Prime Time to Prep Your Skin for Cooler Weather


With fall right around the corner, the weather will soon be cooling down as back-to-school activities start heating up. We’ve got the top tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing through the transition and all season long.

Match your skin concerns with the product recommendations below to make sure you’re meeting all of your skin’s specific needs.

Need a lift for sagging skin? REDEFINE AMP MD™  can help create firmer-looking skin in a matter of weeks. This non-invasive, micro-exfoliating skincare roller is clinically proven to safely and effectively improve the appearance of skin firmness. Simply roll the skincare tool over clean, dry skin for no longer than a minute a night for three days a week before building up to daily use.

Lips feeling dry and cracked from the summer sun? Try ENHANCEMENTS Lip Micro-Dermabrasion and REDEFINE Lip Renewing Serum . Swipe the Lip Micro-Dermabrasion stick over weathered, chapped lips to remove dead skin cells accumulated over summer while smoothing the way for softer lips this fall. Then, squeeze a Lip Renewing Serum capsule over lips to visibly smooth the delicate skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth area.

Want to visibly improve the look of crow’s feet? Start looking forward to younger-looking skin this fall with REDEFINE ACUTE CARE™ Skincare for Expression Lines . In just four weeks, our breakthrough Liquid Cone Technology visibly reduces wrinkles, helping you achieve younger-looking skin, which is always in season.

Need to ban blemishes before the kids head back to school? For students gearing up for the fall semester, we’ve got them covered, too. Reach for UNBLEMISH Regimen and use daily to address clogged pores, trapped oil, bacteria and inflammation associated with acne. Start now to help kids get a head start on healthy skin and to keep their skin clear and radiant during the busy months ahead.

Stay tuned all August for more tips on how to prime your skin for a smooth and healthy fall.


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  1. All that squinting in the sun has left me with deep “11” furrows between my brows. I am using REDEFINE ACUTE CARE™ Skincare for Expression Lines to visibly fill those wrinkles before the holiday season begins!! I want to sparkle brightly!

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