency! I counted down 30 days till convention (so I can see it on my calendar) and vowed to use my products twice a day. I’m also rolling 6 days a week, using the Macro E every Sunday, and am dedicated to using Acute Care every MWF until convention week. I also add the micro-dermabrasion paste 2-3 times a week and love the Unblemish Wash as a mask to really clear out those pores! Consistent use will change your skin!

  94. I try my hardest never to go to bed with make-up on. I also try not to pick at my skin especially a blemish. This summer I made sure to wear SPF everyday and wore a hat most of the time.

  95. I am preparing for fall by consistently using my R+ F products and NEVER going out without sunscreen. The Reverse regimen was life-changing for me. I don’t want to undo my beautiful results!

  96. I use a combination of unblemish and redefine. They both have SPF to protect my skin from the sun during the day. I have never had clearer and more protected skin in my life!!! Love all my products!

  97. I have been prepping my skin with the Umblemish Regimen twice a day. A pimple trumps a wrinkle to me. This regimen really works on my adult acne! I also use the Night Renewing Serum with my nighttime regimen to help with my wrinkles!

  98. I have been prepping my skin with the Umblemish Regimen twice a day, to keep my acne until control. I add the Night Renewing Serum to the nighttime routine. This help with the wrinkles too. A pimple trumps a wrinkle to me and I love the Umblemish!

  99. I am a sensitive skin type but I am trying to get rid of those pesky brown spots! I found that mixing Reverse cleanser with Soothe Cleanser eased the sensitivity and I got great results!!!! Of course I follow up with the Soothe Regimen……lovin the results!!!! :O)

  100. I started with the Reverse Regimen two years ago and now I use the Redefine with AMP every other night. Eye Cream every night is a must. I also add in the Microdermabrasion paste once or twice a week, and use my Macro-E once a week for 5 minutes. I love Rodan and Fields! so glad I do not have to coat on the foundation anymore.

  101. I have skin that is sensitive to the REVERSE and REDEFINE cleansers, but I still want anti-aging properties. So I use the SOOTHE Gentle Cream Wash, REDEFINE Triple Defense Treatment and Overnight Restorative Cream for moisturizing and the AMP MD roller with Night Renewing Serum for anti-aging. And of course always a product with SPF during the day.

  102. I used to just use water to wash my face and saw hormonal acne breakouts each month. Now that I am using Redefine twice a day and exfoliating regularly, my skin has never looked (or felt) better! I also could tell that my skin was better protected this summer due to the built-in sunscreen in my daily routine.

  103. I’ve been trying to eat right, exercise and have been using Redefine with the AMP MD at night and Reverse in the morning.

  104. I started using a redefine morning and night, macro once a week and the amp roller daily while pregnant. Once I finished breast-feeding I started reverse accelerator pack for my aggressive melasma. I am seeing quick results as my melasma is dissipating. I plan to start back up with redefine soon. I’m also using acute care which is an amazing product!

  105. I love Unblemish….it has literally transformed my skin. I do o a quick rinse with cetaphil prior to using my Unblemish regimen both morning and night….using the the Microderm Paste twice a week instead of using the cetaphil. Throughout the summer I didn’t go out in the sun without my sunscreen and hat to keep my skin looking young.

  106. On April 13,2015 I started using the REVERSE regimen and eye cream twice daily along with the redefine overnight moisturizer before bed. 60 days later I was blown away by how my skin looked, brighter with a consistently even skin tone.

    I then added the Macro E once a week and the Amp MD roller 5 to 6 nights a week with the UNBLEMISH Dual Intensive ACNE Treatment on my T zone.

    I had bought the ENHANCEMENTS Micro-dermabrasion for my boyfriend, he uses it in the shower, so I though why shouldn’t I? I added that two times a week in the shower. LOVE IT so much I added the ENHANCEMENTS Body Micro-dermabrasion to my shower regimen.

    Three weeks ago I started using the REVERSE Power Pack to work on a stubborn Malasma spot on my forehead and I am blown away at the progress in such a short time. I’ve substituted steps 2 and 3 of the traditional REVERSE regimen with the power pack.

    Recently I added ACUTE Care when my best friend asked if I wanted to go get botox with her… No needles for me I am going to #countwrinklesout #noneedlerequired #wrinklesyourdaysarenumbered I can’t wait to see the results!

  107. I’m experiencing a post menopausal acne breakout and have recently begun a routine of twice daily UNBLEMISH Regimen interspersed with twice weekly use of ENHANCEMENTS Microdermabrasion Paste. My skin is quickly responding. Even with a little purging breakout, the blemishes are healing faster than they normally would have. Thank you for such a great product.

  108. I am starting a 60 day reverse challenge to work on the post summer skin! I will also be using micro and macro exfoliation and eye cream!

  109. I use the Macro Exfoliator once a week to remove 5 million dead skin cells in 5 minutes. I use the microdermabrasion paste once a week to remove the surface dead skin and keep dead skin out of my pore, and I used the REDEFINE Regimen morning and night to keep my skin clean and healthy.

  110. To keep my skin looking great, I exfoliate with the MD paste twice per week. I use the Reverse Regimen in the morning and the Redefine Regimen at night. I love my tools so I use my roller daily and the MACRO-Exfoliator once a week.

  111. I love the UNBLEMISH Regimen!!! I used the regimen faithfully for two months before moving onto REDEFINE. I still incorporate the Sulfur Wash once a week as a mask to help control acne flare ups (especially hormonal ones) and I use the Mirco-Dermabrasion Paste three times a week to really give my skin that deep exfoliating and rid it of acne causing bacteria. Of course I also have my once a week date night with Mr Marco E which has done wonders in re-texturizing my skin and bringing out that radiance you lose with acne skin. All together, Rodan + Fields has cleared up my acne; reduce the appearance of blackheads; gotten rid of my oily skin; and has reduced the appearance of fine lines and expression lines! I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS!!! <3 <3 <3

  112. Consistently: Using the Regimens twice a day, SUNSCREEN, drinking enough water and sleeping on my back! You may not notice, looking in the mirror every day, but people will tell you “You’re skin looks amazing! What do you do?” Be an ambassador of your business!

  113. Over the summer I did wear sunscreen on my face, even if I didn’t put it on elsewhere. I also rarely wore makeup to decrease breakouts. I could definitely use a new skin care regimen!

  114. My 15 year old daughter uses Unblemish nightly and is getting to experience her teen years without the anxiety of acne. Several of her friends are using the products as well after seeing her results. It is happy days at our house!!

  115. I am upping my game for back to school by adding in the Macro Exfoliator once a week, and the Vitamin D supplements, to my Unblemish and Multi-Function Eye Cream. Both are helping me get an extra glow during this busy time! Unblemish has had my acne in check for a year and a half now.

  116. I stayed protected all summer long with my spf 50 reverse and my mineral peptides! Continued use of my regular regimens, reverse in morning and Redefine at night. AMP MD Roller 6 nights a week, Macro E once a week and Microdermabrasion paste every third morning! Love my skincare regimens!! They keep my skin clear, bright, youthful and free of blemishes!!

  117. Proper rest is critical, although it’s hard when you have so much to do as a busy Mom. I also make sure I drink a lot of water during the day……….and then of course, I use my Redefine/Reverse regimens and AMP MD Roller FAITHFULLY!!! NEVER, no matter how tired, go to bed with the days grunge on your face!!! And Multi-Function Eye Cream can help hide the damage to a busy schedule!! I have a teen who would be PERFECT for the Unblemish, if I’m lucky enough to win it!!!

  118. Besides using Unblemish every morning and night, change pillowcases every day or two to prevent breakouts from oils and dirt in hair rubbing off on face, neck and shoulders. Still working on sleeping on my back!!

  119. For my daughter who uses UNBLEMISH, in order to keep her acne under control during soccer season, as soon as she gets home from practice or games, she takes her uniform off and jumps in the shower. She had horrible back acne Prior to UNBLEMISH. showering alone didn’t help. She recently sent me a selfie and said, “Look mom! I can now wear tank tops and sun dresses!”.

  120. I still get breakouts from time to time and when I do, I spot treat with the UnBlemish sulfur wash – one of my faves, then I follow up with the acne treatment. I still use Reverse at night, but with this combo of regimens, I know I’ll stay on top of my game!

  121. I think I’ve tried everything there is over the counter and home remedy (thanks Pinterest friends)…. After having my last child
    And being on all sorts of hormone medications, my skin gets stress blemishes daily. It’s really sad to say I get more now than I ever did in high school. I am seriously going to take the plunge into the unblemish line as soon as I can convince my husband it’s worthy.

  122. During that lovely time of the month, I use my MD Paste 2-3 times a week followed by the Unblemish Step 1 to keep hormonal acne at bay. I also wipe my face with the eye cloths as soon as I get home from work to wash off the dust and dirt that comes from working in an office. I love how my face feels after doing this!

  123. Unblemish has been my go-to regimen for 5 years now. In the beginning, I used it twice a day. I stay on top of my breakouts by using it at least three times a week in place of my daily Redefine routine. I love to spot treat with the medicated Sulfur wash when I sense a flair up on the brink in order to minimize the redness and break the acne cycle before it gets out of control.

  124. To prep for this school year I jumped back on the Accelerator Pack to take care of those pesky sunspots. Even after applying sunscreen religiously, those sun spots still found their way back. I look forward to following up with the Redefine regimen this fall!

  125. I use UNBLEMISH twice a day to control my acne. I’m 15 years old and also use the microdermabrasion paste 2 times per week and then use the wash as a mask for 10 minutes when I come home from XC practice. I’ve found that my skin tends to be a bit dry so I use SOOTHE #3 for moisture. I’m running out so would love to be chosen!

  126. I used Unblemish twice a day for 2 years and saw a dramatic improvement in my acne and acne scars! Now, I’m excited to be transitioning to the Redefine regimen for prevention of aging. Best tip for Unblemish: make sure to wipe off makeup, then wash with the sulfur wash and exfoliate with the microdermabrasion paste…great way to get rid of blackheads! With colder weather on the horizon, I will be using my MacroExoliator more consistently.

  127. I make sure to wash my face twice a day but, as it is still sweltering in SC, I make sure to wipe my face with the Redefine Eye Cloths after being outside to make sure the dirt and sweat don’t stay on my face all day. This helps keep breakouts at a minimum!

  128. I use Reverse in the morning and Redefine at night. I also use the macrodermabrasion and amp md tools and the macro paste twice a week. I love to use that paste on my feet as well.

  129. Consistency is key. I feel as though I exfoliate like there’s no tomorrow, and then I do the Macro-E and get debris! My husband and daughter are also using R+F, and if they are consistent with everyday use of their regimens – Reverse and Unblemish – they get results. My husband has extremely sensitive skin and had to work his way very slowly into the Reverse accelerator pack because he has/had some concerning brown spots – that are reducing in size! You need to pay attention to what your skin is letting you know, and if it’s screaming at you after using something, don’t give up but cut way back and see if you can work into, say, the amazing accelerator pack results.

  130. I am prepping my skin with Soothe, Unblemish, a d a bit of Redefine. I have combination skin, and Soothe is great for the mornings when my cheeks tend to be a bit red and blotchy. After work (I’m a high school teacher), I love to remove my make-up with our Redefine cloths and then workout. And at night, it’s all about the Unblemish! Some nights I use our Sulfur wash as a mask, other times, I use our beloved microdermabrasion paste. I love to tone with our Redefine #2 and then use Unblemish #3 and our eye cream right before bed. I also prep with our Macro E and Amp MD roller – of course!!

  131. I wash with Unblemish twice a day, use the Microdermabrasion almost 2-3 times a week, I’ll use my Macro-E once a week and will dabble in Redefine. My favorite tip is to let the Unblemish Sulfur wash sit on my clean, dry face for about 10 minutes (like a mask) before proceeding with the next steps. This helps with redness, and cleans out those pores!! It has made a huge change in my skin!

  132. Unblemish was a game changer for me. Sometimes I leave the Sulfur Wash on for about 10 minutes as a mask. This is great for “hormonal” periods. I also am faithful about reappying the unblemish lotion with spf every few hours and layering on the mineral powder with spf. I have really fair skin and these are the FIRST spf products that don’t break me out. I made it through an entire week at the beach with no tan and no breakouts!

  133. I am sending my youngest daughter off to college with UNBLEMISH! Now that she is a young woman, it is time for her to throw away the discount-store stuff and invest in her skin. She’ll be set for success in more ways than one!

  134. I have washed my face morning and night since I was a pre-teen! I have always felt it was so important to take care of my skin and thought that I had beautiful skin. But now since I have partnered with Rodan + Fields the changes in my skin have been amazing! The products make a huge difference!! Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to sell such amazing products and to make my skin look younger and healthier every day.

  135. To prep my skin I’m using my REDEFINE Regimen day and night, along with my Amp MD and Acute Care, plus Macro-E every Sunday. 2-3 times a week I use the ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste and UNBLEMISH Sulfur Wash as a mask, to tone down any black heads. I also use UNBLEMISH Sulfur Wash as a great shaving cream. I’m RF-addicted!

  136. Consistency!!! Prioritize what is important to you and don’t let it get overlooked in all of the back-to-school hustle. For me that means exercise, my R+F skin care regimen, squeezing some “fun” into our family’s daily schedule, reading scriptures and getting good sleep!

  137. I started using Unblemish about 3 and a half weeks ago. After fighting acne for 22 months after having my son, I was willing to try anything. I’m happy to say I’m loving my “new” skin even so much that I’ve decided to become a consultant!

  138. I prep my skin by ensuring to keep it clean by using my regimen un the morning and at night. I always make sure to remove make up before bed and exercise smart and healthy sun exposure skin protection.

  139. I’m getting organized. When the kids are back to school, I start looking for work so I can place an order and take care of myself as well take care of them β™‘

  140. Sounds silly, but I first make sure to floss, brush, and rinse my mouth first BEFORE starting my Unblemish routine morning and evening. When I wasn’t doing this, half the products were rinsing off from the corners of my chin where my acne is always the worst.

    I also use the Soothe moisturizer at night to help combat any flakiness I get from the Unblemish. Make it a priority to always wash am & pm – the regular skin care cycle will make a difference. And, use the sunscreen after step 3 during the day!

    I no longer suffer from the large, cystic, mosquito-bite looking acne that I had for years. I am now a loyal user of Rodan & Fields after having tried everything else on the market. I can’t thank you enough!

  141. I am using Redefine in the am and Reverse at night, applying the MD paste 2-3 times a week, using the macro exfoliator and applying sunscreen a few times a day!

  142. I prep my skin by using my Unblemished regimen twice a day along with my macro-e once a week and microdermabrasion paste 3 times a week. I am getting ready to send my kiddos back to school and have clear skin when chatting with all the new Moms.

  143. Totally prepping for back to school by staying faithful with my regimen! No skipping my “homework!” Using my Reverse to get my summer skin in back to school shape!

  144. exfoliating with the microdermabrasion paste 3 times a week and using the eye cloths and multifunction eye cream daily πŸ™‚

  145. Consistency is the key. I wash my face 2 times daily and exfoliate 3 times a week with the microdermabrassion paste and of course once a week I suck the ugly right off with the fabulous Macro E.

  146. I use Unblemish, the eye cream and the Macro E. My skin has never looked or felt better! I’ve received so many positive comments from other teachers and friends! I love R+F!!

  147. I started using UNBLEMISH about a week ago just in the morning and now I’ve switched to twice daily. I’m using the spot fading toner as I am 29 and have had almost 20 years of what seems like constant acne and scarring. To combat some redness and increase some extra added moisture in the evening I incorporate SOOTHE steps one and two when needed. On days where my skin isn’t too sensitive I use a little blue capsule of my favorite REDEFINE night renewing serum followed by SOOTHE step 3 to moisturize my skin. I love UNBLEMISH because it isn’t as harsh on my skin because it is sulfur-based. So far the acne is diminishing and I’m saying goodbye to acne and hello to my beautiful skin (and it is actually making me a bit emotional!) And even though I’m 29, it is back to school for me as I’m working on my degree online…my skin still has to look amazing when my class has video conferences πŸ™‚

  148. I have been eyeing up this product line for months but I just can’t afford to do it right now. I currently try various products from the store such as neutrogena, clean and clear but acne always seems to come back it never really goes away. Right now I’m pretty much putting a bandaid on the situation. I have tried the Soothe cleanser and use the reverse eye cream daily. The opportunity to win this’s do have clear skin would just be amazing and I would be so grateful. Thank you!

  149. Exfoliating-Reverse every morning the past/present sun damage.
    AMP it daily.
    Micro E,weekly
    Body- Micro Exfoliating Enhancement, a few times a week

  150. I’m using reverse to fade my freckles that I received over the summer months! Love how it makes my face smooth and bright. I recive so many compliments on how much my skin glows.

  151. Using components of unblemished for a pregnancy safe option to keep hormonal acne at bay. Last pregnancy I broke out weekly without unblemish. This time skin is clear and the pregnancy glow can really shine!

  152. Using unblemish in the morning and reverse in the evening. Doing unblemish 10 min masks a couple times a week to battle my cystic acne, and the microdermabrasion paste a few times a week as well for blackheads. Finally got my face clear enough to start the amp md roller in the evenings πŸ™‚

  153. I use Reverse alternating with Redefine and Amp Roller taking a rest day from scrubs and wash – which has reduced some skin irritation. It’s all good! I love my skin! It’s radiant! vibrant!

  154. I started and completed one Reverse then started alternating with Redefine and Amp roller. I am maintain well with a 1 day rest period of no scrubs or wash a week – just cleanser and moisturize. I LOVE it! I think it’s crucial to pay attention to how your skin responds to whichever regimen you’re using.

  155. After using Proactive for over 13 years, my adult skin needed a change and THIS WAS IT!! I now use the Unblemish Regiment twice daily to keep my adult/cystic acne under control. I could not live without it!! Proactive never got rid of the cysts underneath my skin, so I had to go to the dermatologist once or twice a year to extract those. After switching to Unblemished from Rodan + Field’s, I haven’t been to the dermatologist in 4 years!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  156. My 15 year old son finally opened the package two weeks before school started. He didn’t want to start the new school and be embarrassed by acne. He makes sure that he uses it. He made sure that I ordered it a month early just so he wouldn’t run out!!!

  157. I am addicted to R+F!!!! REDEFINE at night and REVERSE in the morning for my fresh glow leaves me with a daily make up free face. The roller amp md kicked my results in over time! Not to mention the macro E, eye cream, lip serum and I could go on and on as I love it all! My 3 older girls are on Unblemish with an ocassional step 2 of Soothe. My husband is rolling away his thyroid cancer scar. R+F is a skin solution for my entire family!

  158. I used Unblemish this spring to get my regular breakouts under control. Love the oil control sunscreen! I used to have a shiny forehead before lunchtime. Not with Unblemish! I’m able to keep my skin clear and use step 3 when I do have a flare up. πŸ’œ Unblemish!!!

  159. I use the RF Microdermabrasion paste on my nose, then use the Unblemish wash and leave it on for a few minutes as a mask. Then I rinse it off and follow with Unblemish Clarifying toner for the clearest pores on my nose with no blackheads.

  160. My best skincare tip is to make sure to wear sunscreen daily and reapply often when in the sun. Keep your face (and all of your skin for that matter) protected!

  161. I avoid the sun as much as possible, wear sunscreen when in the sun, wear sunglasses every day of the year (rain or shine), exfoliate with the Micro-Dermabrasion Paste followed by a 10 minute mask using the UNBLEMISH Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash (once or twice a week) in my T-Zone. My regular regimen is the REDEFINE Regimen with the REDEFINE AMP MDβ„’ System. I roll 5 times a week and use my favourite REDEFINE Night Renewing Serum and of, of course, I apply my REDEFINE multi-function eye cream twice daily. Oh yes…. last but not least; if my skin feels dehydrated, I add SOOTHE moisture replenishing cream at bedtime when needed.

  162. My mom bought me the UNBLEMISH because nothing was working on my breakouts! I am 15 and I now have less break outs and my skin is so much clearer! Thank You Rodan and Fields!

  163. I am using my Reverse regimen to tackle that sun damage from all my time in the sun this summer.Always rolling with my Amp MD, and my new favorite sleeping away my wrinkles with Acute Care!

  164. I’m a loyal Unblemish user! This summer I’ve definitely needed my oil control lotion topped with the mineral peptides to keep my skin protected! As we transition into fall, I’ll need to add a little more moisture at night with the overnight restorative cream! And as always, I love my weekly date with my MacroExfoliator!

  165. I use Unblemish wash after using a lot of sunblock on the beach, or working out and feeling sweaty. I love the oil control lotion with sunscreen for my walks, and spot treat with step two. Everyday it’s Redefine, but Unblemish is a great compliment!

  166. Stay in the shade, wear sunglasses and sunscreen when in the sun. Mask twice a week with combo of microdermabrasion paste and unblemish wash, redefine regimen amped up with multi-function eye cream. Once in a while, will add soothe moisturizer if I feel my skin is dehydrated. Voila! 😊

  167. I use the unblemish to control the oil in my forehead and to control black heads around my nose. For the rest of my face I use the redefine.

  168. I use my UNBLEMISH regimen twice daily. At night I use step one, the wash, as a mask. And currently waiting to receive my micro-dermabrasion paste πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ

  169. I’ve been using the Soothe Regimen on a regular basis for 6 months now. Lately I have been working overnights at my hotel and before I go in I will use Soothe Step 1 or Micro Dermabrasion Paste, followed by the Night Renewing Serum, and then I use the Multi Function Eye Cream under my eyes and Step 3 of Soothe for the rest of my face.

  170. I avoid the sun as much as possible, wear sunscreen when in the sun, wear sunglasses every day of the year (rain or shine), exfoliate with the Micro-Dermabrasion Paste followed by a 10 minute mask using the UNBLEMISH Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash (once or twice a week) in my T-Zone. My regular regimen is the REDEFINE Regimen with the REDEFINE AMP MDβ„’ System. I roll 5 times a week and use my favourite REDEFINE Night Renewing Serum and of, of course, I apply my REDEFINE multi-function eye cream twice daily. Oh yes…. last but not least; if my skin feels dehydrated, I add SOOTHE moisture replenishing cream at bedtime when needed.

  171. I absolutely love the unblemish regimen! It has cleared my skin completely. Now I just use it occasionally just to keep that acne away!! I plan to keep my skin glowing this fall with the reverse regimen and working on those pesky wrinkles with the acute care!! Love RF!!

  172. I use the microdermabrasion paste twice a week along with the unblemish wash. I would love to win a full regimen of the UnBlemish line.

  173. I’m using my Reverse regimen twice a day, as well as the eye cream. Sunscreen and a hat when I’m outdoors. My 13yo son started on Unblemish a couple of weeks ago and we are thrilled with the results. Winning this regimen would really help me out as I just told him I’d give him a set for his dad’s house so he won’t have to haul his back and forth every few days!

  174. Unblemish! On my 37 year old skin – this is the only thing that has cleared my face up and continually keeps it clear. Amazing!

  175. I am making the extra effort to maintain my skin routine, which can sometimes get lost or pushed to the side during the start of the school year- especially with 4 kids! I also make sure to carry my Reverse sunscreen with me because inevitably I am running around outside longer than I planned.

  176. I’m loving the results I’m seeing and feeling from using my Redefine Regimen and AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller! My skin is clearer and brighter than it has been in 20 years! I would love to start my 15 year old son on the Unblemish Regimen.

  177. I use REDEFINE morning and night as well as counting down wrinkles by using Acute Care MWF. I’m a long distance runner, so to further protect my eye area I wear sunglasses and my A.M. Sunscreen in Redefine.

  178. I am backing up and using Unblemish after starting with Redefine which I love love love.. I tealized how good my skin could look. Inhad never seen results like this. I am now clearing up the acne that is under the skin. It has been there since I was a teen forty years ago. Its already clearing up some old cystuc acne. I am over the moon. I have two nephews, a daughter and a niece clearing up their skin too.

  179. Besides using my Redefine regimen on a regular basis, I make sure to always have my lip shield with me. The lip shield helps to keep my lips moist

  180. I’m looking forward to the Acute Care challenge. I have only used the strips 2 times just to try, I am looking forward to the consistency of my Fall schedule so I can really stick with it! As for Unblemish, I use the sulfur wash once a month to clear up during my hormonal time!

  181. Using my Unblemish Regimen and eye cream twice a day. The sunless tanner 2x a week! And it’s amazing on the face. Does not clog my pores! Lip Serum at night! And wearing The Mineral Peptides powder during the day! And making sure not touch my face! My skin has never looked and felt better! EVER!

  182. I keep my step 1 in the shower. For Redefine, I slather it on right at the start and leave it on while I shower, shave, and wash my hair. At the end, I rinse off the wash. Voila, step 1 DONE! My 15 year old son does the same with UnBlemish Step 1. It makes it that much easier in the mornings! #DermRF

  183. I just recently transitioned from Unblemish to Redefine!!! I still use step 3 to keep hormonal breakouts under control and of course the Macro E once a week! Love my new skincare routine πŸ˜€

  184. I used the UNBLEMISH regime and have now moved on to REDEFINE. I am singing the praises of the UNBLEMISH; and getting compliments on my skin!!! Thanks R + F !!!

  185. During summer I work at a marina where my skin gets grimy with sweat, sunscreen, and fumes from pumping fuel into big boats. I made the mistake of skimping on my Unblemish regimen this year and paid for it with breakout central by the end of summer. Back on the regimen now, I’m using Unblemish CONSISTENTLY plus doing an Unblemish step 1 mask, followed by the microdermabrasion paste 1-2x/week. Things are starting to clear up just in time for a beautiful fall!

  186. I use my Unblemish regimen religiously. I am also sure to eat well and stay well hydrated. I also make sure to regularily change my pillowcase, wash my phone and keep my hands away from my face.

  187. I use the unblemish every morning according to the directions but use the sulfur wash as a mask twice a week. 😊

  188. I am an acne sufferer and Unblemish user…however, I don’t forget about my hands!!! The hand treatment is a must and is kept in my purse so I can protect them while in car pool line, driving to and from sporting events or other activities my children may have. I also put sunscreen on my face especially because you get most of the sun damage on the left side of your face while driving!! Back to school time tips!!

  189. I’ve been using Unblemish in the morning and Redefine with the AMP MD roller at night, alongside the eye cream! Also exfoliating a few times a week with the microdermabrasion paste!

  190. loving my unblemished routine, noticing such a huge difference after making it my morning and night time routine. I use the entire regimen before leaving my room in the morning and cannot wait to clean my face after a long day. I’ll add the macro e once a week to start the week off right!

  191. Unblemish was the first regimen I used that changed my skin! No more foundation for me. I continue to recommend to my PC’s to follow each step in the regimen AM/PM and to supplement Soothe #2 or #3 to assist with dryness or irritation.

  192. I use Reverse in the morning and Unblemish at night! Using the Reverse SPF 50 on my face and neck every morning and waiting til my skin soaks it about 10-15 before applying makeup! Also using the microdermabrasion paste once a week to exfoliate before I spray tan! No laying out in the sun πŸ™‚

  193. Right now… My favorite… REDEFINE! Soon REVERSE … And always eye cream, Amp MD, Macro E and Microdermabrasion paste! Consistency is key!!

    My daughter just finished her UNBLEMISH step 3! We would love to win!!

  194. These products are great. For my sons it is a post it note (reminder) to use UNBLEMISH and once a week I use the Macro Exfolaitor on them.

  195. I use the unblemish regimen twice a day with the clarifying toner. Three times a week I add the microdermabrasion paste as well as use the sulfur wash in the unblemish regimen as a mask. To save on time I usually wash with the sulfur wash in the shower or exfoliate with the microdermabrasion paste and then leave the wash on as a mask while I am shaving my legs and finishing up my shower. I also use the microdermabrasion paste with step 2 in the soothe regimen on my legs for ingrown hairs. After I finish putting the regimen on I apply the multifunctioning eye cream to help keep those “tired eyes” away. To smooth my skin I use the night serum in the evening as well as the lip renewing serum to help keep my lips looking refreshed.

  196. My 18 year old son has always had dull skin and major blackheads across his nose. 2 weeks ago we started the microdermabrasion paste and Unblemish. His skin is brighter and pores look amazing! His blackheads are about 3/4 less than they were! His lady friends are asking him what he’s doing to get his skin looking so good! He remembers his regimen every day!

  197. I wash my face twice a day and exfoliate a couple times a week. I always moisturize afterwards too. I’ve never tried any of the R+F products but would absolutely love to, especially to see if they really make a difference in fighting my occasional bouts of adult acne.

  198. I have been using the paste and lip serum. Since i don’t have a roller, i just rub my lips together until all the serum has rubbed in. The ACUTE care is Alamo amazing! Looking forward to a chance to use UNBLEMISH!

  199. I am using the paste, then the Unblemish sulfur wash as a 10-15 minute mask a few times per week in place of just
    the cleanser. I also use the roller and serum every night (except for Sunday nights when I use the Macro E). Plus, I always moisturize during the day with Redefine AM cream, and at night with Redefine night cream.

  200. Micro derm paste following by redefine in the mornings and unblemished at night….also my macro e and lip renewing serum

  201. I LOVE using the Microdemabrasion paste and then the Unblemish Sulfur wash as a mask for my troublesome spots, and I use the full regimen with the clarifying toner twice daily to completely control my cystic acne! My favorite weekend treat is my Macro E treatments:) I have never had better looking skin in my entire life- I am so thankful for RF!

  202. Stocking up on R+F products, of course! I am going to continue using my Soothe regimen as well as the lip serum and lip microdermabrasion. I didn’t have chapped lips last Winter because of these products and I won’t this year either!

  203. I use the Redefine Pore Minimizing Toner after I have been outside, especially when putting extra sunscreen on my face. It has helped my skin stay clear even in these hot months!

  204. Throughout the summer I have been diligent about protecting my skin with sunscreen. Now with school back in session, I can have a better routine! I plan on using Macro E!

  205. I’m planning on buying the Unblemish regimen this week to help clear my skin! I’m keeping everything crossed it works- I am so sick of this adult acne and being embarrassed by my skin!

  206. I love getting to use the Unblemish to keep blemishes in this hot summer heat away and my favorite and one of my most recommended is the oil control lotion, plus the mineral power – keeps my skin fresh and not ‘melting’ in the heat πŸ™‚

  207. I started using the Reverse regimen in May, and was consistent in using it through the summer. I also made a point to wear a hat whenever I was going to be in the sun for an extended amount of time. Such easy ways to protect your skin!

  208. Through the summer I made sure that my skin was protected. I notice a huge difference when I use my regimen daily!! I grew up in Florida and didn’t take care of my skin in those days. I didn’t know better but am so thankful that I do now!
    Skincare is very important!

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