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Join the fall countdown to a younger-looking you—and tell us about how you have used REDEFINE ACUTE CARE™ Skincare for Expression Lines to achieve maximum results. If your comment is selected, you could win a box of ACUTE CARE, featuring Rodan + Fields exclusive Liquid Cone Technology which delivers wrinkle-reducing results in just 10 uses over 4 weeks.

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  1. I’m still waiting for my reverse to arrive. Very excited to try it. I would love to win these and give them a try on my forehead wrinkles and deep lines around my mouth. I first saw the product yesterday at a Bridal show. The woman at the booth looked amazing for her age. Sure hope it does the same for me.

  2. I have used the Acute Care on my husband’s crow’s feet. He was skeptical in the beginning and even laughed a bit. By the next day, all he could say is “Wow!”. Over and over in the mirror, he kept saying wow! I said, “I told you!!” He was so impressed, that he even went to work and told the men he works with how amazing they were. Now, I am speaking with their wives about these miracle patches!

  3. I have tried these on my mom who is 75 and was amazed at the results. I am waiting for mine to arrive. I cannot wait to see the results on my face! Love all the other results I am seeing!

  4. I’m so glad I started using acute care!!! My results are outstanding!
    I now can stop putting a toxin in my skin and paying a ton of money to the plastic surgeon for Botox!!! Also no more needles, thank goodness.
    Acute care is hands down the most amazing product

  5. I would love to win a box of these for my mom!! I have tried and LOVED the results I got after just one night! Amazing! Really a miracle worker. Anyway, would love to win a box for my sweet mom!

  6. Acute care strips have done for my skin what whitening strips did for my teeth in the early 2000’s! Never did I think I would see such a difference by putting on a strip for 8 hours! I get bad migraines and they leave behind deep lines between my eyes that last for days after the headache is gone. One set of strips now takes care of that for me! It honestly is the greatest skin care for immediate results that I’ve ever tried!! Thank you R+F!

  7. I have always used the phrase “wrinkles show where old smiles have been” – I must smile a lot! I have been using Acute Care on the smile lines around my mouth. They are stubborn but Acute Care does work!

  8. I was in a car accident when I was a child that left me with scars on my upper and lower eyelids. I grew up extremely self conscious about them and has lowered my self esteem. Using the Acute Care Strips allowed me to visibly reduce these scars and just recently have helped me become more confident! My scars are evening out with my skin. So amazing!

  9. So glad I made the decision to not get Botox and use acute care! Plus I became a consultant and it was the best decision of my life!!!

  10. I am a #wrinkleworrior because I love love love the results Acute Care has given me on my eleven, expression & under the eye lines! Paired with my Redefine regimen twice daily for the last 6 months has given me skin that gets me compliments wherever I go! At just a few years from 50, I ❤️ It!!! Thanks Rodan+Fields, for transforming my skin!!

  11. I am 68 years young, thanks to Redefine Acute Care. I have spent thousands of dollars on Botox and fillers, before Acute Care. Whether I use it on one are of my face for 10 consecutive treatments to receive long lasting effects, or apply a couple of strips around my eyes to look refreshed before an evening out with friends, I am amazed at my results. No more needles and recovery time from bruising. Acute Care is revolutionary and has changed my life.

  12. As a nurse, I can ditch out the needles, but I can’t take them! After using Acute Care on my expression lines, a friend slyly asked if I had gotten Botox..and then seriously had a hard time believing me when I said NO!

  13. I have used the Acute Care #wrinklewarriors on my forehead and LOVED the results. In the past, I have had BOTOX injections, but found that my frozen forehead was a dead give-away. The Acute Care softened the lines with a natural result. Even my friends are asking why I look so refreshed and relaxed! You bet I tell them all about Acute Care! My husband has used on his ‘laugh lines’ at the corners of his eyes and swears he looks 10 years younger – I agree!!!

  14. I am absolutely thrilled that the Acute Care strips are available and work!! I have felt very hesitant about Botox, but wondered how will we ever get rid of expression lines – well THANK YOU R+F for making a safe and effective product for us to say good-bye to wrinkles!

  15. I have used acute care for two different cycles for the “1” between my eyebrows and absolutely love the results! I could see results after one use and by the 10th use it was just about gone! Love acute care!

  16. I thought there was nothing short of an injectable that would be able to address my deep forehead lines, I’m only 32 years old and they are something I am self conscious about. The very first time I used Acute Care I saw a difference. I am so glad there is an alternative to more invasive procedures that actually works! I am looking forward to seeing the long term results!

  17. 67 years of laughing, crying and the young folly of sun bathing have met their match. Starting to use Acute Care and it’s miraculous to see the softening of those creases and lines!! Great product. Brava Doctors!

  18. Ive just started using Rodan and Fields and WOAH! 1 month and a noticeable difference! I have tried many other products, spent so much money in the past but I now know what my go to skin products are! Thank you !!!

  19. I have been working on my “11”. Seeing improvement! Hope to tackle around my mouth next!! Love Rodan + Fields Acute Care!

  20. I used Acute Care on the 11’s between my eyes only mine is only a 1. 🙂 It made a marked improvement in the length and depth of the line. I’m sure it will only get better with continued use!

  21. I had overnight results on my crows feet at last years convention. I used them twice, on the eyes, and on the lines below the lips. That is a challenging area, but it did soften the overall area and does give a great after appearance. I will now use the bundle offer to go out to all of my preferred customers, and prospective interested customers to offer them this chance to purchase the regimen and the acute care at an excellent discount. I will share with them my excitement and wonderful results from using REDEFINE for over 3 years and loving it!!!

  22. I just love Acute Care!! I am 53 and had an 11 between the eye brows, you know, those ugly wrinkles that we are all trying to get rid of. Anyway, I have been using the Acute Care on my 11s and above my lip, well the 11 is now a 1 and that 1 is starting to slowly disappear. Not only are the 11s going away, but you would never know I was an ex-smoker if you saw my upper lip. The Acute Care has made those smoker lines disappear. I have been following Dr. Tim and Nurse Mary’s instruction on using the Acute Care MWF, MWF, MWF, M and next week I will finish my 10th use. Can’t wait to take the after picture.

  23. Rodan+Fields have given so many great discounts with Redefine Acute Care these past couple months. You get a 20% discount right now when you purchase a Regimen and Acute Care! Amazing!
    Apply Acute Care Monday, Wednesday, and Friday following your regular skincare routine with your R+F Regimen & fill a wrinkle while you sleep! No needle required!

  24. I am one of those with deep ’11’ lines between my eyebrows. Redefine Acute Care, partnered with my Redefine Regimen and Redefine AMP MD Roller is making a huge difference. Plus being consistent is critical if you want amazing results. Love my R+F!!

  25. Oh yes! I am losing the fine lines below my eyes right above my cheek bones, thanks to Acute Care! I love being a grandmother but it’s fun when people think I look too young to be one!

  26. I haven’t used this product yet. I would love to give it a go. Reducing my creases on my forehead and wrinkles around my eyes sounds like a treat. Can’t wait to try them

  27. I have two young kids who keep me on my toes. They haven’t started giving me grey hair yet, but I do raise my eyebrows at them all the time. I use Acute Care to make these forehead lines disappear. Works like a charm.

  28. I could not believe the results I saw after just one use! If my 1 deep line between my eyebrows can completely fade in 8 hours, I can’t wait to see what happens after 10 uses of Acute Care!

  29. I have used 2 sets of acute care since I began as a consultant. The first box on my parenthesis with great results. The second box above my lip, good results? Both times M W F, M W F, M W F, M!! Yeah R+ F for another great product! My preferred customers are hoarding grocery money to purchase their own box!

  30. I love AC! I use them a little bit different then most people, I believe. I wear them on the nasolabial lines MWF. I put them back in the little plastic container and use them the next night on my forehead “waves”. Tues-thur-Sat.
    I know the second use may not deliver as much product, but it does seem to help!

  31. I have an uneven smile and therefore uneven smile lines. I used Acute Care to on the right side of my mouth to even out my face when I WASN’T smiling!

  32. I bought Acute Care when it first came out and used it a month and a half before my daughter’s wedding around the outside corners of my eyes where those wrinkles start creeping outwards especially when you smile! It was amazing how quickly the wrinkles filled in and I felt good about myself. By using it that early I was ready for showers, luncheons, pictures and then the wedding! Reverse and redefine have been wonderful products and have changed my skin and now Acute Care is there for those special occasions or when I feel like I need a boost!!

  33. I just started the redefine regiment, earlier this summer, so thought, I wanted to see what all the hype was with this Acute care system…Now I want to know “Why did I wait so long”? I could see results after the first use, now I can’t wait to use it on other parts of my face!

  34. After I posted an after photo showing the disappearance of the “11” lines between my eyebrows on Facebook I had a client inbox me and tell me that her colleagues were accusing her of getting Botox treatments to get rid of the lines on her forehead! She was loving her Acute Care!!

  35. I used 10 uses on my forehead wrinkles and saw great results! If only my results could last forever! I love them.

  36. Acute Care… Powerful strips to put on your wrinkles while you sleep? It really does give a whole new meaning to beauty sleep & actually sounds too good to be true! But they work if used as directed. I actually use them on those little wrinkles on my cheeks & the results blow me away! Thank you Drs. for another amazing product!

  37. My Mom and I started using the Acute Care in August, M-W-F. I am seeing fantastic results and so is she, at 86!!!!! She never ever thought she could reduce her wrinkles around her smile!!!!

  38. I have focused using Acute Care on my left “parenthese”, which is from decades of sleeping on my left side! Akk! I saw results right away with one use and boy – does it work! I now roll and use the Redefine regimen to get the biggest “bang” return on my skincare. There is NOTHING like it! Smart you if you are a user of the awesome little strips! See my overnight results! 🙂 Rodan+Fields is such a blessing…

  39. I used my AC even while camping in Alaska. I would use the Eye Clothes to clean my face and then apply the Acute Care on my crows feet. In the morning I would use the eye cloths again, eye cream and redefine am cream. I kept them in my sleeping back so they would be somewhat warm when I used them. We hunted Caribou on the Arctic Tundra about an hour from the Arctic Ocean (the northern most part of Alaska) I have pictures outside our tent wearing my AC. It was about 30degrees that day.

  40. I smoked for twenty years, and was left with that ugly upper lip. Acute Care has worked miracles on that lip, and on the frown-of-disbelief between my eyes, from my career days. My results are maintained by Redefine regimen, and I plan to start another round of Acute Care later this month.

  41. I was a lifeguard from 16 to 22years old and while I always used sunscreen on my face , at 33 there are definitely smile and laugh lines around my eyes and mouth. I’ve been using REDEFINE for the last two mOnths now and have recently incorporated Acute Care into my routine. I can definitely see a difference around my mouth and my eye wrinkles are slowly filling in. I love the Rodan + Fields products!

  42. I have these fine little lines around my mouth that I feel make me look older. I was really excited to use Acute Care patches. I couldn’t believe that even after one use I could see a difference! Love it!

  43. I am using Acute Care strips on my expression lines. I was so surprised when I looked up in the mirror and realized the results last for days afterwards!!! What’s not to love about them? So wonderful that they are clear and are barely noticable…:)

  44. Triple using my ACUTE CARE™!! I have one nasty scar on my chin where I am using a “single” sample strip with fabulous results!! Two pair around eyes and down face smile creases (no, not dimples!!) are giving me a more youthful, bright-eyed, well rested appearance. Love Love Love!!!

  45. I have expression lines between my eyebrows that make me look intense or even angry. Acute care has greatly improved and minimized these giving me an overall approachable, softer look! Love this product!

  46. I LOVE acute care!! When people see my husband’s and my photos of how much our crow’s feet diminished after just one use, they are blown away! The results after 4 weeks are even better! A picture is worth a 1000 words and with Rodan and Fields amazing products its easy to see why we are the fastest growing premium skincare company for 6 years in a row!

  47. I have been using the Acute Care patches since they first came out and I get fast results! I do have to use them regularly because I must metabolize them quickly.

  48. I became a mom 17 months ago and have been furrowing my brow and squinting in confusion ever since. Motherhood is amazing, but also leaves you questioning everything you’ve ever known. Thanks to Acute Care I’ve erased most of my crow’s feet and plan to tackle my furrowed brow next. I know motherhood will continue to make me scrunch my face in bewilderment…but at least I know I have R+F to help me smooth it back out again;)

  49. I had wrinkles under my eyes that made me look older than I really am. I am not afraid of aging. After all, with age comes wisdom. But I do not want to accelerate the process. I used Acute Care under my eyes as directed. I did not see immediate results, but I remained patient and confident. Around my fifth use of the product, I noticed a difference. And when I took my “after” photos upon completion of my 10th application, I was astonished at the difference! I love Acute Care!

  50. I have been using Redefine Regimen since July 2015, along with AMP MD every night! Seeing AMAZING results, would love to add Acute Care to my routine. I’ve been told I look so much younger since I started using Rodan & Fields. Not to mention, I dearly love working for myself and helping people not only change their appearance on the outside but how they view themselves on the inside.

  51. I was a habitual user of BOTOX from 2009 until early 2015 and I swear this is what has made my eyesight deteriorate. I know everyone calls them 11s but I have referred to mine as divots for quite a long time! Since using Acute Care I can honestly say I like this look a lot more! With Botox my forehead never moved! I highly recommend to all my friends! It’s a better choice for me that’s for sure!

  52. I’m Redefining what my 30’s look like. As a busy mom of three and spouse to one of countries defenders, stress manages to creep it’s way in to my life. I’m kicking my forehead wrinkles to the cub with Acute Care stips.

  53. Acute Care was what sold me on becoming a consultant. My results were stunning and I look and feel much happier with fewer lines which I used to refer to as divots. Thank you R+F!

  54. I used my Acute Care under my eyes to plump up the thin skin and help disguise the bags and dark circles and I have seen significant improvement! I always look more rested now even on the days when my baby doesn’t let me sleep through the night! Thanks, R+F!!

  55. After seeing my girlfriends get injections during a girls wkd in Napa and declining, I wanted to try ACUTE CARE. I have A LOT of wrinkles on my forehead, between my eyes, around my eyes and mouth. I decided to try it on my forehead in April and after just one use my wrinkles were less noticeable! My results lasted 4 months and I just did it again sharing my amazing results with friends and family! So easy to use and they work! Thanks Doctors for creating skincare that works!

  56. I love what Acute Care did for the smile lines around my mouth. I saw immediately results and was blown away after using all 10 pairs!!

  57. I LOVE Acute Care!!!! It has significantly reduced my crow’s feet and parenthesis laugh lines 🙂 Highly recommend this product!!

  58. I have seen a significant reduction in my “11s”…you know those pesky lines in between your eyebrows! And it’s all because I have been using Acute Care every other night!! Thank you Rodan + Fields for changing my skin and changing my life!!! #AgingBackwards

  59. I was such a skeptic, but I tried one on my forehead lines, while using the amp md roller on my smile lines! LOVE them so far!

  60. I used Redefine Acute Care under my eyes and completely got rid of my under eye bags and crows feet. I posted my before and after results on my Facebook page and I already gained 3 NEW PC orders with 2 more on the way. I’m currently using the Acute care on my smile lines around my mouth and I see more powerful results in my future. I LOVE Acute Care!!!

  61. I have used Redefine (formerly Anti-age) from Rodan and Fields for 4 years now! I am 41 years old and people say I look early 30’s! I contribute that to the use of Redefine daily! It has totally transformed my appearance in my skin! I have used the acute care twice now on my forehead wrinkles. AMAZING results! With this product, I’m sure people will now say I look 25!!!! 🙂 thanks Rodanthe and Fields for a superb product line! My face thanks you everyday!!!

  62. Love Acute Care and boy does it work. Using it on the area above my upper lip and seeing a major change as the lines are diminishing. Using it on wrinkles just below the corners of my mouth and It is working. I use my Acute Care, but also use the Redefine Regimen, Amp MD Roller, Night Serum, Lip Serum and love love love it!!! It is wonderful to find something which works and gives me results “No needles required.” Rodan & Fields Acute Care is the best and is an amazing product!

  63. I have been like a “kid in a candy store” since partnering with R+F in April 2015! I started on the REVERSE regimen and was amazed by the results it gave me in just a few months for the years of neglect and sun exposure I had put my skin through for most of my life. I accepted the Acute Care 30-day challenge at the start of August and was completely blown away by the results from one use to the next… I used the Acute Care patches as directed (M-W-F for 3 weeks, and on M of the 4th week) just beneath my eyes and the sides where my “crows feet” were appearing. Luckily I took photos of my before and afters and it has proven to be my personal “go to” photos for my friends and family who ask me, “So about these Acute Care patches… Do they REALLY work?” When they see MY results for themselves? They are amazed and so ready to try it for themselves!!!

  64. I love Acute Care, using my Redefine daily along with my AMP MD. My ACUTE CARE is taking care of those smile lines under my eyes!!

  65. I have been using Reverse for 5 weeks and started using Acute Care on my expression lines last week. Tuesday a co-worker told me I looked younger! Just what I wanted to hear!

  66. I have used the Redefine twice aday, AMP MD, 1 month of the Acute care under my eye’s its a family mark/line that most of us have. Mine has been disappearing with the Acute care. Not to forget my MACRO E once a week.

  67. I used a sample I got from my fab consultant on my laugh lines (which, BTW, are a sad irony – what person should get deep lines from living a happy life!?!). I would love to see what results I might achieve with a 10-week use. 🙂 Based on the great results I have seen with my Redefine kit, I have high hopes for the Acute Care!

  68. I used Acute Care Patch on a scar left on my mother’s nose following Moh’s surgery and the results were very encouraging!

  69. I use Redefine Regimen and the AMPMD everyday, 3 times a week I use Acute Care on my forehead. I have squinted since I was a little girl and thought my lines were permanent on my forehead. Now I see them fading fast by using Redefine Regimen, AMPMD, and Acute Care!

  70. Parentheses have no place on my face, yet they seem to love it here! Yay me 😔! I’m a new consultant (just reached EC in 15 days!!!) & used a trial pair of ACUTE CARE with my REVERSE regimen. I love the results I saw after just the trial pair…these babies are a must in your anti-aging arsenal! I can’t wait to get my hands on more! #goodbyewrinkles #parenthesesgetouttahere

  71. After clearing my skin with UNBLEMISH, I incorporated Redefine every other day. When Acute Care was offer as a bogo deal I got the extra box for myself and now I’m working on the fine lines under my eyes. So excited for this new phase in my skin care

  72. 2 weeks into the Redifine line, micro paste and night serum and I am AMAZED at how great my skin looks and feels. Very interested in the Acute Care for my 45 yo wrinkles. Especially around my mouth. Highly recommend R&F!

  73. I have not had the chance to use Acute Care, yet. I am waiting until after the arrival of my baby in the next month to give it a try! I can’t wait because I am truly amazed by the results I have seen!

  74. After using Reverse and reaching the amazing results I have, I am now working on phase 2 of my skincare. I’m only 36, and I’m excited that with acute care strips I can fine tune the little wrinkles that are on my face, especially the areas around my eye and mouth. Thank you docs!

  75. I haven’t tried it yet but am looking forward to starting in a big way!! I turn 50 tomorrow and the wrinkles are starting to emerge. Even though I will be 50 I certainly don’t want to look it 🙂

  76. I’ve used a set in my forehead and and eyes- we live where the sun always has me “squinting” so it is nice to have acute care to come to the rescue and help with gaining my confidence back.

  77. I’ve been using acute care patches on my forehead expression lines. Since having a child I’ve been laughing more than ever and, of course, making silly faces nonstop. Those silly faces have caused some extra lines on my forehead area. Thank goodness for these miracle patches bc I’m not a fan of the needle😉

  78. I love acute Care. I used it on my neck and what an improvement I saw in one night. This is product will give you fast results with less money.

  79. I’m using the redefine acute care on the 2 very prominent lines on my forehead… the only facial lines that really cause me any angst…. I’m happy to say I’m seeing results (the lines are softening) after only a few applications!! I love the R&F line.

  80. The “1” between my brows is my dead give a way in a meeting when I think someone is a little crazy. Using Acute Care there has helped me keep my thoughts of “you’re crazy” to myself! 😛 So everyone has benefited from my ability to #counterinklesout!!!!

  81. When I noticed my fine lines and forehead lines were “sticking with me” … I decided to “stick it to them” with Acute Care for Expression Lines… and I am so glad I did with NO NEEDLES , appointments or co-pays required! That’s my Expression Line story and I’m grateful to be sticking to it!

  82. I have a heavy 11 between my brows. As a mother of four and genetics gifting me with my frown lines, I decided to attack.
    And to my surprise a small improvement was shown after each use!
    My 2-year old was investigating my face and told me I needed another ‘Bandade’ on a different line. That was the giveaway, even she thought my wrinkles disappeared with the strips. 😉

  83. Getting ready for Spark Convention 2015 was a good incentive for me to work on my expression lines! I love how the product softened my 11″s and also the lines on my lips! I definitely felt like a “product of the product”! 🙂

  84. I have used the Acute Care strips on both my forehead expression lines and my parentheses around my mouth. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the results the next day. Overnight my expression lines were reduced drastically. I kept up my results by using our Redefine regimen twice daily.

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