I have been using UNBLEMISH and my neck has become red and flaky. Is there something else I can try?

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Dr. Katie Rodan: Most people wash their face at the sink and do an excellent job of thoroughly rinsing products off of their face. However, many times cleanser residue can run down the sides of the neck, where it is wiped off with a towel. Without proper rinsing, over time the skin can become dry, red or irritated. Also, skin on the neck is more sensitive and reactive to any strong products.

Here is the solution: Make sure to splash the water up around the neck and over the jawline to thoroughly remove the UNBLEMISH Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash off of the skin. Should a rash form, try layering a small amount of 1% hydrocortisone cream to ease redness or irritation, followed by a gentle moisturizer over the area. If the rash persists longer than a few days, please see a dermatologist.

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  1. I’ve been using the whole Redefine system for 2 weeks, including the AMP Roller. My skin is so dry and I’m breaking out like crazy. I’m so disappointed. Maybe I’m using the wrong system? It’s so expensive! I hope I haven’t wasted more money on empty promises, again. I feel like there’s nothing out there for my menopausal, crepey skin.

  2. I just started unblemished regiment. My skin is dry and sensitive but I also have some acne and post acne marks. I’ve used the R&F products only twice and my face is literally burned. It looks and feels like I have a bad sunburn all across my cheeks and nose. The last time I used any R&F was was 2 days ago and my face is still in pain. Help! Should I give up on unblemish all together? What should I change to? I’m sad and disappointed.

  3. Hi! I would try exfoliating with the microdermabrasion paste! This can help with dry skin and provides you with a nice smooth base. Use this in place of your redefine mask three times a week! Hope that helps!

  4. I use the Redefine regimen. Do I need to use a moisturizer along with these products? I don’t want to put too much product on my face but I do feel like sometimes my skin is a little dry. If I do need to use a moisturizer do you have a recommendation and would it be the last thing to put on before foundation? Thanks for your help.

  5. My PC customer just started the soothe regimen for her sensitive skin issues. a week into the regimen, her skin is very dry and super flakey. also, breakouts. never usually has breakouts. Please suggest a possible solution. i did ask if she was using products in order and the small amount. yes! and yes!


  6. My mom uses reverse the tool and redefine night Cream and lip serum. It’s her 3rd month. Lately she had pinkish red blotches on cheek and above lip. I think this is where the skin is lightening and will slough off. It’s happened to me before. Is that what’s happening? She’s wondering if she should cut back on the #3 since it had retinal like the night Cream? Is she burning her skin?

  7. I’ve been using the Unblemish regimen for two weeks now and love it. My only concern is that my skin is extra dry in the winter and I tried the Redefine Overnight Restorative Cream and I broke out. Is there a good oil-free moisturizer I could use? I was thinking of trying the moisturizer or treatment in the Soothe regimen, but it doesn’t say oil free.

    1. Jessica, I use the Soothe moisturizer with Unblemish. It’s not extremely moisturizing, but it doesn’t break me out and it provides more moisture than the Unblemish Moisturizer. I would at least give it a try!

  8. @aimee–I know that when you start a regimen you can have a purging period which may explain the blackheads! I would try to complete the full regimen prior to moving onto redefine. Also, substituting the unblemish wash three times weekly may help too- the RF connection is a great resource for other questions as well!!

    @tammy–make sure you check with your plastic surgeon! Pending no complications soothe may be a good option but you could even see better results if you consider the AMPMD roller and serum! Feel free to email me! Kellyahalcomb@icloud.com

    This was a great article to share with others!!

  9. In 2015, I stop wearing cream foundation, thanks to Redefine and Reverse. In 2016, I resolve to wash my face every night and contribute to work on my dark spots!

  10. I use the reverse for pigmentation. How long do I use it before I switch to the Redefine? Also, I have noticed I have small black heads, seems like more than before I started the regimen . Do I need to change my regimen?

  11. I will be having plastic surgery. A tummy tuck, and chest reduction with a lift. Can I use Soothe maybe once the incisions are about 90% healed? Or what would be your recommendations on this? My surgery is scheduled for April 13th, 2016

    1. I would use a very good Vitamin E oil and massage the hard scar tissue a couple times a day. The tissue will feel hard as it’s healing and the massage will help soften it. Make sure though that its well closed up…3-4 weeks at least

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