Chance to Win: Night Renewing Serum and Lip Renewing Serum

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Everyone needs their beauty sleep. Your face is the first to show off signs of a restless night in the morning. Post in the comment section below and tell us what you do nightly to ensure you wake up fresh, and you’ll be entered to win a free REDEFINE Night Renewing Serum and Lip Renewing Serum.

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  1. I do the Redefine routine every morning and night. Then every other night I use the roller and then apply the intense renewing serum.
    Love the products!

  2. I use Redefine Regimen and Multi-function Eye Cream every morning and night and I roll with my AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller every night. I am starting to see a major difference in my skin. I lost 35 pounds recently so with the weight loss came more wrinkles in my face and of course sun damage over the years did not help. I smoked for 30 years and have very deep wrinkles above my lips, they were so deep that nothing I used helped until I started Redefine, it is gradually making a difference ….Love what Redefine has done to face! I am 65 so I needed all the help I could get.

  3. I’m new to R & F and loving my new products. I’m turning 49 this year and decided it was time to start taking more care of myself. Thank you for the great products I am already using. I can’t wait to try more.

  4. I use my Redefine Regimen and Multi-function Eye Cream every night and I roll with my AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller every other night!!! Love my products!!!

  5. I use the Redefine regimen at night and I love it! Every couple days I use the Microdermabration paste and I just love it.
    I wake up so smooth and refreshed and my make up looks perfect. 🙂

  6. nightly wash my face with a gentle cleanser, 3 x a week use exfoliating cleanser. Toner, Vit C Serum, Retinol serum 3x a week. Then mositurizer

  7. I can NOT go to bed without my Redefine ritual – mask, toner, Amp roller, NRS, Overnight Restorative Cream and Lip Renewing Serum. Oh, and Multifunction Eye Cream!! That’s how I wake up refreshed and with better skin each day!

  8. It’s can NOT go to bed without my Redefine ritual – mask, toner, Amp roller, NRS, Overnight Restorative Cream and Lip Renewing Serum. Oh, and Multifunction Eye Cream!! That’s how I wake up refreshed and with better skin each day!

  9. I have been bad for many years because I always had good skin. But now I’m getting older! So NOW I use the Redefine regimen at night with the AMD MD Roller and Night Renewing Serum!!

  10. I am not new to using skin care products, but I am new to Rodan & Fields. I switched to the REDEFINE regime about a month ago and love it! I’m ready to add new products to my regime, and the overnight and eye serum are the two I want to add. Currently, I faithfully use the Redefine Daily Cleansing Mask and Toner before going to bed. I use use another company’s eye cream, but would really like to switch to R&F’s to stay within the same family of products. I currently don’t use a serum, and know I should. I felt a difference in my skin immediate when I switched to R&F, and wake up every morning knowing I did the right thing!

  11. I use Redefine Regiment every night.: Cleansing mask, toner, I use the AMP-MD two to three times a week, then on two other nights of the week I use the Microdermabrasion instead of the wash,, then one or two nights I use the Macro-exfoliator machine. I use the Redefine night renewing serum, redefine overnight restorative cream along with the lip serum . The only thing I don’t have is the eye serum…boy do I want some. I have to purchase R&F a little at a time. I’m also using Acute Care patches for my lips. I’m 60 yrs old, never smoked but using a straw all those years has destroyed my upper lip area. Love seeing the results of what this skin care regiment have done to my skin… I just can’t say enough about R&F ! Best thing EVER !! Two nights ago I Just became a R&F consultant, can’t wait to start showing more ladies about these wonderful products & this marvelous company …thank you R&F

  12. I am almost a month in to the Redefine regime with the Amp roller. I use it every night. I love it. And I almost always get lots of sleep! And I drink tons of water.

  13. Remove makeup. Use clarisonic cleansing brush to wah face. Eye make up remover. Use an aloe cream. I have very oily skin so im pretty careful anout what i put on it. End with redefine eye cream. Only product I am using currently. Would like to win some as a way of trying additional product.

  14. My favorite thing to do at night before bed is roll my face and neck followed by the night serum. It’s like a relaxing facial massage followed by the smooth silkiness of the serum. Love it! (and of course the eye and night cream)

  15. I use my Redefine every night!! I have always washed my face nightly, but now that I have the ULTIMATE skincare, I look forward to my 5 minute spa every night (and morning)

  16. I wash my face to remove the makeup that I spent so much time putting on that morning. I need to start applying Redefine!

  17. I use Reverse every night with the ampMD roller and Multi-function Eye Cream. Once a week I usey macro Exfoliator. Love my R&F products!

  18. I’m a bit of newbie here, but I remove my eye makeup first and then wash with the Reverse regimen. I’m just now starting to build up to nightly use. But I always use my multifunction eye cream!

  19. I start my bedtime routine by using my Redefine regimen followed by the night and lip renewing serum…combined with my AMP MD roller every other night!

  20. Oh man! Nighttime can be tough! Since I’ve started my Unblemish routine, I haven’t missed a night yet! I remove my make up, and then use the sulphur wash, then I use the Unblemish toner, and finally Step 3. I then use the eye cream! If it’s Sunday, I use my MacroE tool to get all of my gross skin! Love those nights!

  21. We have a two-story house, so my best nights are when I get my face ready for bed early when I happen to be upstairs. Redefine regimen with the amp MD system is my favorite. While the mask dries I brush my teeth. While the toner dries I floss and put my pajamas on. then it’s ROLL and night serum and while I wait for that to absorb I zen the sink area – ahh! Clear space, clear mind… Then my skin drinks in the PM cream and eye cream and i feel great knowing one thing is in my control and complete. So key with 4 teens and a husband! Control your self care – not your family for a happy life and restful night!

  22. Don’t get me wrong, the last thing I feel like doing at the end of the day is spending another 5 minutes taking everything off that I worked so hard to put on that morning. BUT, it’s worth it!! I spent years leaving my makeup on at night, and my face showed it. Now that I use REDEFINE, I take it ALL off every night using a gentle cleanser, followed by the Redefine Regimen, and Eye Cream. But my favorite nights are the ones in which I use my AMP MD Roller and Night Renewing Serum – leaves my face baby soft. AND, I no longer wake up to chapped lips since welcoming the Lip Serum into my life. I love my R+F Products!!!

  23. Use the Redefine cleanser/mask, toner, eye cream and night cream. Every second night, I use the roller and serum after the cleanser and mask. My skin feels so smooth.

  24. I use the Micro-Dermabrasion paste every other night, followed by the Reverse Regimen and finish off with the Multi-Function Eye Cream.

  25. I use the Micro-Dermabrasion paste every other night followed by the Reverse Regimen and finish off with the Multi-Function eye cream.

  26. I use eye cloths, then Redefine along with the AMP MD. I finish off with the night and lip renewing serum. Three times a week I used the microderm paste instead of the wash. Heaven!

  27. I use my complete reverse regimen w/ out step 4, use my eye cloth and eye cream and then use my lip serum!! I am brand new to the consultant business(3 days in) and just got my kit so the fun has just began for me!! I plan to add redefine in time and use the amp roller.. baby steps but my skin already feels amazing after 3 days of using these products!!! I also only drink water all day and night!!!

  28. At night I use an eyecloth to remove any residue from the environment, then I use the Redefine regimen, with amp md roller, multi function eye cream, and to finish it off, lip serum! I also use the hand treatment duo every night!

  29. Currently, I wash my face with my cleanser, put on eye cream & occasionaly night serum. Not a great routine.

  30. I use my REDEFINE regimen with the AmpMD roller nightly, and finish up with my favorite NRS!
    I never forget to roll my lips as well and seal them with the Lip Renewing Serum!

  31. I use the Redefine regimen and eye cream. I also use a sinus rinse due to allergies and a lubricant eye drop. 🙂

  32. Plenty of sleep and the Redefine regimen, eye cream, and AMP MD System – amazing combination of products, and I wake up looking refreshed – which is no easy task with two small children and working full-time!

  33. Redefine eye clothes and eye cream, I switch from the Redefine mask to the Reverse exfoliant and use the micro dermabration paste once a week followed with all the other steps. Loving my results!!!

  34. I use my Redefine regimen, amp roller, eye cream every night! I use the Night Renewing Serum & Lip serum every other night, and I love it!

  35. Whether I’m using the Redefine or Reverse regimen, I add in the Amp MD roller as much as my skin can tolerate. Also the night renewing serum, lip serum and eye cream. To top it off, I try to drink a big glass of water before climbing into bed. And I can ALWAYS tell if I don’t use the roller. #myfavorite

  36. I love love love the night serum & lip serum
    my skin is so beautiful after and feels so wonderful after I apply. In the morning my lips are more defined, curvy, and plump

    Love it!!!

  37. In order to wake up refreshed I use our AMAZING clinically proven products.
    I start by removing my make up with our Redefine eye clothes, followed by Reverse regimen incorporating our award winning AMP-MD roller,NRS and the best eye cream there could be out there, the multi-function eye cream!! And once a week I remove 5million dead skin cells with the Macro-E!!

  38. Redefine Amp It Up Regimen: The mask and toner in the morning with the redefine spf cream and the redefine eye cream. The mask, toner and the roller with the night renewing serum and the lip renewing serum.

  39. I kiss my 3 babies (9, 6, and 2 year old boys) goodnight (the most important thing that leads to me going to sleep happy and staying young), drink a glass of water to hydrate, remove my makeup, wash, tone, and moisturizer. Also try to get as close to 8 hours of sleep as possible!

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  41. I use my R&F soothe regimen and make sure I’ve drank enough water for the day. Staying hydrated of course is important and I may not always make sure I get enough during the day.

  42. Redefine Regimen for the last 3 months. I just added AMP, Night serum and eye cream! I love it all and can’t wait to see my next “after” pic in 3 more months!

  43. I am currently using the reverse regimen.. I would absolutely love the night serum! I’m going to be moving onto the redefine regimen in another month or so.

  44. Wash with Reverse deep exfoliating wash, twice/week with micro-derm paste and night renewing serum, toner, both brightening complex and finish with SPF in the mornings.

  45. I use my Unblemish regimen every night and follow that with the Redefine overnight cream and lip renewing serum.

  46. I just finished the unblemish regimen and have moved on to the reverse and added the eye cream. So far so good!

  47. I use my reverse regimen with the eye cream to top it off. And I never forget the lip renewing serum !! Love it !

  48. I just received my first products! I am starting with Redefine. The amp roller is amazing and the lip serum is out of this world! I took my before picture and can’t wait to see the after!

  49. Right now I cleanse, and sometimes I moisturize and use Uplift Eye Serum. But that is all I do! I do have the Redefine on the way, should be here tonight. I can’t wait!

  50. The night renewing serum is great after the AMP MD
    Helpin firm the skin with collagen-boosting peptides and retinol. but, the best I have used is the Redefine Overnight cream, which moisturizes as you sleep for visibly firmer, less-lined skin in the morning. It has a combo of hyaluronic acid and glycerin to prevent moisture loss while 12-hour, time-released antioxidants A, C and E replenish vital skin nutrients. Amazing stuff!

  51. Roll, roll, roll…it’s become such a habit, I actually crave it each night. For me, the end of day ritual of washing, toning, rolling and moisturizing my skin is a thank you gift to myself for another day well done. I end my day caring for me. It’s the kindest thing we can do for ourselves.

  52. Every night I use my Redefine regimen and lip renewing serum and 3 times a week I use the MD paste. I just had a baby 5 months ago and this keeps my skin fresh and glowing from all the sleep deprivation.

  53. of course remove all the day’s grim and then follow each step of Reverse along with the eye cream. I wake with a glow and looking very well rested!

  54. I seriously love this stuff! I use it every night and can’t go without it! I started using redefine with amp md roller and usually curl up with a good book before bed!

  55. I use my Reverse Regimen with the Amp MD Roller & Multifunction Eye cream. Then I follow up with the lip serum. I wake up with skiin so soft and clean it feels like it was just washed!!

  56. Every night I use my Redefine regimen at at bedtime (Microdermabrasion Paste and Roller Tuesdays and Saturdays) along with the Eye Cloths and Multi-function Eye Cream. Of course I try my best to get plenty of beauty sleep!

  57. I start by cleaning my face and removing all make up! Love my Redefine Regimen at night, use the cleansing mask and leave on a few minutes longer at times (brush teeth while mask is setting), tone that skin, roll baby roll (AMP MD :), night serum…love this feeling!! PM moisturizer and eye cream. Oh and Lip Serum…BOOM done and feeling good that I’m taking care of my skin with these AMAZING products!! Bedtime isn’t bedtime without this routine 😉

  58. I’ve always made sure to wash my face, but it’s only been since I started using R&F products that I also make sure to include using a toner and moisturizer each night. Great products!

  59. I use my R+F obviously, but I also make sure I drink some water and try to keep the same routine so I fall asleep and stay asleep so I wake up rested!

  60. Always cleanse and moisturize my face with with the Rodan+Fields SOOTHE Regimen…in addition to medication for rosacea.

  61. Redefine regimen, Amp Md and night serum, eye cream and lip serum. Then I make sure to drink a full glass of water and read something inspiring before I go to bed.

  62. I use my Unblemish regimen regularly, but for an extra fresh and clean sensation, I’ll use the Microdermabrasion paste followed by 10 minutes of my Sulfur Wash mask! Amazing transformation! 🙂

  63. Use Unblemish wash as a mask first to combat my oily skin and the high humidity. Then use my Redefine regimen pulse my amp md system for my wrinkles. Love my R+F products! 💙

  64. I absolutely adore the Lip Serum and the Night Renewing Serum. As a teenager, I suffered from cystic acne as a side effect of my polycystic ovaries. I took acutane when I was 14 which has left my lips dry and cracked– even 16 years later!! I also have “pock” scaring on my cheeks. The Lip Serum has dirastically changed my lip texture! I only have to apply Chapstick once a day rather than once every half hour! I have also noticed a great reduction in my “pock” scares from the Night Renewing Serum!! I love R + F!!

  65. I always make sure to wash and moisturize my face before going to bed. I never go to sleep without doing that. I also have been trying to get to be way earlier so that I get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. I sleep on my back so that always help your skin look refreshed (no pillow squishes or marks that way, too). Currently 1 month into using the Soothe routine and noticing improvements daily. Yay!

  66. Since I started using the Redefine Regimen a month ago I have heard more than one comment that I look like I’ve been on vacation. I use the AMP roller each night and feel like it has started to reverse the age of my skin!

  67. Cross my fingers and hope that my two young children sleep through the night. Lol. Currently I am eagerly awaiting my Redefine regimen. I love how my skin felt (and looked)after sampling the Mini facial.

  68. I’m currently using Reverse but patiently waiting to switch to Redefine…can’t wait to try the night renewing serum!

  69. I first use my redefine eye cloths, followed by my redefine toner. I roll, apply night renewing serum, and then apply the rest of my Redefine regimen. I then top it off with eye cream! I always save just a little bit of night renewing serum for my daughter to put on her scar after she rolls, LOL!

  70. I love using the REDEFINE regimen and roller before bed so it can work all night making my skin glow! I LOVE the feel of the night serum!!! Also, I have a huge glass of water just before saying night night.

  71. First I remove my makeup with Redefine eye cloths. Then I do steps 1, 2 and 3 of Redefine and last step is the eye cream!

  72. I have never been a dedicated PM face washer. Since I have started using R&F Redefine products I am now completely convinced how important the steps I follow at night affect my morning face. I start by washing my face, using the cleansing mask, toner, and night cream. I cannot wait until my AMPMd roller comes in to add to my routine. The difference I am able to see when following a night time regimen is proof that I needed to take better care of my skin. R&F has finally made this girl a believer!!

  73. I have been a proactive user for the past 15 years and someone recently told me about Redefine by R&F. I was a bit nervous to make the change but so glad I did. I love my new night time routine with Redefine and the amp roller. I also live in a very cold and dry climate so my lips are constantly chapped. I added the lip serum into the mix and in just a few days my lips felt brand new 🙂

  74. First I take off my eye makeup with remover and then I use my REDEFINE regimen every night with the AMP MD roller and night renewing serum. When I want that extra cleansing I use the micro dermabrasion paste. I love how amazing my skin feels when I wake up!

  75. I use Redefine every night and my Amp MD Roller with the Night Renewing Serum. I end with Lip Renewing Serum and since I have been using it, my lips are not as dry during the day! I love all of these products!!

  76. I use the Reverse regimen at night with the Overnight restorative cream for extra moisture, the multi-function eye cream and the lip renewing serum as well! Works like a charm EVERY time!

  77. Unblemish regimen, but in place of unblemish moisturizer use Night Renewing Serum and Redefine Night Restorative Cream instead!

  78. Remove all makeup and cleanse with Daily Cleansing Mask followed by Pore Minimizing Toner. I will use the AMP Roller 2 – 3 times a week followed with the Night Renewing Serum. 3 – 4 times a week I will apply Overnight Restorative Cream. I also love the Lip Renewing Serum which gives you luscious, kissable lips. Once a week I will also use the Macro Exfoliator. I always have a glass of water at my bedside to always stay hydrated. Rodan & Fields has truly Redefined my appearance and I have received so many compliments on how great my skin looks!!!!!

  79. I’m new to all this. So far my routine has just been wash my face and moisturize with whatever drug store products I had on hand.

  80. I use my amp md roller every night with the night renewing serum along with the lip serum. I use the lip serum in the day as well when my lips start feeling the affects of the elements.

  81. Love my reverse regimen and my MD roller combo. Use it every night and wake up with great skin!!

  82. I am not great at being consistent with a night time routine- hoping some of this will help get me started! Usually just wash with a gentle soap and brush teeth and head to bed:)

  83. First, I use my redefine Eye Cloths to remove all my makeup; then I use my Redefine Cleansing mask, followed by my Redefine Toner and PM Overnight Restorative cream and lip renewing serum! My skin has never felt or looked better!

  84. I don’t use any of these products but was given a mini facial and loved these two products. They are on my wish list. I currently use a Norwex body cloth to clean my face and either an aloe Vera gel or Mary Kay moisturizer.

  85. I try to use my roller and NRS nightly but if I miss, I must remove my makeup, use my Redefine regimen, and eye cream!

  86. I have always made sure my face is clean & moisturized. However, now that I am using the REDEFINE line, the skin I wake up to is always more refreshed than the day before. Because of this, I truly do bring a fresh perspective to each and every day. Feeling and looking your best makes such a difference.

  87. I never go without cleansing my face before bedtime. Yes some nights it’s a struggle but it’s not an option. I discovered Rodan and Fields about 3 months ago. After doing my research, I started using the Redefine regimen 2 months ago. I have since then incorporated the Lip Serum as I find that my lip area is one of the areas showing signs of aging (never been a smoker). I am now concentrating on trying to sleep on my back which has never been easy! I am seeing results of brighter and healthier skin!

  88. I always try to drink a full glass of water at night after I do my R+F skincare Reverse Regimen and Macro E. It keeps me hydrated and helps me wake up fresh!

  89. I’ve never been great about sticking to a skincare regimen in the past. Boy has that changed since I discovered R+F!!! I actually look forward to washing my face every night. I alternate the Reverse and Redefine regimens. The Reverse deep exfoliating wash and toner are my favorites….love the way they make my skin feel❤️! I’m obsessed. Would LOVE to try add the lip serum to my nightly routine!!!

  90. Right now, shamefully nothing! Just ordered Soothe Regiment from my High School BFF and my face is excited with anxious expectation!

  91. I use the Soothe wash to take off my makeup and then the other R&D Soothe products I would like to try the night cream and lip cream.

  92. I try, but I don’t do anything. I brush my teeth, put my hair up, And I go to bed. I would love a new routine though.

  93. I have a newborn at home so there’s not a whole lot I can do to look rested. But I DO drink a lot of water, and am hoping my new R+F Reverse regimen will help turn back time.

  94. I never go to bed without using the Redefine Regimen and Amp MD Roller. For me, the key to waking up looking fresh, is the Multi-Function eye cream!!

  95. I use the Redefine Regimen with the Multifunction eye cream! 3 times a week I use the roller and night renewing serum! And I add the lip serum for the final touches! No doubt, these products give me the results I love, coming morning!

  96. I don’t currently have a nightly regimen, but I have spent months reading/hearing about the great products at R+F from a friend and have been incredibly interested in trying out some daily face creams and scrubs to help slow down the sun, age, and all other damage I have seen my face portray. Would love to win a free set of nightly renewal products to jump start my R+F journey!

  97. I remove my make-up, then I alternate between the Reverse wash and Redefine mask. Followed up with Redefine toner, Amp MD roller, NRS, Redefine eye cream, and Redefine Overnight Restorative Cream. I also drink plenty of water!

  98. I use my Unblemished Step 1 and 2 and the Soothe Moisturizer on my face. I would love to try out these serums!

  99. I don’t go a night without my R+F regimen plus Eye Cloths and Multi-Function Eye Cream and Lip Serum. It’s fun to be excited to wash your face and know you are truly making a difference in how your skin looks and feels!

  100. I love using the Night Renewing Serum – it does wonders when my skin is looking dull. I use my AMP roller, apply the Night Renewing Serum and the next morning it looks like I got my “beauty sleep”!

  101. I either put on my mask and then brush my teeth or I use MD Paste. Toner next. Then I roll and put on NRS. Lastly apply overnight restorative cream. I also put on my Lip renewing serum for a good night sleep! Love my routine and so does my face!

  102. I’ve been using Redefine regimen, however I just got my hot little hands on AMP and it’s amazing!! So now at night I use Redefine cleanser, then AMP and finish with Soothe and the Multifunction Eye Cream. Obsessed!!!!

  103. I don’t go to bed without using my Redefine regimen and I ALWAYS use my AMP MD roller and night renewing serum. I also try to sleep in my back to avoid having my face pressed against the pillow all night.

  104. I ALWAYS use the redefine regimen, eye cream and Amp MD roller, with lip serum to ensure I wake up glowing! What a transformation since I began using these regimens (I am a huge daytime user of revers). My skin glows and people really have taken notice.

  105. I LOVE to use the NIGHT RENEWING SERUM in place of my Reverse step 3 at night after using the Amp Roller! The tingly feeling it gives me on my face lets me know the Retinal and Peptides are working through the night to stimulate collagen growth! My skin feels silky and smooth in mornings!

  106. I use REDEFINE cleansing mask, REDEFINE toner, AMP roller followed by REDEFINE night renewing serum, REDEFINE overnight restorative cream, REDEFINE eye cream. Once a week I use the Macro E.

  107. I use Redefine mask every night, brush my teeth while mask is working. Apply toner to balance my skin ph,floss my teeth, roll my face and neck with AMP MD, Multifunction Eye-Cream, NRS and Redefine PM cream, and finish my lips off with Lip Serum.
    With that my face is glowing in the morning and I feel pretty and refreshed.

  108. Redefine eye cloths, followed by Redefine regimen, redefine eye cream and Amp MD roller on Sunday nights I have a 5 minute date with my Macro Exfoliator and on Wednesday evenings I add the MD paste to my routine. Additionally I always ensure that I am getting 7 hours sleep minimum and drinking a lot of water throughout the day.

  109. I use the unblemish wash, clarifying toner and treatment. Love using the wash as a mask a few times a week! Once a week I exfoliate with the Macro E and love the smoothness!! Not to mention love my acne free, more firm face even more!

  110. Remove my make up. Wash my face. Use night serum or moisturizer. I know I should do both, but I get lazy!

  111. I have been using a skin brightening and tightening mask that is over the counter, also a serum that has dragon’s blood in it to plump my skin over night, but have not really seen the results I am looking for.

    1. Hi Anna my name is Tracy.. I would be happy to help you with any questions or skin concerns you might have.
      You can contact me by email at …
      You can also visit and take a solution tool quiz that will help us address specific concerns..
      Thanks so much ,
      Tracy McCall

  112. I use the eye cloths, redefine regimen, AMP roller, NRS, eye cream, and LRS. It sounds like a lot, but it’s fast and easy!

  113. I use redefine with the overnight renewing cream along with the amp md roller. I also use the lip renewing serum. I try to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night and I try to make sure that I drink lots of water all day and in the evenings. Sleep and staying well hydrated keeps me feeling fresh and relaxed.

  114. After my Reverse regimen, I make sure to use at least a half lip serum plus I drink lots of water! Even when I can only get 6 or 7 hours sleep, water is my partner to keep me looking fresh and ready to take on the day! I also dab on my eye cream for those days I didn’t drink enough to nourish the gentle skin under my eyes.

  115. I wash my face and use the eye cream & lip serum. I also make sure I have water at my bedside to drink first thing when I wake up.

  116. First I remove all makeup with Micelle water then use the redefine regimen w/ amp roller (when I don’t have a breakout)as well as #3 unblemished and finish off with multi-function eye cream. Lastly, I drink a glass of water to help further with dark circles.

  117. After my nightly Redefine routine, I apply eye cream and lip serum. Then as I crawl in bed I “Cast my cares upon HIM because he cares for me”…….sleep in peace knowing that HE is working on my behalf and for my good.

  118. Drink plenty of water, use my rodan and fields regimen and rest….. But on saturday night it is the Macro E. New R+F consultant and finally opened the product after 2weeks of reverse regimen was complete. Awesome experience!Cant wait to show my first PC how to use. Thanks for all your dedication and commitment to see these products stay number #1.

  119. Drink plenty of water, use my rodan and fields regimen and rest….. But on saturday night it is the Macro E. New R+F consultant and finally opened the product after 2weeks of reverse regimen was complete. Awesome experience!Cant wait to show my first PC how to use. Thanks for all your dedication and commitment to see this products are number #1.

  120. I wash off my makeup, use eye cloths & the unblemished regimen with eye cream. I also incorporate the MD paste 2-3 times a week in place of step 1. I also use the lip serum. Love the changes that I am seeing in my skin!

  121. I use the eye cloths, unblemish regimen & eye cream. Macro E once a week and add in the MD paste a couple of times a week with the lip serum. The changes I have seen in my skin are amazing. I can’t wait to incorporate the NRS!

  122. I use my REDEFINE Regimen every night! Along with the multifunction eye cream. Three – five nights a week I use my AMP MD Roller and night renewing serum! I also make sure I get at least 8 hours of sleep a night!

  123. My nightly routine includes using my RF eye cloths, unblemish wash/micro-dermabrasion paste, spot remover toner, eye cream, Redefine Overnight Restorative Cream. Been using RF for almost 60 days and I LOVE IT! I’d love to win the serums & use as a give-a-way to help jump start my business.

    1. Congratulations Shannon Lee, your comment has been selected! You will receive our REDEFINE Night Renewing Serum and Lip Renewing Serum. Thank you to everyone who commented.

  124. Wash my face nightly. Waiting for my redefine products to arrive so I can start looking more refreshed!

  125. I make sure that I wash off all make-up and use both the Redefine PM cream and Night Renewing Serum. Love how my skin feels in the morning!

  126. I use Redefine with the Amp system. Then, before I go to bed, I thank God for all the blessings he has given me.

  127. Hi I use the redefine regimin. I also use the microdermabrasion and the amp roller. I love my eye cream. I look forward to using my products every morning and night.

  128. Wash with Redefine daily cleansing mask… Pore Minimizing Toner, AMPMD Roller, Night Renewing Serum, Multi-Function Eye Cream and then top everything off with the amazing Redefine PM Restorative Cream =)

  129. I use the redefine regimen, stay hydrated,get plenty of sleep & love the way my face feels after using the night renewing serum.

  130. I am a slow starter to R&F and just ordered my first supply. I have used MK for a very long time but was given a sample of the microderm abrasion and the lip serum and as soon as I used it I had to contact the person who sent it to me. I asked her what in the heck she sent me because it was (a word I can’t use on public social media) awesome! It left my skin amazingly soft….I couldn’t stop touching my face! Thank you Katrina for expanding my horizons!

  131. I use my Amp Roller every other night, Macro Exfoliator once a week along with the Redefine regimen every night with Soothe in the morning!

  132. I just started R+F so I am working up my REVERSE regimen! I use the Lip Renewing Serum, eye cream, and Micro Dermabrasion Paste ever few days! Can’t wait to try the Amp MD roller

  133. After my kids are all asleep, I pamper my face with the reverse regimen and eye cream. Settle into the sofa with the occasional glass of wine and a magazine to unwind and then off to bed!

  134. I go through my daughter’s bedtime routine which is relaxing for both of us, enjoy a nice home cooked meal with my husband catching up on the day’s events. Then, I either use the Redefine regime as a whole or swap out the cleansing mask for the Microdermabrasion paste, tap on some eye cream and get 6-7 hours of sleep (I wake up at 5a to workout before the day starts). You’d never know I have a toddler and am up before dawn to exercise thanks to R+F!

  135. I wash every night with Reverse regimen, roll, and finish with the eye cream. My face feels smooth and looks bright the next morning, and I feel great starting my day!!

  136. After using my complete Redefine Regimen, I use Redefine Eye Cloths to deposit peptides around my eyes. 3 nights a week I use the AMP MD Roller and add Redefine Multifunction Eye Cream, Night Renewing Serum, Lip Serum, and Night Restorative Cream. Then I drink a glass of water and have one immediately when I wake up!

  137. I would love to win the night and lip serum. I love these products and am using the refine and eye cream is one of my favorites.

  138. I wash my face with the exfoliating wash then I use my pore minimizing toner, then 3 to 4 times a week I use my amp roller. I finish up with my night serum and night cream, my face feels absolutely wonderful. I love my products.

  139. I use the AMP MD 3-5 times a week, the Macro E once a week and the Redefine regimen twice a day, everyday 🙂

  140. I try to take care of my face every night before bed with either Reverse or Redefine…and if I’m really pressed for time, I at least use the face and eye cloths to take off my makeup!!!

  141. I am addicted to the Refefine eye cloths! I keep them in my fridge so they are cool and refreshing when I remove my makeup. Comfy pajamas and great sheets are a must for a great night sleep.

  142. First I cleanse with Redefine cleansing mask, then use pore minimizing toner, amp MD micro-exfoliating roller, followed by multifunction eye cream, night renewing serum and overnight restorative cream. I put some lavender oil on and get 7-8 hours of sleep.

  143. I use the Reverse regimen and the AMP roller and eye cream! I try to get 7-8 hours of sleep and drink plenty of water before bed.

  144. Im a new user! I use redefine for 2 weeks now! I used to go to bed without taking off the make-up. With the products, no choice to take it off! For 2 weeks now, I do the redefine routine and will keep doing it!

  145. I am loyal to my REVERSE regimen every night with the AMP MD! I also add in the multifunction eye cream to avoid puffy eyes in the morning!

  146. Soothe wash, night renewing serum, multi function eye cream and Lip Serum! It’s my dream team for my skin!! Couldn’t live without it!!!

  147. I make sure to take off all my makeup every night with a makeup remover wipe then use the Redefine regimen along with my Lip Renewing Serum (love this product!). I also put my phone down for the night, shut off the t.v., and pick up a good book instead to relax with before bed.

  148. As I prepare to go to bed, I make sure to have a thankful heart, no matter what has happened that day. Being thankful before bed helps me sleep peacefully and THAT is a refreshing way to wake up!

  149. I just love using NRS, feels amazingly, silky on my face and neck. The LRS conditions my lips like no other Chapstick plus it stays on for hours and beyond! 🎼These are a few of my favorite things..”

  150. I use my Redefine products and love the night renewing serum. Moisturizer my feet, hands and elbows and head off to dreamland.

  151. Every night after I finish my Redefine regime I spray lavender mist on my pillow so I can relax and try to remain on my back while I sleep so I don’t wake up with creases around my nose from where my cheek was pressed up.

  152. This is my real night routine: After all is done, I lay in the bed and meditate with gratitude about how R+F has changed my family’s future. I give thanks for the day and all that has taken place and focus on all the good things. Doing this every night causes me to have a wonderful sleep and every morning is filled with excitement because of what fills my mind when I finally doze off.

  153. I take off all my makeup, brush my teeth, apply my night cream and eye cream, and make sure to get to bed before 10 am!

  154. I end my day by using my redefine regimen and multifunction eye cream. Nothing better than waking up younger looking than I went to bed!

  155. I use all 3 Redefine products followed by the Amp MD Roller, NRS, and Multi-Function Eye Cream. I wake up and could walk out the door as is if I needed to.

  156. I use reverse regimen with the roller and the eye cream! Would love to add the night renewing serum to help smooth out my skin!

  157. Redefine morning and night and the roller is my fave! Lots of water and a nice dark cool room and off to sleep I go!

  158. I use redefine & love the way that the serum makes my face feel soft & smooth, in the morning also. Drink plenty of water & keep the room dark & cool!

  159. Every night I cleanse and remove makeup. I use the complete Redefine regimen each night along with the amp roller and eye cream. I drink water daily, before bedtime I drink hot green tea to relax, apply lavender essential oil to my feet and wrists, diffuse serenity oil for a peaceful sleep and quietly read a spiritual book. I wake up in the morning refreshed and ready to find joy and beauty in each day.

  160. My husband laughs at me because I can not go to bed without lip moisturizer on! I have not tried the lip serum yet and would love to win!

  161. First and foremost I ALWAYS wash my face, some nights I do my MD Paste with Umblemish mask and some nights I do Redefine with the roller. I love my nightly ‘spa’ treatments. Reading is another big one for me that relaxes me and takes my mind off the day. And I like to ready REAL books, not off of an e-reader or iPad. A few drops off lavender on my feet and I am set for snoozeville.

  162. I use both of these incredible products, along with the AMP-MD. My skin looks better than it did when I was 35…and I just turned 53 #rf4life

  163. I use unblemish/microdermabrasion paste as well as the eye cream and lip/night renewing serums! I also make sure to drink plenty of water!

  164. I first take off my eye makeup with remover, then cleanse with Reverse Deep Exfoliating Wash and then put the Redefine Overnight Restorative Cream on. It helps keep my skin hydrated, especially during dry nights and I feel fresh in the mornings! I also only drink tea or water after 8pm, and that helps as well.

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