Do I need to change my exfoliation routine with the change in seasons?

Dr. Kathy Fields:

You may find your skin needs extra attention and moisture during the harsh winter months or in dry climates. Follow the tips below to help promote cell turnover and keep your skin moisturized:

Exfoliate to prepare the skin. Proper exfoliation removes the dulling dry skin cells that create a barrier to your moisturizer while helping younger, more vibrant cells rise to the surface. Try ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste, a salt and sugar combination in a high-glide, oil-free formula designed to promote gentle exfoliation for brighter-looking skin. Use the paste intermittently to buff off dead cells and improve skin tone and texture.

MicroDerm_PasteHydrate skin from the outside in. As the weather gets crisper and drier, you may want to add a more emollient moisturizer to your Regimen, like SOOTHE Moisture Replenishing Cream, along with REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream, to keep skin well hydrated. The humidity levels outside determine how dry your skin is—not how much water you consume—so apply moisturizer if you’re feeling dry. In your home, crank up a humidifier to keep humidity levels at an ideal 50 percent.

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  1. I have a question. Can the Reverse Regimen be used on someone who has eyeliner tattoo? Will the Reverse Regimen fade or lighten the tattoo?

    1. Hi Terry. I have sensitive skin and rosacea, exfoliation is tricky with our type skin. I’d be happy to share what has worked for me. I’m a Consultant for Rodan + Fields and I can explain my skin care journey, it took a while but I love my skin now. IM me on FB and I’ll give you my number. If you’re a consultant it’s okay, just trying to help you. I burned my hand and it’s hard to type with my left. Debbie Childs Castagna

      1. Debbie,
        I have a PC that is using the Soothe and would like to add the Mico-Derm paste. Would you mind sharing your routine!

        Thank you!

        1. Hi Vanessa, I began my journey with Soothe for redness and rosacea then I was able to transition slowly to the Redefine regimen. Once in a while I get red so I use Soothe a few days and then go back to redefine. I have also used the Macroexfoliator (which isn’t recommended for sensitive skin) but I use it on 5 or less and avoid my chin and the sides of my nose because that is where my rosacea or broken capillaries are. Prior to using Soothe I would never have attempted it. I have also used the microdermabrasion paste too but I make sure my face and hands are wet before applying. I wouldn’t recommend adding the exfoliation piece until your customer gets her redness under control with Soothe first. Hope this helps.

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