Stephanie McCalman, Consultant

This month, Rodan + Fields Consultant Stephanie McCalman shares her R+F journey and her dramatic REDEFINE ACUTE CARE™ results.


They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and, for Stephanie McCalman, that couldn’t be more true. The 38-year-old Tulsa, Okla., resident’s crow’s feet were earned from both her love of the sun and her sunny disposition (she was nicknamed “Smiley” in college).

Stephanie started to notice unwelcome changes to her skin in her early 30s, so she began searching for a skincare regimen that targeted sun spots and wrinkles. Working as a physician’s assistant in a medical spa and aesthetic care clinic, she had seen her fair share of products. But it wasn’t until her friend insisted that she try Rodan + Fields REVERSE Regimen that she found the results she was looking for. “My skin immediately appeared brighter and it really helped with my dullness and dark spots.”

Once Stephanie learned about REDEFINE ACUTE CARE™ Skincare for Expression Lines, she couldn’t wait to give it a try, too. “My biggest concern has always been the wrinkles around my eyes since they’re so noticeable when I smile in photos,” she says. The results she saw after one use motivated her to keep using ACUTE CARE for the recommended 10 applications over 4 weeks. She continues to get compliments on her skin’s improvement. “My coworkers are amazed with the results so far,” she says.

Though Stephanie has been able to diminish past skin damage with R+F’s clinically proven products, she’s still all about prevention: “It’s never too early to start using eye cream,” she says. “And always wear your sunscreen!”

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  1. I have just completed the Reverse regimen and my skin looks and feels amazing. I have seen improved texture, reduction in the color of dark spots, and less blackheads on my nose. I am a true believer in these products so much that I enrolled as a consultant! Thank you R+F for this opportunity!
    Nanda Jones

  2. My eyes have less dark circles and fine lines, thanks to the amazing eye cream! I’ve also noticed a dramatic change in my breakouts on my forehead since I’ve used the Unblemish regimen.

  3. I agree with her that never is it too early to use eye cream and SPF. Prevention is the best medicine. Afterall, the best wrinkle is the one you never get. I always take off my makeup before bed, I wear sunscreen every day (and re-apply when outside for more than a few hours), I use Redefine night cream, and eye cream morning and night.

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