A Chance to Win our REDEFINE AMP MD™ System


Has anyone told you recently that you look younger than your age? Post below in the comment section and tell us what products you are using to make your skin more youthful, and you’ll be entered to win a free REDEFINE AMP MD™ System for Firmer-Looking Skin.


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  1. I’ve been using Redefine for 6 weeks. I’m 68 and have been told recently I don’t look anywhere near my age. I would love to add AMP MD to my regimen so it can brighten up my complexion even more. If I won the AMP MD I would then be able to purchase the Multi Function Eye Cream. I could be on the road to looking 39!!!

  2. I can barely believe the results…I had to post the photos side by side to really see the amazing difference in the skin on my neck! I’ve been using REDEFINE and the AMP MD roller for 6 months and had no idea I would end up looking 10 years younger. Since I posted the photos, I have had just under 700 comments, and about the same number or more of Likes! Unbelievable! Those two used in conjunction with each other obviously made the difference!Thank you, Rodan + Fields, for giving me 10 years back on my appearance!!!

  3. I have been using the Redefine Regimen with AMP MD Roller and Night Renewing Serum for just over 60 days. I can’t believe the difference in how my skin looks and feels! I recently added in the Eye Cream too!

  4. I’m using the reverse regimen currently and I’m looking forward to adding the amp MD. Following the regimen, makes my skin feel great after every use. It’s an easy process to follow so its keeping me accountable for taking care of my skin night and day which I didn’t do previously.
    I’m a new consultant with a history of sensitive skin, acne, and everyone is aging so I will trial all the products so that I can give the best advice to my customers.

  5. I have been using the reverse products, eye cream and soothe – I love all of them and just the other day I saw an old friend and she said your skin looks great ” what do you use? ” – R and F I told her.
    Loving these products!

  6. I have started using the Unblemish regime since April 8th. I’ve seen a great improvement in my skin, but the acne isn’t totally gone. Hopefully, my 2nd round of the regime will help clear it up!

  7. I have been using the redefine regimen, eye cream, and used the sample of the micro-dermabrasion paste and moisturizer. The micro-dermaabrasion paste and moisturizer has really helped my skin. I will be ordering these as soon as I can. I want to, also, try the multi function eye cream and moisturizer. I have seen a vast difference in the texture of my skin and have been complimented.

  8. REVERSE + Multifunction Eye Cream, AMP MD roller 3x/week, Macro E 1x/week!! People think I’m 10-15 years younger than my age!!! 🙂

  9. I started with Reverse, the Amp MD Roller, and the MACRO Exfoliator. After 2 months, I added the Redefine Eye Cream! After 4 months I added the Redefine regimen. So my routine is as follows, Reverse in the AM with Eye Cream, Redefine in the PM with Eye Cream, Roller 6 x’s a weekend MACRO once a week! I LOVE these products!

  10. I use the Reverse regimen with Amp Md Roller, multi-function eye cream and night renewing serum at night a few times a week in lui of the Reverse step # 3. I love it all! I love hearing “YOU’RE A GRANDMA! NO WAY!?”

  11. I have just started using ReDefine and love the results. The material says the AMD roller will really intensify the results. I have never had a skincare routine so I am going forward with great expectations

  12. I am using Reverse in the morning and Redefine with the Amp roller at night- and definitely wearing the Reverse sunblock every day! Loving it all 😄

  13. I was just told this by my husband the other day…of course my secret (NOT A SECRET) is Rodan + Fields!

  14. I was getting my hair done and looking at the girl with beautiful skin sitting next to me. She said to me, ” you have such pretty, young looking skin!” (I’m 61 years old). I thanked her told her I am in love with Rodan and Fields products. I said I was admiring her skin and complemented her on her glowing skin and she said she started using Rodan and Fields and loves it as well. (Of course I wanted to shout it for the entire salon to hear about the wonderful results of Rodan and Fields!).

  15. My 14 y/o son told me instead of turning 50 in June, I should celebrate my 48th birthday and just keep going down backwards from there. I began last month and became EC, can’t wait to keep growing old but not looking the part with my Redefine and AMP MD. Thanks R + F!!

  16. I use the REDEFINE regimen mostly but do occasionally us the REVERSE regimen in the am! I LOVE the Eye Cream and the AMP MD Roller is a must-do 6x per week followed by an application of the Night Renewing Serum! Can’t forget the Lip Serum – use that too!

  17. I get carded all the time when buying lottery tickets and alcoholic drinks because they believe I’m not of age and when they look at my id they are surprised and say that “I carry my age well”.

  18. I work at a middle school and I get yelled at by coworkers and even the principals in the hallways until they realize I also work there! Hah! I currently use unblemish and am working towards redefine.

  19. I use the Redefine regiment along with the microdermabrasion paste 2x@week & the eye cream for a year now & can see noticeable changes to my face! Love the softness!

  20. I ran into a old friend on Easter morning at church. Her comment to me was “What are you using on your face? You are glowing! So I told her that I am using Rodan and Fields Reverse Regimen.it reversed my dark spots and sun damaged skin. She said “send me the link about the products and the Dr’s. I was very excited because people are noticing my beautiful results.

  21. My husband had uneven skin tone and dark spots. He tried Reverse and then added the Accelerator Pack and has more even tone skin now! He LOVES it and now notices other people who might benefit from Rodan and Fields! <3

  22. I’ve been using the Redine system and also the Reverse brightening complex. The products have improved my skin tone and it feels much softer. I’m a very satisfied customer.

  23. Just started on the Redefine regimen and excited to see what results are around the corner. Would love to win this AMP roller set!

  24. I recently started using Rodan + Fields Reverse regimen. In less than one week, my skin is so much softer and I can already see dark spots from years of sun damage becoming lighter! After seeing several of my friends using this product and the huge difference it has made in their skin, I decided to become a Consultant without even using the product! I am so excited about the products and the Christian team of people I am working with! I am looking forward to this journey and the opportunities to serve in great ways!

  25. I am using microdermabrasion paste and reverse regimen… I am from India and I am very much glad and happy that I discovered your stuff..best products I have used till now.. Would love to win that and add it to my collection. 😊😊😊

  26. I would love to add the AMP roller to my skin care regimen!! Im a new user to the Redefine system for the last few months and I really love it!!! My skin is smoother, more glowing and the wrinkles have visibly diminished! Im even thinking of becoming a consultant I love it so much!!

  27. Although I’ve been told I look younger than my age, I just placed my first R&F order and am looking forward to many years of younger, healthier skin!

  28. I did not believed until I took a picture of me and my neck. What a SHOCKER!!! Triple, sagging and hanging skin… OMG!!! I could not bring myself to believe that was me. Immediately I called my friend a R+F Consultant Cindy Beach and told her I NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! With her calming voice she said not to worry. She had this great toll and product that would take care of it. After following the recommendation on how to properly use it, I took pictures before, 2 1/2 weeks and a months. To my surprise the AMAZING difference was INCREDIBLE!!! I was so surprised that I sign up as a consultant… Now I use my results to help others and to prove that I am a walking Advertisement of R+F products and their amazing results…. Thank you for bringing my sanity back. Thank you Cindy. Pictures available upon request.

  29. I am using the UNBLEMISH regimen in the AM and PM. I just purchased the Macro Exfoliator and can’t wait to use it.

    After a few weeks, I am finally seeing and feeling smooth skin and getting compliments.

  30. I recently attended a shower for my daughter who is getting married and a guest arrived and the first thing she said to me was OMG is this your mother? You have gorgeous skin. of course I told her about Rodan and Fields and this week she will be using it as well. My daughter uses smooth and my youngest uses unblemished. So in April we will look smashing at the wedding and so will our guest.

  31. Redefine morning and night except on Tuesday and Friday when I use MD paste in morning and serum! I’m a newbie and can’t wait to get the Macro Exfoliator and Amp MD!

  32. I’ve been using the REDEFINE regimen for just over 2 months and had a complete stranger, a woman probably in her mid-late 70s, walk up to me at a travel show and tell me, “Whatever it is you are using, don’t stop! You look totally awesome!” I can hardly wait to see what someone comments after I start using the AMP MD roller with REDEFINE (this month’s order+)!

  33. I’ve been using the Redefine Regimen, the Micro-Dermabrasion Paste, and the Lip Renewing Serum since November. My skin has never looked better. I was a Proactiv user for almost twenty years and have always trusted Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields with my skin care. I couldn’t have never predicted how wonderfully my skin would respond to Redefine.

  34. I use Redefine morning & night with eye cream and lip serum along with the MacroX once a week! Would love to add the roller!

  35. Reverse is my go to and favorite regimen! The brightening complex combined with the anti aging element is an added bonus. My skin has never looked better and I have never felt more confident.

  36. I use the Redefine Regimen morning and night, with the Unblemish Sulfur wash at night. I also use the Multifunction Eye Cream morning and night. I use the Micro-Dermabrasion paste 3 times a week with the Night Renewing Serum.

  37. I love when I am complimented on my skin because it gives me a chance to share my secret, R+F! I amp once a week, redefine day and night. They are my forever products.

  38. I started using the Reverse line with the Macro E 5 months ago and I can honestly say that I am absolutely blown away by my results! I am now 41 and feel like I am in my 20’s again. Sometimes I look in the mirror and forget that I do not have makeup on but seem to always think this first glance. My skin is bright, smooth and spotless now. I have even skin tone, something I’ve never had before since I was a little kid. I just added the multi function eye cream to my skincare routine!

  39. I use the roller every evening and use the multi function redefine eye cream, redefine overnight restorative cream, redefine night renewing serum, redefine lip renewing serum. Have been doing this for 11 days. Keeping my fingers crossed for some amazing results!!

  40. I bought Reverse with the AmpMD system several months ago. At first, I just didn’t have time to use the roller. Oh was I foolish! For the last few weeks I have been faithfully rolling – the results (at least in my opinion) are fabulous. My name is Paige Blanchat and I am a roller addict!

  41. I am turning Forty in a couple months and I always get mistaken for being in my early 20’s. I am Using the Soothe line because I react to almost everything. I am a new User and have noticed great results. I am extremely eager to try the amp roller and the reverse system, I hope I win! I am testing the product before I enroll into sales because I must love it to sell it. I have noticed great results already and I am happy to say no allergic reactions!

  42. I’d only been using the product for a few weeks when I got my first compliment. “What did you do?” Then the next week, “How is it you never age?”

    Love this stuff! thanks R+F!

  43. I use Unblemish in the morning and Redefine with the AMP MD Multi-Function Eye Cream, Lip and Night Renewing Serum before bed. Love my silky smooth skin

  44. I have been using the redefine products along with eye cream for only a month. Since then, I have had several people comment on how refreshed my face looks. They asked if I have changed my makeup and what I have done. I get so excited and say R&F and less makeup. 😊

  45. I havent tried your products yet, I use Clinique super defence…hope to be able to try your amazing products <3

  46. Started off with REVERSE along with microdermabrasion paste, multi-function eye cream, AMP MD & Macro-E. Later added REDEFINE.

  47. I started a month ago using redefine regimen along with eye cream. Already see a difference. Love your products.

  48. Just ordered the Reverse and Redefine line as well as the microdermabrasion. Excited with to start on this to get rid of the sun spots and smooth out skin tone. Would love to win the AMP system

  49. Reverse and redefine are changing my skin and I’m loving it! People always think I’m younger than 35!!

  50. I’m using unblemish regimen with the spot fading toner plus redefine multifunction eye cream and loving it!!! Having a baby and turning 30 was hell on my skin and after a month of use I’ve already seen a drastic improvement!

  51. I am currently using the Reverse Regimen and eye cream. I am in LOVE with the way my skin feels and looks!!! The best on the market, I’ve ever used!!! I can’t wait to expand my personal home care line with more of these fantastic products😍

  52. I have been using the Redefine regimen and just ordered the eye cream. I have only been using the product for one month and already all my friends have noticed such a change in my overall facial appearance. I will be 70 years old in July and this product has not only made my skin look refreshing and firmer, but it has reestablished confidence in myself as well as my desire to now go out into the world and volunteer feeling as if I no longer look tired and “droopy”.

  53. I recently met a Rodan & Fields consultant and she was telling me about your products. I have to admit, I’m intrigued to try them. I’m currently using a foam cleanser and night cream by Boots. I was told recently I don’t look my age (48), but I credit it, to not having children, not my skin care routine.

  54. At 47, I’ve been told I look younger now than I did 10 years ago. I’ve been using Reverse for almost 2 years now. The eye cream, alone, has been a game changer for me. My paternal side of the family has always had dark circles/puffiness. I no longer need under eye concealer or foundatuon at all! I am so happy that I found R&F!

  55. Yes, my husband has told me that I look younger. After 30 years of marriage I love that he still loves me and that he still gives me compliments. I use Redfine, AMP MD System, and the Macro-Exfoliator. I would love to have this.

  56. I use UNBLEMISH in the morning & REDEFINE at night along with Amp MD system, REDEFINE Eye cream, REDEFINE lip serum, Micro-dermabrasion paste. I have been told that my skin looks great & people that don’t know my age say that they would not have guessed my age at all! Great feeling!! 🙂 Thx!

  57. I have been using the Reverse and Accelerator Pack. The Accelerator Pack has really made a difference in my brown spots and discoloration. My skin looks better with every use, I am so thankful to have been introduced to R&F.

  58. In addition to my previous post…
    i meant to say I use the Acute Care boxes every 3-4 months!

    I also just read on another post called “A+ Beauty Secrets” that it is suggested NOT to leave sunscreen in the car…(oops)…because it can break down ingredients…& not be as effective.

    LOVE these articles! I’m learning so many new things every day! Thank You dermRF !!

    ~Stacey Carr, San Diego, CA

  59. To make my skin look more YOUTHFUL:
    I useMornings:
    Pre-wash before gym: Soothe#1

    Since I just increased my working out regimen in the mornings, I noticed that I sweat more & I noticed if you don’t wash your face right afterwards, the sweat, dirt oils can clog your skin. So after my workouts I use the full regimen….of
    UNBLEMISH – all 4 steps.
    REDEFINE Multi-Function Eyecream I add right before Step 4.

    Finish with, Essentials Mineral Peptides powder with SPF, to help even out my skin tone.

    Lip Serum – every night!! It’s like my security blanket!

    REDEFINE Regimen, the AMP MD Roller,
    REDEFINE Multi-function Eyecream I add right before Step 3.

    1x a week: Macro Exfoliator

    3 x’s a week: Microdermabrasion Paste

    2 boxes of Acute Care Strips, I use
    2 strips on crows feet,
    2 strips placed vertically between my eyebrows for the 11’s & forehead expression lines.

    For glowing skin:
    In the shower I use Microdermabrasion paste on my arms, elbows, knees, legs & feet.
    After drying off
    I use Essentials Sunless Foaming Tanner: 3 x’s a week.
    And the Essentials Moisturizer at night on my legs, arms, chest & hands.

    I always carry the Hand brightener & Essentials Lip balm with SPF in my purse/bag.

    I keep one Essentials Sunscreen in my to-go bag, if I ever plan on being outdoors. And I keep one Sunscreen in my car, so I am never caught without sunscreen.

    Stacey Carr
    San Diego, CA

  60. REVERSE in morning, REDEFINE at night, Multi-function eye cream twice a day, Amp Roller MD every night—-love it!

  61. After bariatric surgery I really looked older than my actual age of 46. I asked a pharmacist friend what she used for her face because her skin was so perfect. She showed me her before and after photos from using her Rodin and Fields products . I had no idea she used to have cystic acne. I contacted Trudy Hedgecough one of my classmates from high school. I knew that she sold Rodin and Fields. She led me through the testing in the website to figure out the best products for me. I use The reverse system daily twice a day I use the macro exfoliator on the weekend. I use the amp MD roller 2 to 3 times a week. I use the body lotion on all of my loose skin from my 107 pound weight loss. Now I use the Eye cream to avoid any puffiness under my eyes. I have also fallen in love with that lip treatment in the little packs. it is amazing. I have received many compliments from other bariatric patients about my skin. I use all of the treatments on my Neck especially because I had a very bad turkey neck after losing all the weight. I have thrown out all of my foundation after two months on the system. There is no need for it whatsoever. My husband had his doubts at first but then he saw the results and he loves how my skin is baby soft and perfectly clear. Now I look like a 40-year-old healthy woman not the 47 that I am about to be .

  62. I have been using the Reverse regimen, along with lip serum and night renewing serum! I also use the microdermabrasion paste! Cant wait to get my hands on some eye cream though!

  63. Redefine in the morning and night renewing serum with amp md at night of course allllways with the eye cream! Love it

  64. I’ve been a consultant for 7 months using Redefine twice a day. It was not until I started using the Amp MD most evenings and the Redefine Multi Function Eye Cream after about 3 months that I started hearing from people that I don’t see routinely how pretty my skin is. Exfoliate every 7-10 days, too. I just turned 61 and people tell me I look 5-10 years younger!

  65. I use Reverse regimen AM with redefine triple defense cream. Redefine pm with Amp MD and NRS and pm cream if face feels dry. Absolutely love the lip
    Renewing serum. Never miss a day. Macro E once a month and eye cream twice daily. Micro dermabrasion paste twice a week. Soothe 2 for Roscesa on my nose. My skin has never been better.

  66. For the past two months I’ve used SOOTHE morning and night along with REDEFINE night cream. I can’t wait ’til my face is completely soothed & I can try some other products!

  67. I love Redefine with the AMP MD along with the Macro E once a week. I’m seeing results in less than a month!!

  68. Love my amp and NRS… it feels so smooth.. if i miss out one day, for sure the next day, i will feel a difference in my skin and remember that i should have used it!! Thanks so much for this tool!

  69. I have been using Reverse in the a.m. with the eye cream along with the Redefine regimen in the evening along with the AMP roller and Macro-Exfoliator .
    A few months ago , a friend in the grocery store asked me what was different with my skin.
    I told her about RODAN + FIELDS.
    She enrolled as a PC last week and brought a friend with her who also enrolled as a PC!

  70. My husband and I ‘rock our rollers’ every night! Since we started 18 months ago, he has significantly reduced his old acne scars and smoothed the texture of his skin. Speaking of texture, my skin is not only much smoother, the AMP MD has greatly diminished those fine line/pores and tightened the skin around my jaw and neck. Just about to turn 59 and have never had my skin looking or feeling so healthy. Our sons are 33 & 34. Not too long ago I was introduced to one of their friends…..he asked if I was their sister! Thank you R+F!

  71. Reverse, eye cream, lip serum! I’m an actress and I’m playing a part 14 years younger than my actual age right now thanks to my R+F:)

  72. My bestie Melissa let me borrow the Redifine regimen for a couple of weeks along with the Redefine AMP roller. I stopped using my Lancome routine (which I have done for many years) and used all the Rodan + Fields samples I had – including the exfoliation paste, nightly renewal serum and lip serum as well along with the above mentioned products. My expression lines were greatly diminished after 2 weeks of using the regimen and my skin looks healthier and younger. I’m a believer!

  73. I have been using Redefine for over 3 years now and can’t go a day without it! I throw in some Reverse every so often as well as the microdermabrasion paste, but my best friend is anything REDEFINE!

  74. I absolutely love the Redefine and Reverse Regimens with the AMP Md roller and night renewing serum!! ❤️🙋🏼

  75. I use reverse in the am (the whole regime)with the redefine eye cream. In the evening I use the redefine regime , I roll nightly , once a week I use the macro exfoliator. I also use the redefine eye cream and lip serum nightly. I swear it’s taken more than five years of aging skin off of my face ,my wrinkles are less my skin is much firmer and glows !. friends ask me all the time what am I doing ? I have great before and after photos.

  76. Ha!!! YES!!!! The other day I went to my son’s high school to meet up with his teacher and the student teacher and the student teacher whom I had never seen before asked if I was my son’s mom or friend!!! People have a hard time believing me that I have a 17 yr old!!! I always get asked how old I was when I had him!! I love it!! I’ve been using Reverse in the am, Redefine in the evening with the Amp MD and the Macro E once a week!!! Last month I started using the Microdermabrasion Paste once a week, the Eye Cream twice a day and the Lip Renewing Serum 3-5 times a week!!! My skin feels amazing!! Thank you!!

  77. I am using Reverse and multi function eye cream. I couldn’t afford to buy the roller when I started my biz, so winning this would be so awesome!! My son says my skin looks younger smoother!

  78. My nail girl just said I looked two young to have teenagers!!! She got a good tip!! I use redefine & microderm paste.

  79. Reverse in the AM and Redefine in the PM with the AMP MD roller every night except my date night with my Macro Exfoliator! I also use the Multi-Function Eye Cream morning and night. Love, love the Lip Serum too!

  80. I use Unblemish but was just telling my friend last night that I’m dying to try the Amp roller! And the whole Reverse line too. Pick me! 🙂

  81. Love my combo of redefine and unblemish. I add in soothe when needed. My skin has never looked so fab!

  82. I use the Redefine Regimen and the Redefine multi function eye cream. People always mistake me for my boyfriends age. He’s 30. I’m 41. Love, love, love these products!!!!!

  83. I use unblemish in the mornings and after workouts and redefine at night. Pair all of that with the MD paste 3x a week and the mac e on sundays it keep my skin in check.

  84. I use Reverse, the eye cream, and the day and night cream from Redefine. My skin hasn’t looked this good in years. I had no idea how much sun damage I actually had. TY R+F.

  85. I use unblemish cleanser in the morning along with redefine toner and step 3. Then I use redefine at night. I also use the multi-function eye cream.

  86. I use the redefine regime, daily cleansing mask, pore minimizing toner, redefine pm, redefine am,, daily moisturizer, Redefine AmpMd. I love them! My one large wrinkle is almost gone. Waiting for my Multi-Function Eye Cream!

  87. I get told, “Wow–I’d have thought you were in your early 30’s!” and “You have a perfect complexion!” I am 41, and use Redefine Regimen with the Unblemish face wash several times per week, Lip Renewing serum at night, and the Macro E every week. I wear only the Redefine day cream with SPF, Enhancements Mineral Peptides, and some mascara during the day. I have three children under six, one being a nursing toddler–I rarely get enough sleep so I LOVE my Redefine Regimen and results!!!

  88. I use the Unblemish Regimen in the morning, Redefine Regimen at night, Micro-dermabrasion Paste twice a week, AMP MD roller with Lip Renewing Serum on my lips to plump them, AMP MD with Night Renewing Serum on my face, under my chin and on neck to tighten those up. I’m 26 and didn’t think I needed to use Redefine Regimen and AMP MD until I used them because I had them on hand and looked like a totally different person! My before and after. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10205656678077990&id=1285410052

  89. I use UNBLEMISH in AM & REDEFINE in PM with the REDEFINE Multi-function Eye Cream, Amp MD Roller, & Macro E along with the Awesome Micro-dermabrasion paste!

  90. I especially receive compliments from people I haven’t seen me in a while who are curious about what I’m doing. 😍
    I use the Redefine regimen in the day. Winter I use Soothe Cleanser at night.
    Lip Serum at night. Use Soothe #2 all the time for extra dryness/redness. When needed I use Reverse w/the Accelerator Pac. Almost every day I roll with the AMP MD. Weekly treatments w/the MacroE. Accute Care every 3 months.
    Biggest difference in my routine is not having to cover or even out my complexion anymore w/foundation.

  91. I use Unblemish with the Redefine day and night cremes. I incorporate the roller and serum for fine lines and acne scarring and I use the macro e once a week! I also love the multifunction eye cream!

  92. Have been using Redefine for 2 years! Will never be without this product! Love the way it makes my skin feel! Oh yes, the eye cream is a must! Morning and night! No puffy morning eyes!!

  93. No one can believe I’m 63 and don’t wear makeup. I use Reverse in the morning and Redefine in the evening. AMP roller every evening and Micro Exfoliator on Sunday nights after microdermabrasion. Eye cream every night as well.

  94. I have rosacea and have been using Dr Pericone cleanser and Precriptives face cream. It’s not working! I think it’s time to try RandF!!

  95. I use the redefine regimen in the pm, reverse in the am, with the eye cream, lip serum, amp md roller 4x a week and the macro e. I’m absolutely obsessed!

  96. I use the Reverse regimen and the multi-function eye cream. I have had melisma since having my daughter and the reverse line has evened out my skin and I rarely put on make up for every day anymore. The eye cream has been great for the wrinkles!

  97. I am also using the Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream twice a day and absolutely love the results! My husband and I are about to start using the Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash and the Soothe Sensitive Skin Treatment.

  98. I used redefine, currently using reverse, MD paste 3 times a week, AMP MD roller, roll my lips too, with night time renewing serum, lip renewing serum, eye cream 2x/day. I am aging backwards…love my fountain of youth!!

  99. I am using Reverse in the morning and Redefine at night. Every other night I use the MD paste followed by NRS and the lip renewing serum. I also use the eye cloths. Love, Love, Love these products and can’t imagine using anything else!!

  100. I am 32 and lead a college ministry, I am constantly mistaken for a college student!
    I use the Redefine Regimen with the AmpMD Roller 5-6 times a week with the Night Renewing Serum. Has absolutely changed my skin! I just started using the Multifunction Eye Cream a few weeks ago and love how it feels!

  101. Redefine face wash and multi function eye cream. I would love to add the Redefine AMP MD sytem as well!

  102. I love it when I tell people my real age because they think I am in my fifties, but really I am sixty-four. I can thank Rodan & Fields for the compliments! I am using Redefine regimen, Redefine Multi-function eye cream, the Amp MD with Redefine Night Renewing Serum 6 days a week then on the 7th day I use the Macro-Exfoliator. My results are wonderful to me. My skin tone & texture have improved greatly.

  103. I use REVERSE, the REDEFINE Multi-function Eye Cream, the Lip Renewing Serum and the AHmazing AMP MD Roller! LOVE my R+F products and my results!!! 😁👏🎉❤️

  104. Have used redefine for almost a year and I love it. I have been interested in the Amp system as I still have some fine lines along my cheeks I’d love to find a way to lift just a bit.

  105. My 10 year old granddaughter just told me my skin looked great and I looked younger! They notice too! I’ve been using the Reverse regimen since the beginning of January. It works!

  106. I am using the eye cloths and eye cream. My mom commented just last night that she can tell a difference. I would love an amp roller. It is definitely on my list when I can afford more products!

  107. I use the Redefine regimen with the Amp MD roller & Macro Exfoliator. I also use the Eye cloths & eye cream. My skin has never looked better! I’m totally addicted!!!

  108. Unblemish in the am and redefine with amp in pm. Eye cream morning and night. Microdermabrasion paste couple of nights a week. Loving it!

  109. I am a new customer and will be soon start using the Redefine regimen. I am looking forward to using these products and am hoping they will help minimize my pores and fine lines and firm up some of my sagging skin.

  110. I am 80 years old. I am seeing a dermatoligist for sun damage on my face. I am using a chemo cream, and hate what it is doing to my face. My nose is bright red and peeling. will it ever stop. I would love to try to the Roller and define for my face.
    Please consider me !!

  111. I got the reverse regimen 3weeks ago. I have NEVER had skin that looked this good. I have had eczema all my life and my skin has always been dull and dry..I am in awe of this product. I finally feel good about my skin.

  112. At 44, I LOVE the “WHAAAAATs” I get when I tell people my age. I’m a dedicated Redefine user with the eye cream and both Macro E and AMP MD. It’s my skincare brand for life!

  113. I use Redefine cleanser and AM cream in the mornings. At night I use Unblemish, Redefine Pore Minimizing toner and Redefine PM. Three times a week, I use my AMP MD Roller (almost time to replace) with the night renewing serum. I am a consultant and I have gained more PCs as a result of the changes in my skin than social media advertising!

  114. I use Unblemish and do a mini facial about once a week. Eye cloths and always, always sunscreen, whether it be my Unblemish sunscreen or the mineral peptides!!

  115. I have used Aveeeno face wash and some bare minerals products. I just started using the sensitive treatment and the refine eye cream this week from R and F and already love it. As a mom of three( a four yr old and 11 mo twins) and approaching 40. I was looked big for help with my dark circles and tired eyes. I also have very sensitive skin and an allergy to sulfur which is in many cosmetics or shampoos. Excited to try out these products.

  116. I’m using Reverse, Accelerator Pack, NRS, eye cream and cloths, and Macro E. I can’t wait to start using the AMP MD after I’m finished with the Accelerator Pack!

  117. I use reverse in the AM and redefine with amp roller, night renewing serum, eye cream and lip serum in the PM. microdermabrasion paste 2-3 x week!

  118. I am tentative and ease into things. I began with the Multi Function Eye Cream and have recently added the Overnight Cream. Someday I’m sure I will make the plunge into a regimen. I would love to try the AMP MD system!

  119. I have and I love getting those compliments! I use Redefine in the mornings, Reverse at night, the AMP MD roller, MACRO E and eye cream! Thanks R+F!

  120. Redefine, and now adding the eye cream! I’ve only been using it for a little over a month but I can absolutely tell a difference. My mother saw me for the first time this weekend, and she was raving about my skin. She’s going to become a customer too!!!

  121. I use Reverse in the morning along with the multifunction eye cream. In the evening, I use Redefine with the AMP MD System, the eye cream and lip serium. I also use the Macro Exfoliater once a week.
    I don’t know what I would do without them.

  122. I just turned 50 in October. I am always being told I look much younger. I am a huge fan of the multi-purpose eye cream and use it morning and night. Additionally, I also use the Redefine Triple Defense Treatment and Eye Cloths. I am looking forward to adding the AmpMD system and night reverse cream to my regime as well. I love these products and what they’re doing for my skin!! Thanks R&F ❤

  123. The redefine regimen, amp md, macro e, multi-function eye cream, night renewing serum, and lip renewing serum. The Refefine line is awesome! 💙

  124. I am using soothe, mixing in some unblemish wash when I expect hormonal breakouts and occasionally using the paste! Loving my results!

  125. I use Reverse in am and Redefine with Roller in pm
    I use microdermabrasion paste 2 times a week also.
    The multifunction eye cream is a must also.
    Been exactly one month today. Results already. People tell me my freckles are fading, skin is looking and feeling smooth, plus my wrinkles are diminishing!
    I REALLY want to get my sister a roller. She was on acutane in her teens and her poor skin has suffered. We have to get her started aging backwards with R and F! 😍😍😍

  126. I have been using the redefine line and am loving it so far. Also going to start using the macro exfoliator 🙂

  127. Have been using the Redefine Regimen and tools for a year now. Recently started using Reverse at night also. I need to get a new roller as it has been a year and time to replace. Would love to win a new one!

  128. Most people can not believe that I am 45! I struggled with acne most of my adult life until I found Unblemish. I keep my complexion looking youthful and clear with daily use of Unblemish, once a week MacroExfoliator, 3 nights a week AMP MD system, and can not go a day without the eye cream! I love my RF!

  129. I recently turned 46 – and I don’t mind sharing – and I love when people say I don’t look that old! The eye cream has done wonders! As well as the redefine regimen & night renewing serum. My skin is smoother & pores appear smaller! wrinkles? What wrinkles?!

  130. I am turning 61 this year. I have used the Redefine Regimen, along with the AMP MD Roller and Macro E as well a the Reverse Regimen. I am TOTALLY in love with these products. <3 I always get told I don't look my age and they think I am closer to 40 than 60….that's what these products do. 🙂

  131. I am often told I don’t look my age…I use Reverse. On occasion I’ll use Redefine and AMP roller…I love what each of them does and love those compliments!!

  132. Soothe in the morning, and Redefine and AMP MD at night with Multi-function Eye Cream twice a day, Macro E once a week. I am going to be 39 in 30 days, people think I’m in my 20’s all the time!

  133. Always love hearing that comment. I use the redefine regimen, AMP MD roller 3 times a week, multi function eye cream and the macro exfoliator once a week. My skin has never looked so good.

  134. So my skin looks so much younger and vibrant that on my girls night my friends insisted I must be having sex! It was everything I could do to convince them it was ReDefine eye cream and AmpMD!!! Think I’ll have some new PCs!!

  135. I use Soothe in the morning and Unblemish in the evening. I also use the microdermabrasion paste and night renewing serum a few days a week. Love them all!

  136. I use Soothe in the morning and Unblemish in the evening. I also use the microdermabrasion paste with the night renewing serum a few days a week. Love them all!

  137. As a matter of fact, I have been told that recently. I’m 68 years old and most people guess my age around 55 to 60. I’m using the Redefine regimen, Macro E, Amp MD with Night Renewing Serum (6 nights a week), Multi-Function Eye Cream and Lip Renewing Serum. These products really work! So thankful for these stellar products!

  138. Although I’m only 34, I’m obsessed with how smooth and radiant my skin looks after using the “pot of gold” microdermabrasion paste, amp it up redefine regimen and of course the macro E once a week!

  139. I have struggled with acne for years and now with Unblemish, redefine, and the AMP MD system I have gotten so many compliments on my complexion and my acne scars are gone!!! R&F for life!

  140. I went to a follow up doctors appointment with my 25 y/o son who was one week post op from knee surgery (can’t drive) and the tech asked how us long we had been married!! My son was very clear that I was his much older mother!! I love the redefine regimen and the eye cream and AMPmd roller system!! 💙💙💙

  141. I use unblemish and reverse. The macro Exfoliator, the eye cream, eye cloths, microdermabrasion paste , sunless tanner , lip serum, Chapstick …. I love everything R+F!!!

  142. Redefine, REVERSE, Macro-E, Amp MD Roller, MicroDermabraision Paste, Lip Serum and NRS
    I was asked if I had a facelift just last night! I started RODAN and FIELDS products and tools August 2014 I love them it’s took years off my face and neck! Thank you Dr.Rodan and Dr Fields

  143. My skin has never felt so smooth or looked so vibrant! I use the multi function eye cream and the Redefine regimen and alternate it with the Reverse regimen. I love R+F and love my skin now too!

  144. I went from using UNBLEMISH and SOOTHE to treat my stubborn adult acne to REVERSE AMP and the truly potent Redefine multi-function eye cream. I also love the lip serum! What can I say, I’m hooked!!!

  145. I was carded for buying a bottle of wine the other day – I very happily pulled out my ID, I’m almost 40 and a very tired working mom of a toddler. Reverse in the am for my discoloration, Redefine in the pm to firm up my skin and reduce those lines, and of course the eye cream makes my tired looking eyes transform to youthful energetic ones. Makeup free, almost 40 and asked to prove I was 21.

  146. I typically use the REVERSE line in the mornings and REDEFINE line at night! Includes all the tools and all the enhancements as directed and recommended! I just LOVE it all! I could never pick a favorite or a single must have cuz I have to have it all! ❤️

  147. I never win anything…but thanks to R+F, I am winning better looking skin everyday! I am currently using redefine at night and reverse in the morning…and I am working hard to get the roller!!!!!😁

  148. I’m using Reverse in the AM to address uneven skin tone and Unblemish in the evenings to maintain acne free skin PLUS the AMP MD roller and NRS. I also use the multifunction eye cream.

  149. All of my RF products help me feel more youthful! Especially the eye cream for this tired mama and the AMP MD roller for those pesky 11’s!!

  150. I’ve been using the Redefine morning and evening along with the multifunction eye cream. I really see a difference in just 60 days !💕

  151. I am using the Rodan & Fields Reverse accelerator for sun damage and eye cream. My skin is looking much better!

  152. WHAT DON’T I USE!?! All kidding aside, I use a combo of REDEFINE with multi-function eye cream at night and REVERSE with eye cream in the morning. Amp MD nightly, micro derm paste 2-3 times/week and can’t forget my weekly date night with the Macro E!! Time for a new roller so pick me😉

  153. Hear it all the time!!! Love my Reverse regimen in AM, Redefine regimen in PM, Redefine multifunction eye cream AM & PM, Amp MD roller 3x a week, macroE once a week & lip renewing serum every PM. Yep, I’m totally hooked on the stuff!!! ❤️

  154. I ❤️ Reverse to wipe the slate clean, the Redefining Lip Serum to keep my lips full and soft, and Multi Function Eye Cream for those pesky dark circles… All for daily use. The Microdermabrasion Paste several times each week and, of course, my standing date with my Macro E😍
    Super Happy Skin 😊

  155. I am using the Redefine Amp MD system and the multifunction eye cream every day. It has evened out my skin tone to the point where I hardly have to wear any makeup anymore. I would love to keep using it with a free pack.

  156. I am 48, I have been told that people think I am still in my 30’s. I use the Redefine line and the Multi Function Eye Cream. I love it and am in love with my skin now.

  157. I started with the Redefine AMP it up, then moved to Unblemish, and now Reverse. I also use my Macro-E weekly!! My skin has never ever felt so good…the texture is amazing, and my forehead wrinkles are GONE! I will never go back to drugstore products again!

  158. I love my new Rodan and fields regimen that I faithfully use every night:). I don’t know what I would do without it.

  159. I use my Redefine Regimen morning and night along with my eye cream! Also, at least once a week I exfoliate with my macro paste! Loving my results!

  160. I just started using the redefine in the am. Paired w the Reverse AmpMD in the pm my texture is changing even more. The pit marks on my cheeks are finer and my forehead wrinkles are much smoother/smaller. Been getting a few compliments lately how they notice a great change in my skin!!!

  161. We have a new hire at work, graduated from college in 2012. She was lamenting how much her college has grown/changed since she graduated. I responded, I went to school before email and cell-phones. Jaw on the floor. Couldn’t believe. Thank you R+F.

  162. I’m using Reverse in the AM to help with the sun damage I have from living in FL for 36 years. I’m also using Redefine at night to help fight some wrinkles and lines that have appeared. I don’t have the AMP MD yet but it’s on my wish list!

  163. I’m using Reverse in the AM with the Multi Function Eye Cream and Redefine with Amp MD (M-Sat) and Macro E (Sun) and the Eye Cream…again!

  164. I’m 62 and just started using R+F a month ago. After just one week, a long time friend of mine asked what I was using because my skin looked beautiful!! I told her that I was using R+F redefine and now she is a customer, too!!!! I’m addicted to this skin regime!!!!!

  165. I had someone ask if I’ve lost weight. She said she could tell in my neck. So I got on the scale that night. Nope, gained 2 lbs. it was definitely my AMP MD and Redefine. LOVE LOVE LOVE R+F. Thank you.

  166. Soothe and Redefine with AMP MD roller, eye cream and lip serum. My skin is hydrated, smooth, and lips are healthy and plump. Even in the winter!

  167. I use redefine am and pm and I use under eye cream and the microdermabrasion paste about 3 times a week. I keep my year old grandson and am Always confused as his MOM.when his mom is with us we get we’re sisters. I’m 45 and am just tickled over my new found youthfulness! #happymimi

  168. Unblemished for a year, Redefine Eye Cream for 5 months, and Reverse for the last 3 months. Absolutely love all the products so far and would love to try the Redefine AMP MD system!!❤️❤️

  169. Kimberly Wiest you told me I never age. Lol! I’m told all the time I have good skin & don’t look my age! I use the unblemished regimen. I also use the reverse regimen. Been using it for over a year now & it has done wonders for my acne & scars.

  170. I use the Redefine Multifunction eye cream, redefine regimen, macro E, and amp MD system with night renewing serum to decrease the appearance of fine lines! I love waking up in the morning with smooth, less lined and firmer skin!

  171. I use the redefine eye cream and the soothe lotion. Keeping my face moisturized and irritation free keeps me looking youthful.

  172. People are always surprised at the age of my oldest child. I’ve had many say they want my skin. I use: Redefine regimen, eye cream, and eye cloths daily, Macro E weekly,

  173. I’m using the Redefine regimen, multifunction eye cream and microdermabrasion paste. My skin looks and feels great!!

  174. I use Redefine regimen, eye cream, serum and Amp MD roller daily. I use the Macro E weekly. I was recently asked if I was around 40, I am 55. Absolutely love R+F, it has changed my skin forever!!

  175. I’ve been using the Reverse for about a month & love how my skin feels! Can’t wait to start using my exfoliate!

  176. I use Reverse and eye cream in the AM and Redefine and eye cream in the PM. MD paste in place of mask 2x wkly, AMP MD roll 3x wkly. I like to put it this way… R+F is like a great life partner…It does what it promises… Always ❤️

  177. People are always shocked to learn that I’m 64! I I use the REDEFINE regimen (at night), eye cream, AMP MD System 4-6 nights a week, MACRO-E once a week, and Microderm Paste 3 times a week. For daytime, I use our REVERSE regimen to even out my skin tone and give more protection from the sun’s damaging rays!

  178. I want the vest I’d both worlds so I use Reverse in the morning with Multifunction eye cream and never miss a night without using Redefine Regimen with Amp MD and multifunction eye cream!!! #loveyourskin

  179. I’m using the Unblemish regimen along with Redefine eye cream and Redefine Lip renewing serum! Helps keep my low maintenance mom routine look good! 🙂

  180. REDEFINE and Macro E are my “GO TO” products for keeping my skin looking young, glowing and flawless!

  181. I love Reverse. It has helped with my sunstache and dark spots. The roller has really added to the benefits as well;)

  182. I use the Redefine Regimen and microdermabrasion paste!!! I was a non believer till I seen and felt the amazing results!!!!

  183. I just ordered Reverse today! Can’t wait to start using these products and see the difference it makes.

  184. My co-workers, friends and family have all said my skin is glowing from using my new regimen. I have been using REVERSE with the AMP MD Roller and Macro E and recently I added the Accelerator pack and the sun damage is disappearing. It is truly amazing. These products are a gift from the heavens above. I love R+F!!!!!!!!

  185. I got asked if was a college student intern after I introduced myself as a supervisor. I’ve always looked young but the unblemish helps my skin and I love the amazing eye cream. Hope to try redefine sometime too!

  186. I am currently using Reverse to help with the dullness of my skin tone. I love the exfoliator so much and the way my skin feels after use, but would love to add to my skin treatment and help tighten my skin and different areas on my face showing signs of aging.

  187. I use Reverse & the accelerator pack twice a day. I notice a huge difference with my skin and the faded spots in my face from sun damage!

  188. I started using a skincare regimen when I was 13 and I always thought was taking good care of my skin, that is until my daughter introduced me to Rodan+Fields, for the first time in over 50 years I saw a real change in my skin!!! I was hooked and am passionate about these wonderful products!! I use the Redefine regimen, Multi-Function Eye Creme, AMP MD Roller, Macro E and Micro-Dermabrasion Paste 3 times a week. Love this stuff!!!!

  189. I use Redefine in the mornings and Reverse at night. I use the eye cream morning and night. I also use the amp roller and the macro exfoliator.

  190. Redefine at night along with the AMP MD roller/night serum/eye cream and use the Micro dermabrasion. LOVE all the R&F products!!!!

  191. I’ve been using Redefine, Multi-function Eye Cream and my AMP MD system for a short while now and I can’t get over the improvement in my skin already. The texture of my skin is better, it feels softer, looks smoother and my pores are disappearing.

  192. My complexion is so much brighter now from using Reverse and Redefine at night along with the AMP MD roller/night serum and use of the weekly Macro dermabrasion have erased years off my face! Someone recently wouldn’t believe that I had a 16 year old granddaughter!

  193. I love love love the REDEFINE regimen and eye cream. I have been using anti aging products since my early 20’s and I am so glad I made the switch to Rodan and Fields. Such a difference!

  194. Nobody can believe I am 56! I use the entire REDEFINE line. Redefine regimen AM and PM, AMP MD system 3 times a week, macroexfoliator once a week, and microdermabrasion scrub twice a week. Eye cloths before my 5am gym visit. I love it!

  195. Redefine regimen followed by AMP roller, eye cream and Night Renewing Serum.
    I also use Microderm paste every other morning and Macro once a week! Exfoliation keeps my skin glowing!!

  196. I LOOOVE my results with R+F! Reverse was good but the Recerse Accelerator Pack is the dream duo! Coupled with the Amp MD Roller and MUlti Function Eye Cream I always leave my friends and students guessing my age!

  197. I’m using the Reverse Accelerator pack with the Reverse Regimen. I also just started using the Microdermabrasion Paste and I’m in love!!! 😍😍😍. Love my R+F products!

  198. I use Reverse in the AM and Redefine in the evening with the eye cream also use the MACRO once a week! Love how it makes my skin look and feel!

  199. I’ve been using some of the reverse regime and really like the products I don’t have a roller since I just started using the reverse day and night I know it will take some time to notice a big change

  200. I am using and loving Redefine!! I started with Reverse to help with lots of freckles from sun damage! I love adding the microdermabrasion paste and night renewing serum to boost my results!!

  201. The Reverse in the am with Eye Cream and Redefine, AMP MD & NRS, and Eye Cream in the pm is my routine! Family members say I look half my age. Being that I’ll be 50 in about 45 days….that feels pretty awesome! What is the most precious result for me is how the AMP MD & NRS have made the radiation scarred face and neck skin soft and supple like it should be! Just talking about it makes me feel very grateful and giddy with excitement!! Thank you Dr Katie Rodan and Dr Kathy Fields!!

  202. I use the redefine system and love it! I absolutely love the eye cream…it helps keep the puffy and dark circles at bay! 😊

  203. Im a new consultant and I’m dying to try this tool! I’m currently using Reverse and I have wonderful results I’m sure that this would make my results even better.

  204. Unblemish and Redefine with the roller and Macro E and of course eye cream! I hadn’t used the Macro E in a while and used it Sat and boy did it pull out some impurities!

  205. I have been getting more compliments than usual and I was carded the other day…I’m 39! Thank you Rodan and Fields! I am using Unblemish in the AM, Reverse in the PM, Eye Cream AM/PM, AMP MD 6 days a week and the MacroExfoliator

  206. I am noticing such tremendous changes in the texture of my skin! I use Unblemish, redefine, eye cream, roller and macro E!

  207. Reverse in am and redefine at night. Love love love my macro e weekly. Got to roll it too a couple times a week. I am running out of room bc use a whole lot more! Wondeful products!

  208. I was at a family gathering…relatives who I had not seen in years were there. One relative actually came to me and said, ‘you look wonderful…you are not aging at all in fact you look younger!!!’. That was such validation of what I am using with R+F. I am using Reverse, Redefine, and the AMP MD Regimen!!

  209. I’m using the reverse regimen, and the macro exfoliator, once a week. I just got the eye cream to help with dark circles and crows feet. I love how this has reversed my face at least 5-10 years. According to friends and family…

  210. Winter regimen: REDEFINE AM & PM with Multi-function eye cream twice daily after Eye cloths. Also use Paste twice weekly w/ Macro E to combat dry skin from asthma & allergies. My skin’s texture and tone has improved DRAMATICALLY in 1 year. I can’t wait to gain more glow! R+F is a miracle! Thankful I was introduced to these amazing products.<3

  211. Redefine Regime and now I need the roller! I love being carded and it’s been happening a lot since I started R&F! I am 48 years young! 😊

  212. People can’t believe I’m 71 yrs. old, they think I’m 60 yrs old. I use Redefine regimen and it works.

  213. After using Redefine regimen and Amp MD my kids thought I snuck off and had a facelift! Gotta love products that produce results xo

  214. I was asked recently if I had a face lift! Lol. At them moment I use the Reverse regimen with the Amp MD roller & eye cream… Always the eye cream!!

  215. I love my R+F! I use soothe and reverse along with the Macro-E once a week. I also use the eye cream, the lip serum and the roller.

  216. Someone recently asked my real age. When I told her, she said, “There is no way you’re pushing 50!!” 48 looks and feels GREAT thanks to the Redefine line! I use the regimen, eye cream and AMP MD system daily. Weekly Macro E use and occasional Acute Care to keep my younger-looking-self smiling back at me in the mirror!

  217. I got told last week that they thought I was the younger sister, not the older one! Yay! I use reverse with the amp me roller and Unblemish!

  218. At a high school college day last week, one of the students asked how long ago I had finished college. I told her 19 years and her mouth dropped. She said “I thought you were like 23”. Lol I’m 42, and I’ve been using Redefine for two years. Recently added the Amp MD to my routine. I may not look 23, but I’m glad I don’t look my age either!

  219. I love the Redefine regimen with microdermabrasion paste! I walked into an event that my daughter’s band was playing at and someone thought I was one of the kids.

  220. I use Reverse in the a.m., Redefine at night, the AmpRoller and the Exfoliator, eye cream, microdermabrasion paste and the amped up Reverse on my age spots on my hands. LOVE IT ALL!

  221. Yes! At least once weekly! Friday night, I had a gentleman argue with me that I couldn’t be older than he. I am–by 7 years! 😄 I am R&F’s best advertisement and most vocal cheerleader. The AMP MD roller, along with night serum, and Redefine Regimen are two products I can’t be without!

  222. At 44 years old, Rodan + Fields has given me a GIFT I searched over 2 1/2 decades for…healed skin!!! No more cystic acne, hyperpigmentation, or melasma!

    I use Rodan + Fields’ Reverse Regimen, Accelerator Pack, Macro-Exfoliator, Micro-Dermabrasion Paste, Redefine Lip Renewing Serum, and Multi-Function Eye Cream.

  223. I love using REVERSE and seeing how it has magically erased my brown spots! I love REDEFINE! the eye cream, the AMP MD roller. Oh my goodness. I love them all!

  224. Started with Reverse with the accelerator pack then moved onto Redefine after a few months. Love these products!

  225. I love my reverse, macroE, amp roller and eye cream!! I’ve had dark sunspots on my forehead and the bridge of my nose. It’s almost completely gone after being on it for over 8 months! Totally worth it!!

  226. I’m using Unblemish, Soothe and Redefine eye cream/cloths to get rid of my redness and acne! I will move on to Redefine soon!

  227. I LOVE how smooth my skin is now! For a year, I used Redefine and Reverse alone. When I incorporated the AMP Roller, I started seeing less sun damage and smoother skin even faster! I look forward to my Roller nights!

  228. I’ve been using the multi-function eye cream and everyone notices the changes in my eyes. I no longer have crow’s feet or puffiness, and I don’t look tired all the time

  229. I use Redefine Regimen and AMP MD system as well as Redefine eye cream and lip serum! This has turned back the clock for me❤️.

  230. I use Reverse in the AM with accelerator Pack, (and occasionally, replace it with Unblemish if I have a small break out but it has been rare) and Redefine with AMP MD in the PM, Macro E once a week, and multi function eye cream. I turned 47 last week and have been asked if I were a college student 3 times in the last month! <3 RF!

  231. Reverse in the morning, Redefine at night with Amp MD and NRS, eye cream daily. Macro E on Sundays and Microdermabrasion Paste once or twice a week. People tells weekly how great my skin looks. I love R+F

  232. Started with Reverse for two months and currently using Redefine, Multi-function Eye Cream, Amp MD Roller for three months and just started using the Macro E (two weeks)!

  233. I love my reverse accelerator pack in the morning, redefine with AMP MD at night. Eye cream ( liquid gold) am and pm. My friend told me, ” your skin looks amazing, I want some of that STUFF, wheat ever it is”

  234. Went to have my annual eye exam last Friday, and the nurse asked my age, which I replied (after thinking about it) 36. She said Wow! You look amazing!
    I’ve been using the Reverse regimen since September, Multi Function Eye Cream for 3 months, and rolling with the AMP MD roller and Macro Exfoliator once a week!

  235. I’m using the Reverse Regimen Love it!! Have had a few friends ask how old I am and when they find out I’m ten years older than them they can’t believe it.

  236. I’ve been asked several times when with my 22 and 20 year old sons, if we are siblings😊. I use the Unblemish Regimen and the AMP MD system. I will be ordering the eye cream soon. Thank you for the chance to win. I would love to give to someone I know.

  237. I’ve been using the Reverse regimen, AMPMD, and eye creme!!! Love them all and people tell me how great my skin is looking… Aging backwards 😄😄😄

  238. I’m using Reverse in the morning, Redefine and Amp MD system in the evening, eye cream twice a day, lip serum, and Macro E once a week. I’m living my healthy R+F glow!!

  239. Eye cream, Reverse Accelerator Pack and Macro E for now! Can’t wait to get back to Redefine once my sun spots are gone!

  240. I just using the lip serum & scrub right now which I love! Hoping to add the Redefine products soon! People always think I’m younger than I am thanks to good food and lots of water every day.

  241. No one believes me when I tell them I am 41 years old. Always have to convince them and give them my birth date. I use redefine, night serum and lip serum

  242. I’m sold on R&D!!! I am currently using the Soothe skin care line for my sensitive skin and Redefine Mulit-Function Eye Cream(LOVE)!! I was recently told I looked 10 years younger than I really am!!!😊#DermRF

  243. I use REDEFINE and REVERSE daily and Multi Function Eye Cream twice daily, with some SOOTHE alternating weekly, and MD Paste once or twice weekly! I also LOVE my roller as well as my Macro-exfoliator! I’m seriously in Love with Rodan + Fields and I Love sharing to everyone I know and meet!!

  244. Had completely dull and lifeless skin- started using Multi-function Eye Cream daily since October and my eyes look lifted and skin around them more firm and brighter. Started using Unblemish in December twice daily with weekly Microdermabrasion Paste and Night Renewing Serum; added Soothe 2 daily and I have life in my skin again!! Love R+F!

  245. My husband and I hang out with a group of friends who are all 10, 15 and 20 years younger than us. (We are 52 and 54) I would often get asked if I was this one particular friends mother (she is in her 30’s) as we do resemble each other. After using Reverse and Amp MD I am now asked if we are sisters.

  246. I’ve been using Unblemish for the last year but now that my skin is clear I am starting Reverse to tackle my sun damage. I also have been using the Redefine Eye Cream!

  247. My skin tone is slowly evening out and my redness has almost gone away! Thank you for 8 months of Soothe and now 4 months of Reverse! My husband has told me recently that I am glowing:)

  248. I now get compliments that my skin is clear and glowing and I even seem happier, my skin looks and feels younger. I use Amp MD roller, night serum, pore minimizer toner, micro paste and unblemish face wash alimg with lip shield

  249. I’m using the reverse and I LOVE IT!! I’m also using the microdermabrasion paste on my face and feet and also LOVE IT!! I won’t be using anything but Rodan and Fields products from here on out.

  250. Love my Redefine regimen, amp roller and macro exfoliator. They have been a game changer for me and have really improved the texture of my skin!

  251. I am on my fourth month of Reverse and just ordered Redefine! I have been very happy with the results so far and wish I could just spend all of my money on trying all of the products!! 💸💸💸This would be a great add to my regimen. 👌🏼🎉👍🏼

  252. I use the Redefine regimen twice daily with AMP MD roller & Night Renewing Serum capsules at night. I love how smooth my skin is now. No more smile or frown lines here! I began to see a difference in just a few weeks. Now going on 18 months, and I’m still so excited & in love with the R+F products!

  253. My boyfriend, God bless him, told me I was crazy to spend money on anything more than drugstore face wash. But after only a few weeks using the Redefine, eye cream, and my Amp MD, he was shocked! He can already see a noticeable difference! My skin looks smoother and my pores are shrinking. Thank you, Rodan and Fields!

  254. My skin has NEVER looked better because of RF!! No more sun damage and wrinkles are diminishing!! I use the Reverse regimen in the morning, the Redefine regimen at night with the AMP MD roller! I also use the Macro E once a week and the Microdermabrasion paste 2-3 times a week. Ohhhhh – and I am addicted to the redefine eye cream…I use it morning and night!

  255. Redefine regimen twice daily with AMP MD roller & Night Renewing Serum capsules at night. Loving how smooth my skin is now. No more smile or frown lines! I saw a difference in just a few weeks, now going on 18 months and I’m still so excited & in love with the R+F products!

  256. I’ve been using the Redefine for a couple weeks now and love it! I would love to win the amp roller for my husband that has lots of acne scars. He is 51, and would be a great before and after testimonial for R&F!!

  257. Mistaken as my daughter’s sister! I’ve been using Reverse in the morning, Redefine at night, Amp MD, Macro-E, multifunction eye cream, NRS, and lip renewing serum. ..I love it all!

  258. I started using the Reverse products to get rid of the brown spots and uneven skin tone that made me appear older. I have been using it for almost a month and I’ve noticed a dramatic transformation. My face is even toned and my skin looks like it did in high school. I’m so pleased with my results and have convinced my mom and dad to try the products as well. I’d love to add the Redefine Amp system to help me get amazing results.

  259. I’ve been told my skin looks like it’s not aging as much as some other women my age. I use the Soothe regimen and work in the Redefine mask a few times per week. At night I add Overnight Restorative Cream and Multi-Function Eye Cream.

  260. I’m currently using Unblemish and the Redefine regimen and occasionally Soothe when needed ! They are really changing my skin and for the first time I’m happy with my skin!!

  261. Redefine, Eye Cream, Night Renewing Serum, Lip Renewing Serum, and Micro-Dermabrasion Paste! Love love love these products!

  262. I use Soothe and Redefine toner, night & eye cream. Its a great combination to reduce redness but still reduce pores and lines.

  263. I get told I look younger than I am very frequently. I use the Reverse regime along with the Redefine eye cream. I also trade off and use the Redefine facial mask to cleanse.

  264. Redefine, eye cream, macro Exfoliator and the Amp roller. Love these products. Only been 90 days and there is a visible difference. ❤️

  265. I still get carded for alcohol, and I love it!!!!! I use the Reverse Regimen with the Accelerator pack for my melasma and dark spots, and also the Multi Function Eye Cream 💞
    I would love to have a Redefine Amp MD System to compete my beauty daily routine😍!!!!!!

  266. I got asked last week from a younger cashier if I was 25. Lol. I lied and said yes. Haha. I’m 35 🙂 I love all these products. I can’t even pick a favorite… I’m using redefine, reverse and unblemished plus the micropaste and roller. I’m a Junkie!!!!

  267. 60 days of reverse set me off and running….in the opposite direction with aging that is! Now I’m using redefine with the Mac E And the eye cream. Love, love love it and people notice all the time!

  268. I use the Redefine Regimen, eye cream, AMP MD,lip serum, and Micro-dermabrasion paste. Love all the products!

  269. REVERSE in the am, REDEFINE at night, with the AMP MD ROLLER, and eye cream 2x per day. I don’t know how I lived without these amazing products!

  270. I have been using Unblemish and redefine with the AMP Roller and Macro .
    I’ve been told my skin looks clear and glowing!

  271. I use Unblemish in the morning and Redefine with Amp MD at night (but it’s about time for a new roller 😉)
    I also use the eye cream day and night and love love love the lip shield all day 😍

  272. I use the Redefine Regimen, AMP MD system for firming, Macro Exfoliator to take away the dead skin cells, and multi-function eye cream to help brighten up my eyes.

  273. Last week! I was asked to show my I.D. (Hallelujah) twice in one night! They said that they need to “card” anyone who looks like they could be under the age of 30. I will be 40 in March! I have been using the Redefine Amp MD regimen and Macroexfoliator for one month. I stopped using foundation and concealer 2 weeks ago:)

  274. I do get told that I look about 10 years younger than I am. Which of course I always give credit to the wonderful skin products I use, R+F!!

    I use Redefine regimen, eye cream, lip shield and lip serum everyday. I mix in paste, amp md and night serum, macro e.

  275. I have sensitive skin and the expensive stuff did not help me with it! I started to use redefine and soothe and my dryness is gone! The redness has calmed down and my skin looks firmer. I now run to the store with no makeup on and with so much self confidence! I was in the car with my daughter with no makeup on and she looked over and told me my skin looked really pretty! Teenager approved!!!

  276. Today – my dermatologist told me that my skin looks amazing and did a double take at my age! I use Redefine with the eye cream and microdermabrasion paste a few times per week.

  277. I am complimented very often on looking much younger than 40 thanks to R+F! I use Unblemish in the morning and the Amp MD in the evening along with the eye cream 🙂

  278. This morning while working at Starbucks I was asked if I was studying for a test. The woman thought I was in HS! Then I headed to Costco and got carded buying wine!! Thanks to RF Reverse and AMP MD I am foundation free and feeling younger looking than ever at 32!!

  279. My mom Kathy Alva was asked about her skin. Her friend told her that her skin was looking great and she was glowing. She told her friend her age and her friend couldn’t believe her age. She uses reverse with the accelerator pack

  280. There is absolutely no doubt that these products are top tier skincare – after trying things – from expensive European brands while living abroad to magazine’s favorite things from the local drugstore – R + F is the best. Just weeks after beginning the Redefine Regimen I felt better about my skin – people were noticing a change – a difference. Then as I incorporated the roller, macro paste – i saw find lines and wrinkles start to decrease – coupling my regimen with a tool and the eye cream and lip serum – I couldn’t believe the difference. Amazing results – and skin that feels good and healthy – I now look forward to my evening and morning routine – it’s my ‘me’ time….and it’s less than 5 minutes – and 1x a week I turn my bathroom into a true spa with a one time use of my Macro E! Fantastic products! That’s the reason I became a Consultant….it’s an amazing adventure – come join me!

  281. Yes, I get carded again all the time like when I was 21 every time I order a cocktail lol. Sometimes people don’t believe me I am 31 and say I look 18 lol… Seriously one of my patients thought I was 16 years old ha! I have been using soothe and unblemish. I also use the micro derm paste and eye cream. I love them all!! I will soon add redefine to my routine!

  282. I use reverse & redefine with our eye cream and amp md roller! Plus microdermabrasion paste a couple time each week. Love that my R +F keeps me looking like I’m in my 20s!

  283. I use the Unblemish, Nighg Renewing Serum and Lip Renewing serum. I love those products! Makes my skin feel so much better

  284. I knew the products felt good, but when people started randomly commenting on my skin and insisting I was not my age, that is when I started to realize how great these products truly were! I use REDEFINE and the eye cream. Getting ready to try the sunless tanner for summer too!

  285. I use my Reverse regimen in the morning and Redefine at night! I get carded all the time when I’m at the store.

  286. Reverse in am, Redefine in pm, eye cloths/eye cream, macro E, amp md system, and lip renewing serum…oh and the sunless tanner!

  287. Reverse in the morning and Redefine at night. Eye cream x2 per day. I love this stuff 💕 I love my consultant Jeannine Lamer Yanez!

  288. Someone that I don’t know but work in the same building with stopped me in the elevator to tell me how great my skin looks! I have used Reverse with the MACRO E & more recently I switched to the Accel Pack. Oh and I can’t forgot my daily use of the eye cream & twice a week use of the MDP. I can’t wait until the AP is over to start with the AMP MD🎉

  289. I used the R+F REVERSE regimen for 4 months, which evened my skin tone and gave me a glow, next I started using the REDEFINE regimen with the Macro E tool and loved the hydration and fading of my fine lines that’s happened. But when I added the AMP MD exfoliating roller tool and Night Renewing Serum, people started saying ” I don’t know what you’re doing but your skin looks AMAZING!” I’ve recently added the multifunctional eye cream and lip serum to my routine. I turn 41 in April and people now tell me I look 30 if that. LOVE MY R+F!

  290. Lately I’ve been getting carded every time I buy alcohol! I’m almost 40!!
    I use the REVERSE regimen in the morning and REDEFINE with the amp MD at night, along with eye cream.

  291. I use the Redefine Regimen, microdermabrasion paste, multifunction eye cream, microdermabrasion lip and serum. I’d love to win this product and use it faithfully! I’ve only been use the products since December but this would bring me to a whole to level of skin care.

  292. I use redefine every morning and night!! And my roller every night too!! I get so many compliments on my skin and I’m getting carded again! Lol! I love R+F:)

  293. The best combination I have been using is unblemish in the morning, and Redfine at night. On “dry days”, I incorporate the Soothe because it adds in the extra moisturizer my skin craves!

  294. I use Reverse and Redefine regimens. The Eye Cream and Eye cloths to help with my crows feet. I love the Amp Md with the Night Renewing Serum. My final product is the Lip Renewing Serum especially when my lips are cracked and dry.

  295. Today I had a coworker I see in passing maybe once a week come to me and say “You look different. In a good way. I can’t put my finger on it but you don’t look like the you I’ve always known.” I give all the credit to RODAN+FIELDS Redefine regimen!! Redine, eye cream, macro exfoliate
    #realpeoplerealresults #agingbackwards

  296. I use Unblemish for my acne. It’s amazing how much my skin has improved! I plan on purchasing the Redefine soon as well!!!

  297. I just started using the Reverse system! I am a FL girl that has been planted in AK and I’m looking forward to seeing how the system works! #DermRF

  298. I use reverse in the morning, redefine, amp roller and eye cream at night. I recently gained a new PC because she saw a picture of me on FB and said that my face “glowed”

  299. My lips always get dry and cracked around this time of year as the seasons start to change. This year I got the lip serum and I apply it every night and I wake up with full, soft, moisturized lips and I LOVE it! I can wear colour on my lips and not be self-conscious about them being chapped and flaky. It’s the perfect remedy for my situation.

  300. I am a Previous lifeguard and have severely oily and acne prone skin. I have been using Reverse and Redefine for the past 2years!! I would love to continue healing my skin with the AMP MD system.

  301. I just started using the redefine regimen and the eye cream. I can already tell a difference in my skin! Love it!

  302. No they haven’t. ☹. That’s why I want to start my RF journey! Thinking I want the Redefine. This would help me to take the plunge I’ve been wanting to take for toooo long!

  303. I been using reverse for one month and see results already. Just added multifunctional eye cream and the eye cloths. Love R&F products and keeping us young!

  304. Redefine regimen is what I’m using !!Need this! 29 years old w sever damage from a horrible sun burn when I was little. The redefine is helping with my premature lines and this would be the perfect addition!

  305. I have been noticing my brown spots which prompted me to order Reverse and I’m excited to get my package soon! Despite my noticing my spots they are not yet that obvious with makeup over them and I was recently told I did not look old enough to be my children’s mom. With Reverse I’m hoping to get that comment makeup free soon;)

  306. Yes last week at Lowe’s a lady couldn’t believe I had a grandson! Of course that was my time to give her my R+F business card and she wants me to call her! I’m on Redefine, Reverse and eye cream.

  307. I’m 44, my 25 year old son’s new friend didn’t believe I could be his mom! She thought I was younger than him! I use the Redefine Regimen and eye cream. The AMP roller is on my wish list!

  308. I am currently using the unblemish wash with the reverse regimen! I also add in the eye cream! I’m wanting to try the amp roller ASAP!

  309. A coworker heard me and someone else talk about the year we graduated high school. She thought I was joking. She thought I was 26, and I’m 32!!! I use Reverse and just started Redefine. Love R+F 💚💜💙💛

  310. I’m 48 and have no visible wrinkles. You name it, I’m using it. R+F products are my skin medicine cabinet for myself and family.

  311. A lot of new people I meet tell my I don’t look 53, and people I’ve known a long time tell me I look better than I have in years! I use the AMP MD system and the Macro Exfoliator, and of course the amazing Eye Cream!