Fact or Fiction? Dark Circles Under Eyes are Genetic


FICTION. One of the facial features that receives a lot of attention as we age is the delicate area around our eyes. It’s also an area of skin that visibly suffers from all kinds of biological and environmental aggressors—from sleep deprivation to sun damage, and allergies to heredity. When people talk about ‘dark circles,’ they could actually be referring to a variety of skincare issues, each of which may be the result of genetics, the environment or skin changes, wanting to try and rid yourself of your darkened eyes and / or puffiness, why not consider a tear trough filler?

As we age, skin around our eyes becomes thinner and the exposed capillaries underneath can create a bluish undertone—that’s just one type of ‘dark circle.’ For some people, this issue is linked directly to their genetics, but for others, rubbing the eyes too much, inflammatory skin diseases or weight loss and aging could also be the culprit. Avoid tugging or harsh scrubbing of the eyes which can lead to dark, thickened skin. Instead, treat your eyes to REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream, featuring powerful peptides to reduce the appearance of dark circles, while visibly brightening your eye area with optical filters that reflect light.

If you notice puffiness in the eye area (caused by fluid collecting underneath thin skin around the eyes) and or under-eye bags, these may stem from a variety of factors, such as seasonal allergies, sinus infections, crying or water retention. Consider sleeping on your back to avoid fluid pooling in your eye area. Look for solutions that are multi-taskers for your skin, like REDEFINE Eye Cloths, which gently remove makeup while depositing anti-aging peptides to help reduce the appearance of puffiness.

While aging is a complex phenomenon, there are daily changes you can make in your skincare routine to help improve the appearance of your eyes and protect against the effects of time and environment. A consistent approach is key, along with products clinically proven to treat your skincare issues.

What’s the story behind your eyes? Comment below and share your biggest eye concern.

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  1. I am prone to having dark circles and eye bags so have tried many products with not much success. The Made from Earth Cucumber Gel is the first product that has made any real visible difference and I am amazed! You only have to use a tiny amount around the eyes and it feels wonderfully cool and soothing.

    It has a lovely fresh smell of cucumber and the cream easily absorbs into the skin. After a very short amount of time, my eyes feel and look less tired and more vibrant. I bought online at Made from Earth’s website.

  2. I have read that drinking more water, eating less salt and drinking less coffee can help reduce darkness and bags. Is this true? What other practices can aid the effectiveness of the MF Eye Cream?

  3. I suffer from allergies and under my eyes can take a beating. I’ve been use the eye cream morning and night for the last 6 months which has improved my eye area greatly. Yeah!! Fine lines are gone, darkness is less and my skin is soft.

  4. The Redefine Eye Cream is what started me on my Rodan and Fields journey. It works! I’ve been a consultant for 4 1/2 years now and can’t imagine using other companies products. I haven’t been disappointed with any of Rodan and Fields products. So glad the eye cream lead me (and my consultant partners) down this path!

  5. I have genetic dark circles–my grandfather, who died before I was born, had such dark circles that it looked like bruising. My dad had them, but not as pronounced. I inherited them from him. I have always been self-conscious about them, using every kind and color of concealer for 35 years. Nothing has worked.

    I began the Redefine regime in November 2015, along with the eye cream. I have seen a big difference in the wrinkling around my eyes, and the darkness is much less pronounced. I had been using another product that helped, but caused me to break out in a horrible rash (Long story, another company, but they did not address my issue nor did they offer any solution).

    Rodan + Fields has made my skin look better than it did when I was 40 (12 years ago). I added the AMP-MD a week ago.

    Dark circles may always be with me, but R+F is helping.

    1. I, too, have genetic dark circles. They are very challenging. Im 44 and I have just found Rodan and Fields. Your comment has given me hope that I can now throw away all those greasy white, green, yellow, and purple concealers!! I thought these dark circles would just be something I had to deal with for the rest of my life. Thankfully, they are not as dark as some that I have seen but they are there!! Thanks again!

  6. I have dark circles under my eyes yjat are hereditary but also from pulling on the skin from years of allergies. I use the Multi function eye cream every morning and night!!

  7. I use Multifunction Eye Cream every morning and night. I also use the Night Renewing serum and the REVERSE Dual Active Brightening Complex of vitamin C and retinol to help keep away the wrinkles and bags under my eyes. When cleansing my face, I try to be gentle with the skin in and around my eyes to avoid stretching the skin.

  8. I had a horrible rash around my eyes and dark circles. I have been using our eye cream and wipes for the last year! My eyes haven’t felt this good in a long time! It took a couple months to get rid of that rash and it hasn’t come back in almost a year!! I am so thankful to Dr Rodan + Dr Fields! I’ve searched for years for something to help me! I’m so glad I found this amazing skincare and business!! Btw my dark circles are much lighter!

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