Chance to Win ESSENTIALS Foaming Sunless Tan and R+F Beach Towel

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Are you planning a sunny spring break getaway? Comment below with your travel tips to keep skin looking healthy on the go, and you’ll be entered to win a free R+F beach towel and our lightweight, mess-free sunless formula that ensures an even, natural-looking glow without exposing your skin to harmful UV rays.

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  1. Use sunless tanner, sunscreen and a hat. When i travel i moisturize and then mist my face with soothing rosewater. It’s refreshing in the dry airplane air.

  2. I keep reverse sunblock in my purse ready so I can reapply every couple of hours! I make sure if I am outside I use sunscreen from R&F!

  3. For travel purposes, I always transfer my products from their larger original packaging to small containers to save on space in my luggage. The less time I have to interrupt my routine/regime, the better! Also, for anyone who hasn’t found a sunscreen product that doesn’t irritate their skin, try the Soothe Step 4! This is the only sunscreen I’ll put on my face!

  4. I LOVE the R+F body sunscreen, so I keep that in my purse at all times. I also pack Soothe on trips, and I have also just used the sunless tanner twice this week for a nice “glow” pre-vacation!

  5. Sunscreen by the gallon all over, drink tons of water and only rarely alcohol. Cover up and stay in the shade (altough those are not enough alone). Does the sunless tanner have any spf? Any wear sunglasses!

  6. My Sunless tanner and sunscreen have been ordered. Can’t wait to try! I use some form of sunscreen on my face daily, and need to be more diligent with the protection. It’s important for our health, and our beauty!

  7. I love my Reverse Step #4 lotion with SPF and use the Essentials sunscreen religiously. Plus I drink lots of water!
    In order to give myself a pre sun glow (a bit pasty here in Missouri), I use the foaming sunless Tanner!

  8. Sunscreen in on my face and body everyday before leaving the house. I am a big freckler and have to be careful with how much sun I get. We go on several mini-vacays every year so I am never without sunscreen. I plan on stocking up on r&f sunscreen this coming month!

  9. I am traveling to various destinations that will be complete with sunshine! To keep my skin looking great & healthy and protected from the sun while traveling, I will have my redefine regimen along with me and the sunscreen for backup. I would love to win the towel, so I can cover my body up with it, to shield the sun and wind!! I travel with my regimen and enhancements. Don’t leave home or the country without them!!

  10. Ensure i put on RF SPF (body and face) at least an hour before i go in the sun, wear my hat/sunglasses to help prevent sun damage on my face, and drink plenty of water during the day so that i can enjoy a nice glass of wine and celebrate success in the evening! Before going to sleep be sure to use toner to take away any excess sunscreen and put on my night cremes! Wake up with fresh skin ready to take on the next day (and the beach!).

  11. I never really get a chance to go vacation during the summer. Because both my jobs are the busiest during the summer months. I am always looking for a better sunless tanner to make me look like I did get to see the sun this summer. I never like laying in the sun because of sun spots and skin cancer.

    This would be a great product for me to try and show those people I work with I did get some color, but without the damages of the sun’s rays.

  12. I always wear a high SPF sunscreen. My skin is very sensitive and pale so even before applying foundation with a low SPF I always apply R&F’s sunscreen to my face if I plan on being in the sun. It only takes about 20 minutes for my skin to burn if I forget! Also, if going in the water I have to reapply sunscreen every hour or so. Since using Rodan and Fields I put my face in one of those machines that shows you the amount of sun damage you have and surprisingly it was not much at all! I am certain it is because of the regimen I use daily. Thanks Rodan & Fields and thank you Amy Beck Cody for giving me the gift of R&F!

  13. A vacation, even for a day means breaking out of your routines. But I maintain my R & F regimen routine so the multi med therapy is consistently working to give me a better complexion. I make sure I bring step four with me because my hat can only protect so much.

  14. I was on a very sunny vacation in Roatan, Honduras, when I met my now, team leader, Penny! She was the one that introduced me to the R+F products and the amazing biz! At the time I’d met her, I was 43 years old, and had been a sun worshiper for years! I never wore sunscreen, didn’t have any type of regimen, etc. The result of that, HORRIBLE SUN DAMAGE!!! I began using the REVERSE regimen consistently and within weeks, was seeing a huge difference in the apperance of my skin! The regimen (which does include a sunscreen) is fabulous for those who LOVE being in the sun!

  15. Sunscreen for my face, body, & especially my hands. And I always wear a hat. My legs don’t burn so I like to start off the season with sunless tanner. And I drink lots and lots of water.

  16. For me, it’s wearing sunscreen every day (even if you’re just getting out for errands), sunglasses, and a wide-brim hat if you’ll be out for awhile. 🙂

  17. I fly a good bit for work and only take a carry on. Prior to each trip, I put my regimen for the week in small plastic travel jars that you can find at craft/hobby stores. I only put in as much as I will need. Then there is no risk of having to toss it out nor having to check my bag. Plus, if my bag gets lost or delayed on my way home, I am not without my regimen until a new order arrives.

  18. Hydration, Hydration Hydration! Long before going out. Sunscreen and hour before, so it has the time to absorb deep and prep for protection. Take a break from the sun and reapply, and be generous. Hats, sunglasses are a must., And one BIG helpful hint…sunscreen on those ears! Inevitably they are overlooked and get too much sun!

  19. Now that I am outside all the time again, I always have my reverse sunscreen with me to reapply throughout the day, as well as staying hydrated with plenty of water and I don’t go anywhere without my visor and sunglasses.

  20. I have to say that I never gave it much thought before. I used to sit in the sun for endless hours. I started the Reverse regimen 5 weeks ago and the results are amazing! Now my Reverse sunscreen is a must and my cowboy hat is always on when gardening. I can NOT risk undoing what Reverse is correcting!

  21. I love my soothe soothe step 4 for me and my son during the “rays” days because we both have sensitive skin. This gives great coverage without irritation. My daughter and husband use the essentials sunscreen whenever we are outside! Which is a lot because we don’t vacation too much in the summer months due to my husbands work schedule. But soaking up the sun in our backyard is fun enough for us all!!’

  22. Florida girl grew up in the sun and have paid the price. Learned many lessons on how extremely important it is to stay hydrated, use a great sunscreen like the ones I have found with R+F and wearing protective clothing.

  23. I love Reverse sunscreen. It smells like sunshine to me. I also love Essentials body sunscreen and lip shield! Definitely need my shades and an umbrella. Oh.. and alternate cocktails and water!

  24. Reverse, sunscreen, hat is what I took on spring break a week ago. I love my Rodan + Fields products & the results that they deliver! Oh, I also had my R+F beach towel & sunless tanner with me too!. No more suntans for me – I’ve learned my lesson!

  25. Stay hydrated! Sleep, plenty of it! Skip the sugar – choose healthy fiber rich on the go snacks and say no to salt!

  26. We are family-vacationing in Charleston this summer.
    I am looking forward to sun glasses, floppy hats, RF lip balm and tons of sunscreen.

  27. So many easy things to do to keep our skin healthy this spring break! I like to wear a cute hat when I’m out in the sun, wear sunglasses, make sure I drink lots of water to stay hydrated and keep reapplying SPF!! Oh and make sure I have lots of fun 🙂

    Happy spring break everyone!

  28. Foaming sunless tanner of course to get the glow without the damage, then the amazing sunscreen for when I am out in the sun having fun with the kids!

  29. Roll your clothes when packing instead of folding. Easier to see plus you can fit more! Use old contact lense cases for mini travel sizes of all your fave RnF products 😉 But really though, I’d leave an extra outfit behind so I can take extra Rodan+Fields awesomeness. Xoxo-D

  30. I always use my R&F regime with sunscreen so I’m good. But I also make sure kids have hats and sunscreen. If possible we try and sit in shade, etc and be hydrate.

  31. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!! I love the RF body sunscreen. Used it for the first time in my recent trip to Australia. Great for the whole family!

  32. I recently traveled to Palm Beach with my 2 best friends. My secret for maintaining the beautiful skin I’ve achieved with R + F Redefine regimen and tools? Essentials Lip Shield and Reverse 50+ SPF in my pocket or purse at all times, and Essentials Body Moisturizer on my night stand for bedtime. Keeps my skin protected and glowing all day long.

  33. I am planning a trip to the beach this summer, so I always put on Reverse sunscreen then apply the Enhancements Peptides! for my body, use the Essentials body sunscreen…. which is fabulous! I also apply the Essentials Lip Shield, and use the Lip renewing serum at night, just in case! For my night time routine while at the beach, i will cleanse with my Redefine regimen and use my AMP MD then apply the night renewing serum with the Overnight Restorative cream to seal my skin. For my daughter who is 9, I will apply the Essentials body suncreen multiple times during the day, and then at night will calm her skin with Soothe and then apply the Lip renewing serum for her lips. I love these products and how they have changed my skin, and at 50, my skin is gorgeous! My daughter is also learning the importance of taking care of her skin, and I’m so happy for that! Thank you Drs Rodan & Fields! You truly HAVE changed my life! 🙂

  34. I’m going to Arizona with some college girlfriends and I will come prepared with a few tubes of sunscreen for us all to share. 🙂

  35. I’ve always been a sun lover and my skin tells the story! Since becoming a consultant with R+F, I began to use the foaming sunless tanner and absolutely LOVE IT!! I used it four days am & pm and had people commenting on my beautiful tan before Valentine’s Day. I’ve been spreading the secret and can’t keep enough ordered! I will continue to use the wonderful tanner, while slathering on the 50+ sunscreen this summer. Thanks Rodan + Fields!!

  36. I like to keep a base tan year round; living in Florida makes that easy, SO I stay stocked up on my RF Essentials Sunscreen! Even my lips get chapped from the sun and wind, so my lip shield stays close by also!

  37. Unfortunately, we won’t be traveling on spring break because my daughter will be playing in a soccer tournament. Nonetheless, I will be wearing a hat and R+F sunscreen to protect my exposed skin from UVA and UVB rays,

  38. We took the family to Panama City Beach and we NEVER leave home without the Essentials SPF 30 Body Sunscreen! I works so well in and out of the water! It never disappoints! Smells great too!

  39. Cruise in the Caribbean and possibly a family trip to Disney World. I can’t go anywhere without sunglasses and a hat; I will induce a migraine. Needless to say, I early get suntime and remain pale! 😬

  40. Sun can do so much damage to our skin, I would love to try the ESSENTIALS Foaming Sunless Tan!! Rain or shine use SUNSCREEN! Plans to go to Las Vegas baby!! Thanks R + F… Love it!

  41. When my kids travel to camp, I always pack them a swim bag ready to go for them to grab when it’s swim time! Complete with towel, flip flops, and their Rodan + Fields sunscreen of course!

  42. I am a very fair complexioned lady. I have to be SO careful when in the sun. I wear some type of hat along with a lot of sunscreen (45+).. I do not stay in the sun for long periods of time because I burn very easily. I drink a lot of water as well as wearing UV sunglasses. I love the sun but it does not like me.

  43. When I travel, I take 4 products: Soothe wash for morning and bedtime cleansing, Soothe Sunscreen for the day to keep the sun from damaging the skin on my face and neck, A handful of Night Renewing Serum capsules for applying before bedtime, and Soothe Moisture Replenishing Lotion to keep any dryness away over night.

  44. It is always important to wear sunscreen and reapply throughout the day. Moisturizers are great in the evenings as well. Another important tip to remember in order to keep your skin healthy and protected is hydration. I try to drink extra amounts of water the day before sun exposure and the day of.

  45. I never go anywhere without SOOTHE Regimen and a hat and sunglasses to protect my skin. While I also love REVERSE and my husband uses REDEFINE, and my boys use UNBLEMISH we all love SOOTHE! SPF is so important in protecting your skin. While on vacation there’s always time to re-apply SPF!

  46. Sunscreen no matter where I’m going, for the entire family! Pack essential clothing pieces that can be mixed and matched.

  47. I am a reverse girl so I protect myself with reverse sunscreen along with a hat and polarized sunglasses whenever possible! Hats are so in style right now…I love mixing it up with all types from a baseball cap to large brimmed su hats! Lake season is approaching in 3 weeks!!!

  48. A cloudy day at the beach doesn’t upset me as much any more because I’m getting my “sun” in the form of a foaming tanner and still protecting my skin with Unblemish Sunscreen and SPF peptides! Sun kissed skin on a cloudy day? I’ll take it!!

  49. I’ll be using Soothe on my daughter’s face this summer (try to all year-long), body sunscreen on everyone, and reapplying every 2 hours, as well as wearing mineral peptides. Love those!

  50. A stay-cation with lots of baseball watching from the stands that in the past I didn’t think about twice. NOW – Reverse sunscreen, an umbrella and water to hydrate the skin!

  51. I read in an article that you should get some sun rays for at least 10-15 minutes, then apply sunscreen for optimal absorption. I’ve been doing that for some time now and never had a sunburn. Also, don’t forget to slather on the sunscreen on you ears and neck especially on the little ones:)

  52. I hope to be going to the Florida Keys soon and plan to take my R+F Sunscreen, a sporty floppy ha and some BIG fashionable sunglasses along with an #RFGlow from our Sunless Tanning Foam !

  53. I am going to Laguna Beach in 2 weeks! I will definitely be packing my eye cloths for the plane ride so I look refreshed when landing! No one wants to see my pale legs in a dress so I plan on exfoliating with the microdermabrasion paste and then getting that RFGlow with the foaming sunless tan!

  54. Just spent our family spring break in Disneyland. Two days before our trip, I prepared my skin by shaving and exfoliating. Then after two applications, I had the sun-kissed look on my skin. I made sure to moisturize and apply sunblock each day. Oh, and don’t forget your hat, sunglasses and drink lots of water.

  55. SPF, HAT and HYDRATION!… And glow it all up with the Microdermabrasion paste 🙂 Remember to always re-apply SPF after prolonged activity outdoors… (sweating, swimming etc).

  56. I just got back from an RF retreat in Rosemary Beach. I use the Smoothe line but decided to throw the reverse step 4 sunscreen in my beach bag so I’d have a bit more protection while sitting at the shore. Also, another good tip if you have trouble tanning cause you’re super pale is to get a head start with a sunless tanner. It’s easier to tan skin that has some pigment. Keep skin moisturizer well and you’ll be less likely to burn but will glow instead.

  57. Jamaica is my destination. Buy cheap 2 oz travel containers from Wal-Mart and fill them up with my favorite products, and off I go.

  58. Top 4 tips for our trip to the beach!!
    1. Use RODAN + FIELDS sunscreen… and stay out of the sun as much as possible!!!
    2. Wear a wide brimmed hat!
    3. Exfoliate and moisturize
    4. Get a natural looking tan and use the best sunless tanner ever– RODAN + FIELDS!!

  59. The REVERSE #4 SPF 50 is a must when going out in the sun! A large brimmed hat (especially if you’re using the REVERSE regimen) & the body sunscreen. We are headed to Costa Rica and I’ll definitely have the eye cloths & mineral peptides powder in my carry on.

  60. I am taking my graduating daughter to Mexico for her senior trip! I will be using my R+F ESSENTIAL Sunscreen & Body Moisturizer, as well as my REDEFINE Regimen DAILY!!!! I am a consultant and would love to have this Beach Towel to take along with me to promote my business on the cruise, that without R+F I wouldn’t be able to take!!!! I already use the ESSENTIALS Sunless Tanner & would love to add more to my bag for the trip!!!!

  61. Definitely Sunscreen !! Even though it’s still Early Spring, we sometimes forget that the sun rays are still damaging to our lily white “winter” skin!.
    Had a blast with my daughter and her bestie in Harrison Hot Springs, BC, Canada for a few days of laughs, fantastic scenery and good eats!!. 🙂

  62. I’ll be using the following; Essentials Sunscreen, REVERSE Step 4 sunscreen for my face, sunglasses, hat, and I’ll bring along SOOTHE Step 3 just in case I come across someone with a sunburn.

  63. I love using REDEFINE eye cloths to keep my skin feeling fresh. Also, lip shield and sunscreen makes my vacation “MUST HAVE” list!

  64. I use my Eye Cloths for a refresh when traveling in the airport, add some Essentials Lip Shield and I feel like a new woman!

  65. Drinks lots of water!! Apply sunscreen every day, even when it’s cloudy! Keep Redefine eye cloths close by for those super sweaty days.

  66. Staying Hydrated, wearing R+F Sunscreen, continue my daily use of Reverse and using the Essentials Daily Body Moisturizing Cream and Lip Balm. R+F products are a great way to protect your skin while being out in the sun and at the beach!

  67. We as a family don’t go outside to play or go for an adventure with out clothing with SPF or without sunscreen, hats and sunglasses! I wasnt so smart as a young adult, I loved the sun and loved the tan. I now have sun damage and have to see my dermatologist every 6 months. Luckily, I can use Rodan and Field products to make my skin look great again!!

  68. Hi! J love your sunless tanner and use it all the time! Perfect for those cool spring weeks! I am leaving for a fun filled trip to Santa Barbara and a pool resort stay and would love love love to show off a new Rodan and fields towel at the resort and get questions from others flowing!!

  69. I always use my Reverse Sunscreen for my face and the SPF 30 Sunscreen for the rest of my body. My lips are protected also with the Lip Balm with SPF 25. When I golf or go to the beach I also wear a visor for added protection!

  70. I love my RandF on-the-go bag, especially when traveling! I stock it w the soothe SPF, lip protectant and some redefine eye cloths, so my skin is always hydrated and protected from sun damage! And i always carry a nalgene with water because hydration is a must!!

  71. I keep a basket in my car with sunscreen, hats, bathing suits and towels. You never know when we will stop at the park, pool, or splash pad. It is very dry in Colorado, so it is extra important to stay hydrated as well.

  72. As a former “sunworshipper”, I have found myself,many days, coming back inside just to reapply sunscreen. I have begun to wear a hat, and have been staying in during the mid day.

  73. Staying Hydrated by drinking lots of water, wearing wide brim hats and sunglasses and using my Rodan + Fields Sunscreen and Moisturizers! Don’t leave home without them!
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  74. I carry sunscreen with me everywhere I go! Have multiple melanoma scares, I’m serious about my sun protection. I try to be a proponent for this with everyone I meet as well!

  75. Sunscreen all day, grab a small one for the bag ( in case ), lip SPF moisturizer, drink lots of water, when in really humid air, ( I grew up in the Islands!) I deep condition my long hair/ apply leave-in conditioning treatment esp if i’m gonna be out in the sun for a long time to restore and nourish the sun damage stresses. My make-up also has SPF!

  76. Living on a lake, our spring & summer wardrobe consists of flip flops, cool hats, swimsuits & sunscreen. Don’t leave home without it 😄

  77. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! I don’t leave the house with out it, let alone go on vacation with out it.

  78. Wide brim hat, sunglasses, umbrella, Sunscreen, Foaming Sunless Tanner, Microdermabrasion Paste, Essential Body Moisturizer, Essentials Lip Shield and Lip Serum, Eye cream,and my wonderful Redefine Regimen. This is what’s best for our skin along with drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. 🙂

  79. Wear sunscreen! Don’t forget the tips of your ears and the top of your feet. And ask for your special someone to get your back! So easy to miss spots there. No one wants to be miserable with a sun burn on their vacation. Lip protection is a must – for guys too. 🙂

  80. Essentials sunscreen, shade, and timing! I am allergic to the sun (hives, itching, yuck) and so I’ve always worn a lot of sunscreen and looked for comfy spots in the shade to relax. I also look for activities that are offered at times the sun is not at it’s peak in the sky, like morning and late afternoon.

  81. Big floppy hat with sunglasses, baby covered almost entirely, both slathered in sunblock (husband is on his own – hehe), with a cocktail under an umbrella on the beach enjoying the sea breeze!

  82. When traveling, I actually emptied out my old proactiv containers and would put skin and hair chair products in them instead. Also gotta have the hat and sunglasses to stay out of the sun along with a little sunscreen.

  83. We cruised a month ago to the Western Caribbean and I burned and am still peeling on my arms and legs. However NOT my face! Why? Because I had the reverse Sunscreen on. We’re cruising again in May and this time I’m prepared with my Essentials Body Sunscreen!!!! And the Soothe Sunscreen for my little boy! Also taking my Essentials lip shield too and hats for all. Safe and fun trip time thanks to R and F!

  84. Keep eye cloths on hand to keep your face clean and fresh while traveling. If you are going to be outside drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen.

  85. My family is on spring break in Curacao and our go to protection is – RF sunscreen for faces (Reverse for me & hubby, Unblemish for my 14 year old, and Soothe for my 11 year old). NOTHING else can go on anyone’s face. Second is RF lip shield, the sun is brutal to the thin skin on lips and RF lip shield has the SPF we need, and is deliciously creamy. Everyone wears a hat, at all times. We re-apply sunscreen, but keeping faces shielded even with SPF is critical. Last but not least, we are the tiki hut scavengers! Our resort has beautiful “tiki huts” grass huts with shaded chairs underneath, we’ll walk for quite a while to find one where we can all four be in the shade. Then we can relax and enjoy our books, and the beautiful ocean, knowing we are protected.

  86. I love being in the sun but realize I need to cover up well. I use big floppy hats and always have sunglasses on. In addition sunscreen, and lip shield is important for everyone, as well as drinking lots of water to stay hydrated!

  87. Heading to Disney World in August… SUNSCREEN (love that it’s already build into my AM REDEFINE moisturizer)! HATS! SUNGLASSES! LIP SHIELD (ESSENTIALS), and lots of WATER!!

  88. Water and Essentials sunscreen, lipshield, and self tanner are all I need to keep my skin protected in the sun! Thank you for such amazing products!!

  89. We went to Dallas for spring break. It rained the entire time we were there. That keeps your skin looking nice! I was so sad because we wanted to have some warm weather. Found out when we got home that our home had record heat and beautiful skies the entire time we were gone. Oh well.

  90. We went to Dallas for spring break. It rained the entire time we were there. I was so sad because we wanted to have some warm weather. Found out when we got home that our home had record heat and beautiful skies the entire time we were gone. Oh well.

  91. Always have water, sun screen, comfortable shoes, and a positive attitude!! … And your phone and RF business cards so you can work from everywhere 🌞🍹

  92. Never forget the Reverse/Essentials Sunscreen for protection. Take along Essentials Foaming Sunless Tanner for a nice glow. And pack Redefine Eye Cloths for a quick face wash.

  93. I’m always prepared with our Essentials SPF 30 sunscreen. I use it on myself and my family. The Reverse SPF 50 is for my face, neck and chest along with a nice ball cap. Essentials Lip Shield is a must, but I wear that everyday. I love the sun, but too much time in my younger years worshipping it without protection has left my skin super sensitive and scarred…so I take care of it now.

  94. We just returned from our long Easter weekend trip to Houston! I brought the Essentials sunscreen and lip balm for me and my husband. I always wear my Unblemish #4 during the day. I can’t live without it!!

  95. I always bring plenty of water, Essentials Lip Shield, Essentials SPF 30 Body Sunscreen, hats, & sunglasses for my family when we go to the beach!! We’re taking a mini spring break vacation to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach & will be hitting the beach afterwards 🙂

  96. I’m on a beach vacation right now – applying (& re-applying) R+F Body Sunscreen all over, hat & sunglasses at all times! I’ll just get my “glow” with R+F Sunless tanner 🙂

  97. I just got back from 2 cruises. One 5 day to the Bahamas and another 7 day to Cozumel, Belize, Mahogany Bay ~ Honduras, & Costa Maya. Lots of sun. I pack plenty of floppy hats, ball caps, my R + F sunscreen is a must and use my R + F sunless tanner. Everyone thinks I’m tan and have been in the sun for days because it’s so natural looking. I also use my Reverse & Redefine regimens twice daily. The spf in the regimen gives me double protection. Plus i always search for a shaded area on the beach, or a lawn chair with a canopy.

  98. When you aren’t checking a bag, I have found using contact cases as a great way to store facial lotions and all. They are smaller than the big bottles for when you need just a few days’ worth.

  99. I love that R+F products have sunscreen for everyday protection! Any time I’m outdoors, and especially at the beach, I add the sunscreen and hydrate with lots of water. No more direct sunlight for me!

  100. I never used sunscreen until 2015Feb, that was the time I was introduced to Rodan and Fields. Since then I have been using sunscreen 24/7. Love it very much. Hope to be able to give this product a try.

  101. I’m much better about using my sunscreen and looking forward to trying out my new R+F sunscreen on vacation in a couple weeks

  102. Hydrate, wear a hat and always my Unblemish oil absorbing moisturizer with SPF so that I don’t burn or look shiny in vacation pics!

  103. I love to travel, especially to the beach and get lots of sun. Good sunscreen is a must to protect my skin from getting burnt. Also, plenty of lotion and moisturizer so my skin doesn’t dry out. Definitely bring my Redefine regimen to keep my skin protected and glowing no matter what the elements are. Bring on beach/pool weather!

  104. I drink tons of water and always, always use sunscreen!! Don’t skip your skincare because your on vacation either!! Your skin will thank you!

  105. I use the sunless foaming self tanner to prep for vacation. Then I use lip shield spf 25, the hand regimen to protect my hands, Body sunscreen, reverse step four on my face SPF 50! Top that with a Hat, sun glasses and I am vacation ready! Head to toe.

  106. I use my Redefine regiment, eye cream and limit time in the sun and always drink lots of water and keep the sunscreen close!

  107. I love using the Foaming Sunless Tanning Solution for a little color on my face a couple of times a week. Then I follow my daily skincare routine including the SPF-30 Triple Defense Cream and finish with our SPF-20 Mineral Peptide Powder. I retouch as needed with the Mineral-Peptide Powder periodically throughout the day.

  108. In the car anytime and out and about I always use my Rodan + Fields Redefine Triple Defense plus Rodan + Fields Spf Peptide Mineral powder for a non-melting cover and extra protection from the sun! It’s the perfect combination! Easy! Rodan + Fields Redefine regimen made it possible for me to toss my sticky foundation in the trash! At age 59 that’s pretty exciting!

  109. I use R+F broad spectrum spf 30 mineral sunscreen to protect my skin without causing irritation and I always wear sunglasses and seek the shade during the hottest time of the day!

  110. I love bringing along the Redefine Eye Cloths! They are a great refresher during travel because they leave you feeling refreshed when you can’t wash your face. They’re also simple and compact and don’t require any special packing so they’re easy to keep handy!

  111. Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat and your favorite R+F regimen! Started using my self tanner to get ready for spring break!

  112. I travel with my whole Redefine regimen! Glad I did because the Sunscreen in the Triple Defense Cream along with the Mineral Peptides kept my face from getting burned when I visited New Mexico this month. Lots of other travelers were red-faced due to the high temps being deceptively low.

  113. I have just started using RF a few weeks ago so I’m loving reading all the other tips! I did make sure I packed my reverse cleansers for my weekend trip though!

  114. I drink a lot of water before I even go on a vacation. I make sure I have my water bottle with me at all times, and cover myself with sunscreen. I also wear a larger brimmed hat to keep the sun off of my face, and reapply sunscreen half way through the day. The sunless tanner is amazing because you can even use it on your face and you don’t get that orange streaky look, and there is not that odor like other tanners.

  115. We will be going to Cancun May 1st. I will be doing the same thing I just did in Florida for the winter. Use me Redefine regimen twice a day. Use my rodan and fields lip sunscreen. Wear sun glasses and drink plenty of water. Thanks Rodan and Fileds for products that work.

  116. Reverse in the AM, Essentials 30 SPF all over, Reverse Step 4 on your face while at the pool/beach—reapply SPF’s often and then finish the day with Redefine in the PM! Oh and lots of water…drink lots and lots of water! <3

  117. Would love to win the sunless tanner, for when we go do our camping trips this summer. A little color to my skin without the damaging suns rays, would be awesome!

  118. Eye cloths are a must for quick wipe downs and mineral peptides powder for quick SPF application…light and low maintenance!

  119. I just returned from Florida and my skin didn’t just look healthy it is healthy because I use the microderm paste once a week to exfoliate dead skin. I always use my redefine triple defence cream and essentials spf 30 suntan lotion. I would also recommend to plan well, pack light, eat right and stay hydrated.

  120. My Spring travel tips for healthy skin are: start with clean skin, apply sunscreen to face & body at least 30 minutes before going outside. Outside always wear a lip balm w/sunscreen & use hand Treatment w/spf.Hat, sunnies help too. Re-apply sunscreen every few hours. Important to wash to wash face after fun. No water, Eye Clothes work wonders & prevent skin irritation & breakouts.

  121. So happy the sunny days have finally looking like they’ve arrived even to BC! Using Redefine as my regimen, I have just added REVERSE sun screen onto my AM and throughout the day routine! Sun glasses on and not forgetting the kids either: sunglasses or hat, and Soothe #4!

  122. This redhead knows the importance of sunscreen! I couldn’t live without my essentials! For that think-it’s-from-the-sun tan.. I use my foaming sunless tanner. Streak free/odor free/- perfection! Finally, a big hat, sunglasses, and plenty of hydration! Ahh.. So happy R+F is in my life!

  123. Apply sunscreen daily…remember when driving or getting a shellac manicure or golfing or when you are out for a jog. It’s so important and R+F provides coverage like no other!!

  124. The best travel tip is to stay hydrated. Especially if you’re flying, all that recirculated air can cause your skin to lose moisture. Bring a refillable water bottle with you and keep your skin hydrated from the inside out!

  125. I plan on a stay vacation but want to get into some capris and have a healthy looking tan, like I’ve been to the beach!

  126. Never ever forget those sunglasses! All the hard work the multi function eye cream is doing will take longer if you’re squinting all day!

  127. My top skincare travel tip is to wear SPF! I reapply often and find shade as needed. I always wear a hat to make sure my face is extra protected. I love the sun, but I love my skin more!

  128. I’ll be out boating with my family celebrating my mom’s 80th bday! We always wear hats, use Essentials SPF 30 sunscreen and drink plenty of water!!

  129. What are my travel tips? It’s not much different than when I leave the house daily. Sunscreen on all exposed skin, sunglasses and, as it gets brighter and sunnier, a hat. All that and plenty of water. If I am out for more than 1.5 hours, I reapply the sunscreen to make sure I don’t wait too long.

  130. Exfoliation is SO key! Use the Microdermabrasion Paste 2-3 times per week in conjunction with the Macroexfoliator once per week, moisturize, and use that sunscreen in the final step of your regimen EVERY morning!!!

  131. Being pigmentaly challenged, using sunscreen is an absolute must. Doing my morning walk at sunrise helps but anytime I go out I protect myself from the Texas sun with sunscreen.

  132. Wear my RF redefine sunscreen and body sunscreen.
    Also I go running in early morning/late evening when sun isn’t as high. And stay out of sun in middle of day when I can.
    I usually hate sunscreen but I really like the RF sunscreens.

  133. My tips have and continue to be a great sunscreen that protects against uva and uvb rays. And have a fashionable floppy hat. I don’t use old sunscreen – buy new every year because it loses efficacy over time. The Rodan+Fields does all of this plus some! It also is moisturizing! I’ve stocked up and am ready!
    I can’t leave home without it. Have one in my car so I can always reapply when out and about!
    Reapplying is another BIG tip although with #rodanandfields I don’t find I need to do it every hour because it actually keeps working due to their proprietary formula! Truly like no other sunscreen out there!

  134. Essentials sunscreen for body, Soothe #4 on my face, even though I am usually parked under an umbrella. I take care to moisturize after showering and sun exposure as well, with Essentials Body Moisturizer.

  135. My main go-to is the Reverse Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ sunscreen! I definitely need a good pair of shades and a hat as well. I’m not about to get more sunspots on my face!!

  136. I currently live in Hawaii so we are always taking trips to the beach. Micro-dermabrasion paste has become my favorite exfoliator for nice feet and legs and I always lather up with my REVERSE step #4 sunscreen!

  137. I always wear a hat and use SPF. I try to remember to drink a lot of water! I don’t want to load up on sugary beverages.

  138. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated if you’re going to be out in the sun/heat, wear a sun hat and sunglasses, and lastly I highly recommend using a high SPF sunscreen reapplied often! 🙂

  139. The key is to always remember to reapply your sunblock. Our family is going skiing but sunblock is just as important in the snow with sun as in the beaches with sun. It’s everywhere so you should carry that sunblock everywhere. Reverse spf 50 is my favorite- light and smells great!

  140. I make sure I have a nice sun hat with SPF protection and I carry my Nalgene water bottle filled with ice water!! I have to stay hydrated and protected!

  141. Just started Soothe regimen. We went away and I was getting use to the process, really love so far, I love the weightlessness of the sunscreen.

  142. My favorite travel tip is to pre-moisten my R+F guaze pads with toner then place them in a zip baggie. That way I have my toner for my regimen and don’t have to worry about it spilling during travel and/or not making it through airport security.

  143. Plans include going to Hawaii for my birthday this summer. I always bring the Essentials sunscreen and the daily body moisturizer along with me! Along with that, of course I can’t forget my facial products too!

  144. I am going to the beach in May and I have already started planning on how I am going to do things differently this year. No tanning oil, just sunscreen. I always forget to put it on my face so I’ll definitely have my Soothe step 4. Also I need the Essentials sunless tanner to maintain a tan the safe way!

  145. I definitely need to bring my REDEFINE Eye Cloths and TRIPLE Defense Treatment. ESSENTIALS Body Moisturizer, Sunscreen, and Lip Shield are great for the whole family while traveling!

  146. I brought my Unblemish along plus soothe step 2 if I missed a spot with my sunscreen!! Hat, glasses and lots of sunscreen! I reapplied my Unblemish step 4 every two hours!

  147. While traveling this summer, I will be packing my Redefine Regimen which has built in sunscreen. I will also have the body sunscreen packed in my purse to reapply throughout the day and of course sunglasses and a hat to protect my face from further sun exposure.

  148. I always take my full regimen. I love the ESSENTIALS body lotion for after showers. Such a fresh fragrance. I never go to the pool without ESSENTIALS sunscreen and use a little extra on my neck décolletage area. The Lip balm keeps my lips from chapping & protects them from sun damage. For extra protection for my face, the mineral peptide powder does double duty; protects my face from UV and provides excellent coverage. Stay hydrated.

  149. I always take my full regimen; can’t imagine being without it. I carry the gauze pads in a ziploc bag; they truly are the best at removing makeup with my Soothe cleanser. I love the ESSENTIALS body lotion for after showers. Such a fresh fragrance. I never go to the pool without ESSENTIALS sunscreen and use a little extra on my neck décolletage area. The Lip balm keeps my lips from chapping & protects them from sun damage. For extra protection for my face, the mineral peptide powder does double duty; protects my face from UV and provides excellent coverage.

  150. Keep your routine even when you travel! Taking a vacation from your skincare can set you back, so keep it going while you’re away!

  151. Before I knew better, I would make several visits to the tanning bed before a vacation. Now, I use the Rodan and Fields Microdermabrasion Paste, foaming Sunless Tanner and daily body lotion to get a beautiful glow before I go! Then, I can enjoy my vacation safely, without worrying about getting a tan 🙂

  152. When traveling to a sunny destination, or ANY destination for that matter, sunscreen is the most absolute important thing to bring! The most often “forgotten” places to apply sunscreen are your ears and scalp! Cover the fronts and backs of ears, and anywhere your hair is parted. Bring a brimmed hat to further protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Always carry Soothe Sensitive Skin Treatment with you! Sunburn, bug bites, skin irritation.. Relieved!! Soothe 2 is such a staple in my home year round! And last but not least, a CAMERA! It’s important to live in the moment, but don’t forget to capture some too! Make memories to last a lifetime! 🙂

  153. Make sure you take the same time and care for your skin on vacation as you do at home – always wash or wipe your face before bed!

  154. My essentials for Spring getaways include microdermabrasion paste for exfoliation, lots and lots of sunscreen (since I love to lay in the sun), and sunglasses. You also can’t forget to hydrate with lots of water and wear a hat to protect your scalp!

  155. I always bring plenty of sunscreen to go along with my hat and sunglasses! But I also bring my soothe regimen since I have super sensitive skin and eczema. The Essentials lip spf is also a necessity when packing for a trip!

  156. Reverse 4 Sunscreen (reapply every two hours)
    Big, Floppy, Fashionable hats
    Shades to protect your eyes and the delicate skin around them
    Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
    Stay out of the most intense sun from 10am-2pm
    Long sleeves if at all possible
    I love using my Sunless Tanning Foam to help so I don’t look so pastey pale too!

  157. I love always having the eye clothes on hand when traveling to easily remove makeup, the essentials Chapstick helps me prevent dry chapped lips from travel and the summer sun, my redefine regimen and lastly always pack my umblemish acne spot cream to take care of any break outs from the stress of traveling and or climate change.

  158. LOTS of cucumber infused water to stay hydrated from the inside out, sunscreen and a hat to shade my face and scalp. I am new to Rodan and Fields so I’ll be anxious to try one of the products to help as well. I’m hearing great things about the Soothe!

  159. Sunscreen, sunscreen and a little more sunscreen!! Add a great hat, sunglasses, and some H2O and you’re good to go!

  160. I take a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses and Reverse SPF 50 to be sure the sun damage I “cleaned up” with Reverse doesn’t come back!! Also, stay hydrated and out of the sun during peak times.

  161. I never leave home without my regimen, microderm paste, body lotion, sunscreen and sunless tanner when traveling! Don’t want to skip a day of washing my face! Plus I always try to stay hydrated when traveling!

  162. Hydrate and apply sunscreen every 2 hours. Fun in the sun isn’t supposed to be painful so these are my tips to avoid dehydration and sunburns!

  163. I can’t wait for this product to be available in Canada! My tips would be to wear light color loose clothing, covering arms, always have your hat or an umbrella to cover you from the sun and always keep sunscreen in your car or purse because you never know when you will need it. Keeping hydrated with a bottle of water is always a must on those hot sunny days.

  164. I hope to go away next week and I just reserved my ticket for my brother’s destination wedding in October. My travel skincare tip is to exfoliate the dead skin, keep the skin moisturized, and use a sunscreen to prevent premature aging. Also best not to lay in the sun for too long.

  165. For the flight: pack the REDEFINE Eye Cloths in your carry-on bag. The cloths are perfect for a waterless clean-up, ensuring you remove makeup before sleeping. Also carry the Multifunction Eye Cream and Overnight cream for ideal hydration. For your beach bag: pack Essentials lip balm with SPF, the Body Sunscreen, and the Body Lotion, sunglasses and water. Your toiletry bag should include Reverse SPF 50.

  166. Sunscreen and a big floppy hat are my main defence. Love a tan but not the harmful rays. Would love to win to give the product a try. Not available in Canada yet!

  167. So that my toner doesn’t leak when I travel, (and I don’t have to bring the bottle,) I saturate some gauze pads with it, and seal in a zippered bag. Easy!

  168. Always wear sunscreen, and apply it multiple times daily. I use the Sooth Sunscreen on my face. Wear a hat and sunglasses. If you have fair skin, make sure to wear a t-shirt and cover up as much skin as possible. If you want a tan, use the Rodan & Fields sunless Tanner and skip the harmful sun rays!

  169. Stay hydrated and protected with SPF at all times when outdoors and if you have a window seat on the plane pull down the shade!!!

  170. I always wear my sunscreen during winter and summer. I also pack my hat with me if I’m going somewhere hot. I freckle like crazy instead of tan so why give my skin sundamage when I don’t get that “sun glow!”. Moisturizer is key as well!

  171. I am actually planning a spring break getaway – and I plan on going shopping!!! I used to love to sit in the sun for hours but not any more since my Dermatologist advised strongly against it – I grew up in Florida and I deal with sun damage every time I go to see my skin doctor — so I will do the next best thing — use my foaming sunless tanner – look like I was sitting in the sun – and hunt for fun souvenirs , clothes ,shoes etc. — dine with friends — WOW!! – sounds like an awesome vacation getaway to me!! I cannot wait to see that colorful beach towel in my luggage – now that’s an amazing souvenir!!

  172. Wearing a hat and sunglasses and using my Rodan + Fields products so I can be sure my skin is SPF protected and nourished. Lots of water helps too!

  173. An umbrella beach cairns water and screen all over exposed skin every 2 hours more if I’m in the water and a cooler with bottles water in it

  174. My best recommendation for vacation ready skin is to prep with a great exfoliator like the ENHANCEMENTS microdermabrasion paste, then the ESSENTIALS foaming tanner for a nice pre-Vacay glow. Follow it up with ESSENTIALS sunscreen SPF 30, reapplied often to keep my skin looking and feeling as healthy as possible!

  175. I was just on vacation and I brought my soothe regimen along with my sunscreen! Also drank a lot of water to keep hydrated!

  176. If can’t travel with full face wash routine, bring the wash and moisturizer –> and always with SPF for sun protection regardless of the weater! My can’t forgets: Chapstick and hand moisturizer!

    1. We are going to be traveling to the Western Caribbean. I am in the mist of packing. For my head, a floppy sunhat with a wide brim (hats for my entire family); for the eyes, sunglasses; Soothe step#4 for my children’s faces; Reverse step#4 for my face; Essentials Lip Shields for our lips; Redefine Hand spf for our hands; Essentials Body Moisturizer for our bodies. This is the 1st vacation as an R+F Consultant and am so happy to know that my family and I will be protected from the hot sun and its damaging rays. We’ll surely have fun in the sun, but without sunburns this Spring Break..thanks to Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields.

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