Skincare Resolutions from the R+F Home Office

This winter we’re featuring skincare resolutions from the R+F Home Office. Read about the changes our team members and executives plan make on their path to healthier, younger-looking skin in 2016—and use them as motivation to set your own skincare goals.

Dr. Katie Rodan



“This winter, I am going to ‘Redefine’ my hands so they are handshake and hug ready when I meet our wonderful Customers and Consultants in the U.S. and Canada in the year ahead!”


Dr. Kathy Fields 


“Take my Vitamin D and reapply sunscreen. Continue my insatiable passion to be involved in cutting edge technologies, devices and ingredients to improve the lives of my patients and eventually everyone.”



Lori Bush, President & CEO



“My 2016 resolution is to make my 60th birthday difficult to differentiate from my 50th…and to not feel guilty about not re-shooting my headshot for the past seven years. MACRO Exfoliator™ and ACUTE CARE™—I’m all yours!”


Heidi Wissmiller, Chief Customer Officer



“My resolution is to spend more time with loved ones and to be true to my Regimen.”



Mary Radford, Director, RF Connection



“Keep calm and patch on! Every quarter I plan to apply ACUTE CARE Skincare for Expression Lines on the smile lines around my eyes for 10 uses over 4 weeks. Then I’ll maintain the results with a once-a-week application.”


Selena Nero, RF Connection Product Specialist 



“This year I plan to be more consistent with my Regimen usage and to drink more water!”



Rachel Kigano, Senior Technical Project Manager

Rachel_Kigano_SmMy 2016 skincare resolutions are to: 

  • Sleep 8 hours, when possible.
  • Pay more attention to what I eat in order to help my body and skin.
  •  Use products the right way for better results.
  • Use sunblock in all seasons.
  • Love my skin!


Kelly Summers, Senior Manager, Learning & Development



“Keeping my skin looking healthy, smooth and radiant is a priority for me. So I will continue to drink a lot of water and diligently use my REDEFINE Regimen and Lip Renewing Serum day and night, in addition to using the AMP MD™ nightly.”


Ghazaleh Kermaani, Senior Brand Manager

“Now that my skin has cleared from using the UNBLGhazaleh_Kermaani_SmEMISH Spot Fading Toner, I’m looking forward to transitioning to the REVERSE Regimen and using the REDEFINE AMP MD and Night Renewing Serum daily for brighter-looking skin.”



Maria-Christina Katsoulis, Executive Assistant



“I plan to celebrate life and use AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller every day.”



Have you set your 2016 skincare resolutions yet? Decide Today How Tomorrow Looks™—and share your personal skincare goals below.

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  1. Hi, my cousin is interested in purchasing the reverse regimen. The only problem being she cannot use salicylic acid on her face.
    is there another way to get the same results, without going that reverse route? Also so it is
    \not too expensive doing this other route.

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