How do I find a moisturizer that balances my oily, blemish-prone skin?


Dr. Katie Rodan: Try the SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment. This lightweight, non-greasy hydrating cream contains exclusive RFp3 peptide technology to help calm sensitive skin and promote smooth, clear, healthy-looking skin. Active skin protectant ingredients dimethicone and allantoin, along with antioxidants and natural lipids, restore the skin’s moisture barrier to relieve dryness, reduce sensitivity and calm irritation. Plus, optical filters immediately neutralize the look of visible redness.

For daytime wear, there’s the UNBLEMISH Oil Control Lotion SPF 20. This lightweight formula helps to control oiliness while protecting against UV rays that intensify post-acne marks and uneven skin tone.

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  1. Two questions about Unblemish:
    -since the Unblemish Oil Control lotion is only SPF 20, what do you recommend using in the summer for oily, breakout-prone skin that will give a higher SPF i.e. more sun protection? I’m fair and burn easily.

    -If my skin gets a bit too dry when I’m using the entire Unblemish regimen [even in the summer], what’s a good night moisturizer to use in conjunction with it?

    Thank you!

  2. I’ve been using the Reverse line for about one month and my skin has become very oily from it, I have tried using less of step 3 products and being more gentle when using the wash, that seemed to have helped a little but I’m still oily. Any recommendations in adjusting the products I’m using ? Also, I’m having breakouts on my chin still.

  3. Me and two of my PCs used the Macro exfoliator and broke out really bad. Didn’t use it since then. Also with the step 3 of reverse , I started having acne again. Didn’t try that again. I believe it’s due to the retinol component . With topical retinol initially it’s a flare usually .
    Any suggestions ? What should I tell my PCs?
    I didn’t want to use unblemish since my acne at this age is only may be a pimple every now and then. Didn’t want the flare.
    Want to use products for my post acne pores , marks

  4. Can the Soothe regimen be used to treat Plaque Psoriasis?

    I have a PC who started Soothe last week on her Plaque Psoriasis and after a few days it just seemed to spread, now it’s all across her face and not just her neck/temples. She’s been to the dermatologist and he gave her a steroid cream that she doesn’t want to use.

    She only tried this for 2-3 days, should she give it more of a chance? She’s stopped using any and all product, refuses the steroids and had hoped Soothe would work, now she thinks nothing can improve her skin. I really want to help her!

  5. Recommendations for a PC, using unblemished for 5 weeks- neck is red and flakey. I know some can be skin renewal, how long will the last and is there something else she can try?

  6. What should I use on my eyelids to moisturize? I am 60 yrs young and recently notice my eyelids drying and turning noticeably pink.

      1. The web site says NOT to use the eye cream on the eyelids. I read this after I had been using it all around my eyes and found it kind of confusing. Shouldn’t an eye cream be able to be used all around your eyes? ??

  7. Using Unblemished & some micro dermabrasion paste. Visible scars and blackheads, anything to speed up the process. Also want to promote even skin tone.

    1. Consistency of use is key Alex and using the products as directed. You might want to consider the macro exfoliator but you should contact your Rodan + Fields Consultant since he/ she may be more familiar with your specific skin care concerns. If you don’t have a Consultant and ordered directly form the website then I would be happy to assist you. Contact me at

  8. PC sweats a lot. She is using SOOTHE and feels she is just sweating the moisturizer off. Is their a moisturizer that can handle her sweat?

  9. I use the Redefine regimen in the morning, then go exercise, then shower, and then often wash my face in the evening if I go to dinner. And then there’s always the before bed routine. So my question is, how many times a day is too many times to repeat the regimen?

  10. I have customer that used Redefine but says her skin is still dry. Should she use soothe moisturizer also. What do you suggest!

  11. I use the Unblemish regimen, which has been great! But now that the weather is colder, my skin is dryer. What can I incorporate to get the benefits of the Unblemished, but not breakout from a greasy lotion.

  12. I love the Unblemish Oil Control, but I’m finding that as the weather gets drier it’s a little bit too drying for my skin. What would you recommend to replace it for the winter? Something with SPF is a must.

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