Your skin gets used to ingredients so you should switch products periodically


 FICTION. Many variables can affect the daily results you experience from using your skincare Regimen, but your skin alone will not become immune over time to the clinical benefits of the products. Product efficacy depends on a variety of things, such as the active ingredients in a formula and your skin’s changing needs. Therefore, there’s no need to change your Regimen unless you develop new skin concerns.

Overall, most skincare products will take up to 12 weeks to deliver their maximum corrective results, so be patient. Certain skincare ingredients, like antioxidants, emollients and sunscreen, are well-tolerated by skin and will remain just as effective over time. However, you may opt to gradually increase concentrations of skin-sensitive retinoids, glycolic acid and niacin, once your skin can better tolerate them. To help boost motivation and track your results, take a “before” photo when you start a new Regimen and then take weekly “after” shots so you can see evidence of your skin’s transformation.

If a product seems less effective, consider whether changes in age, lifestyle or climate may be affecting your skin. Try taking a break from your Regimen for a few weeks to see how your skin responds. Because skin is hydrated primarily from the outside, evaluate your environment and adapt your skincare products accordingly.

Although you might not see the same rapid progress you enjoyed in the first weeks, it doesn’t mean the products have stopped working. Your skin may have reached its maximum benefit and be in “maintenance mode” while the products quietly sustain those initial benefits at a more optimal level.

Ultimately, don’t switch from a Regimen that has worked well for your skin. Remember, compliance with a skincare Regimen is key to achieving great results.

 Comment below with your skincare success stories and tell us how your patience paid off.

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  1. This post really resonated with me. I saw such dramatic improvement with Reverse and overall was super happy with my skin until the first winter. Then I started using the Macro E and EVERY week I use it my face looks brighter the next day. I fell out of my routine this most recent holiday season but come January, another two weeks of diligence really showed how much the same regimen with regular use was doing for me.
    It’s not just theory- I’ve lived it! And this recent experience finally made me take the leap to consult. Wish me luck!!

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