1. I became a first time mother in my late 30’s and again in my late 40’s. When our youngest was five months old, I was asked if I was her grandmother. This has haunted me for years. My goal for 2016 is to begin to take care of my face and hands in such a way that I will not be asked if I am my children’s grandmother for a number of years

  2. My goals for 2016 are: to get rid of face wrinkles, tone, & get energized. All so I can look younger & feel better!

  3. I’ve always taken care of everyone else but myself. Perhaps that is from good motives; perhaps not. I realize that I need to be willing to be helped. So, one of my goals this year is to let Rodan + Fields help me – with my skin and my self-esteem and my finanances!

  4. My goal is to take the time needed for myself. I’ve made a personal goal of washing and caring for my face every morning and night. This hasn’t always been my priority, but Rodan and Fields make it a lot more fun! Seeing results keeps you motivated.

  5. Lead a healthier lifestyle, whether it be having a more positive outlook, choosing nutritious foods, working out, or taking time to be present with friends and family rather than distracted via internet, phone, or TV.

  6. I’m seventy-five years old and have retired twice from corporate America. In October I became a Rodan + Fields consultant because I enjoy helping others and my doctor says it’s good for me to stay busy and use my brain. I want to have such beautiful skin that my friends will all think I’m much younger than I really am and my goal is to stay busy doing something I love.

  7. My goal for 2016 is to take care of me! I strive to have the radiant and smooth skin using the Rand and Fields products 🙂 I also want to grow with this business as a new consultant 🙂

  8. My goals for 2016 are to get healthier by exercising more, eating more natural-whole foods and drinking lots and lots of water.

  9. My goal for 2016 is to build my business and pay off my student loan debt and help as many people as I can with their skin care needs!

  10. My goal is to “turn back” the hands of “Father time”, on my skin by consistently using my day and night R/F products. Incorporate better daily healthy eating habits and learn to break a sweat to promote firmer skin. My focus; firmer, tighter, radiant skin!

  11. my goal is to be at Level 5 by June! I want my team of consultants to grow from 4-8 and all be thriving in their businesses!! I am excited to see this become a reality and partner with my daughter Lindsay Williams a Level Five Elite Lexus winner. What an awesome opportunity for us to partner as mom and daughter at this stage in our lives!

  12. My 2016 goal is to continue to redefine my future by learning from my team and leaders the best way to grow my business and help others grow theirs and to continue to use my redefine regimen and eye cream to continue my path to healthy, younger looking skin.

  13. My goals for 2016:
    Grow my business
    Share this gift with everyone I know
    Help others LOVE their skin
    Give Back
    Show my kids you can love what you do and make a living doing it

  14. 2013 was the year I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Everyday since that dreadful news has been challenged with healing, physically. My R/F goal is to continue the healing process through the use of R/F products and hear people make unsolicited remarks about how great my 64 year skin looks.

  15. Just placed my first order for Reverse and cannot wait to see the results. After spending a lot of money on skin care regimens and a few painful laser treatments I’m ready to try another method if the results are anything like these posted. If I’m sold then in 2016 to become an independent consultant to tell my story.

  16. My goal for 2016 is to illuminate my fine lines … my smile line and crows feet. I want to maintain the moisture in my skin and even out the skin tone. My biz goal is to become a level 3 consultant by the end of this year. I am a homeschool mom and I also help my husband with our Electrical Solar Contracting business.

  17. My goal is to supplement my current full-time salary as a Nurse Practitioner so I have enough money I can cut back to 3 days a week — 3 days helping my patients and doing what I love, and 2 days a week getting the chance to spend more time with my 2 young children (3 year old Ben, and 8 month old, Will).

  18. My goal is to be more diligent in using my AMP Roller. I should never be too tired to improve the look of my skin!

  19. My goal for this year is to grow my R + F business so that I can continue to give more and more to those in need.

  20. My goal is to be the best me I can be inside and out. From committing to a work out regime, to becoming a RandF Independent Consultant, I am working towards being a healthier, happier me for my family and our future.

  21. I am new to the business, so my immediate 2016 goal is to earn my kit back and then grow my business by bringing in one new consultant per month. And of course, gain world peace;)

  22. I want to build my business, to the top level and beyond, so that I can give back more than I ever dreamed possible. I want to ‘feed the children’, wherever I can and set up scholarships for higher education.

  23. My skincare goal for 2016 is to keep my face from aging any more…as much as possible. I have seen the results these products provide and am very impressed. Ready to give it a go and hopefully receive the same type of results I keep seeing on the before and after shots.

  24. I am going to take better care of me with Rodan + Fields’ help. I’ve just started using the products and I’m excited! I’m also excited to be sharing with others what a difference has been made in my skin so far. These skincare products are “Rocking my World”!!

  25. My goal for 2016 is to start my own team! My business is growing with consultants but I do not have any consultants under me at this time. I am going to continue to talk to people about the advantages of being a consultant. I feel that when I finally break through this wall in my mind, my business will explode. If I keep gaining LTW miles this WILL happen.

  26. My Resolutions started with becoming an Independent Consultant for Rodan +Fields.
    I will continue to follow the directions to all the information provided on all the products by My Sponser, My Business Kit, my Team , and all the Wonderful Teams I have been introduced to and belong too.
    Listen faithfully to the training calls weekly , but also the added calls that are put out there on Team pages with additional knowledge on products and customer service.
    My passion for skin, people, and to own my own business are always going to be a growing goal with financial independence, there is always more to learn.
    Patience is key with everything and everyone!!!

  27. My business has been steady but not growing. In 2016, my goal is to be sure that I always lead with the business. I would like to achieve Level II.

  28. After 6 months of using Restore, my goal is to begin alternating Redefine with Restore to begin working on the fine lines to see what other magic happens to my skin!! It’s a great journey!

  29. My personal goal is to achieve even better health and great looking skin by continuing with amped up Redefine and AVOIDING the sun at all costs. Along the way, I want to share the benefits of R and F with as many contacts as possible. I also want to be a better listener.

  30. Personally, my skincare resolution for this year is to address my expression lines. Those seem to stand out most in pictures! Hope to have many happy time to take pictures of this year!

  31. My goal for 2016 is to take better care of my skin. I spend so much time taking care of my children, I find every excuse to neglect my Redefine regimen. I love all the products and it’s important that I use them to continue to feel good about myself and look younger and healthier.

  32. I began with R and F on a whim in Oct. I hoped to earn a little extra cash and try the product. I am amazed at the improvement in my 60+ year old skin with using Reverse. I am a believer and that has made it possible to share my experience and add PCs to my little business. Thanks R and F.

  33. I’ve been slow and steady in my R+F business and January 2016 marks my 2 year anniversary. I’d like to rise above my Level II so my goal is to be a better leader and to identify what it takes for me to recruit more consultants who will work their business seriously too! For me that will mean stepping out of my comfort zone and finding ways to introduce our products to potential customers that I haven’t yet met!

  34. There are a lot of steps and strategies along the way, but my major goals for 2016 are:

    1) Replace my salary and retire from my “day job” in May, 2016 so I can develop my R+F business full time.
    2) Meet my team challenge and have my trip to Convention paid for!
    3) Reach Level V by year’s end.

  35. A business strategy I recently learned about inspired my New Year’s Resolution. At the end of the day my discussions with my husband and Rodan and Fields team will include a positive outlook acquired each day. This includes a solution or positive outlook to an issue or a funny story. This mitigates the tendency to focus on the negative and creates achievements otherwise thought unreachable.
    Posting positive tips and solutions to skin care problems not only promotes good health in our Rodan and Fields family, it also inspires a positive attitude about life and our well-being. I am grateful for the positive outlooks Rodan and Fields brings through their blog and it has inspired me to take my outlook to another level in my days of 2016. Thanks Rodan and Fields!

  36. My goal is to continue using my redifine regimen and spread the knowledge on how amazing it has made me feel…not just flawless skin, but the confidence it’s helped me get back by knowing I’m looking my best and will continue to improve my skin and self confidence each day…

  37. Achieve Level I – Feb 2016
    Achieve Level II – April 2016
    Achieve Level III July 2016
    Achieve Level IV October 2016
    Achieve Level V December 2016

    Sign on minimum two new PC’s monthly and one consultant monthly
    Attend Las Vegas training, September 2016, with money earned from this year’s accomplishments.

     Daily efforts to develop new leads/prospects that lead to obtaining contact information.
     Follow-up with prospects – 30 min daily.
     Continue to post on Facebook daily.
     Listen to weekly Sunday night training with Sarah and Wednesday night training with Jacquie.
     Continue to read and study books and materials on the network marketing business on a regular basis.
     Complete Sarah’s 2016 “30 day challenge”.

  38. My goal for 2016 in business is to grow my Rodan + Fields team adding 1 consultant a month and 10 new PC’s a month. In life I would like to become more self confident and I believe that Rodan + Fields will help me do that.

  39. My R+F goal is to have 3-5 more producing consultants by year end and 20+ more PC’s. To do this, I resolve to talk just as much about the awesome business opportunities of R+F as the great products to as many people as I can. Other resolutions include drinking more water and eating better.

  40. My Rodan + Fields goals for 2016 are to improve my skin, introduce others to the best skin care products and facial tools that I’ve ever used, assist those who have skin problems that have not been improved with other products or medications, grow my own R+F business, assist my business partners, cheer on the success of the wonderful people I’ve met since becoming a consultant, and hopefully impart the passion that I have to help others!!!

  41. My 2016 goals:
    1.) Stick to my daily incoming producing activity; monthly goal of signing 2 consultants a month and at least 5 new Pc’s
    2.) Reach Level 3 by March 2016
    3.) And lastly, share the products and this amazing opportunity with anyone that crosses my path while I enjoy the little things in life – travel, experience, love, hustle – because this is my “why” and it’s too awesome of a chance to not share this opportunity with others!!

  42. My goals are to really focus on my R+F business. Pay off debt and really take care of “me” by eating clean and exercising more.

  43. This year my goal for 2016 is to grow my team by at least 6 new consultants and make sure I’m surpassing my numbers each month so I can help my deserving up lines qualify for their Lexus! I also plan on welcoming our second child and taking time to enjoy all those precious moments!

  44. My goal for 2016 is to make it to Las Vegas convention with 2 consultants from my team! I want to get them going off the right foot and have enough funds in their personal accounts to make the trip and have play money!

  45. My goal is to become a Premier V. I’m going to do this by reaching out to 3 people daily and following up with them. I’m going to ask my current PC’s for referrals. I’m also going to give my team tools to help them reach their goals.

  46. My goals for 2016 are:
    Spend more quality time on my business (5-10 hrs per week)
    1 hour prospecting new connections
    2 hours cold calling/follow-ups
    2-3 monthly 3 way calls with my up-line
    1 hour working with down-line to help support them with 3 way calls or one on one training and goal setting
    Focused time with family and friends
    Getting back to the heart of my long time friends and family connections. Investing in the time it takes to build and maintain lasting relationships
    Drink more water and focus on maintaining a healthy body and mind
    Working out and stretching more

  47. My 2016 goal is to be consistent with my reach outs & follow ups – every thing else will follow. Use my regimen every day and keep a positive attitude no matter what!

  48. My 2016 Resolution is to grow my new Rodan+Fields business by sharing my love of their great products to all my friends and family. I also resolve to eat healthier and exercise 3 times a week.

  49. This is my year! After settling in as a single Mom in 2015…I claim 2016 as the year of ME: Personally and Professionally. In addition I turn the BIG 5-0 later this year! I just have a very positive vibe about this new year or my interpersonal growth and my professional growth as I venture out as a newly enrolled Sales Consultant for R and F!!! I literally cannot contain my excitement. My short term goals are to have 10 preferred customers in the first quarter and 5 new Sales Consultants. I Can Achieve this with hardwork, determination and most importantly: PASSION!!!!!!

    Good luck to all of us as we grow our own businesses that lead to success for us all in 2016!!!!!

  50. My goal is to reach out to 200+ people every month, continue to have monthly events, do everything 100% my FB group says to do no shortcuts, sign up 4-8 new pc and 2-4 consultants, read everyday, and dream big and even bigger!

  51. My goal is to drink more water and try to eat healthier. I also want to start doing yoga…….I think my husband even wants to join me on that one, surprisingly!

  52. My goals for 2016:

    1) To continue to LOVE my skincare regimen, introduce the acute care and spread the word about R+F!
    2) To grow my team each month by gaining 1-2 business partners and 3-5 PCs
    3) To maintain a healthy lifestyle with healthier eating and more H20!
    4) To make more time for myself to organize and have vision for the future!!!

  53. My goal is to be more diligent about using the products on a regular basis and to learn more about the Rodan and Fields opportunity.

  54. My goal is to believe in my self and really work on me and what makes me happy!!
    I’m also going to work on adding more business partners to my team and getting more organized.

  55. My goals are to grow my Team by at least 1-2 Consultants each month. And add 2-3 new Preferred Customers each month. Also,
    drink more Water, stick to clean eating habits at least 5 Of 7 days a week, workout more and get more physically fit!

  56. My goal is to get and maintain EC and to help people with their skincare while having more time with my kids!

  57. My goals are to grow my business, eat healthier, be more active, and to homeschool better through planning and organization.

  58. My goals begin with doing IPA (Income Producing Activity) EVERYDAY, grow my Team by at least 1-2 Consultants each month. Which all this will allow me to Spend TIME with my Grandsons!!
    Drink more Water, Stick to Clean Eating Plan at least 5 Of 7 days a week!

  59. My goals are:
    1. To gain my first two consultants this month and at LEAST one PC.
    2. To get back on track with my running and dancing because these things make me happy and healthy!
    3. To make 2016 the best year of my life yet!

  60. My goal is to learn more every day about all of the R & F products and to share that knowledge with all my friends and family. I truly believe in this product and want to expand my business so that many others can also benefit from the products!

  61. I plan to continue being a better me! By that I mean working harder at my job, hitting the gym, and eating right … It’s not about what you weight or the color of your skin or hair, IT’S ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL!!

  62. My goal is to clear my skin of dark spots caused by aging, sun and acne, and to also get rid of the exclamations between my eyes and my laugh lines in 6 to 9 months. Also, my long term goal is to retire in 2019 and have a lucrative business to supplement my income retirement income.

  63. My New Year’s resolution is to not stress about homeschooling so much with my children, they are definitely getting everything and more and I need to chill! Also to help my downline reach all their goals and to keep reaching out and setting my goals regarding my business throughout the year.

  64. My goal for 2016 is to grow, grow, grow my business. I started back in July 2015 and have learned so much! I can’t wait to share my why, my goals and these incredible R+F products with everyone I know!

  65. I am just starting with Rodan and Fields but my goal is to have at least $600 in PC orders each month before my reach outs. I would also like to share the business with others so they can change skin and change lives and help them with their goals as well. My five year goal is to retire early from my 9-5 job and spend more time with my family.

  66. My goal for 2016 is to launch my business by recruiting some fabulous women and men who want to have more control over their time and resources. I’m still formulating my short term and long term goals, but I’m determined not to hold back and to plan big! (This is Day 3 for me as a R&F Consultant).

  67. My goal is to take time for myself this year, this is something I have let go in the last year. When I take the time for myself I get refreshed and rejuvenated! This helps me to be a better wife, mom, friend, business women… an overall better me!

  68. 2016 Goal
    1. Walk the stage as a Premier. To do this, I have to essentially hit Level 2 month after month. I have a check off sheet that I mark when I contact 25 people a week,which is broken down into 5 a day. I have the Premeir V flyer prominently displayed on my goal board.
    2. I will bring 3-5 conference calls to my sponsor each week.
    3. Earn 20 Lead the Way miles. To achieve this, I will lead with the business, then default to the products with my 25 contacts.

  69. This year I want to grow my business to where I am able to replace my income. I want to be able to give back to my community. Rodan + Fields will be the catalyst to change our lives.

  70. My goal for 2016 is to grow my business, to financially help my family and financially get to a place where I’m able to stay home and be the wife and mother God wants me to be.

  71. Wash my face regularly. Skin goals for 2016 is for even skin tone free from blemishes with little to no need for make up! Also to grow my business by sharing how R+F changes skin and lives!

    Water, exercise, sleep, fruits/vegetables, R+F — recipe for a happier, healthier, more beautiful me in 2016!!

  72. My goals for 2016 are as follows:
    1. Step out of my comfort zone to grow my business and help others achieve their personal skincare goals.
    2. Use all products from Rodan+Fields to show diligence with the products will change your skin.
    3. Go to events.
    4. Make this my primary income so I can make money from home, enjoy life, and have a job that I fully enjoy while helping others.

  73. My R&F Business Goals are to :
    Write them down…continue to follow thru with potential customers, go outside my comfort zone to invite more R&F comverssations & interest/business for myself & our team, get to Level 1V but strive for Level V by years end, AND, continue using the products of course, to show case the new R&F skin I’m in.
    Have my vision board completed within January.

  74. I have many goals for my Rodan + Fields business in 2016! Here are just a few:
    1. Level 3 by Convention Qualification date (August)!
    2. Level 5 by EOY!
    3. Revamp my skin to share my Before + Afters: Using the AMP MD Roller 3x a week!

  75. My goal is to grow my business for 2016. I recently joined over the pass few months and would love to try the Acute care and share with my customers.

  76. I would like to keep focused and grow this business with this amazing opportunity while also working hard in my full time job and supporting myself while taking time to have a little fun and enjoy life for 2016.

  77. I’m “Brand Sparkling New” to this business, have one PC so far my goal is to gain a consultant this month, go on the Retreat to St.Simon’s Island to meet more inspirational women this month, and to learn how to grow my business! can’t wait 🙂

  78. My goals for 2016 are to exercise at least three times a week on the treadmill and everyday to do squats, to lose inches and weight so I will be and look healthier!! The easy part is using Rodan + Fields!!! Lol! I also want to better inform myself about this business so I am more confident and can explain the business side first before excitedly telling about the results and feeling of using Rodan + Fields. I tend to be all over the place and so I want to be able to present it in a more organized professional way!!

  79. My goal for 2016 is to be more diligent about my skincare, get rid of my brown spots and really give R&F products a chance to show me what it can do!

  80. My Goal for 2016 is to be consistent in my business, my relationships, and my life. I want to lead with integrity in my daily life and push toward signing my very first consultant! This business is a gift and I would like to share it with as many people as possible in the New Year!

  81. I resolve to build my business every day and follow the advice of my leaders. I plan to get back into my healthy eating lifestyle and avoid sugar, (the holidays are over!). I will continue to focus on caring for my grandson and support my son as a single father.

  82. My Goal in 2016 is to Acheive LV by learning to present the business as much as the product to prospects. I will step out of my comfort zone and approach the women on my “Chicken list” before the end of January and setup 8 meetings per week throughout the year.

  83. 2016 Goals – be consistent with my new regimine for maximum results. I want the forehead expression lines gone. As a new consultant I want to learn as much as I can to quickly grow my business. I’m saving for 2 vacations: family spring break and my 10 year wedding anniversary.

  84. My goal is to focus on my business and watch it grow. I also need to continue using my products and tools faithfully…. I am my own walking billboard!

  85. My goal is to learn the language and develop my sharing skills using choice key words- try not to verbal vomit on prospects!

  86. I am new to R&F and am excited to see changes in my own complexion and as a new consultant sharing products with others so we can all Shine in 2016!

  87. My GOAL for 2016 is to treat my business like a business! I am determined to stay motivated and will try my best to be more organized and FEARLESS in regards to sharing R+F. I truly love the products and business and feel tremendously blessed by the team of friends I work with. The leadership, mentoring, and support is phenomenal!

  88. I would like to sponsor at least 4 new business partners each and 5-10 new PC’s each month. I also want to see my Dream Team soar! 2016 is our year!!

  89. My goal as a newbie is to embrace my skin and to use my own dedication to R+F products to be able to share with friends, family and strangers, to dedicate myself to this new journey and spend as much time as possible, while holding a full time job and being a mother and wife, to grow my business and keep my eyes on the goal!!

  90. My goal for 2016 is to meet new people and expand my reach. This way I’ll be able to share the amazing R+F products and business opportunity. I’m new (since November 2015) so I will grow my team this year. My goal is adding two ECs a month.

  91. This year, I’m going to become a SUPER BOSS BABE!!!

    My resolutions:
    To become financially independent
    To move to NYC
    To play my violin and stretch daily
    To share my love of Rodan and Fields with someone new every day!
    To take some extra TLC time for myself
    Continue to stay positive and share my positivity with others!!

  92. This is the first time that I am making my skincare a real priority – my goal is to be diligent with the skincare routine and do everything I can to see the best results! Can’t wait to get started!

  93. This is my year to grow and shine. I will pursue my dreams without giving up.

    1. Work on my self-esteem to feel worthy of being successful with my goals!!!

    2. Be consistent with my regimen twice daily.

    3. To grow my business without taking rejection personally.

    4. To practice gratitude for all that I have & receive throughout this year.

  94. My skincare goal is to be more consistent with my regimen and fight the signs of aging!
    My business goal is to double my average sales from 2015 on a monthly basis and gain business partners to grow my team!

  95. My goal for 2016 is to continue with my skin care regimen. Since I have just started my business, my goal is to increase it to hopefully make level 2 by July.

  96. To continue to have the absolute best skin by using this amazing product and tell as many people that I can about them! Also to grow my team and make it to conference as a level 5!

  97. So i am a new consultant and of course every consultant should have a goal in mind even if its in small strides. My goal for 2016 with rodan and fields is to stay focused with the intent of going as far as i possibly can to achieve to my utmost potential.

  98. My 2016 goal is to continue to be consistent with my skin care and to continue to see great results! I’m thrilled I found R&F and look forward to using and learning more about these great products! Here’s to beautiful youthful faces!

  99. As a newbie with R +F my goals are to become knowledge about all the products, help people find their younger self and help them get their youthful face back. As I turn 49 in 2 months, it’s MY TIME to shine! I have been a stay-at-home Mom, Grammy for 11years now! I am blessed to be able to do that, but I want more for my family. I want to grow my business, fast and furiously and not slow down! I am going to work hard everyday to make this happen and look to the future of my amazing husband getting a break! I would love to change his deep wrinkles and make him the face of my R + F for men too! He was once a hot model…time to get that back

  100. My goal is to attend more of the conf. call & virtual FB training sessions, so I can stay energized and continue to learn and grow my business!

  101. In 2016 I’m focusing on healthy habits like eating nutritious foods , exercising, and using my Rodan + Fields Redefine regimen plus tools to keep my skin glowing and healthy !

  102. My goal this year is to continue using my regimen unblemish. I have only started it about two months ago and have fallen in love! I am a mother to two little kids under three and needed something to help my skin. I found this company through a friend and love the product! It is amazing! I can’t wait to explore what all this company had to offer!

  103. Here are my Skincare Resolutions for 2016:
    1. Drink more water – yes a gallon! – per day!
    2. Follow my skincare consistently – Redefine and AMP MD Roller daily except on Sunday when I use my MACRO E!
    3. Use Acute care MWF, MWF, MWF, M every 3-4 months as needed to continue optimizing my results!
    4. Increase my exercise from 3- 5 days per week.
    5. Sleep on my back this is a tough one for me since I’m a side-sleeper. I’m giving it my best shot!!!
    6. Stay out of the SUN – Protect my skin with SPF every day and wear a cute, protective hat when I’m out and about and exposed to those rays! Another tough one for me since I love the sun – but I’m not loving the damage from years of careless exposure.
    7. Eat more fruits and veggies, no processed foods, low sodium and no sugars either!

    Hoping these 7 steps keep me on track for flawless skin in 2016!!!

  104. I have not in the past been a good candidate for face care. I don’t wash my face at night and if I am in an extreme hurry, I quickly spay some water on my face, put lip glass on and go. This year, I plan and hope that I perfect a routine of morning and night. Also, I have gone through about 5 boxes of acute care strips. I still have enormous wrinkles around my mouth. I did have such deep wrinkles and they are a tiny bit better. I will need about 100 boxes (jk) to get rid of them. I could absolutely use that box to help me money wise. I would absolutely love to win them.

  105. This year I am going to stick to my skincare regimen and share the wonderful results I have achieved from using the products with as many people as I can. I will connect with others that want to do the same and share this great journey with me!

  106. My goal is to add more PC’s and grow my team….dare I say Level V by the end of the year?!! I’m a new consultant since November, but love this company so much already and the potential I see for the future!

  107. My goal for 2016 is to provide my skin with Rodan & Fields products (redefine & reverse) to nuture it to look as young as I can for as long as I can.

  108. My skincare resolutions are to drink more water, eat less sugar, eat more natural foods and less pre packaged junk. Also, to fit at least 30 minutes of cardio in a day.

  109. My resolution is to consistently do my R&F treatments and to NEVER go to bed without cleansing and moisturizing my face!

  110. My goal for 2016 is to grow my team by 2 Consultants each month!! I know it’s big..but dream big! and to Empower my team members!! We all have that special something we “need” and it’s all part of the bigger picture!!

  111. I would like to start 2016 with these products cause they are unknown hère in Quebec city Canada and they seem to be the best thing ever! I want to sin!

  112. My goal for 2016 is to leave the past behind, start anew with persistent activity and no fear in growing my business. I plan to be consistent in my skincare regimens and share these amazing results with everyone.

  113. Welcoming 2016 with open arms and a goal to distribute my newly ordered business cards to friends old and new and future PCs. I’m looking forward to adding a consultant or two to my team and exceeding 2015 sales. Travel, paying off some debt and having fun rounds out my personal goals. I’m hoping to surprise and meet my R&F U.S. team mates (Janet S, Angela I and Virginia K) in 2016!

  114. My goal is to become a life changer. Not just a changer of my own life but to train and raise up others to be their own life changer. I’m in need of a change to financially secure and rescue my family and want to be that same blessing to others by empowering them as well!

  115. My goal for 2016 is to grow my business by adding more PC’s & bringing on new BP’s. I also need to start using my roller more consistently.

  116. I want to add more consultants to my team that are ready to work! It’s time to move up the ladder from being the 4th largest skin care company to #1!

  117. My goal is to RUN even harder this year and to be committed to discipline and consistency! I continue to add new numbers and photos to my dream board! I want >everyone< to know that these great products are available along with opportunity of a lifetime! Thank you doctors!!

  118. Drink water, use the regimen morning and night, don’t skimp on makeup remover, order up more business cards and get them in new hands before the year is up!

  119. Skincare goal: I have a nervous habit of picking at my face, which causes breakouts. Unblemish works great when I make a conscious effort to avoid this habit!
    Business goal: Grow my team in 2016! I’m Level II now, and want to reach Level V by convention!

  120. My goal for 2016 is to spread the word about this amazing product and company that I have recently become a part of, to share my newfound love for R+F with my family and friends, and to love my skin and become a better “me”!!

  121. I don’t normally make resolutions but I like to make goals… My goal is to learn more about R&F and possibly join the business, wash my face twice daily, and not stress so much about work!!!

  122. My goal for this year will be that healthy glowing skin. I’ve fought for so long to have great skin. THIS is the year I get my confidence back. I want others to have skin envy and also lead them to these amazing products. I also want to thank you for being that sigh of relief. FINALLY something that works for me. Thank you for that.

  123. In 2016 I fell off a bit at the end of the year in my business and many late nights i fell off with my skincare as well. In 2016 I am committing to holding my self more accountable and planning ahead to avoid any lacks in productivity and consistently reminding myself how important my skincare is!! Cheers to an incredible 2016!

  124. My 2016 goal is to go back to the beginning and restart with the basics. To focus on sharing and building my business and saying “no” to other things that have taken my focus off of that very thing…

  125. I am pretty faithful on using my products. I know the change they have made in my skin. I turned 62 this past year and I definitely do NOT want to look my age. I am going to commit to using my products daily, both morning am night.

  126. My skincare goals for 2016 are to increase my knowledge about the skin and skincare, consistently use my Rodan and Fields products daily, and share these products with others seeking skincare solutions and business opportunities.

  127. My resolution is to spread the word about how effective Rodan + Fields products truly are~! I will be more consistent with my Macro E and using product at night!!

  128. My 2016 skincare goal is to be more consistent! Consistency is key in so many areas, and why not start with my skin? Using Redefine has already improved the appearance of my skin and when I am not taking care of my skin I can tell. Isn’t that true in life? Take care of yourself so you can care for others- consistently!

  129. My skincare goal for 2016 is to continue using the REDEFINE regimen with the AmpMD roller and eye cream consistently, on a daily basis and incorporate the MacroE with consistent weekly usage.

  130. My goal is to learn as much as I can about the products and business so that I can pass it on to customers/prospects and give them the best start possible to using and possibly starting their own business.

  131. My goal is to join a gym and go on a regular basis, fortunately one just opened up that I can ride my bicycle to when the weather is warmer of course! Then I plan to meet new prospects there because it is the most likely place to find women that are wanting to improve their overall appearance. Building my business is certainly one of my goals but living healthy is the most important goal to achieve, better health in the year 2016 and the years to come so that I can appreciate the healthy skin that Rodan+Fields provides!

  132. My goal for 2016 is to hit Level 5 by July for convention in Oct. Also to be well on my way to debt free & Lexus level.

  133. My goal for 2016 is to add at least 1 new business partner each month and to continue my quest for all-around good health.

  134. My 2016 goals include taking my RF business to the next level. Be consistent in getting new PC’s and build my team. I need to focus on what works for my business and not to get caught up in what others are doing. My goal is to be true to me and my business.

  135. My goal for 2016 is to share, share, share! I have been timid and its time to be more open about RF. I am also focusing on getting a better balance between, life, family, and my business! I will be continuing to take care of my skin and showing others how to do the same!

  136. I am really hoping to forever change my skin for the better this year using my R&F reverse regimen. I am going to be adding products as I need them.

  137. My goal is to hit the ground running this New Year with R+F’s, I’d like to grow a team and earn a couple of promotions this year. Looking forward to meeting new people and helping as many people as I can with their skin 🙂

  138. 2016 is my year to grow my business! Level V here I come! I will also continue to use my Redefine regimen to have the most beautiful skin of my life. And the Amp MD roller is now my favorite tool -I use it every night! Love the results!

  139. My goal is to build up my new R + F business!! One new consultant a month and at least 3 new PCs. Bring it on 2016!!

  140. My skin care resolution for 2016 is to become a R&F consultant and share younger skin looking secrets with everyone I know!

  141. My skin care resolution: be more loyal to myself. Take the time each day to dedicate to me. My morning routine is Reverse, my evening routine us Redefine. I also want to combine with Amp MD Roller. I have residual effects from Bells Palsy I had over 10 years ago. And I’m starting to get a crease above my mouth between my cheek? And I’m hopeful that it will help. Every year, I tell myself I’m going to be better. A better mom, a better partner. This year I wNt to be better to me. #DermRF

  142. I had a challenging second half of 2015 dealing with a pregnancy loss and long home remodel. Fortunately or unfortunately I focused more on others than on myself and my business and though I was happy to be so helpful, I regret not growing myself and my business. My goal this year is to focus on taking care of myself, consistently using all of my R+F products, and growing my business to include PCs and consultants who I can mentor and help grow as well. Happy 2016!

  143. My business goal for 2016 is to work my business each and everyday and to share these amazing products with atleast 1 new person a day. My personal goal for 2016 is to continue using my regimens/macro exfoliator/amp md roller and stick to my daily/weekly skin care to continue to be a walking billboard for this amazing company and the phenomenal products they offer!

  144. My goal is to get at least 10 PC orders a month and get at least 5 consultants by the end of the year. I want to be more focused, organized and time efficient in life AND business!!

  145. 2016 is going to be the “real” start to my R+F business that I joined in Nov. The holidays were good but a bit hard. I am determined and excited to share this awesome gem of a business that I have found!! I CAN & I WILL!!

  146. My goals for 2016 is to use my products morning and night, become more knowledgable about the business, become a level 5 consultant by October 1st, and to help as many people as I can get the best skin of their lives!!!

  147. I want to be more present and involved with people and experiences that are positive and helps me stay accountable to my goals. I would also like to make sure I take the time to wash my face every night before bed – religiously. None of this accidentally falling asleep and going with it nonsense anymore!

  148. My goal is to learn how to balance this newish venture while still being a good mom and providing a better life for my family. I am excited for 2016!

  149. My goal for 2016 is to take better care of myself . The last 5 years have been brutal with really no time to pamper myself ..Dealing with my physical illnesses and taking care of people I love have taken great toll on my skin..I have resolved that I am going to put myself first..You cannot really feel confident when you know how much you have aged , I really need to feel that I am at least trying to reclaim how I used to feel about my appearance ..Would love to have the chance to try your product. Thank-you.

  150. My goal for 2016 is to use my great products every a.m. and p.m. and not allow myself to go to bed without caring for my skin. I also plan to work in both tools and Acute Care regularly.

  151. My goal is to reach Level 1 or better by January’s end. I will accomplish this by having my first BBL and posting on FB twice daily. Also, continued product and consultant training, staying positive and talking to everyone about R + F. January 17th will be my 60th day using the product. That would be a great day to do my BBL luncheon.

  152. My goal for 2016 is to be healthy, health others achieve great skin, continue to build my team and obtain Level V by December!

  153. I have tried Samples,Saving up my money to buy this product, Loved the way it made my face feel, Been using Mary Kay, for 40 + years, So ready to have my own Face products I hope to win, never tried anything so Great and the way my Faced felt the next,Awesome Going to be Praying to win, GOD BLESS,HAPPY NEW YEAR, ROBIN VEREB,

  154. This year I am going to seek out more customers ( team mates) like myself, pre/post menopause, living in sunny Florida and have family with breakout issues r/t (constant sweating). R&F not only educated but made leaps and bounds of improvement to those challenging skin issues! Plan on spreading the empowerment!

  155. I plan on recommitting to my regimen usage daily and nightly, drinking 8 glasses of water a day, getting 8 hours of sleep and exfoliating with Macro E once a week! And I’m eliminating refunded sugar. Business wise, I am getting back to prospecting after a hiatus!

  156. My 2016 goals are to master unassisted pull-ups and double unders. I accomplished a lot in 2015. Hopefully 2016 goes as well for me.

  157. Although it may seem young to some, I believe I need to start preserving the moisture and elasticity of my skin soon since I will be turning 25 this year. This plan of action will include drinking more water, sleeping more regularly, and investing in good serums, night creams, and spf. Taking care of my skin is like exercise for the body.

  158. Manage my business, time, PCs, & business partner relationships efficiently, effectively, prayerfully, energetically, and joyfully to facilitate my own growth & rewards (tangible & intangible) as well as those that join me on this journey.

  159. My 2016 goal: I am a new consultant as of this week, but have been using the accelerated reverse kit for a couple weeks. My goal is to use the products and tell everyone I know how good the product is. A few pcs and sign ins would be nice, but I’m doing this for me!! I’m getting married on 7/23/16 and I want to show off my natural beauty instead of caked on make up . I’m going to have all 7 bridesmaides take the skin test and for a gift they will get a skin care regimene on me. I believe in the product it works and I want to share it with my friends.

  160. I plan to focus on my business and personal growth. I will share these products and help change peoples lives, including my family!

  161. I started slow in May mostly because of multiple family issues that demanded my attention. Fortunately or unfortunately I focused more on others than on myself and my business and though I was happy to be so helpful, I regret not growing myself and my business. My goal this year is to focus on taking care of myself (using my AMP MD nightly – the results I’ve had from intermittent use have been good, continual use should be great!) and growing my business to include PCs and consultants who I can mentor and help grow as well. Happy 2016!

  162. My 2016 goal is personal and professional! Now that my skin is in great shape I want my to get my body in great shape too with a good diet and exercise plan. As for my business, I want to grow my team with at least two consultants and continue to grow my customer base as well.

  163. My new years resolution includes working harder to get my business working for me! And, being 55 with a 3 year old requires me to look my very best in my own skin…and R&F can help me do that if I ma dedicated to my regimen !

  164. I would like to continue using redefine regimine. I have seen awesome results and would love to add some hand cream to my supply along with this gift! Thanks!!

  165. 2016 Goals:
    Grow, grow, grow!! I want to grow my biz, reach Level 5 & help my team reach their goals, but more than that, I want to grow personally. I struggle with several things in my daily life. Stress & time management are the 2 biggest struggles for me. I want to decrease my stress levels & increase my time management skills. I’ve got a plan for both, so here’s to actually carrying out a New Years resolution!!

  166. My goal is to take better care of myself including my skin, nutrition, exercise, building better relationships and sleep.

  167. My goal is to enjoy my journey to more beautiful and healthy skin. To love who I am and to shine with confidence, thanks to my Rodan + Fields amazing result driven products and business. Here it to more of us shining more brightly in 2016! Cheers.

  168. My skincare goals for 2016 are to get my skin as healthy and vibrant as it used to be so I no longer feel like I need the cover of makeup, to help as many people as I can achieve the same, and to do Rodan and Fields proud with my efforts!

  169. My goal for 2016 is to keep sharing the passion I have for these amazing products. My passion will inspire and ignite others. I hope to learn and grow in this business!

  170. My goal is to add additional partners, grow my business so I can achieve L5 and work towards RFX Circle! I plan to do this by sharing our products with everyone I meet!

  171. My 2016 goals include eating right, exercising more, and simply living life to the fullest. To live like there’s no tomorrow and in everything do it out of love and with integrity… AND to hit Level 5 in my R+F business!!! Woohoo, 2016 here I come!!!

  172. My goal for 2016 is to continue sharing these these transformational products and the incredible business opportunity with excitement and dedication to change even more lives!


  173. My goal is to keep stepping outside of my comfort zone with this business! I’ve only been at it for 1 1/2 months, but I already feel like I’m growing in really positive ways!

  174. My goal for 2016 is to be more intentional in all of my relationships. To put down my phone when I am with friends or family and truly be there intentionally interacting with them. As for my skin, I am going to continue being more intentional with my skincare as well. To continue taking care of myself and of my skin with R+F products!

  175. My goal is to grow my team and double my customer base. My personal goal is to focus on my family, health, and reduce debt!

  176. 2016!! My goal to is to hit Level 5 (possibly Premiere Level 5, wahoo!!) and also help my direct team promote as much as possible! I also want to focus on my own well-being and happiness (we should all do that 🙂 ) and relationships with great friends and family. Here’s to 2016 ,we got this!!!

  177. My goal is to build big in 2016 in regards to my RF biz! I also want to make it a point to invest a little more in myself (a little more me time).

  178. My goal for 2016 is to continue to grow my team and spread the word about these amazing products! I want to be bold, daring, take risks and continue to love what I do everyday for me, my kids, husband and whole family!

  179. My goal is to become a Level V! To continue to grow my business one day at a time..
    Be of service to others , to love more and give more.. Be a good mom to my twins Emma and Jaxon

  180. My goal for 2016 is to learn as much as I can from my team leaders to grow my business. I want to challenge myself professionally, physically and mentally and push beyond my comfort zone this year.

  181. My skincare goals for 2016 include the following: make my way to drinking 8 glasses of water a day, drink one nutrition packed drink a day, committing to getting back to completing my twice daily regimens I got away from after having a baby and some severe health issues, making it a priority. I’m committing to whole body, including my skin, health in 2016!!

  182. My goal for 2016 is to join R+F as a consultant and grow that business by sharing the knowledge and information that I know of this product and how amazing it is! Secondly to have that beautiful skin that you can get from using R+F which I have been able to see results myself and on others that use the product… What an amazing product line as well as one of the best businesses to be involved with and to start being your own boss! Happy new year to everyone!

  183. Personal goal: worry less about others’ perception of me – be authentically myself, and encourage others to do the same.

    Professional goal: continue to grow and stretch myself in my R+F biz! Sharing the products and opportunity with others. 🙂

  184. My personal goals: To give more; financially, emotionally and spiritually. After a few years of trying to start a family I am hopeful this will be the year!
    RF Goals: Grow to L5! And to lead my team with love and strength so we can make work together for our mutual passions!

  185. My goal for my R+F business in 2016 is to work SMART and build a team of motivated and fun individuals who see the true potential in this business. I want to walk on stage at convention as a LV leader!!

  186. My goal is to be more consistent with my skin care, use all of my products correctly, and take better care of myself.

  187. My goal is to practice simplicity this year in my personal life and to continue growing my R+F business at at accelerated rate so I can reach Level V and beyond!

  188. By convention next year, my goal is to be Level V. I am also planning to make a healthy shift in my exercise and eating habits.

  189. My 2016 goals are to continue to change my mindset, Dream Bigger and share the gift of R+F to others to not only so they can get great skin but to have them join my fabulous team!

  190. My goal for 2016 is to get at least 3 partners! I also want to share this amazing product and opportunity with as many people as possible.

  191. I do not have a business – I work outside the home and I am older. Which means that I have catching up to do on my face and health. I’ve studied natural health for the past 7 years, so not all is lost. However, in trying to balance my body naturally, my skin has gone through mayhem. I have acne marks on my chin that I wish I could just erase! I am at the age of less skin elasticity, fine wrinkles, smile lines and crows feet. I take charge of my fitness and health, but still struggle to find the best products to help reverse aging. My New Years Goal is to finish clearing up my face(Unblemish has been great) and go on to reversing the aging process. Just got braces off, so that’s another step in the right direction! Goals – increase spiritual awareness, increase water intake, increase exercise in increments and obtain a beautiful complexion that I don’t feel like I have to cover up and hide.

  192. My main goal is to continue with my lifestyle changes and to stay on the road to better health and a better quality of life. Part of this is to grow my R&F business. I am so looking forward to a super fantastic 2016! Happy New Year!

  193. I have a few goals for 2016.
    1. Actually follow presidential campaigns before I vote.
    2. Continue my education.
    3. Lose the rest of the baby weight I gained when I got pregnant nearly three years ago. I gained 60lbs total and I have 30lbs to go.
    4. Be joyful.

  194. my goal is the live each day better than the day before. To live with kindness and find the positive in everyone n in each day.

  195. Level V before Vegas. Help each of my partners reach their goals. ….and keep making the world a more beautiful place to live in… one heart and one face at a time! …and be one step closer to being unchained from the desk job by Spring of 2017 so I can take my graduating senior twins on a Summer’s long backpacking trip through Europe! 😀

  196. My goal for 2016 is to be healthy again. And that starts with trying this product. I have been watching and listening for about 3 months and iam close to taking the plunge

  197. My goal for 2016 is to get more comfortable on my bike. I really want to knock out that triathlon on my bucket list! As for my R+F business – I would like to make EC and keep it.

  198. My goal is to build my business as much as I can before our new baby arrives in March and to contiune building beyond. Its been a while since we have had a new baby in the house so this will be quite an adjustment. I want to live 2016 with no regrets!

  199. My goal personally is to lose 20 pounds and be bikini ready by summer. Continue working out, eating healthy, reducing my intake of processed sugars and processed foods, reduce meat consumption and drink plenty of water. Continue using my Rodan + Fields products and remember to use my ampMD roller regularly. Professionally my goal is to organize my files, continue learning all about skincare and to make sure my Consultants have all the training and motivation they need to be successful! We are also going to be hosting a BBL for my newest Consultant that just joined my team yesterday. Smart girl, bought herself a business for the new year in time for a tax write off in 2015!

  200. My goal is to continue with my current skincare regimen every day and trying new products, reaching out to as many people to help them as these fantastic products have helped me and adding them to our team!!

  201. My goal is to help as many people as I can with their skin care problems and to build my team and obtain Level V by December 2016!

  202. My goal for 2016 is two fold. I plan to take better care of myself, as well as growing my business. I am on track for eating more healthily, as well as better care of my skin. I am growing my business monthly with new PCs and am also going to concentrate on helping my Directs to grow their businesses as well.

  203. I just started the Redefine regimen after kicking my life-long acne with Unblemish and Soothe!! I am excited to share this dramatically life and skin changing company with others and my goal is to grow my Rodan+Fields business!

  204. I plan to dramatically increase the number of PCs I have and help my team hit their goals each month. I will grow my business so I can stay at home with my kids even though I know I will miss teaching!!!

  205. My 2016 goal is to expand my R+F business. I’m finishing my first full month this month and I can already see where this business can help my family….I’m going to grow it in 2016! 🙂

  206. LV and beyond while helping my team achieve their goals. Sharing this life changing opportunity with everyone I can, enjoying the journey and not so focused on the destination. This year I will take better care of myself with diet, exercise, water, and sleep.

  207. My goal for 2016 is to be successful with Rodan + Field by sharing my positive results with others. I have loved these products and would LOVE to share the same success with others while growing my business. I am working on the confidence with myself along the way. I have always had problematic allergy related symptoms along with very large pores and so the successes I have had are amazing. Thanks Rodan + Field!

  208. My skincare goals for 2016 are to continue taking care of my skin by never skipping sunscreen and being gentler when applying product or cleaning my face, mainly the area around my eyes. The wrinkles are starting to show!

    My personal goals for 2016 are to continue finding and acting on new ways to take care of my body through different forms of diet and exercise and also to continue to be more disciplined when it comes to the household budget!

  209. My 2016 skin care resolution is to help others get the education they need to have the healthiest skin possible. For my personal skin, my goal is to use my AMP MD no less than 3x a week and to stop ignoring my neck and start treating it like I do my face. Consistency will play a big part for me in 2016!

  210. My goal is to be a better mom by teaching my daughter to take care of herself. i want to be a good example so that she can model after me!

  211. My skincare goal is t o keep using my amazing Rodan and Fields products every day. My goal is to continue to wear my sunscreen daily and to work out to keep my skin even healthier. I am also looking forward to trying Redefine to help with my expression lines.

  212. I want to look a bit more fresh, vibrant and less haggard. You know, the way I looked before I had my almost 4-year-old son! So My resolution is to clean my face with something other than baby wipes. And moisturize at least 4x/week. Which is 4 more times than currently.

  213. My skincare resolutions for 2016 are to drink water (during the work week I’m okay – it’s the weekend I struggle), get more religious with my regimen in the mornings, and get enough sleep!

  214. To continue to grow and give back even more than previous years! Also, to focus and spend time and energy on the positive things in life, rather than trying to hold onto things that are not meant to be.

  215. To not let life just pass me by. To stop and take each day in.To enjoy the simple things in life that make it so special. Love more……including myself! To grow my business and not have to work another 14 hr graveyard shift again 🙂

  216. I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant with my second child, and I was so sick during my first trimester, and most of my second, that my skincare routine was not up to par. Now that I am feeling less nauseous and more energetic, my goal is to get back to my weekly routine — Soothe every morning, Unblemish at night, Macro-E once a week, and AMP MD roller 3-4 times a week. I need my glow back!!

  217. My goal is to maintain a healthy body and mind and to grow my business at a pace that is 100% more than last year! I want so desperately to get 2 consultants to join my team!

  218. My goal for 2016 is to become more succesful in business. I need to set monthly goals and make sure I do everything in my power to meet them! I will continue to fill my buckets and get some consultants soon!

  219. My goal is to work on myself inside & out, to make myself look better, and to feel more at peace with who I am, and to be a friend to God more,!! Here’s to 2016!!

  220. My goal for 2016 is to take that next step and to build a team. I’m working towards having the opportunity to spend quality time with my family and to give my children experiences and to take them on a vacation.

  221. My goals are to continue using UNBLEMISH and REDEFINE, keep my weekly appointments with my MACRO Exfoliator, eat healthier, exercise more, and work on sleeping on my back! Whew!

  222. 2016 is my year to focus more on me, that includes working on my business, taking better care of myself and distressing my life and Rodan + Fields is going to help me do that by making me feel more confident and financial stable. I’m ready for this new year!

  223. My goal is to incorporate the words “until now” into my vocabulary. I would also like to grow my business in the number of PC’s and a few business partners! Then I am hoping to raise support to return to Swaziland, Africa, to do relief work.

  224. My goals for 2016 are to use my R&F every morning AND night (night is the hard part, I get slewpy!), to drink more water, and to get more regular exercise. Cheers to the New Year and an improved me!

  225. Continue to grow my Rodan and Fields team and help them grow theirs 🙂 Also to use my Roller even when I’m tired !!

  226. My goal is to challenge myself, get out of my comfort zone and expand my R+F team! I can’t wait to share the gift of great skin, grow as a person, and expand my income.

  227. My goal for 2016 is to get back into the workout routine, grow my R+F business, motivate people that are around me, and spend more time with family and friends. 🙂

  228. As a single mom of four elementary age children, I have become accustomed to putting myself last. I would like to make a concerted effort to give myself the gift of better health and confidence by taking a few minutes to pamper my own skin. I am on day three of my R+F regime and I am amazed! Thank you for such a wonderful product!

  229. My goal is to encourage all that I know and love to at least try an enhancement if not a regimen. To have my baby boy in mid April and be a successful mother and wife (amazing i just know it will be fantastic) 2016 will ROCK!!

  230. My new goal for 2016 is to stay focused on my new business. Wanting to grow my business and build a team. LOVE what Rodan+Fields has done for my skin so want to share this life changing products with everyone! ! No PC customers yet, but hoping for a NEW CHANGE for 2016…….let’s do it !!!

  231. My goal is to enroll at least 10 consultants and 20 new PCs. Also, wear a hat in the sun (new for me, lol), go part-time with my pharmacist career and go more time with my RF adventure and keep grinding to live debt free and stress free. 🙂

  232. My 2016 goals include not only excelling in my R+F business and helping others with the products and opportunities but also, to continue my journey towards graduating from PA school this coming December 2016. My goal is to continue doing well with R+F so that I can pay off my school debt all while getting the best skin of my life and helping others. Ideally, I’d like to be able to help others with my R+F income such as donating to St. Jude’s and helping our Veterans, two organizations I’m passionate about.

  233. I need to take better care of myself so that I will be healthier and better able to help my parents. This is my goal for the new year.

  234. My goals for 2016 is to continue to grow my R + F business and to use my Reverse and Redefine regimens consistently. I will also share the amazing R + F products with as many people as I can.

  235. I’m horrible about drinking water. I can go days even weeks without picking up a glass. I’m trying to work on creating a SMART goal for the new year that will keep me hydrated. I need something that I can stick with. Hydration will help my skin (along with R & F).

  236. Be happy, continue exercising and eating better. Be kind to all and smile a lot. Make people feel happy through my own happiness. Love myself and drink more WATER!!

  237. My goal for 2016 is to share these amazing products with as many of my friends and family as possible and get to level V in my first year as a consultant! My hope is for everyone else here to reach their goals as well! You got this ladies.

  238. My goal for 2016 is to use my AmpMD and Night Renewing Serum more consistently to help achieve plumper and firmer skin!

  239. Get healthy. Exercise more, drink more water, use sun screen, use my regimen religiously, and get more sleep. This sounds like a lot but it’s doable.

  240. My goal is to be CONSISTENT with the use of my Rodan + Fields products, with the support I provide to my customers, with the energy & attention I pay to my business, and with the support of my team!!! GROW TEAM GROW!!!!!

  241. Several goals — build a team, get enough sleep every night and drink plenty of water, while continuing to use redefine and reverse, along with consistently using the macro e and amp MD. Also make sure my family uses sunscreen everyday like I do.

  242. My skin care goal is to continue using SOOTHE TO help my sensitive skin as well as REVERSE at night. I hope to be able to clear up my sunspots and be able to move on to REDEFINE. I would love to decrease my lines and be able to maintain on REDEFINE and ACUTE Care.

  243. My main goal for 2016 is to get out of debt. One of the ways I am going to achieve this goal is by growing my Rodan + Fields business. Dedication, consistency and hard work everyday and I will succeed!

  244. My goal is to continue to use my Unblemish regimen twice daily and micro-dermabrasion paste a couple times a week to keep my skin free of breakouts and blemishes. I’d like to add in the macro-e weekly.

  245. 60 years young in 2016! While many I know have relied on Botox, fillers, face lifts and chemical peels; I have been fortunate to have discovered Rodan + Fields three years ago through a trusted friend. The products and tools have transformed my sun damaged, beach volleyball, leathery skinned face to a healthy, firmer, and much younger looking face who isn’t afraid to claim my age! My goal(s) for 2016? Simple. Keep using the products twice a day. Share the amazing results everyday. Wake-up and do it all over again! Action and results speak for themselves!

  246. Growing up, I didn’t learn to nourish and protect my skin, so sticking to my twice daily routine has been difficult. Even so, my skin has definitely transformed over the last five years! I can only imagine how great it would be if I was more dedicated. My goal is to stay on track by remembering to cleanse, moisturize, and protect every single day, no exceptions!

  247. My goal is to be foundation free this year!

    I have had acne all my life and I am on my second round of the unblemish regimen. I have seen many improvements but currently still uncomfortable without a little foundation. I previously used a liquid foundation daily, but now I’m only using a powder right! I can’t wait to see what happens the rest of the year! I hope top be completely foundation free!!!

  248. My goal is to share my business with others and sign on at least 2 business partners this year! Plus continue to consistently use my regimen and tools. 🙂

  249. My goal is to use my great products consistently. I’m guilty of skipping, especially at night when I’m falling asleep. Consistent use will yield even more awesome results!

  250. My skincare goals consist of getting to be confident being foundation free and cover up an old scar that I am hopefully Acute Care will help me with. My scar is caused by an auto accident a few years ago, it is above my right eye and is something I am trying to gain self esteem with having. I hope by using Acute Care I’ll be able to tell a story to attest to its ability!

  251. My 2016 goal is to get my skin looking young enough that people think I must be intentionally highlighting my hair grey bc I’m too young for it to be natural.

  252. My skin care goal for 2016 is to use my AMP MD system 6 nights a week & REVERSE my sun damaged skin. I want to move on to REDEFINE. My business goal is to build my team & increase sales volume over 2015.

  253. My skincare goal is to wear more hats and apply R+F sunscreen to protect my skin from the sun. To start the Redefine regimen after I have completed Reverse. Also, to reach out and be available to anyone that wants to take care of their skin.

  254. My goal for 2016 is to be consistent with my redefine regimen and start using the Amp MD roller. I want to have the best skin of my life for my wedding this year.

  255. Happy New Year! 2016 will be a year filled with helping new Consultants grow their business and PCs who love the Rodan and Fields products which will bring them the desired results for their skin issue. By consistently taking care of my skin with my favorite regimen Reverse, my Cs and PC’s, I will be Level V and skip into the short lines at convention! ;D

  256. Having only been with the company a week, my goal is 2016 is to become more knowledgeable about the products, to participate in training calls, and share this wonderful product and company with as many people as I can!

  257. My goals: replace sugar with non-sugary healthy choices, drink 6-8 glasses of water/per day & use Soothe products consistently a.m. & p.m.

  258. As a new consultant my goal is to build my team, starting with gaining my first C or PC, spread the RF experience, and change a lot of skins and a lot of lives :). Personally, I want to continue the overall appearance of my skin and to be able to purchase the macro-e and roller sooner than later.

  259. I am going to make every effort to use my eyecloths every night before using my eye cream. I have been guilty of not always taking advantage of all those great peptides!

  260. My goal is to continue to see results for my son whom is on Unblemish, and help people with there skincare needs, because I know for myself the pain it can cause by not having the perfect skin!

  261. My goal is continue to share the life changing business opportunity and superb products with everyone i know! There truly is nothing else that can bring this much joy and allow me to leave my career to be home with my babies!

  262. My goal is to start my business strong. I’ve used the products for over a year and now need to step out of my comfort zone and share them with others!

  263. My daughter and I have only been using R & F for 5 days but we’re loving the results!
    My goal for 2016 is to continue my regimen and start caring about myself and how I look again.
    I will also consider joining the R & F sales team. I wouldn’t dare try to sell a product without trying it first lol.
    I hope everyone has a wonderful 2016!

  264. My goal for 2016 is to be consistent with my skin care ~ using the AMP MD Roller (4x/week) and the Macro E (1x/week) along with my Redefine Regimen. And to drink plenty of water all day long!

  265. My goal is to rid my life of the people, things and places that provide a sense of negativity! I choose joy, positive leadership and genuine appreciation and using those to drive my R+F business to be the best year yet! Bring on 2016!!

  266. My 2016 Goal is to spend more quality time with my family and to take care of my health on the inside now, by drinking more water!

  267. My goal is to be more intentional with my time so I can grow my business, spend more time with friends and family, take better care of my skin and health, and be less stressed! Basically I need to stop wasting time😜

  268. 1) No more acne scars, no more sun spots, no more dark eyes.
    2) Consistently use the macroE then proudly post “after” pics!
    3) Grow my new biz!

  269. My goal is to become more diligent with my skin care routine. I have recently purchased the Redefine kit and love my results so far. I’ve NEVER washed my face at night or worn a moisturizer during the day. So far I’m doing both and LOVE how my skin feels already. Can’t wait to try some more R & F products!!!

  270. My 2016 goal is to start using R&F products .. My birthday present to me is to get my skin as beautiful as it can possibly be!

  271. By goal is to get rid of all visible sun damage and to always lather on the sunscreen. I also want to be better about exfoliating and moisturizing the rest of my body!

  272. My skin care goal is to be consistent with my R&F microdermabrasion tool and AMP MD systems. When life gets crazy, time collapses and I miss my scheduled once-a-week appointments with those tools. They make such a difference when I’m consistent, and yet I so often let the days fly by and miss them. I’d really like to LOVE my naked skin by sailing season. Secondary goal is to add more exercise, including weights, to my cardio routines. My body and face will never look 25 again, but it doesn’t have to look–or feel– 50!

  273. My skincare goals for 2016 include working on the redness that I currently experience on my cheeks, be more proactive about the blackheads I experience on my nose, and reduce the appearance of the pores on my face (especially on my nose and forehead). I also strive to drink between 70 and 89 ounces of water a day. Work on my skincare issues from the inside!

  274. My goal with the company is to do a better job of asking people if they would like the opportunity to join it! I am really good at selling the product because I believe in it and see what it has done for people but I’m not so great at the “sales pitch” per say of becoming an consultant. That I know I need to work on 🙂

  275. In 2016, my goal is to be consistent with eating healthy, drinking enough water, exercise and of course with skincare routine.

  276. In 2016 I want to challenge and push myself beyond the limits I knew were attainable because this business has given me the platform to see those possibilities! I want to physically get in shape and give my skin a new glow from the inside and out- both mentally and visually with the use of these amazing products- and ultimately find myself somewhere financially I didn’t know was possible! Bring it on 2016!

  277. I just received the Redefine regimen and eye cream and am using it for the first time. My goal is to be consistent with using the products, use sunscreen everyday, and to avoid sun exposure as much as possible!

  278. My Goal: To enjoy my journey to more beautiful and healthy skin, thanks to Rodan+Fields. Here’s to shining inside, and out, in 2016!

  279. Skincare resolutions – Continue with Reverse and Redefine, but this year, I’l be adding the mico E tool and the roller!! ! 😀

  280. My skin care goal is to implement the AmpMd Roller and Macro-Exfoliator into my skin care routine. My business goals are to add 10 new consultants to my team in 2016, add 50 new preferred customers by the end of ’16, and achieve Level V by my year anniversary of April 20, 2016.

  281. My goal for 2016 is simple it is to take care of me and that includes my skin, my body, my health, my relationships, my finances. Currently I don’t use anything on my face and I’m 44. I am noticing dry patches, few wrinkles/expression lines, and dullness so this would be great. Oh I’m in Canada so I hope If selected I could win. Thanks for the opportunity,

  282. My goal for 2016 is to expand my team and enable myself to stay home and work RF full time! It is such a fulfilling business! So blessed to be a part of it!

  283. My goals for 2016 is to drink more water, amp up my skincare routine with my amp roller, macro e and hopefully some acute care 😘 All while sharing these a,aging products with everyone I know and meet! Happy New Year🎉🎊

  284. My 2016 R+F goal is to continue with my Redefine, Reverse and amp roller. I want to post an awesome recent picture to compare to my original not so awesome picture. I want my family and friends to see that the Rodan and Fields products really do work and then get them to become consultants also.

  285. As a mother of 2, my focus has always been on my children’s needs. I am realizing turning 40 in 2015, it’s time to start focusing on some of my needs. 2016 is my year. Starting with my health, fitness and my skin!

  286. Wash my face nightly, work out routinely, buy only classic clothing that will last for years and continue being healthy and happy!

  287. First goal is to turn my business and personal life completely over to God and let Him direct me in other. 2nd is to begin my running routine again. Keep off the 25 pounds I lost last year. Next is to finish up the REVERSE regimen and getting rid of that last dark spot and start Tackling those fine lines.

  288. I am super excited for 2016 as its my big 50 year!!
    Lots of new goals including really defining my purpose, being more intentional and learning a new language is amongst a few of them!

  289. My goal is to make 2016 the best year ever..for me, my husband of 22 yrs & our 2 children. I want to make lasting memories from small talks to fun trips! I also would love to see ALL of us grow spiritually!

  290. Keep using my r+f products and adjust as my skin changes. Goal to keep protecting from the sun using sunscreen! Other goal is to continue to grow my business and share this wonderful company with others!

  291. Goal for 2016 is to be more confident in sharing this opportunity with others. I want to share this gift that I have been given.

  292. To wash up & do my entire Redefine routine, including the AMP MD, at the same time my kids do so I can’t use the “too tired” excuse when I’m ready for bed.

  293. My goal for 2016 is to dive into more personal development, live and love more intentionally, and raise up new leaders who WANT to run, and secure that Lexus!

  294. Be regimented with my skincare routine and eat healthier to promote good skin from within as well. Pay attention to my skin’s changes with the seasons and adjust my skincare accordingly (add more Unblemish for the Summer, etc.)

  295. My goal is to continue my redefine regimen and be more faithful with my Amp MD! I also want to share my love for these products with friends and family!

  296. My first goal is to start with the basics and feed my skin the proper nutrition it needs to look young and healthy. My second goal is to get on a routine sleep schedule with at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Top that off with Rodan and Fields Redefine, Acute Care and Amp MD and I won’t only look good but feel good too.

  297. My skincare goal for 2016 is to be more consistent with the AMP MD and Macro-E tools!! I love my regimen routine: Reverse in the morning, Unblemish in the evening. Add in microderm 2 to 3 times a week!!!!

  298. Now that I have my acne under control with the Unblemish regimen and the Macro Exfoliator, I am going to start incorporating the Redefine regimen and AMP MD to help with my fine lines and large pores, now that I am in my forties!

  299. My skincare goals are to always continue with my R+F regimens: Reverse and Redefine. Between those two, our amazing eye cream, and our AMP MD roller and MACRO E…my skin gets YOUNGER looking with each month/year. Just imagine the fabulous results I have to look forward to in the next year!! Lots of other goals: business growth, helping others to achieve their goals, drink more water, find more outdoor adventures, time with family, etc. LOVE that my R+F business allows me to think so freely about what my goals might be!!

  300. I’m currently on Unblemish and have been using the AMP MD for my pitted post-acne scars. My skincare resolution in 2016 is to take care of my sunspots and get by just wearing mineral pepties! 🙂

  301. I want to focus on building my R+F business and work towards that Lexus! I would love to be able to go down to part time at my job and be able to travel more

  302. I resolve to share the gift of this business with everyone in my family. I realized at Christmas that I haven’t shared with every member of my family. That has to change!

  303. My Goal: To enjoy my journey to more beautiful and healthy skin, thanks to Rodan+Fields. Here’s to shining inside, and out, in 2016!

  304. I plan to start the reverse in am, redefine in pm combo. Im a redefine girl at heart-and have dreamed for a chance to use the strips-but need to address some dark marks.