Take a Closer Look: How We Communicate with Our Eyes


Without saying a word, our eyes convey a great deal about our feelings—from joy, excitement and romantic interest to sadness, anger or discomfort. Our use of eye contact can also affect how we are perceived by others. For example, researchers at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, found that people who make direct eye contact are seen as more attractive and likable—regardless of whether they are smiling or serious. And the influence of the gaze doesn’t stop there.

We tend to make eye contact more with people we like and agree with and less with those we dislike, disagree with or are intimidated by. Engaging another person in eye contact sends a message that you are confident, trustworthy and knowledgeable—and an attentive listener will hold eye contact roughly 70 percent of the time, research suggests. Whereas, failing to meet the gaze, especially in professional settings, can make someone appear unattractive, detached, passive or even incompetent.

There may be a chemical reason why we tend to lock eyes with loved ones. In an article in Biological Psychiatry, biochemistry expert Dr. Kerstin Uvas-Moberg proposes that making eye contact may even stimulate the release of oxytocin (the “feel good” or “cuddle” hormone), associated with physical and emotional bonding. On the flip side, an unwelcome stare from a stranger can stir feelings of unease or even fear in the recipient.

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