How to use the AMP MD Roller?

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Dr. Kathy Fields: Just like the face, the neck and hands exhibit signs of aging: loss of firmness, increased pore size and visible fine lines and wrinkles. The REDEFINE AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller is non-invasive and clinically proven to safely and effectively improve the appearance of skin firmness. You can use the REDEFINE Regimen and AMP MD System as directed every day. If there is any redness or slight irritation, reduce your rolling time or roll every other day and increase as tolerated.

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  1. Is the Amp Roller safe to use for someone who is prone to getting keloid scars; i.e. healing cuts and areas where vaccines are given on the body. She wants to reduce the wrinkles over her upper lip but is afraid the Amp Roller may create a keloid. Could this happen and if so, what would be a better option for that area and reducing the wrinkles?

  2. i have redness in my neck/chest that is apparently hereditary, like sun damage that never went away.

    But my skin is very thin there and sensitive. Been using Soothe for a month…it feels better but what can i do to combat or remove the redness…i wear hats and scarves and sunscreen to avoid getting it worse. Thanks!

  3. I have flesh colored bumps on my neck that haven’t gone away with micro-dermabrasion paste or Macro E, I had to add Soothe 2 due to irritation, but they haven’t gone away. I can’t use unblemish due to an allergy to benzoyl peroxide. How can I get rid of these bumps?!

  4. The Amp roller has been amazing! It has rolled away at areas that formerly were injected (ouch) with expensive facial fillers.
    So “roll on” peeps!

  5. I have used the AMP Roller with the RDEFINE regimen for about six weeks, and the lines on my forehead and pores around my nose and chin have diminished significantly. I look forward to more results!

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